Undule: Spare Bushiri he is just a messenger

I have been following up social media debate on the ‘Man of God’ Major 1 Prophet Sherpard Bushiri for the past weeks. And my simple analysis on most of the views, accusations and attacks against him makes me conclude that Bushiri is just a victim of the usual Malawi evil spirit of jealousy, envy, don’t shine over me, he is just a victim of spiritual and material failure of the enemies of the Body of Christ.

Bushiri being interviewd by international media in Mzuzu

Bushiri being interviewd by international media in Mzuzu

What is interesting in regard to the accusations is labelling him a fake Prophet for performing few unfavourably miracles according to them.

Listen am not trying to verify him whether he is fake or not but what is confusing to me is if we are saying he is fake then show one who is a true Man of God. We can’t just make noise that his miracles are fake, then bring us then genuine one then? But just to label him fake is not convincing to some of us.

In Mark 6:1-5 Jesus experienced the same denial even after performing many miracles during his Ministry. The Pharisees always doubted him, asking where did he get all these powers to perform miracles, is he not the carpenters son, son of Mary and brother to James. With all what Jesus was doing still they doubted. And Jesus always reminded them “Prophets are respected everywhere expect in their own home town and by their relatives and their family. “

The anointing of healing, deliverances or miracles is an issue between God and the one he has anointed. I will not question God why He anointed Prophet Bushiri to do wonders or Pastor Elijah Chisiza to heal the sick, why I will not, is because “God is God, Let Him be God”

The other question is why we are so noisy about these miracles yet Jesus Christ already said we will do more greater things than Him.

In John 14:12 the Scriptures says “I am telling you the truth those who believe in me will do what I do, yes they will do even greater things because I am going to the Father.”If Jesus left us with these powers why is our faith failing us not believe we can do mighty things more than what Jesus did?

I will not dispute about GODs miracles because I am the testimony of His healing, His glory, His favor. This year I would have been two years in my grave and in hell. Thank God for His touch upon my life.

God should just help our nation to move away from our traditional christianity of kneeling before idols or commit to rules. It is time for massive contemporary christianity of demonstrating Gods power through healing, deliverances and miracles.

People have so many problems and challenges, their lives are in a bondage, many people are walking corpses, with thier heads upside down and the only weapon is spiritual connection to Jesus Christ and not our religious rituals.

Glory be to God, lets us respect and honour His Servants.A so claimed God fearing nation can do better than this.

‘Major 1’can go deeper even, it’s not a crime !

  • Undule Mwakasungula, the former director of Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a human rights columnist on Nyasa Times
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51 thoughts on “Undule: Spare Bushiri he is just a messenger”

  1. Biziwek Pakhala Nginere says:

    Hunger, disease, envy!

  2. Winston msowoya says:

    I have no doubts to sincerely believe that Undule is now a confused and desperate looser.He started very well in his human rights crusade.He dropped the crusade,because he could not achieve what he forethought in political trend.He then became a born- again Christian defending sodomy,the most sinful crime that God swiftly acted to punish the perpetrators once and for all.It is therefore unbelievable to see that the same born again Undule would expressly condone the self- styled Prophet whose desires are stringently driven by greed and opportunism and hence,the brutal exploitation of the wretched masses of our people.The critics of the false Prophets are not jealousy of them,but rather committed followers of our Almighty Lord God.It is a matter of time Bushiri and the like,will fall the same way the once popular Nigerian false Prophet Joshua.My advice to Undule is join other progressive Malawians in the fight against Peter Muthalika’s regime which has catapulted our dear mother Malawi into a sinkhole of reprehensible inferno.

