Undule: Our God given natural resources – who benefits?

God gave us natural resources, to make our lives better, but He also gave us the ability to exercise wisdom in use of these resources.The bible also warns us against misuse of these resources. How we use our resources affects other people as well as ourselves. If we waste and misuse the earth’s resources, we will be harming generations to come. Jesus Christ teaches us in Mathews 7:12 the way to treat our earth and its resources as well as our ordinary relationships.



How we manage our natural resources is something we must take seriously in Africa. The paradox of natural resources has failed to lift the lives of people out of poverty.Our governments have taken themselves to be owners and not custodians in managing natural resources.

Africa has become weaker and powerless in taking steps to help the potential profits from natural resources to benefit millions of poor citizens who go without adequate health, education, nutrition, safe clean water etc.

In recent years we have seen so much excitement in Malawi in regard to mining. The country has taken more interest in the mineral sector to rebalance an economy reliant on agriculture amid climate related challenges and global anti-smoking campaigns that have reduced demand for tobacco which is Malawi main foreign currency earner. But the big question has been how organized are we?

Recently we have seen the nation interests in oil exploration in the northern region. But who will benefit? Looking at how we messed up in uranium mining, no one can dispute the uranium mine was imposed on the people of Karonga. Sad Karonga today is more expensive than it was years back before the mine. The people are more poorer though they were promised travel to the moon. Sure Karonga would not want to play the same game from this oil venture, this time for sure the people must get the share of the cake.

Learning from our mistakes African must use its natural resources productively, in a sustainable manner, to the benefit of our people, and future in which the use of our natural resources lead to development. Africa must shift from being a “resource cursed to “resource blessed continent”.

But how do we manage our natural resources to turn into a blessing for development. First, we must take natural resources as belonging to the people and not governments. Second, profits and revenues should benefit the people not a company or a President. Third, openness and transparency to ensure popular ownership and shared benefits and then good, development oriented leadership. Good national leadership must work at ensuring natural resources revenues fuels national development. Leadership that initiates an open and inclusive national dialogue on the benefits and pitfalls of natural resources.

With national passion let us come up with a profound strategy to manage our resources better and effectively and turn them into a blessing for development. But we must seek GOD’s wisdom for He is the creator of all things in heaven and on earth. Genesis 1:1-33.

  • Undule Mwakasungula, the former director of Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a human rights columnist on Nyasa Times
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12 thoughts on “Undule: Our God given natural resources – who benefits?”

  1. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Angasinthe ndani? Ngati mumaba ma vot bwanji pali chuma

  2. mapwiya says:

    i can now follow undule

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    May I inform you Mr. Manga that neither sodomy nor abortion is my utmost choice.On sodomy,I can say that it is abnormal carried out by misguided and ungodly people.God created John and Mary to build a family he went on to say that marriage is between man and woman even dogs and pigs know their partners so why trying to alter the status quo? I have seen many homosexuals living together for ages,but without kids,is that normal ? When we come to abortions,suppose your mother or my mother candidly speaking,aborted you or me could we be on earth?And what do you get out of these bloody barbaric practices.It is sad to see that once God- fearing Malawians,would fall into Western induced satanic trend.With the economy of our country in tumultuous situation,could we really sit down and give priority to sodomy and abortion issues,while the overwhelming majority of our people are languishing in dire poverty and at the same time,the leaders are looting public funds at will.? Like it or not,these two issues are not supposed to encroach our way of living that we inherited from our decent ancestors.Afterall,I have never come across any African dialect that means these two evil words.Wakeup Africans do not just put your heads into a burning pot in exchange for money.Mind you,money is the source of all evils on earth.


  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Brother Malangalanga,Malawi to day is a democratic state and every body is at liberty to express his/ her views freely without asking Mr Malangalanga what to write or what to think.I would imagine you are still hobnobbing the relics of Banda’s egregious regime when Malawians were muzzled to express their views may it be political,religious or otherwise.What you must know is that you can not stop me to write what I feel or what I like.i grew up in exile with visionary and respected leaders such as Masauko Chipembere,Orton Chirwa.Yatuta Chisiza,Kanyama Chiume,Willy Chokani,Augustine Bwanausi,Atati Mphakati from whom I have learnt a lot about the political history of my country.Therefore,I can not waste my time reading bunkum from you.To me I think you once joined young pioneers those thugs who could not think on their own.

