University of Malawi opens after 2-month lecturers strike

The students of the University of Malawi resumed classes on Monday, 6 weeks after the college was closed following a pay strike by its academic staff.

Malunga: Poets are given the platform

Malunga: Poets are given the platform

“The colleges opened today,”  said Jacob Jimu, a journalism lecturer.

In a statement, the university confirmed that the Chancellor College and The Polytechnic, the two constituent colleges of the institution, had opened.

It said they had resolved the differences that led to the closure of the colleges.

The academic staff wrote the management to raise their salary by about 36 percent within 21 days or face an industrial action.

“We were demanding a 36 percent pay rise dating back to June 2014,” said Jimu.

“Initially, the government agreed to pay the total of 36 percent without arrears,” he recalled.

“But the agreement now will only effect 19 percent effective December 2014 with arrears,” added the lecturer.

University registrar Benedicto Malunga also confirmed  that meetings had taken place on Jan. 5 where the striking staff and the government reached an agreement.

This development brings to an end an unprecedented extension of the Christmas break for the colleges which has totalled six straight weeks.–Anadolu Agency

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9 thoughts on “University of Malawi opens after 2-month lecturers strike”

  1. makiyolobasi says:

    Enanu mumadana ndi ma Lecturer chifukwa you dont know what it takes to become an academic. You think every Jim and Jack with a degree, whether Masters or PhD can become one. Kulikonse muzapite padziko lapansi, University lecturers are highly paid and respected people in a society. Its just a pity kuti Government controls our public University functioning to the extent that our Lecturers are still miserably paid with pathetic conditions of service. Kumangothawila kuti Malawi ndi dziko losauka sikungatukule maphunziro chifukwa University education ndi yodula basi. Ndalama koma kumangokhalira kuba Cashgate zoona moopanda manyazi kumati dziko lilibe ndalama?? If we cant afford it, close the public Universities. I urge all Lecturers to fight till the lowest paid grade is USD2,500.00 per month!

  2. Mofolo says:

    what about student’s monthly allowance? How does the council expect a student to survive on a K1000.00 per day coz they give us K30,000.00 per month. Can anyone tell me if u can get a standard lunch or supper with only k400 and a breakfast with K200.00. please dont take as for a ride we are complaining about real issue here!

  3. fatty says:

    Our tertiary education will always be paralysed if the authorities do not solve issues with sober minds

  4. bigman says:

    NYASATIMES at it again. Telling readers half truths. UNima Lecturers never went on strike. It was the support staff who were striking. I am convinced nyasatimes is angry that government has resolved the issue to pay these people the highest salary increase in the history of unima. Bravo DPP government.

  5. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Link content of news and photo used. Look the text below the photo. Upusa

  6. gogoda says:

    Ndimanena ine boma lili ndi ndalama junior officers in Govt what are we doing tikuzuzikatu eee grade m bwaaa mavuto eeee


  8. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It’s a goddam pity when a few greedy individuals, these university lecturers who are really glorified teachers, should jeopardize the education of young Malawians. Holding them ransom, as it were. Why should it take eight plus years to graduate with an engineering degree, instead of the intended five? Meanwhile, that elite campus, Chancellor College, is slowly but surely going to the dogs. Most of the teachers there now are underachievers; only looking forward to payday.
    Maybe the government should start afresh. By mandating a new university constitution. And maybe making all non-tenured positions redundant; and hiring anew!

  9. True that, becouse, some people, are, actually, misleading malawians by actually misguiding malawians, or, miscalculating, misbehaving , or, and, misinforming Malawians that, in Malawi, we have, good leadership, whilst we dont have. Becouse, this issue, could have been, solved, settled,
    ended, or, and, bowed down to the Lectures demand, than, taking such along period of time. This actually shows, arrogance, misbehaving, failling to accept the truth, or, and, igonorancy. Hence, its high time, for malawians, to take, grab, accept, or, and, realising very late, what is actually needed. Hence, this, should save as alesson. Amen

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