  3. clive says:

    find something to write guys,there z hunger in Malawi,no madicine in our hospitals,poverty.we’re busy discusing useless things. Clive in cape town says “GET LIFE AND START LIVING”

  4. JK says:

    Now I understand why there is a saying kuti ‘religion is the opium of the masses’ I mean when you have people we used to think are intelligent like Undule give such a weak analysis.. Then you know that religion can hinder any rationale thinking.. !! The only viable debate on Bushiri is to say.. Let him do his thing.. If don’t believe in him, no need to waste your energy castigating him simply mind your own business.. You will just fasten your journey to the grave by stressing about the young successful man.. Do your thing and let him do his thing ..and well you are never forced to believe in him or not.. So it should not bother you on what he does.. Simple as that..

  5. Felix Huios says:


    You have said it all Mr undule..

    The devil always tries to attack that which brings in light to the nation.

    We believe Papa is a true servant of God ,no matter what it matter and how much it mater we will still good him as he follows Christ

  6. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    We will know we have an effective system of education when our people do not waste their time and money listening to- and supporting – glib fraudsters. Meanwhile, make hay while the sun shines you self-serving deceivers. It seems that there is still an untrained brain sheltering under every tobacco leaf.

  7. Edwell Mulenga says:

    Let sleeping dogs ly

  8. Jp says:

    Mr Undule, thanks for your comment however I am also trying to correct your assentions here that he is just a messenger of GOD”
    Malawi has many leaders I mean spiritual leaders but of different faiths, people examine every man of God with his fruits, lifestyle, and maturity in handling success, how Bushiri is displaying himself, his success, and maturity leaves alot to be desired whether it comes from God or darkness.
    Men of God in Malawi myself included, accepted him as a Prophet, but we had to make descenment Bible says this in 1John1:1; have read this verse Mr Undule? in case you missed it here it is” Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but TEST the spirits, whether they are of God, because Many false PROPHETS have gone out into the world” NKJV, A true prophet is never judged by how many miracles he has performed, because many shall say that day we did many things in your Name” Miracles should NOT deceive us Mr Undule, I pray that the God who healed you is “The LORD God of heaven” because are many people today healing with “Another power” in the name of “Another Jesus” using “Another spirit” and people are flocking to such miracle workers day by day seeking help, no wonder because it is written that Greeks seek after wisdom, and Jews seek after signs, but we Preach Christ Him Crucified, 1Cor 1:22-24.
    True gospel preacher are not mostly self-styled people, the LORD teach them humility, are truly servants NOT makers of such titles like we have in many of today’s so called preachers or prophets, however Mr undule, I am thankful for you God bless you.

  9. SADRIDO says:

    Don’t give-up man of God, most people are still sleeping. They will later on open their eyes when time has already gone. They will realise when everybody is before our Almighty God where cries will be heard from all directions. Thank God for giving us one of the Major Prophets where jealousy has conquered most of the Nyasas.

  10. Mwananyasa says:

    I am still waiting for one PROPHECY that God will vindicate from honorable Bushiri … just waiting.. no judgment.

  11. Wilson Banda says:

    ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH will use different messengers differently basing on faith and trust on HIM. Keep it up messenger of GOD.

  12. Wilson Banda says:

    If things of GOD are beyond your knowledge and understanding, just keep quite and watch or else you fall into temptetations. No one will stop the will of GOD upon Prophet Bushiri. He is a messenger of GOD.
    Amen Undule Mwakasungula!

  13. juliet martha kambwiri says:

    Bushiri keep it up!You have just been a victim of hate in Malawi by satanic people.Godbless

  14. Lindiwe says:

    I definitely agree with u ,let God be God.Mtumiki salemelera dziko lakwawodi

  15. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Do not judge for you not be be judged. If Bushiri is a fake prophet God will judge him others wise those who talk ill of him are fighting against God. Please if you do not believe in what he is doing it is advisible to stay quite.

