University of Malawi students back in war trenches, demand K300 000 per year fees

University of Malawi students are back in the war trenches, fighting for the reduction of college fees from the current K400000 to K300000 just days after Peter Mutharika patted himself on the back and glorified himself for ending the impasse.

Feee must fall campaign

Feee must fall campaign

Students union president Tionge Sikwese, its secretary general Dailtso Dulani and Chancellor College student union president Ayuba James said the issue of the fee hike has not been resolved.

The three student union leaders said this on Sunday in a Zodiak radio.

“We want the fees to go down to K300 000, that is our stand,” said Ayuba James.

Sikwese, on the other hand said K50000 reduction as announced by the president was too little and too late.

This was the first time that Sikwese has sided with his student leader as he has always torn the government line on the matter.

Presidential press officer Mgeme Kalirani has refused to comment on the new twist of events saying he did not have information on the latest events.

However he said the government was to subsidize K1 billion to the University of Malawi every year.

This means the government would cough up to K2 billion in University of Malawi subsidies if the fees are to be slashed from the current K400000 to K300000.

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11 thoughts on “University of Malawi students back in war trenches, demand K300 000 per year fees”

  1. [email protected] says:

    Why this discrepancy Mzuni Raised its fees from K250000.00 to K300000.00 and yet UNIMA has raised Fees more than 300%, yet they offer similar courses, I think we need to employ more WHITE VCS who are so democratic and understanding than these useless black VCS causes havoc and unnecessary tension.

  2. Fisi Dausi says:

    So Kaliati what do you think? You celebrated too early it appears. It’s not over until it is over. Come now in your chiguduli skirt, let’s dance to this new song: 7 corrupt ministers must fall or Mutharika must die!

  3. mphevu says:

    Unless the students can point out that there is no basis for the raise of tuition, the Government should close the university to drive the message as to who is in control. Surrendering to students sets a dangerous precedent.

  4. Chambe says:

    Reduce the fees to the level they want. Don’t subsidize and let them buy their own material. They will eventually regret by graduating with sub standard education. The world is watching!

  5. be humane says:

    University of Malawi ranked 146/200 This is the crop of such poor reasoning people. Today on deal negotiating, mawa back to fighting coming out saying we were intimidated. If they call you again and intimidate you again what will you Ayuba? Answer me

  6. Central says:

    It is better to give resources to students to get tertiary education than releasing K1.6 billion for toxin loans, K1.3 billion for Sterling MSB loan, K300 million for miused World bank money etc etc

    After all how much did Peter, Gondwe, Chaponda, etc pay for the same during Kamuzu’s time!! Kuuma mtima bwanji? Inu mwaona mudaoloka ndiye mwayamba kuononga “bridge” yomwe anzanu a nzeru anamanga kuti ambiri adutsepo!! Anthu inu ndinu mfiti zoonadi!! Its painful that while you are punishing the poor you are busy cashgating the very resources you are claiming are scarce……….!!

  7. wina uja says:

    I think now the issue isn’t about fees reduction anymore, now it is competition with the Government. ndatopa nazono pano za fees. Zalowa ma emotions pano.

  8. CHIKUTUMBWE says:


  9. Parallel Market says:

    This fees issue is now becoming boring. There is no way students can be left to decide the amount of fees to pay. If that can happen, then lets decide how much to pay for a bag of maize, groceries, a kWh of electricity, a litre of water, a litre of petro, diesel and paraffin and the list is endless. I wonder what kind of university students do we have who cannot understand such simple life phenomena and choose to behave like kindergarten kids in front of the whole world.. Eisshhh; University students a ku Malawi!!

  10. Tiya says:

    So, who are you negotiating with this time around? University council most probably. Otherwise I don’t see the president taking you seriously any more.

    1. One says:

      You go to a negotiation table to discuss a deal. Upon leaving the negotiation table, you realise that you have been robbed in the deal. Do you just stick to the deal and accept to be robbed for fear of not being taken seriously if you change your mind on the deal. This is why Malawi is not developing, negotiating poor deals and leaving them like that. Nobody will fight for your rights expect yourself, whether you are taken seriously or not. Do whatever you can do to address your best interests, whether it means renegotiating the deal.

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