UN wants Malawi to take Africa leadership

Malawi has been asked to take African leadership in driving the agenda against poverty through democratization, financial probity and peace facilitation.

According to President Peter Mutharika, this is what Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki Moon, asked him to do during their meeting in New York on Thursday.

Malawi President Mutharika on Thursday met United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon at the UN Headquarters.

Malawi President Mutharika on Thursday met United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon at the UN Headquarters.

In an interview, Mutharika said the UN chief wants Malawi to help push for resources to be used for financing the fight against poverty.

“He said this can be done by providing assurances to those giving the help that the resources will be used for the intended purposes,” he said about what Ki Moon raised during their meeting.

The Malawi leader added that Malawi will also need to provide leadership through mediation in conflicts which remove the conditions for development.

“We need peace in Africa because it is a condition for development,” said Mutharika. “In this regard, the secretary general was pleased with the role that Malawi plays in peace-keeping under the UN umbrella.”

The UN boss also said he followed with interest Malawi’s first tripartite elections and expressed pleasure at the peaceful handover of power, Mutharika told the press.

“We therefore can use our ability to hold peaceful elections to help entrench democracy in Africa,” Mutharika said.

This was the first meeting that Mutharika held with the UN secretary general since being elected Malawi president.

He is in New York to attend the General Assembly and he will make his maiden speech as Malawi’s first citizen.

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49 thoughts on “UN wants Malawi to take Africa leadership”


    Azungu inu go go away plz zamanyi zanuzo ife ayi nsogoleriwathu anali GADAFI munatiphera inuyo nnatigogo

  2. carriot says:

    This is what we want ,just because the country is poor it doesn’t mean even upstairs in the brain we’re also poor know !!! Knowledge is there + wisdom and this is just the beginning more will be offered.opportunity for malawi as a whole not as un individual or a party .thumbs up for that recognition of APM our state president.put deferences away and don’t put politics on this .but hold hands and develop malawi and africa

  3. chikoya says:

    Izi zikufanana ndi kholo lomuuza mwana kuti limugulira ndege akhakhoza mayeso chonsecho likumumana olo njinga yakapalasa(No aid to make us dvlop and be exemple as moon wants). Koma poti mwanayo ngopusa nkale,amvekere ababa akuti andigulira ndege. Zoseketsa ndithu.

  4. Truth says:

    Away from here please! I thought you are like your late brother, Ban seems to say.

  5. A Phiri says:

    thats true a poor country can advise others. its just poverty because we dont have enough money BUT africans have wisdom. go for it APM we are proud of you.

  6. Mwembe says:

    What? This can’t be true. Did he hear properly this man? Am laughing out loud.

  7. Alungwana says:

    How can a blind a fellow blind? Mr ki Moon and APM, how can a poor country guide other better countries to fight against poverty?

  8. Ndadabwa says:

    Now I connect, Banki Moon came to Malawi just to release those two men who wanted to wed each other. So, given the stories we hear about our own man, perhaps Banki Moon sees, in Malawi – African leadership in same sex marriages

  9. Black Market says:

    Peace in African is always broken up by azungu who come to rob us of our resources, how can Africans restore order and peace when it is them who fuel wars and inflate hunger and poverty in Africa?

    Its impossible, bringing order to Africa means no food and dwindling development in azungu nations because they depend on Africa to survive. This is propaganda and pusi pusi by anyamata akatapila aja IMF and World Bank, dont forget these guys are one. Study and understand International Politics, then u will understand me.

  10. vincent kaliati says:

    Ndikumva kukoma nanu inu DPP

  11. You think this is a pride to the country then you are not thinking Africa wakeup too much sleeping. Malawi is going to surfer for that pano nde azibambo mukwatilana nokanoka.

  12. agalu inu says:

    Bomatu limenelo. 2019 boma you want it or not

  13. Malawianmom says:


  14. joe bwande says:

    Koma anthu azimva zomwe azikamba madalawa???? mano ndiwofunika kwambili.

  15. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    It is indeed a pride for our President and consequently our country to be accorded such an honour. However, here it seems diplomatic language was at work. Knowing our current state of affairs,the UN secretary General could not help advising us on areas we should do even better ( leadership role). As a country, we know that the current challenges are so numerous and it is a tall order to meet those expectations while our resources are minimal. We need to make alot of sucrifices and a unity of purpose to measure to such demands.