  16. James says:

    You are just waisting your time,bcz the man of God Major 1 dosen`t have that time responding to such stupid critics,instead he is busy preaching the gospel.I like the way he behaves,he is showing maturity, in christ we don`t fight .You see him in physical but in spirit he is a different,you can imagine him anaything but him is always in christ.I wonder why you are busy attacking men of God yet you are a christian by name,pls change your mindset pls,we are in a generation whereby God is showing miracles through men of God and one of them is major 1,lets change.Be informed that you have known Major 1 as a prophet before but come February next year,he is becoming a full prophet,thats is a notice from God,it will be massive ndiye uzaphulikatu because more will happen,ndiye zako izo anzako tikudalitsika iwe uli busy kutumikila Satana pakunyozetsa atumiki a mulungu,ndipo nonse amene mumanyoza atumiki a mulungu know that your satanists,agents of satan and my question is if you are part of christ family why are you fighting your fellow soldiers in christ family? ndi chizindikilo choti si inu a mwa christ,you are just agents of satan, physically we see you in christ family but in spirit you are not,chonde abale anga lapani nthawi ndiye ikupitatu,kaya ufuna kaya sufuna ine ndi banja langa will fight you devil,you are a liar.Our father in Christ Major one,i pray that God should continue besiing you as you minister unto his people, and give you more so that lives should be saved,poweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer,Iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

  17. Rassel says:

    Undule you can say that again and again.. Bushiri is making us proud

  18. Limbani says:

    yachuluka ndi Jealousy,Let Major be Major,anthu a mene amanena Major 1,they don’t have faith,Undule,Thanks for this piece,mwina anthu ndikutseguka mitu,Prophet is not honoured in his homeland,Look in Zambia and South Africa, Major 1 is respected a lot,WHY MY MOTHER MALAWI? Prophet Shephered Bushili he a messenger,not God mene anthu mumaganiIla,

  19. cotton says:

    Amen Undule, i really like your input. Darkness can not beat the light that’s what we Malawians are seeing and experiencing now. Major 1 is a true Man of God even the miracles he is performing NOT even one sing’anga can do. Everything close to Jesus receives attack ndaonela pamenepa. Akuyipitsa mbiri ya Major are the singangas and satanist amene awona kuti game yatentha sadyera anthu.

    Whether one likes it or not, Major 1 is there for ever and ever. Not shaken, not movable as long as God is involved no man can do anything to him. Ayankhula atopa mapeto ake He will deliver them all in Jesus Name.

  20. Gonto says:

    Let you not judge for your to be judged. A prophet is never respected in his home. Even Jesus, was criticized. What does that son of a carpenter tell us ?

  21. januaryphiri says:

    Let It Be.God Will Himself.

  22. Timve says:

    Poverty in Africa has made a lot of people to be desperate. Bushiri is milking these desperate people who follows him thinking that there problems will be resolved. They want immediate solutions to their problems Desperate people are flocking to these youth full fake prophets thinking that they can acquire riches immediately . Though Gods cell line is 24/7, you can phone, any time, any hour , they ask these prophets to be pray for them, shame indeed!

    One friend of mine says he went to Prophet Makandiwas Crusade in Zimbabwe. That day, all the people who attended just saw, gold falling from the air, and they were told to collect it, those who people had come with cars, when the crusade finished, they discovered that their fuel indicators were at F= full , yet some had left their cars with half tanks , quarter etc.
    Those people who had Bank accounts , next morning they saw their accounts with huge balances yet they had may be a 20 Usd before this crusade. This was really good as people had money, fuel and Gold. But was this a miracle? How many people were saved spiritually on this day? NONE. How many people were saved from the economic hard ships? Thousands.

    Bushiri must go and walk on TOP of lake Malawi . But as it is, the I pad miracle and walking in Air, these 2 are just pieces of crap.

  23. Dings Mpota says:

    Non has left relatives and riches because of me who will not receive hundred ford in this life and at eternal life at the end.

    Anything which is not of God will not last let wait for God. Man is limited in precision.

