Unexplained murder in Malawi, Nankhumwa at it yet again!

On the night of Thursday, the July 2, 2015, Malawians once again woke up to the news that a very senior investigator at the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Deputy Director, Issa Ali Tayub Njauju, has been brutally murdered in the Capital City, Lilongwe.Loose cannon

He was shot twice and buried in a shallow ‘grave’, his vehicle, a Toyota Hilux D4D burnt to ashes. Another life, a husband, father, colleague, brother, uncle neighbour and friend lost to brutal sadists with no sense of shame and remorse.

The murder again poses serious question about the DPP government seriousness in tackling the sharply deteriorating security situation in the country.

And this is part of a media statement issued by government spokesperson, Kondwani Nankhumwa a few days later: “To this effect, the general public is being asked to refrain from making wild speculations which are deeply hurting the bereaved family and colleagues at the ACB who have lost a dear friend, husband and father. Such a painful and tragic death must not be a treated as a source of propaganda by anyone.”

Typical of statements from Nankhumwa, this one was once again out of sorts; out of touch and mumbling with serious deficiencies in meaning.

It basically communicated nothing. It is also clear that the statement has come about, not because government is in any way interested in solving the murder of Mr. Njauju. It is more of a Public Relations (PR) exercise. It is merely about government protecting its image in view of the rattling over the deteriorating security situation.

The 12 months that Malawi has been under Peter Mutharika and DPP has been punctuated by serious security lapses. Day in day out, Malawians are showered with glim news of people losing lives and property. Armed robbers are having a field day. In fact, armed robbery has ceased to be news anymore. It is a daily occurrence.

People are being killed senselessly, and sometimes millions are snatched from owners in broad daylight heists. Instead of fighting the crimes have become willing accomplices, the police are hiring out guns and sometimes even taking part in the actual ‘operations’.

Albinos are being hunted like wild animals for silly and ungodly reasons to the point of failing to come out of their houses to catch a breath air. Some children with albinism have even abandoned going to school altogether.

The murder of Mr. Njauju exemplifies a new wave of highly organized crimes on the level of Al-Capone, which has hit the core of the country’s societal fabric.

The ACB official’s murder cannot and should not be treated like any other coincidental murder. It is a murder that is closely related to his job. In other words, the official has been hit due to what he was working on.

The question is: Who might have been responsible for Issa Njauju’s murder? Where would the nation turn to for solutions? The police do not inspire; and the government does not inspire. In fact, Nankhumwa’s statement does more to deflate the little hope that people might have had that government will get to the bottom of this murder.

Why would an official of a corruption-bursting organization be killed just when the country is grappling to unravel the mysteries of the MK92 billion (or is itMK577billion) corruption scandal? In fact, why is the Bureau emphasizing that the slain official was not directly involved in any corruption investigation? Why not wait for investigation? Too many unanswered questions and Nankhumwa should not stop people from asking these questions.

Peter Mutharika came on the scene with a promise of a new world order. He promised to do things unusual as opposed to doing things as usual. But 12 months down the line, his DPP government is painfully taking the shape of his departed brother’s government.

Like his brother’s DPP before him, the Peter Mutharika’s DPP has also been jinxed with high levels of corruption, nepotism and executive arrogance (the sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) sharply testifies this fact).

People are now being shot and buried in shallow graves behind Presidential Villas. The flat and tired statement from the Minister of Information is only the beginning of the process that we have become used to: “The Malawi Police Service has opened investigations into this tragic death. Government, and all law abiding citizens, will therefore wait for the findings of these professional investigations to take an informed stand on the matter.”

Like the murder of Polytechnic student, Robert Chasowa and the July 20 victims, the murder of Issa Njauju will soon become a distant memory. To his family and close relations, he will be a father, brother, son uncle who they once loved, but taken away in the line of duty.

Beware of the hit squad, don’t say you were not warned.

“You must not hate those who do wrong or harmful things; but with compassion, you must do what you can to stop them — for they are harming themselves, as well as those who suffer from their actions.” – Dalai Lama XIV

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37 thoughts on “Unexplained murder in Malawi, Nankhumwa at it yet again!”

