UN, partners give $9.2m: Chakwera demands ‘breakdown’ of Malawi floods money

Malawi government should give the country a breakdown on how disaster response money have been spent, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera  has demanded.

Chakwera with President Mutharika: There should be transparency

Chakwera with President Mutharika: There should be transparency

Chakwera said in parliament that before making further adjustments and allocations to disaster funds, government should be transparent and accountable to what has been spent already.

“It’s not enough just to say we have increased funding to all flood victims,” said Chakwera reacting in support of the Midyear Budget Review, delivered on Friday by Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe.

“ First, we need to know how the money which was initially allocated has been used. Then we can begin to add more money. Otherwise where is this money going?” he added.

Chakwera,  who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), pointed out that there are reports “that relief is not reaching the vulnerable people and this is raising questions as to how the funds are being used and here we are bloating the allocations.”

He continued: “ What we need is this government to be accountable. that’s all.”

Meanwhile, Reuters report that the United Nations and its partners have allocated $9.2 million in emergency funding to save lives and and bring help to people in three districts hardest hit by floods in southern Malawi.

The money will help provide food, shelter, education, water, sanitation, agriculture and other emergency aid to more than 270,000 people affected by floods in Chikwawa, Nsanje and Phalombe districts, the world body said.

“As well as helping to feed displaced people, …the CERF funding will support re-planting, where feasible, this harvest season to ensure families who have lost everything including their crop are not food insecure until the next harvest in 2016,” UN Resident Coordinator Mia Seppo said in a statement.

The majority of the funding – $6.9 million – will come from the U.N. Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which can release cash quickly after a disaster without aid agencies having to wait for donations to roll in, the statement said.

More than $2.2 million will come from the Humanitarian Window, a U.N.-run local mechanism, with donations from the UK International Development Department, the Flanders International Cooperation Agency and the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi


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36 thoughts on “UN, partners give $9.2m: Chakwera demands ‘breakdown’ of Malawi floods money”

  1. david missi says:

    Me all need to be truthful our current sParliament is controlled by MCP why has they overspend in the mid year sharing allowances at best can the leader of opposition look at this too orche is an interested party hippocricy is not good at all Abusa let’s learn to say the truth for Malawi to grow not falsehood….

  2. justin says:

    It is very important for government to be accountable for every transaction.So nothing wrong for Chakwera to demand that.

  3. Wakwithu says:

    Kodi Chakwera nde otinso? Tandikumbutsani onthuni

  4. Marimar says:

    Chakwera, zinthu akamachita wina zimakhala zosavuta kuziyankhula. Tiuzeni nanunso mwasatanesatane mmene munagwiritsira ntchito ndalama ya Mulungu imene timapereka sunday lirilonse komanso yochokera kunja? I know u were one of the cashgaters of God’s money in our church. There was no transparency and accountability on ur part. Remember it was God’s money from poor people. Yu don’t deserve to be called reverend. It fits u to be in that dirty game(politics).kkkkkkkkkkoone of the

  5. Phodogoma says:

    Malawians are fools. Why asking the government for accountability yet you are the same people who argued that donors should not channel its donations via account number 1. You succeeded. Yet you want government to be accountable. Accountable for what? Did you approve special budget for relief items. Please ask the WORLD VISION to produce cash inflows and outflows as it was World Vision that was receiving all the donations.MWAPULIKA.

  6. Peter says:

    Imagine Macra spending K30,000,000.00 on 20 bags of maize,20 bags of beans and 20 bags of salt. Please stop this barbaric behavior.

  7. aphiri says:

    He is talking about government increasing budget allocation for disaster management not donor relief aid. School is important. Chizungu cha chakwera chimakuvutani kumva koma cha jean kalilani ndi nankhumwa.kkk

  8. Mccarthy says:

    Most people in Malawi, they don’t love their country: and Chakwera is trying to fight for poor, but most fools; they do not understand what Chakwera talking about” shame on u.

  9. KANDAWE says:

    WEAKLIKS? thats wy u r weakliks! stupid nickname, ideas, and the way u r, indeed u r very weak and poor the way u think and understand things

  10. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    This APM (and Chilima) government is probably the most responsible and transparent one we’ve had in this country over a long time.
    This is a fact – not even arguable: MCP regime was probably the least transparent in our history. The good reverend should always have a historical perspective, abale inu. And people are even afraid that oChakwera, if he becomes president, he will continue with the same corrupt tendencies that were common in his denomination when he was leader. And with the same extreme “have it all” (zonse ndi za Kamuzu), and by seizing property by hook or crook. That was the modus operandi of his party. MCP’s historical record is probably its greatest hindrance. There is a lot people, still living, with nightmares. And you cannot erase history with sweet talk, just like that! Public apology, by MCP, seems warranted here, before majority warms up to that party.

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Koma ndiye kusemphana nayo nkhani. I think you were scoring less than 20% in class. Comment on issues not personality. APM and Chilima have been in govt for 10 months only which most accountability r u talking about.
      MCP had its weaknesses and strengths as well. It is the only party that did tangible development. Ndiye nkhani ili apa ndiyoti account how you have spent what was allocated before we consider additional allocation, inu mwati ayi, why? Mufuna mubenso ngati K92 billion?

  11. Matako says:

    I agree with Dr Chakwera 100% transparency and accountability is paramount. We can not continue to expect donors develop trust if we can not keep our house in order. If there funds disbursed by government then lets see a report of what has been spent thus far. This is not just for the government but also for those that are targeted for this relief. After all if government can not be held accountable how will we know the resources are reaching the intended recipients? lets approach with an open mind. After all Dr Chakwera is not raising these issues as leader of the opposition but rather an honorable citizen who is asking important questions which must be addressed by all concerned. This is our country our destiny. Lets be vigilante in making sure resources are not being abused. charity begins at home.

