UNICEF tells Malawi to prepare against El Nino

UNICEF has tipped Malawi and other southern African countries to be prepared for the strongest El Nino since 40 years ago, saying it is likely to cause extreme flooding and severe drought.

Maize crops  were washed away with floods. this year- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Maize crops were washed away with floods. this year- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

The warming comes barely days after leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera asked the government to start preparing for the El Nino effects.

Patrick Mwanza of UNICEF told the BBC Wednesday morning that El Nino is likely to hit hard Malawi, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia among others.

“Ethiopia is well prepared. It can contain the situation. We are impressed with the level of Ethiopia’s preparation. Ethiopia has made commendable preparations,” he said.

He did not say how prepared Malawi is to face the changing weather pattern process but hinted it will affect 11 million children in southern Africa.

Mwanza said rains might be delayed in the affected countries and when they finally come they will rain with force causing intensive flooding which will wash away the fertile top layer soil causing drought in the coming year.

He said the El Nino effects should be expected as soon as December or January next year and asked government to get prepared.

The Malawi government is yet to respond to Chakwera’s statement about Malawi has just experienced severe floods this year blamed on climate change and blamed partly for the current economic woes.

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che muyaya

when God speaks, the wise listens

Ndata farm

Now, who is misinformed? Chakwera or clueless Mathanyula???

Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila
Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila

Mathanyula has no time for Disaster Preparedness he would rather have mpwevupwevu and take a load full of people to UNGA. He has no clue what El Ninoo is. He is banging tables instead of planning a head.




Malawians r busy with drugs stealing n beer n womanizing so what do u expect from God


There’ll never be that thing called El Nino in Jesus name. That’ll wont happen in Malawi and the asaid countries, believe me!

chidongo John

Whoo whool! A Malawi tiyeni tiyambe Kaye kubereka tikumva zanjala imene ikubwerayi , katengeni kulera. Tisazuzitse Ana amene atabadweo tiyeni tione Kaye amene tilinawo Pano tikulephera kuwarerewo.. Tipumeno Amalawi tisatenge mimba zanyawani mwezi Uno mpaka titakhala ndi chakudya chokwanira. Zinyama zisatipose nzeru.

Chinthu Chawaka

Why can’t our government humble itself and learn from their counterparts in Ethiopia though already late.

So to be prepared for El Nino, a) if you are married, do it now because when El Nino know off your house room and you are in a camp there will be no privacy. Ask chikwawa and Nsanje food victims. b) if you have cash hidden somewhere in your house, eat the money now, otherwise it will be was off as happened to my Brother who could find where he dug his money. c) when you are sleeping, sleep with only one eye closed so to can ran soon as you can when you see El Nino, otherwise you… Read more »

If there is a possibility of same preparations as how Ethiopia has done and responded, may our government do likewise. May God bless our nation.

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