  1. paul says:

    ulamuliro wankhazawu tatopa nawo

  2. makwinya says:

    Mwazi wa munthu supita pachabe ziululika ndithu ambuye muchitepo kanthu kufikila amene akukhudzidwa ndi kuphedwa kwa issa njaunju apezeke onetsani ukulu wanu kuti anthu antima ngati uwu atengelepo phunzilo emen

  3. zizwa says:

    Don’t worry he will follow his brother soon

  4. tionge says:

    I feel so sorry for the family of this man,k have always seen this gentleman around city centre fridays around the mosque.munthu wa pheeee koma abale too sad.
    But what makes me wonder is,this guy was killed and dumbed around presidential villas jus close to where police have a check point to state house and i believe these villas are guarded by police,zoona munthu wamba angapite kukapanga zimenezi around this area komwe kuli guarded mpaka mfuti kulira??????????osaopa ?????????hmmmmmm guys kukhala ndi mpata woyendesa galimoto yo another place 3km around???????zandioopsa.Enawa kuzanenanso kuti tisamapange speculate aaaaaaaaaahhhh??pple are watching one day muzalephera kutafuna

  5. mchungadyi says:

    There is more to this than what meets the eye.

  6. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Inu a Chigawenga mukuti a Police should go deeper in their investigation? Which police? The Police needs to be investigated as well, not them investigating!!

  7. we as malawians we are really fed up with mutharikas government i mean we are really tired ov this idiot why he dont want to rule us as the way his brother did during his first term?i dont think if we will have a gud president and rule us as the way Bingu did @his first term i dont think so


    It’s going to be difficult, in fact, VERY difficult for APM to stop these crimes because he doesn’t seem to understand their genesis.
    We know that he fired Lot Dzonzi thinking that he was incompetent and, as we speak, he regrets appointing Mr Kachama as the IG. Kachama could actually be replaced anytime!!!
    But the factors involved in Malawi’s crime go beyond policing failures. A cursory study of the criminals will reveal a plethora of issues grounded in poverty and hopelessness.
    Perhaps the president should seriously start addressing POVERTY & INEQUALITY.
    Ironically, sale of the poor man’s bank, MSB, to the super-rich increases inequality in society, and could theoretically worsen crime.

  9. Asset Declaration says:

    And the whole nation will be waiting for the reporr from the police? Am not with you on this one! I know how poor the police is when it comes to investigations! They investigated Robert Chasowa’s case and they reported hahahahahahahahaha! Go on and wait for the report kkkkkkkkkk I hope they won’t find suicide notes this time around hehehehehe a squad of jokers called Malawi Police!!!!!

  10. Mateyu says:

    Ngilinginde indeed some reliable sources sat that the former police boss did benefit from the cashgate loot and was frequently seen visiting one Kalonga of tourism to get his share.Most of these people angoti tukumutukumu kumayenda ngati oyera mtima are thieves and alibe olo chikumbumtima that they are lavishing and doing mapwevupwevu at the expense of the poor manm

  11. Loss of human life is unacceptable at any cost especially in this manner. But my question is this security issues in our country is it really Peter Mutharika or other elements????? I don’t know the exact cause of all these security lapses in just a few months as suggested.

  12. This is really concern for all of us “PEACE LOVING PEOPL” our brother n friend is gone …. Ppl still investigating about this brutal murder my fear is that this shouldn’t become a normal case as others previously coz this becuming common in Nyasaland … Nonsense… Watch out !!!

  13. Ngilinginde Mutharika says:

    Great article! Those who argue that Njauju was not involved in investigations hence he could not be targeted are simple dunderheads. A few days before his killing, ACB summoned Mukhito to answer a few questions on the K92billion. Mukhito was worried that only Njauju was too stubborn to compromise, so Mukhito hired an ex soldier from Bingu’s farm in Zim to do the job. Mukhito and his henchmen have a hand in all this.