  16. karonga says:

    Ban ki Moon knows that Malawi is one of the countries which misuse government funds that’s why the UN have called Mutarika to attend the meeting.

  17. Honesty says:


  18. MMALAWI says:

    He hedee! Yes Ban Ki wants Malawi to “take African leadership in driving the agenda against poverty through democratization, financial probity and peace facilitation”. He is saying Malawi needs to be exemplary in its democratic practices, financial care and being at peace with its own people. Don’t you think he is telling Malawi to reflect more seriously on these areas?

  19. Disappointed says:

    Between Baki Moon and Peter who looks younger? Why does the UN not seek a younger secretary general?


  21. Professor Mambosasa says:

    Can Mutharika lead in mediating regional conflicts. If he could fail to resolve conflicts at ministry level, what more at regional level. Can this man really summon the likes of Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museven, Riek Merchal etc to a round table meeting? Can a man who looks away and doses while talking really shoulder this responsibility. Bank ki Moon should not mock peace efforts in Africa by entrusting a comedian buffoon with this task. Leave the old man to languish in peace please!!

  22. In the know says:

    For starters these are routine meetings which the UN SG meets Heads of State attending General Assembly meetings and in the world of Diplomacy the SG had to find some remarks to make and perhaps not finding something so specific about us he just had to say bla bla bla

  23. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Lost in translation…it doesn’t add up.

  24. Amana says:

    do not talk nonsense here munavota nokha

  25. Ideonist says:

    APM’s presence is highly recognised. He is the only president in African was given a warm welcome by Ban-Ki Moon. Just look at the pic above. Ban was asking APM to take a seat UN Chamber. The rest of African presidents were welcomed by mare secretaries. APM South and Center is proud of you our president. Keep fire burning.

  26. sokonombwe says:

    Then these children of dogs from Karonga want to conduct demonstration. Really a good prophet is not honoured in his own land. Shame to Tumbukas. Ndikumva kukoma bwanji. DJ nyimbo , ndikumva kukoma ya Ndirande Angrican church. leadership is the People of South and probably center but not minority north. Ataaaaaa.

  27. North Pride says:

    How can the world’s 7th poorest country be a leader i9n the fight against poverty?? Koma agogowa, anakalamba bwanji?
    Its hard to believe this old guy, on another day he will say he meant something else by this speech!!

    1. rosie says:

      Congratulations to the president the best is yet to come!! Bravo APM

      1. wanyabuvi kate says:

        the best is yet to come? Wachewa uzeleza! pamenepa Peter avomereza za u gay zija kuti tizithandizika paja naye nde supporter wa nkulu wa zimenezi. kwali mwekha munavotela matanyulayu.

  28. Andrew Gracious Phiri says:

    Anthu ali paumphawi wadzaoneni ku Malawi,ndiye ndi makolite otani omwe akumuyenereza APM kukhala African leader to fight against poverty? mtendele ukusowa anthu. ngati a Malawi afika poti dzikoli tigawane,ndiye APM mtendele wamu Africa akaubweretsa bwanji? Thats big blue lie

  29. mtex says:

    Anthu enanu amene muli ndi tizipani topanda tsogolonu mumangonyoza china chilichnse bwanji ngati mulibe comment iliyone why can’t you just keep quet nonses.

  30. Ngalamayi says:

    APM can’t provide honest, respected leadership in his own country, but tells us he has been asked to do so for Africa??!! Also, I see no direct quotes from Ban Ki Moon: this is APM’s versions of events. And who was in charge of Malawi’s peacekeepers…? Maybe we should ask BAn Ki Moon what was said?

  31. Makito says:

    I am trying hard to piece together the issues in this article to no avail. What power does Ban Ki Moon have to appoint Malawi African leader on fighting poverty? Is he now in charge of AU? Or is it our professor trying to extrapolate a discussion with the SG? Or was the SG trying to prepare ground for his influence on the gay laws?

    Amene mumazitsata tatambasulani chonde. I am not looking for DPP handclappers nonsensical arguments please!

    1. Maggie Lucius says:

      Makito, the problem with you is that you think too much but this is not the right forum. You are better off using your IQ elsewhere.

  32. Kanyimbi says:

    Zosangalatsa izi. Chonde a Malawi tisamazidelere tokha.

  33. HONESTY says:

    How I enjoy listening to sweet music sang by world leaders about my country Malawi! Of course my president must be proud too.

  34. joaquim says:

    Nosense, stupid!

