Uladi tells govt to scrap off duty on Zambia flour: ‘Malawi governed by amateurs’

People’s Party(PP) acting president Uladi Mussa has asked the government to immediately scrap off duty on maize and flour to allow more food in the hunger stricken country.

Uladi Mussa: DPP isa government of amatuers

Uladi Mussa: DPP government has no direction

Recent press reports indicate Police and the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) have tightened security in the border district of Mchinji to stop the importation of Zambian maize flour despite providing relief to scores of Malawians.

“It does not make sense to have such duty on food when the country is in dire food of the commodity. This shows this  [Democratic Progressive Party –DPP] government has no direction,” said Mussa in a radio interview.

He said Zambians are bringing in maize and flour to help starving Malawians yet the government is busy slapping duty.

“I don’t know what sort of government we have. They want to make profits out of this tragic situation. They are like a grocer who want to make a profit out of a needle ha,ha,ha ha,” laughed off Mussa.

Malawi markets have lately been flooded with 25kg bags of maize flour imported from Zambia, which is being sold relatively cheaper than a 50kg bag of Malawian maize flour at K7,500 ($10) while local vendors were selling a 50kg bag of maize at K15,000 ($20).

Mussa said the duty is making the Zambian maize and flour more expensive beyond the reach of the majority struggling ordinary Malawians who are failing to access Admarc maize due to corruption and government sheer bad policy on the running of the state run grain company.

He said the opposition told the government to increase maize budget from K8 billion to K13 billion to avert this crisis.

“We told them in parliament to increase the allocation, we advised them that the money they allocated was too small, they didn’t want to listen to us, this is the result. This is the result when the government is run by amateurs,” said Mussa.

The government is blaming corrupt Admarc officials for the mess saying they are colluding witrh vendors to buy off all maize from Admarc depots.

Meanwhile, a fair trading agency, the Competition and Fair Trading has threatened to crack a whip on traders whom it says are deliberately hoarding maize in order to push the grain prices up.

Competition and Fair Trading’s executive director Sharlot Malonda said it is an offence to hoard any commodity with an aim of raising prices. Traders are selling a 50kg bag of maize at K18,000 in Blantyre and K14, 000 in Lilongwe. Admarc sells same bag at K5500.

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29 thoughts on “Uladi tells govt to scrap off duty on Zambia flour: ‘Malawi governed by amateurs’”

  1. lipenga says:

    This government is really sleep walking, Peter ndiwe galu and your brain full of contaminated sewage water.Zambia is now talking about importing 500.000 to 700.000 tonnes of maize from Brazil to fill up their reserve that’s what I call leadership. Zambia can easily ban export of maize since Zimbabwe and South African government are also getting it from private farmers.

    peter wake up and smell the coffee Malawians are dying because of your clueless leadership.
    Import maize from Brazil and fill our reserves before this coming December

  2. issah m from south africa says:

    but why to day every malawian finger is pointing u mr president?why please because of ur a parents of to day save lives make plane dont lost ur vote remember 2019 as soon ok mr president what is political? tell mi

  3. ENWOOD says:

    Inetu anafuna kundiranda kathumba ka 25kg flour from Zambia .

  4. ENWOOD says:


  5. Frederick says:

    A MRA akudya nchifukwa chake akupanga zautsiru nchoncho.Kuika duty pa UFA while anthu akufa ndi njala.It doesn’t make sense.Mr Uladi you are 100% right.May God bless you.

  6. Malango Mhango says:

    Not Change Golo who flooded Malawi with Pakistani, Indian, Burundian, Rwandese and Nigerian Citizenships. Go to Devil street you find citizenships by Uladi. Very corrupt. He will have to account for the K450 Million he made from passports and citizenships.

  7. Godfrey Lymon says:

    Please Mr President only this time listen to what Mr Change Golo is saying.See how ur people are surfering.

  8. Abambo says:

    Sense from Chenji Golo for the first time

  9. golo says:

    Uladi is very right. Why put tax on food which is very scarce in this country at the moment?

  10. koma kumaneko says:

    Uladi talking sense

  11. chibweya joe says:

    This hunger is DPP made. If you remember very well last year in September there were lots of trucks loaded with maize were flocking in from Zambia on daily basis. Now if you go to Malawi – Zambia border you will find hundreds of trucks loaded with maize waiting to be cleared. One wonders where this maize is going. It is the wish of DPP to see Malawians dying of hunger. That is why they are hiding the maize and Malawian resort to Zambia flour they say pay exorbitant duty. Pali nzeru apa?

  12. Sydney Chida says:

    There is sense in what Uladi is saying,zativuta pa nkhani yanjala,zachuma tivomereze,for the better of innocent malawians tiganizepo,he is not speaking as act.presid. of PP/opposition but concerned Malawian,1 second the idea

  13. Buffalo Soldier says:

    When you are done with the fighting, let me know please

  14. musah says:

    Uladi has a point indeed the government is run by amatures because how can a whole minster of agricuter believe that there are no trucks available to transport maize to admarcs there are more than enough trucks available the problem is paymemts there want to make you work but don’t want to pay for the services and even if there pay its like there doing you a favour too much corruption at admarc its a pity that we have transport asosations like rtoa who are soposed to help the minster by guiding and telling him the truth so in return the prisedent also shouldn’t look like an amateur instead this asosations are busy competing with there members for work by droping rates and not looking into problems transporters are facing there have turned the asosations into money making agents for there so called presidents trustees and executives a bunch of crooks what a shame

  15. keke says:

    You must forgive our leaders we elect beacause we Malawians are fond of voting very dull people, take for example Chimbwetete do you see any intelligence in many things he does. To be honest I gave up on Malawi long time ago!!