    We cannot understand in place of God God fights for Himself

    Man defend his own fears and insecurity God fights s just cause. Man fights with evil heart God fights a righteous eye

  24. prince. says:

    I wonder wy people westing their time talking of MAJOR 1 well he has time time for that in our family we relaxe no time argue with the devil, any one agints major 1 is a devil still if you remove D he will still remain evil I’m a cameroonian and I confirm that major one is my spiritual fhater today and ECG is my last Bus stop the first day I meet major one he told me wat car I was driving , my wife was about to give birth to a female child and I told that we wanted a male child then he says it is done then we have a male child now and I also receive a miracle money in my account close to R300K therefor I confirm that mojor 1 is man of god and who ever talk bad about him will soon ask for sorry let’s wait and see anyone saying is a false prophet open your own church in south africa then if people travel all over to quee just to attend the service like people quee just to attend major 1 service then I will agree with the accusation in conclusion,brothers and sisters in africa let’s be happy thaks god of giving us major 1,in our family we relax.shalom.

  25. Mr Undule r u an expert when it comes to the spiritual matters?????????? People have got the right to analyse or point out wherever they’re not satisfied, it’s not judging BUT pointing out. So don’t tell people what to do? You might be well educated but blind spiritually at the same time.

  26. levelheaded says:

    I really don’t understand this man in the name of Undule Mwakasungula. He looks to be a daylight opportunist. Amakonda kukhala mbali ya chimene chatchuka nthawi imeneyoyo. In your second paragraph,are you telling me that you believe in bushiri because there is none to believe or what. Undule are you really a graduate or maybe your sickness is still eating your brain cells? The way you are putting up your facts leaves a lot to be desired. Undule, you can quote all the verses in the bible but know that the main purpose of the scripture is to lead all the people to salvation. You can discover true men of God only if their preaching is of leading many to salvation and not to worldly riches. These prophets claim to follow Jesus’ way while their teaching and healing is of earthly prosperity. Panali nthawi inayake imene mulungu anagwilitsa ntchito alaliki amphamvu monga a”shadreck wame” ndi ena otero. Anthu amalira ndi ulaliki okha.Lastly I should say that you are entitled to your opinion. One thing you should know about Malawians is that we are the most sharp people in the region. Some behavior like jealousy have fought us to balance up things before we take them. Bushiri is prospering in south Africa because he is Malawian,he is sharp. You can trick all Africans except Malawians and Nigerians. And this happens to be where these prophets are coming from. You will agree with me undule when you go to south Africa,Zimbabwe,Mozambique and the rest of the continent.umatha kuwadyera ndalama ndi trick inailiyonse.

  27. Chigadula says:

    I agree with Mr Undule on the point of ‘ Then show one who is a true man of God ‘His assertion is well supported by Acts 8 where we read of one, Simon as verses 9-11 say ” But there was a certain man called Simon, who previously practiced sorcery in the city ( of Samaria) and astonished the people of Samaria claiming that he was someone great to whom they all gave heed from the least to the greatest, saying, “This man is the great power of God”. And they heeded him because he had astonished them with his sorceries for a long time” However, it took the arrival of Evangelist Philip in the city with the genuine gospel that he preached, God supporting him with genuine miracles and signs that even Simon the sorcerer himself was surprized ( See verse 13). Thus, until a true man of God arrives on the scene to counter ‘fake’ with ‘ genuine’ miracles, it’s probably only fair to leave Bushiri alone.
    The only problem I have with Bushiri is his private lifestyle where some girls he is sleeping around with reveal he is father of their child. I know at least one girl in Mzimba-Malawi whom he slept with resulting in pregnancy. Bushiri did not deny responsibility but refused to marry the poor girl, only promising to support the child financially. It is such double living that disqualifies many would-be great servants of God from earning the respect of many. In Matthew 7 vs 15-23 Jesus Christ Himself brings in a complication to the issues at hand now. He says not every one that calls Him Lord, Lord, is going to heaven and to worsen the situation He reveals that on the last day some will say to Him, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name, cast out demons in Your Name,and done many wonders in Your Name. And then I will declare to them, ‘ I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS!” In verse 20 Jesus says “Therefore by their fruits you will know them” That is, Jesus is MORE interested in the kind of godly living for Him THAN what is done in His Name! That is how we may probably identify A TRUE MAN or WOMAN of God. ” WHAT KIND OF LIFE THEY LIVE FOR GOD AND NOT NECESSARILY WHAT THEY DO IN JESUS NAME! Dictionary definition of sorcery ” Practice of magic especially with the help of evil spirits”.

