Undule: Malawi needs engagement

Events in the past weeks have raised more questions than answers in how to deal with issues as a nation.From the calls for the President to resign ,to the arrest of Malawi Congress Party members, all these events concludes that Malawi needs continued prayers for engagement and dialogue than before.

Undule: There is no gulf bettwen the President and his deputy

Undule: There is no gulf bettwen the President and his deputy

The arrests no doubt were a bit of a miscalculation and ill-timed conducted after the emotional PAC Conference as many speculate it was meant to silence those critical. Who ever gave those orders might have first considered damage to the leadership and government. The arrests have really dented government image nationally and internationally while the true fact is the President is striving hard to make Malawi a better place for all.

Malawi is a country still in transition noting by its struggle in finding its true identity, solid political landscape, national peace and unity. Every President after the dictator Kamuzu Banda has had his or her share of misery. We have never appreciated our leaders from Chair to Bingu to JB and now with APM.

We have demonized every leader,s ure Kamuzu was a dictator having two sides, of development conscious and of a violator of people’s rights. Because of the bad side Malawians rejected him and that has costed MCP up to date .Unless MCP re brand the status quo will remain the same.

Chair came in with so much excitement after Malawi long history of suffering. With that excitement missed in addressing the real issues which would have facilitated permanent healing, reconciliation and economic prosperity.

Bingu and JB had their share of ups and downs. Bingu was a star performer and came in as a darling to all Malawians. But his vision to develop Malawi fell short of good governance and human rights. JB jumped into a boat which was struggling economically but instead of putting pieces together JB ended up messing up more and the consequences were voting her out.

The current government of APM came in when the country was again going through severe economic challenges and has since struggled without donor assistance. That has resulted with government struggling to deal many national challenges i.e.hunger, drug shortage, floods and many others.

The current voices by some quarters for the President to resign is misplaced to some of us. Calling for engagement with the leadership to advise on workable solutions must be the best way. Government cannot function on ultimatums as that is creating more problems than solutions.

Whatever the motives are, giving ultimatums or calling for the President to resign must not be influenced by greed or ethnic interests because the country’s problems will not be solved by the President alone but by us all through genuine constructive engagement and open inclusive dialogue.Take or leave it,that’s the direction God wants us to go.

Let us appreciate, support and pray for our leaders no matter what we are going through. As a God fearing nation, the scripture teaches us in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 that we should pray for the Kings and all those in authority so that we may live a quiet and peaceful life.

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This is true man of God,,, isecond you


Big Mwakasungula pangani Organa ka DEMO kachi Christu Please, Galu yu watikwana ndi boma lakeli/.

Spot on. I have no hope in calling for the resignation of the President for no good will come out of it. I have no hope in arresting the people who discuss in staging a coup on whattsup for nothing good has come out of it. I have no hope in political leaders who are just rhetoric in knowing how to criticize and yet do nothing for nothing will come out of these empty public speeches. I have no hope in my parliament members for what they know is just tearing each other apart and end up gaining nothing for… Read more »
If you talk of prayers Bwana Mwakasungula, there have been numerous of those, but because we continue to be a sinful nation through our ungodly acts and politically motivated arrests of those we deem our opposites and those who refuse to tow our line of thinking and doing things, those who openly expose our flows, there is no way God can start to listen to our prayers. We can organize prayers as often as we may want and shed blood for tears, but as long as we continue with our sinful behaviour there is no way God can listen to… Read more »

Loud & clear Man of God

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