  16. PURE ACTIVIST says:

    Jappie Mhango I need your response to Uladis point…………….or else we declare you as the minitsre opf propaganda jus as JOSEPH GOBBELS OF GERMANY WAS

  17. Austin says:

    There are solutions in this forum but the truth is that there is no maize in ADMARK depots and even in the silos.

  18. johnbwanyama says:

    No need of controlled price. First consider the production cost, Why don ppe shan from producing maize becoz the production cost is too high, the farm inputs and labour combined as a result pple go for tobacco becoz they are able to get back their money once they invest. I for do not support controlled price unless we debate on production cost. Fr me of course i have maize which will take through 2018, i do grow for consumption, calculating the production cost for each bag of 50kg i spend K8800.00 so why selling it at K7500.00. Thank you so much bwanas

  19. chiwa kogoya says:

    Big UP Hon Uladi Mussa and we need more people like Uladi Mussa Bravo Change Goal! plz keep on fighting for the betterment of the poor .DPP is full of Demonic Leaders. Our Friends in Zambia anapanga mapemphero komanso kusala kudya kuti zinthu zisinthe and zinasinthadi why not us? A President ndi gulu lanu stop sleeping and work up ok boma lija munkalifunali ndi limeneli choncho pangani chotheka mavutowa achepe.

  20. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    If the Government and its MRA institution are behaving this way, then Malawi has retards for leaders.

  21. Chidumayo says:

    The government is the one hiding maize. They say we have got a lot of maize in the country, but where is the maize? Why not transporting it to admarc depots. If you do not have capacity to transport maize, then come at an open. Some well wishers can assist delivering the maize to some admarc depots in the country. We are in a pathetic situation. People are starving day and night. Its not time for campaigning. I do not agree that the opposition is influencing shortage of maize in the country. I think the truth is that we do not have enough maize in the country.

  22. sikusinja says:

    Uladi is on point. The only way to avert the crisis is to bring in cheaper imports so that those selling maize at exorbitant prices or hoarding it can also bring down the prices. Simple principles of supply and demand and our economists and government cant do that for the benefit of their people.

  23. cnkhoma says:

    I actually had to grapple with 7 road blocks between Lilongwe and Mchinji when I travelled on Saturday night. I thought they were searching for ammo after the exaggerated threats of a coup, only to be told that they were searching for Zambian flour. To me this evidently shows that govt is not interested in the plight of its citizens. Why don`t you ease the access of the Zambian flour this time when there is a food crisis? You can impose your so called controls later when the food situation in the country improves!!!!!!

  24. youna says:

    By the way, is the HE around? It looks like he is on holiday elsewhere in the Pacific Islands.

  25. Dodoli says:

    Mr Uladi you are being too polite to people that do not need that. These are nit ‘amateurs’, they are ‘SATANIC’. Nowhere do you want to profit out of people’s misfortune. They are worse than ogulitsa mabokosi a maliro becoz at least they benefit munthu atafa kale but these people deliberately want people to die. happily saying you should eat once aday, you should be growing maize in hospitals, there is alot of maize when there is none, etc etc. Fortunately our God is wantching atiyankhira

    1. mama says:

      kkkk worse than ogulitsa mabokosi amaliro! mudana ndi anthutu inu

  26. Chamba ichi ADMARC is selling 20kgs not 50kg wolembayu ndi mbuzi.Sakudziwa mlingo wachimanga Ku Admarc .That’s why anthu sakutha Ku admarc munthu Ali ndi ana 6 agule 20kgs atenga masiku angati asanapitenso Ku Admarc? What next ? Ngati munthu afuna two bags each weighing 50kgx akutuma anthu 5 hence flooding admarc depots. The system has collapsed indeed.

  27. Sapitwa says:

    There is plenty of maize in Malawi only to those that can afford the prices from the Vendors.Why allow vendors to sell maize in the first place? Don’t gamble with this commodity. Ban public selling of maize by Vendors at once; problem solved.
    And to you Uladi, what did you smoke? You reckon our borders should allow inflow of maize and maize flour free of duty? Don’t you know that this is the source of cancer that if allowed will be uncontrolled? And you are the Leader of PP promoting people to smuggle in goods from neighboring countries?

  28. Cashgate1 says:

    Kikikikik amateur indeed. In this hard times I believe the president has so many powers, one of it could be to make a decision to have a controlled price for Maize. Have a ceiling price for maize for now and let every abide by that. Oh oh, paja akuluwa tulo too much and he doesn’t even know that people are suffering. If ADMARC is messing things up, just fire their boss, and you will send the message to everyone. It means either the boss there is not in control of affairs or he is and he part of the game. YOu will figure it out.

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