  28. Prison Warden says:

    wawa a geyi mwati mulankhulepo? hehehehehehe

  29. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    What rubbish!

  30. matako a pusi says:

    A Undule mwatani always defending the useless. If the messenger is fake he has to be criticized with the impunity he deserves. The fake recent purported miracles of Bushiri have let us down. The fake ipad photo miracle and the fabricated walking in the air joke miracle by this man have put a great dent on his fake ministry

  31. Cia America says:

    undule kodi iwe umatumikila ndani,siiwe amene ukumalimbikisa kti amuna okhaokha azikwatila,

  32. بىاىىىئ ففففففف says:

    A undule kodi mumadziwanso Za bible? nanga Za ma gay
    Mumazitenga kuti ,?

  33. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    The problem we have is that there are so many of us who behave like the Biblical Phareesees who could be Champions at Judging others. That is why Jesus said :’Judge not and you shall not be Judged’. If the today’s Prophets are doing it in God’s name who are we to question it for even in Jesus time they were those who were doing the same but Jesus said ‘ if they are doing it in My Name’ let them be. It is only those with little faith who will torture their brains with what the men of God are doing today for all that is in the Holly book( BiBLE).

  34. TRUTH says:

    To compare the way Jesus was treated with Bushili is an insult, Jesus’s prime work was teaching not performing miracles, that is why after curing some people he told them not to tell any one, he did not want his miracles to be the main focus rather his message,
    so please get your facts straight, these multitudes attend this rallies for so called miracles not the message, that is a problem in my view,

  35. Vincent says:

    You don’t have to show the real man of God guys. Silly article. This nonsense of man of God should stop. People are wasting their hard earned money on these fraudsters. Mostly the poor. Am sorry u wasted ur time writing that piece and have wasted mine reading the first bit. Thought u going to say something constructive

  36. KK says:

    I am so impressed with Undule with his bible knowledge. To the contrary, I wonder why he campaigns for gays and lesbian rights. Kwenikweni mumatumikila ndani a Undule. Are you an opportunist or a commentator?

  37. Chalera says:

    Humans will always try to find an understanding of the ‘mighty power’ or ‘creator’. It’s in our nature, no matter how educated or wise we may think we are. Expressing spirituality is an activity of daily living, same as breathing or eating. Unfortunately religion has conveniently filled that vacuum for millennial. In the last 2000 years Christianity, Islam etc have luckily prevailed. It doesn’t even have to make logical sense, people will follow.
    Undule, you are sick cos of ma boilo and you are not dead coz ukumwa mankhwala. Period. Nothing to do with God. Bushiri is just filling a vaccuum, if not him someone else will do it.

  38. Nachi says:

    Amen Unduleeeeeeee. Praise be to God. Just yesterday the couple over the controversal issue of IPAD appeared to ECG to testify what God has done to them. They are now millionaires through the same prophetic annointing of Bushiri. The fact is results are happening. Whether in bad faith of good faith but Jesus is being preached. Nyasatimes you so the couple testifying but you didnt report. EWEREEEEEEEEEEEE Owomo Owomo Iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    You are not able to show us the fake prophets. Until you show us I will never stop watching major !. Even pentecostals are shaken with the prophetic ministry.
    DEEEEEPER. Bushiri preach Jesus. Not even a single hair from your head will be removed

  39. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    Cut your crap the writer, Everyone knows ten commandments of GOD, if we follow all those ten commandments we will sing Holly songs with angels in heaven. Almighty GOD has everything to provide to his children including security. Then why do we need police and soldiers to protect as instead of GOD himself?

