Uladi tips DPP to win back Western donor support

Opposition People’s Party (PP) has said in parliament that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government is failing to persuade the Western donors to resume their budgetary support to the country and tipped government on the need to kickstart fresh negotiations than flap his hands in despair as public health and education sectors continue to collapse.

Mussa: Get donor back, fix collapsing health and education scetors

Mussa: Get donor back, fix collapsing health and education scetors

The country’s donors, which contribute 40 percent of the fiscal budget, are currently withholding about $150 million in aid and remain concerned by the plunder of government resources under the administration of Peter Mutharika’s predecessor, Joyce Banda.

The continued suspension of aid leaves Malawi in a dire situation; evidenced by shortages of essential commodities like medicine in government hospitals.

The donors bluntly asserted that Mutharika should first of all clean up the mess created by the ‘Cashgate’ scandal which saw the government lose millions of dollars through institutionalised fraud and corruption before aid could start flowing again.

But PP leader in Parliament, Uladi Mussa, said on Monday that government is failing to please the donors and see aid flowing again.

He reminded the president that all his predecessors came in when the donors had left but they managed to bring them back after negotiating with them, suggesting to government to hire professional international negotiators.

“When Kamuzu Banda left stage house in 1994, the Paris Club had left. Former president Bakili Muluzi went to New York to persuade donors to return and they did. Ten year later, when Bingu took over donors had also left due to corruption and bad governance of UDF. Bingu did the same; he went to New York in September 2004 to give his maiden speech. He put together a team of himself , former President Dr Joyce Banda then foreign affairs minister Ken Lipenga, Dr Goodall Gondwe and George Chaponda to meet several donors including IMF and World Bank to discuss the economic situation of Malawi.

“He persuaded them to return but he also vigorously lobbied for the agriculture subsidy program. The team succeeded and the same happened in 2012 when Joyce Banda came in the donors had left due to Bingu’s  poor administration but it took less than 100 days for donors to came back”, he said

The Mutharika administration has been saying Malawi should wean itself from donor support given the oft unpredictable nature of their giving.

But Mussa said that time is not now, arguing that t hey are the devil Mutharika should be prepared to dine with, at least for now.

PP leader in the House also said the reforms government is implementing should get the parliamentary nod.

Mussa said PP is worried that in future Malawi will end up seeing 33% of the civil servants being rendered jobless as recommendations of the Public Service Reforms which he says his party feels are not done in good faith as they lack transparency.

“Mr Speaker Sir, Peoples Party feels that any public service reforms must be done through Parliament to give it a constitutional blessing and accountability not what we’re seeing now,” queried Mussa amid hand applause from opposition benches.

Mussa said the situation on the ground is too dire for President Mutharika to hold his hands and look on as the economic crisis worsens and people continue living in untold misery.

He asked the government to be prudent and work on the IMF demands to win back donors.

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Tidalira zopempha mpakana liti kodi? Leave the donors and lets move on tizolowera basi. Komanso mukufuna zikabwera ndalamazo mubenso, mudzigawana?


Let us live this way but…..stop firing pple of other tribes from prominent positions and replace them with lomwes so that u should be covered as u are cashgating.

Wiseman nyirongo
Bwana Uladi ndinu chitsiru nthawi yokamba za ma donors yatha tikuvutika koma ku parliment kambilanani kupeza njila zokhazikika malo mwa ma donors. Tizakhala tikuwanyengelela mpaka liti? Wanena wekha nthawi ya kamuzu, Bakili ,Bingu, ndinso Jb akhala akusiya tinene kuti titawanyengelela lelo sadzasiyanso? Musamangakangana zauchitsilu akakhala zisankho tinapanga zinatha dziko lili ndi pulezident palibe ungasinthe,kambilanani zothandiza azukulu anu kuti achoke msinga za ma donor. Dziko muno mulungu sanaikemo zothandiza ife okhalamo? Mulungu anatidalitsa ndi dziko muli nyanja mapili ndi znse zofunika. Yense okamba za ma donors ndi mbuzi ngati bwana Uladi. Zothandizidwa sizipeleka ulemu. Asiyeni nthawi yao ikafika azatero koma panopa… Read more »

Malawi is not poor we have the resources but we dont know how to utilize these resources. Go back to your history books and read about China.


Lets put politics aside, lets not talk nonses here. Malawi needs donors. Its stupidity to the highest order to say we dont need donors. Cant you see that the poor people are suffering in public hospitals, given one meal per day? Stop that nonses! otherwise my God will get dissapoited and the anger can consume us with fire. Lets convice the donors to come back! period!

Uladi Mussa is just big mouthed for nothing. Bear in mind that what Uladi is talking is utter nonsense, baseless and empty. Let me school him. Malawi is reach but our administration has not done much to turn the available untapped resources we have into reaches. The taxes Malawi collects, 80% of it goes into the drain. Departments like Road Traffic Directorate was just collecting money into their pockets. The Immigration Department and all government departments including the Malawi Army and Police, all the monies allocated to them, only 20% was doing government work whilst the rest went into peoples… Read more »
tin do

PP,a peculiar lot.


why still cling to donors foolish Uladi


We are better off without the stupid donors. At least we are learning of what it takes to work for our own survival.

Donors tell us to do anal sex (anus sex) in order to qualify for a loan which we repay with interest. For how long shall we be reduced to less than dogs this way? Just for the sake of fake aid? Uladi Mussa you are very very dull!


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk A president a constituency imodzi.

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