  35. The Truthful One from the West says:

    The problem is th.at we are hearing from one side only- from Peter Mutharika. I am sure he cannot say what he was told must be corrected. There have been outcry about the nepostic and tribalistic ministerial and public service appointments which are dividing the country. Furthermore the Peter Mutharika government is not encouraging or promoting non-partisan debate on how Malawi can be developed in the next 50years. Almost every Malawian knows that 50years after independence the majority of Malawians still live in abject poverty. The question is why? There are many factors involved but I must point out that the last Bingu wa Mutharika regime terribly messed up the country. Many of us have yet to see signs that this Peter Mutharika DPP regime will be different.

  36. alomwe says:

    He was mocking on us. He forget that Malawi depend on donation after 50 years of her independent and is on high alert of corruption. Otsazitukumula apa ndi zamkamwa chabe.

  37. yamikani zande says:

    zoona zoona wamkulu koma ameneyu

  38. Luther says:

    This message by the UN Chief is Sour Grapes for the Government of Malawi and it indicates that there are a lot of human rights violations in Malawi which need serious attention so that Malawi can be the model and champion of Good Governance in Africa and the World!For example the Chasowa Trial is not concluded.

    Why the Justice System only dismissed Treason Charges against Peter Mutharika leaving other treason charges against some Individuals? The Government of Peter Mutharika has discharged honourable Patricia Kaliati to bad mouth former head of State Dr Joyce Banda. The Current Administration of Peter Mutharika is not giving some entitled Benefits to Dr Joyce Banda.Former Heads of State are entitled to some benefits as stipulated in the Constitution and Malawi is obliged to do give these benefits to Former Heads of State who served Malawi.

    1. Joyce Chanthunya says:

      Luther, I can see your problem. This mind set is what is Malawi’s biggest quagmire. Malawians will never believe in themselves and as a result, they will never accept any serious challenge. Wake up Luther, don’t drag this country into the Dark Ages. Let’s move on.

  39. TENTHANI says:

    Za nziiii! Was it a one to one or all inclusive meeting? Otherwise you guys waste time telling Us things that personally erupted and tell us as if it was supported by the whole body.
    We remain poor because of these other accolades that only shrinks our pocket paying for unnecessary trips taking the full trailer with people there only to find that it was an empty agendad meeting. Wake up Malawi!!!!!!!

  40. Happening boy says:

    But will this trickle down to the poor masses for his aligned devices are how best he can swindle the tax payers and donor money, ask Ben, he knows.

  41. pearson sadala says:

    Really? With cash gate unresolved?

  42. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    From what we know of APM, he will seize this opportunity, and grab the bull by the horns. It’s Malawi’s time to shine; and the president will not pass up that chance. He’s all about serving people, not grandstanding!

  43. Think Tank. says:

    Ban–ki-Moon,you are man. Craftly criticising Malawi by using very diplomatic language. It is only fools who cant read the meanings when being told your weaknesses. In other words,Moon is asking Malawi to turn to democracy,prudency in financial usage and avoid the continued the ever plundering of resources by those in authority. In short, he says “Stop what is happening now, turn to a new page of :no regionalism,tribalism,nepotism ,arrogance,cashgates in all forms, then be examplerary for other nations to notice you have changed! Thank you Moon.

  44. Thoko says:

    I’m really finding it hard to believe that that is what you discussed. How do you talk about leadership when you have not demonstrated any leadership, when you have cash gate looming over your shoulders, and Donors are withholding budgetary support. Is this wishful thinking?

  45. Wamandasi says:

    Be careful apm UN chief is a semi US spokes person when it suits America. Khofi ruled against Iraq invasion. And they brushed him aside. I am worried the west start with fake recognition, then they will put you in their pocket and start their TRUE colour like wholesale circumcision, homosexuality, prostitution, abortion as human rights issues. All these practices directly or indirectly spread Hiv/aids. Then the same hypocrites will give Malawi millions to combat Aids while the one who is producing Arvs is collecting data through awareness, seminars, compulsory testing. Malawi buys mandatory Arv more than $135m. Interprets figures.

    I always say the west will always be eager to fund abstracts, consumables so that we remain poor.

    Please let’s wonder why give such responsibilty to a poor nation? Obviously as the poor controllability is accessible

    If one has a partner like the west you better sleep with one eye open. The can cause or plan damage/disaster for cash.

    I think a gold mine is making less than arv producer

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