  5. Wakwa Mwanjabala says:

    Kayerekera has not contributed anything from its yellow cake for people of Malawi.Its only Bingu his few Aussy friends from archaic mining laws of Malawi.It has elevated the cost of living in Karonga as if everyone was working at Kayerekera.Karonga has become more expensive than Lilongwe city.Poor jobless people are heavily suffering in Karonga because of this useless Kayerekera thing.It is even better to keep our Lake than let some foreigners exploiting our God given natural resources for their selfish interest.

  6. manga says:

    I think undule is trying to make us debate on issues. Whether u like it or not we have issues the nation has to tackle such as gays, abortion, mining , poor economy and many others! We are malawians and the articles just helping us to reflect as a nation. On gays issues my brother winstone I ready undule article and his position is if they are sinners let us pray for them by bringing them closer and change me. You dot change things when you are millions kilometers far apart. You dot change policies by just making noise as the timoty and gifts are doing. Gays needs help and the only help is understand them and change them. My worry as a nation we talk too much yet we don’t put strategise in place mark my word winstone one day if we just talk in wilderness without joint anti action laws will be changed for homosexuals. So dot just talk on Nyasatimes mobilize people , organise talk shows to express public views. Undule is just giving guidance but the choice is for the nation. Just imagine Mr Winston the abortion debate has gone far with lobbyibg to change the law to legalize abortion? Wat are you doing on this ? So let us not just be vocal on line come out and show your actions! For undule kp it up and we are proud of you . If anybody is not then they need Gods help ! Bravo Undule

  7. ibrahim makwati says:

    ur welocame mr mwakasungula u talking abaut god look god is good all the time BORN AGAIN MWAKASUNGULA

  8. nachisale says:

    Undule, the failure of Africa to benefit is both a result of our weakness governments and leaders but also the selfish interests of mostly the West. The international political economy as a system does not favour Africa/Malawi it perpetuates out exploitation. Out leaders (including yourself) have since independence always been intermediaries. Remember South Africa Marikana? Civil society activists do not have the answer either because in many ways you fail to realise the West is not interested in our development but in creating chaos and then exploit us.

  9. Malanga langa says:

    Mr Msowoya, for your own information Mr Undulu is no longer fighting for gay right. Mr Undulu is a born again Christian and he knowns what God want him for. So stop associating him with gays for he was in darkness and now he is in light. Was lost but now found. Don’t ever again talk of Undule and gay there are like light and darkness. Siziyenderana. Pepani

  10. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Mwakasungula,now you are talking.The issue of letting our God- given resources to be exploited for the good of the nation,is of course,a patriotic one which you could have spear- heading from the outset.The fact that you have mentioned the name of God the supreme- being,who punished signers in soddom and gomola,how would you again support soddomy and become its mouthpiece? Indeed,I was overjoyed to read your well- thought piece.I think therefore,you will strongly involve yourself in joining the masses of our beloved motherland Malawi to show their deslike to turn their country into the garbage of international swindlers and their local unpatriotic representatives.As yourself a norther,you must know what would be the aftermath to our lake and land.Let me give you a vivid example to this effect.Ugoni land in Nigeria which is covered with vast land of oil and gas,people there, are brutally poor and their land is effectively barren to the extent that,nothing can be produced from the land for another century.This is where Ken Saro Wiwa was murdered in cold- blood with two of his compatriots by the heinous regime of Late Sani Anacha when these three great Africans refused to let their land used by foreign companies in league with local unpopular leaders.Salo Wiwa and his two compatriots not only died for their people,but for the whole of Nigeria and Africa.Mr.Undule,I think this is a national cause to die for and not the Gay rights you are fighting for.We are Africans and that we must protect our traditions that had been left by our ancestors.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCEREMOS.

  11. Pata phiri says:

    God also said don’t drink kachaso

  12. Benford says:

    Mining is the fast trucking country growth, but here in Malawi we keep on change the minister of mining and natural resource why, Mr President, more over you knew that every body is expert in his or her academic back ground,
    You can’t appoint someone who study agriculture to be a minister of health, that’s madness Mr President.

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