Undule backs Malawi govt-CSO engagement

Veteran human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula has resurfaced in frontline activism with a bold patriotic stand and has welcomed the government- civil society organisations (CSOs) engagement.

Undule and other members of the CSOs  at the briefing

Undule and other members of the CSOs at the briefing

Cabinet Ministers called for a government-CSO engagement briefing at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe to discuss and respond to concerns some CSOs raised last week on assumed leadership challenges.

But most vocal activists who signed a petition dated 14 October, 2015, asking Malawi President Peter Mutharika to resign, stayed away.

President Mutharika chief economic advisor, Collins Magalasi, told the meeting that it would be better if the signatories of the petition were available.

Magalasi said the CSOs that issued the statement like Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Centre for the Development of People (Cedep), Human Rights Defenders Forum, Civil and Political Space were asking for a postponement. But the meeting went ahead.

In his remarks, Mwakasungura commended government for providing the platform for dialogue on socio-economic challenges.

He, however, said CSOs want a platform for constructive engagement in where everyone is involved, not just a few.

Citizen Alliance spokesman Phillip Kamangira also commended government for providing dialogue with ÇSOs.

Council for Non Governmental Organisations in Malawi (Congoma), Maxwell Matewere thanked government for the engagement.

Matewere also promised CSOs continued cooperation and availability on matters of national importance.

Other members from the CSOs who attended the briefing include the youth activist, Edward Chileka Banda, Malawi Economic Justice Network executive director Dalitso Kubalasa and  Forum for National Development directors Bright Kampaundi and Fryson Chodzi.


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18 thoughts on “Undule backs Malawi govt-CSO engagement”

  1. Has wa a Phiri kwa Chapananga, Chikwawa says:

    A Malawi yakwana nthawi yoti tigwirane manja kumanga dziko lathu. U know what when shall we find a good leader/president? In 1994 we voted Kamuzu out saying was a dictator, came Muluzi was voted out in 2004 bcoz he wanted 3rd term, came Bingu he died while in power but we were saying he was becoming a dictator and there came our mother Joyce whom we booted her out in 2014 because of her cashgate and today we say Peter shud go since he would like to become a dictator.Now Malawians we should think otherwise instead of blaming leaders let’s come together as one with our leaders and give them constructive ideas. Koma ngati sichoncho uuuu chisoni padziko langa chilungamo nkumachidziwa koma nkumalubzwa dala(2 Timoteo 3 ngati si 1 Timoteo 3) Chonde a Malawi anzanga tigwirane manja dzikoli ndi lathu lathu ili. Zikomo Mulungu akudalitseni.

  2. chitsa boys says:

    Zikuwonetsa kuti amalawi ambili sadziwa chifukwa chomwe azungu anasiyila kuthandiza malawi kuba kumene anaba anthu akumpoto kwapangisa kuti chuma chisokonekele amabungwe mumuitanise joyce kuti azabweze ndalama zathu

  3. Yoga says:

    Thiz cso’s have ther own concerns for their own benefit $ not for poor malawians! Bushit!!

  4. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Advise to CSO’s. Before meeting government side seek consultation with Ambassadors from donar nations to find out why donors are withholding aid, so that in your discussions with government it cannot lie to you. There can be no governance or accountability as long as there is corruption in award of government contracts. Neither can there be development in Malawi as long as donors withhold aid.

  5. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Undue please remember that you are highly regarded and respected in Malawi. But once before you sold yourself in supporting Bingu now please do not sell yourself again by supporting Dunderhead Mutharika. You know very well that there cannot be any comprimise in demanding that Dunderhead Mutharika is made to return the billions that he and Bingu STOLE from Malawi. Only than can we begin to talk about other issues.

  6. The Most Concerned says:

    That’s the way to Go. Bravo APM, Bravo DPP!

  7. hippo says:

    Kodi uyu mmene wachilamu akufuna ayambenso kutokota bwanji?Mtumbuka wachabechabe

  8. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    CSOs are you going to the meeting to present problems or to suggest solutions to the problems? Prepare tangible solutions to the problems and be actively involved say by suggesting you are opening up farms to produce more food or you are coming up with industries that can bring in forex.

  9. hisbolla says:

    Undule is no longer USEFUL hs passed his usefulness. He is living in his own world, he can even back Bushiri no no no

  10. Salima boy says:

    Ntumbuka or whatever you call yourself you are mad, imagine if you fail to fix your home challenges how about national problems. Try to approach things with a sober mind.

  11. YAKI says:

    Mtambo and Trapence could not come because they are the chief devils sent by Lucifer to confuse whatever is happening in Malawi. There is no element of appreciation in their blood just like Lucifer did when he was with God . The only remedy was to kick him down. Theis will happen to these in the near future. Just wait and see

  12. Mr Dowa says:

    Lets make it clear here, that it is not going to stop the President to ans questions from MPs this hot coming November kikkkkkk,osadzati tinakamba kale zimenezo mwanva? eish i cant wait to see the President answering questions like,WHY,HOW,WHERE,AND THEN,WHAT NEXT,SUPPOSE,TELL US! kikkkkkkkkk ndiye kulankhula kumati vuta kaleku tjoooooooooooo yes yes yes yes! Mwadzuka bwanji kumeneko?

  13. Undule has shown maturity.

  14. wakukaya uyo says:

    Akufuna tchito uyo mupaseni yaufumu

  15. Clement says:

    @mtumbuka1. Better find another name for you because we don’t want to come hard against other inocent tumbukas. After all DPP and prof Peter mutharika will win without your vote believe it. Bulshit

  16. Clement says:

    Why did they stay away yet they are concerned with our economy? These fucken CSos are sick especially mtambo and friends. Last Sunday the Zambians had national prayers for their economic woes seeking for divine help not what Mayaya,mtambo are doing. Even South Africa economy not doing well but they have everything how about Malawi with no aid? You will be responsible for any damages and looting because those who will attend your barbaric demos are only those with nothing to do.

  17. advisory committee says:

    Akuguna ntchito undule

  18. mtumbuka1 says:

    #Peter must go, we can fix our beloved Malawi without him and his dpp.

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