  40. Johor Peter says:

    undule should fast and pray and the Lord Jesus himself will show him true men of God if he does not Beleive they do exist, for God speaks to those who wants to hear his voice.
    Two I advice all journalists to be investigative to check without fear or favor all who are healed, prophesied, delivered Ect, whether they were not either asked right in the church by the same man (preacher) for this is what is happening, and verify from their neighbors, whether indeed they were in the situation we are being told or see.
    And this must be done without fear or favor or threat of being killed or blinded by anybody.
    Fear is a thief of faith and hope.
    Three nobody walked on air full stop don’t be fooled and nobody can snap a Vision with a mere camera.
    So believe what you believe, but heaven or hell one of them is waiting for you.
    the bible says wisdom is too high for a fool, Prov 24:7 (NIV)

  41. mboba says:

    toJewish leader asked Jesus what he should do to recieve ertenal life, Jesus told him that you know the commandments: Do not commit adultary; do not commit murder; do not steal; do not accuse anyone falsely; respect your father and mother. The man replied, ever since I was young, I obeyed all these. Jesus continued that there was still one more thing. Sell all you have and give the money to the poor and you will have riches in heaven; THEN COME AND FOLLOW ME. The man became very sad……. chomwe chinatsala kwa munthu wachuma ndi chukondi kwa ena. Kugawana ndi anzako zomwe mulungu wakupatsa. When following Christ Chuma chenicheni chili kumwamba osat zapansi pano. Do not be complacent with earthly possessions for when following Christ those things act as obstacles. ………..

    We do not need to show u the true ones Mr Undule for Jesus himself told us how the counterfeit looks like. When shall these prophets talk about repentance and tell people to stop sinning? For they focus on preaching about wealth, kupeza mabanja, ntchito and the like.

    It is not too late for you can engage in a reverse gear and read the bible for you Mr Undule to differentiate between the counterfeit and the original a everyone will pay gorgeous his or her sins. For you to know the counterfeit you should know the original. Attend bible schools and understand the word of the Lord. Read the bible and allow the Holy Spirit to make you understand.

  42. Soul Rebel says:

    False prophets do miracles as well and this is what makes me to put my trust only in Jesus Christ the son of the living God

  43. This Man is Bushiri when u chart with him or when u just see him, but when God start using him, its the works of God in Him.Critics will be the also the devil uses people to critcises just for nothing, check your life first before you critise otherwise you need to repent first to know who is the true prophet of God.

  44. Mr cheq says:

    U can quote all verses you want but i have people coming jesus through that man, we here in South Africa love him a

  45. Jimuni says:

    Personally, what Bushiri does aint any of my business. So I stay away from any talk about what Bushiri does, it doesn’t bother me 1 small bit!

    Let him go about his thing, and I go about mine. Period

  46. Kodi Undule uyu si uja predecessor wa Timothy Ntambo ku bungwe lija lolimbikitsa kuti ine cheMdara nditha kukwatirana ndi Ambewe lija hahahaha nzosadabwitsa baba. Koma langizo langa ndilongoti osamawerenga bible monyema mwamva akulu? All in all I can’t judge you nor Bushiri but try not to deceive ana amulungu mwadaladala.

  47. Anabanda says:

    Enough of this, Malawians are busy trying to destroy Peter….we don’t care whatever he does.

  48. Kingster Bella says:


  49. Truck says:



    AM A SINNER .!


  51. sikusinja says:

    Why didn’t you quote Matthew 24 v 23-24 about false prophets who will do great miracles in Jesus name and deceive even believers. One thing I know for sure Undule is Jesus is not so petty that capturing an image on an iPad can be called a miracle. So depends on which side you are on because Jesus also told us don’t believe these people.

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