  12. Tengupenya says:

    Transparency and accountability are always important. are important to delay further assistance to the vulnerable victims? All
    Emergency efforts benefit both victims and entrepreneurs. It is the kind on entrepreneurs who benefit that can be a matter of concern. Cash gating entrepreneurs and corrupt officials are among the worst entrepreneurs to taint good works!

  13. The Patriot says:

    Yes, accountability is important! Nanga ngati anasolola za Edzi(NACGATE) kuli bwanji za ma floods? There is also need to see where exactly the money has been spent because this government may end up giving more aid to the Lhomwe belt even though the hardest hit is Lower Shire!

  14. pina says:

    Chonde mutakonzako ti ma airport ta malawi. Timachititsa manyazi . Ha!

  15. wanda says:

    Its not tit- for – tat. Its all about being transparent and accountable, the pillars of good governance and principles of democracy. But our women are being sexually abused by the same security officers who are supposed to protect them. Shame on you. Govt should also consider the pupils who are failing to attend classes due either to destruction of classrooms or that the classrooms have been occupied by the flood victims. God bless Malawi.

  16. pina says:

    I hate malawian government. Full of rubbish, corruptions, injustice, greedy, taonani onse ogwila ntchito boma. Mimba zili uko… kudya basi…..
    diet saidziwa. Mufa ndi diabetic, heart , kidney disease.

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Mufna mundiuze kuti kumene muliko anthu safa ndi diabete, heart attack or kidney diseases. Inunso ndiye munthu ovetsa chisoni kwabasi. If at all u went to school, your parents wasted their money for nothing.

  17. Alfred says:

    Gd work mulipamipandopo kuyakhulira anthu akumudzi ndalama izi sizomangira ma mansion koma kuthandiza anthu ovutika don’t be a hand clapper as others they may wish.

  18. pijo says:

    That’s a lot of money to account for even lutepo is failing. Do you want aid or not? At least $1million will be used the rest tidye. Where was this money before now not empowering the poor? If these people had money in the bank they could use that money to sustain themselves. Its not going to be easy #Smh&my$bills

  19. Mmtumbuka opusa says:

    Chakwera. ..you only talk about money. This seem to prove kuti kutchalitchi you indeed stole money. Government is abou not about money spent only and there is no way a government can be giving out breakdown ngati pocket money Ya mwana wa chakwera…get matured Abuja..you continuously expose your stupidity

    1. freespch says:

      Really? U can say that to a Pastor? I am not MCP and I don’t agree with him but not insult him. He is a minister of God. You are inviting WRATH on urself.

  20. Wyshosha says:

    i think some of u guys are not in Malawi bcoz the MCP leader is at Parliament and thats where money for disaster management will come from thus transparency he is talking about us not money from the donors but bxoz the govt is looking for more but subject to approval by parliament! i know y support thieves but it beats me why u still want to run away from accountability and transparency on the funds that are coming from our pockets! grow up fellaz this is our country, and we hv to protect it jealously bxoz there will never be another Malawi

  21. lende says:

    Chakwela akunena zoona ndizofuni tionetsetse ndipo Ena akamagawa zinthu zimenezi akumafuna kuwapatsa anthu osadziwa chithunzi choti zinthuzi ndi za chipani cha DPP pamene Ai ndi zathu zomwe izi a Malawi zovomelezedwa ndi nyumba ya malamulo,asakupusitseni.

  22. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Ths responsible opposition, keep it up Rev. L. Chakwera, ths why we want you to lead us from 2019

  23. Kes munthali says:

    Stop embarrassing yourself Chakwera. Donors are channeling there funds though NGO’s and other local partners and not though Government. Your are very daft reverend but seem to have a very large mouth. Ulira sunati Lazarus… One president at a time kikikikiki!

    1. Mccarthy says:

      Anthu kumavetsetsa Chizungu, Vuto ndilakuti Kumalawi Zinachuluka ndimbuzi, That’s why malawi is one of the poorest country in the world, Because of people like u.

      1. Malindima says:

        Ngati iweyo?

    2. Chokani achitsilu inu, utola nkhani oguligwawovmukuona ngatiuputa nawo kuti? Mbuzi ya munthu ngati iwe, they are just using you the way they have used other fools

  24. Bongololo says:

    I am sure Mutharika and the DPP know that the best way to keep Chakwera’s quiet is to give him a nice cash hand-out and he will quickly disappear into a silent abyss. Posachedwapa atonthola muwona!

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Confirming that DPP is corrupt? Sorry Malawi.

  25. wayunda says:

    Inya nadi mukutemwa kwiba chomene Chakwera wakuneneska

  26. Weakliks says:

    Why should poor Laz demand that from gvt when we all heard that donors will not channel aid through gvt. as the donors themselves to account for their money.

    1. Mccarthy says:

      You’re the one who’s poor” not Chakwera, because you like to support thieves, can’t you open your eyes for once in your lifetime, Please don’t blame Chakwera here, and I don’t you do love ur Country; why are you supporting thieves, must be an idiot&fool.

      1. Wamakala says:

        Wikliks is too daft and too ‘mbulish’ to understand that Chakwera is talking about Government Budgetary allocations not  donor money. Eeeeish, my Malawi….

  27. The same money Peters assistants are giving in cash to their wives and concubines?

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