  14. Msadane says:

    I am surprised that the opening statement ìnsinuates that the late victim was a senior investigator when the other day we read that he was a Director not directly linked to investigations. Which is which dear editor? ?

  15. geo stream says:

    The manner and anxiety on the part of nyasa times could also be a clue especially those who know who nyasa times stand for. Remember how nyasa times were covering the Mphwiyo murder. If it were not for maravi post we could think it was Dpp plot. Watch out, the plot is slowly been uncovered. Let’s analyse articles on nyasa times critically. We will get to the bottom ofthe matter

  16. Nkhedu says:

    wasted generation

  17. Chigawenga says:

    If the ACB office insists this was a case of mistaken identity then they must know something. The police need to go deeper and question these people making these kind of statements. There more to this murder than it meets the eye.

  18. Senior Citizen says:

    Akut ngodya zawo chilungamo,chitukuko,chitetezo. Zonsez xindkuziwonapo apa. Guys achoke bwanj? Kma amalawi amzanga tzamva liti? Mkulu wake zinali chmodz modz. Kmad anawina awa kpna zobera mavoti zija ndzowona. Mulungu akupenyani ana a ****** . RID MR NJAUJU

  19. kabotolokamo says:

    wow ! cry the beloved country ! murders on the lose ! His car found at the presidential vila , meaning the government knows something ……. sad ! You call that a government !

  20. John Yosefe says:

    Mr Nankhumwa take a course on PR. U r having a diplomatic role

  21. Muhiye says:

    Njauju was responsible for accounting and administration matters at ACB. He never took part in any sort of investigations. He was not either touching any files to do with investigations. His job was to approve investigations trips which he even didn’t know because of the philosophy behind any investigations where a cases is known by the officer investigating the cases. Don’t attach the departed soul to anything related to cash gate cases. The issue might be a mistaken identity as his car was resembling that of a senior official of ACB who is involved in handling such cases. Let Police thoroughly investigate this brutal killing for the nation to know what actually happened.

  22. agnes wanzeru says:

    Kodi Nankhumbayo Akuti chani pamenepa.

  23. The Real ujeni says:

    He was not ACB investigator but rather a Finance and Accounting man, he must have a lot of information in his drawers about people who are being investigated with money laundering, tax evasion and siphoning of forex. DPP govt of thugs is an accomplice in all the killings and robberies happening in Malawi. The DPP mafias are having a field day.

  24. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Let me remind Nankhumwa kuti “kadauluka kamatera”. Mimba yako yooneka ngati yopopayo tsiku lina idzaphwa!!

  25. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Great article! Those who libe by the sword, shall die by the sword

  26. KJ says:

    The President is in hiding. No one is steering the ship !

  27. mzamba wamkulu says:


  28. Professor Seyani says:

    A DAUSI dzimvere mtolo

  29. bwangazi says:

    Boma la dpp ndi manyi!!!! Very few people are enjoying the fruits of this so called dpp government!!! Anyway munavota nokha using ur asses instead of heads and brains! So dont complain enjoy ur voting!!! Pathako panu nonse makamaka alomwe!! Mitumbo yanu!!!

  30. Maxwell banda says:

    Does Malawians deserve all all trash? God please take control as you have always done. Save us from this evil government

  31. nakhumwa says:

    Sorry malawians that was the dumbest statement I made. Tell bwana andipititse kusukulu chonde zikundivuta. Ndili serious

  32. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Ah! What are we waiting for Malawians? This DPP government must be removed forthwith! Vindere ivi!

  33. Professor Seyani says:

    Nankhumwa an idiot first class. What does he know apart from fuckings

  34. Retired Judge says:

    Njauju was the Director of Corporate affairs.. not an investigator

  35. edda mwalweni says:

    You DPP, please wake up, from your deep sleep. Anthu tikuthatu mukuona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. BLACKBAZUZU says:

    Manifestation of DPP’s DNA: What’s bred in the bone comes out in the marrow.

  37. Kenkkk says:

    We understand they are even hunting those who comment negatively about them here and other social media. Yes kill us all and you live forever.

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