University of Malawi selects 74 into Diploma in Law Programme: Full List

2014/15 Enrolment into the Diploma in Law Programme
The Faculty of Law at Chancellor College is pleased to inform the following that they have been admitted into the first year of the Diploma in Law Programme:

1. Amosi Gloria F
2. Baluti McDonald M
3. Banda Lloyd M
4. Banda Maseko Joseph M
5. Bwanali Martin M
6. Chaputula Moses M
7. Chasowa Alfred M
8. Chataika Bryson M
9. Chikumbu Abigail F
10. Chilambe Harry M
11. Chitimbe Davie M
12. Chiwaka Wanangwa M
13. Dzimbiri Violet F
14. Dziwani John Grant M
15. Gamaliel Radson M
16. Gomani Winnie F
17. Jika Kingsley M
18. Jonathan Amos Dzimbiri M
19. Kachali Chimbizgani P M
20. Kachali Maclean M
21. Kachingwe Patrick M
22. Kachipande Chikumbutso F
23. Kachotsa Felix M
24. Kachotsa Lloyd M
25. Kajumie Siphosana F
26. Kaliza Kennedy M
27. Kanyowile Mayeso F
28. Kanyungwi Benjamin M
29. Kapira Chirambo Agness F
30. Katandika Davie M
31. Kathumba Phidess F
32. Khomani Henry M
33. Kumwenda Winnie F
34. Liyawo Patrick M
35. Luhanga Dominic M
36. Macheso Charles M
37. Madukani Felix M
38. Mafuta Mchacha S M
39. Malamulo Moses M
40. Maliseni Victoria F
41. Maloya Emmanuel M
42. Mambiya Susan F
43. Masamba Hanter M
44. Masamba Linda F
45. Mataka Chiletso M
46. Mayaya Lunia F
47. Midima Charles M
48. Misomali Malikebu M
49. Mkwezalamba Patrick M
50. Mleya Isaac M
51. Mmaka Francis M
52. Mmanga Samuel M
53. Mpotalinga Brunott M
54. Msiska Meah F
55. Mtawali Patricia F
56. Mughogho Tiwonge F
57. Mussa Fatch M
58. Mussa Osman M
59. Mvula Henry M
60. Mwalwanda Annie F
61. Mwenetumba Robert M
62. Nakanga M’balira F
63. Ngosi Chikumbutso F
64. Ngundende Haneef M
65. Njikho Owen M
66. Njowe Emmanuel M
67. Nyirenda Tryness F
68. Nyirongo Andrea M
69. Phiri Steven M
70. Potani Ranken M
71. Sauteni Dan M
72. Sayenda Pretence M
73. Suwedi Grecian Chifundo M
74. Zulu Desire Kilenji M

All Candidates listed above will be required to report at Chancellor College, Faculty of Law for registration and commencement of classes on 23rd February, 2015. Candidates will not be allowed to register unless they pay 50% of the tuition fees (K225, 000.00).

Associate Professor Mwiza Jo Nkhata
Dean of Law

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23 thoughts on “University of Malawi selects 74 into Diploma in Law Programme: Full List”

  1. tell me says:

    a Malawi 250 thousand isnt much for a university. The insistence of Malawians to rely everything on the government just weigh us down economically. Malawians should learn how to rely on themselves unconditionally; that will truly be beneficial for every Malawian in the long run…. Its not what the government can do for us but what we can do for our government.

  2. OBAMA says:


  3. Moya says:

    Congrats ma fans. al de best. am proud of u al. GOD is de greatest. kaphunzileni zobwelesa mtendere ndi chilungamo chokha2.

  4. kemwa says:

    Congrants to u all!

  5. BT says:

    congrats 2 u all guys and speciically Emmanuel Njowe,proud of u boy

  6. Kamwiyo says:

    If education z expensive, try ignorance…congrats guyz esp suwedi grecian mfana wapachilomoni…my work mate

  7. akatswiri says:

    k255;000.00 is just too much,kodi mukuti ndalama yake ichokera pati? Koma abale inu Education in Malawi is just expensive,kaya tigwira mtengo uti God help us.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Akastwiri, in fact the contrary is true. Malawi has the cheapest university education in the region. Its almost free, no wonder we do not have quality structures, our lecturers are not paid enough as as such they leave for neighbouring countries, the lecture rooms at Chanco are pathetic, they still use chalkboards in this day and age. The notice boards are of Stone Age standards. In short, cheap education, cheap quality.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Akaswili is right, it is too expensive because most malawians can’t afford such levels of fees. You can’t compare with other countries whose wealth is much more than ours.

        Just imagine a villager, how is he or she going to find such amount for the child?

        Personally I can afford it but how can the majority of malawians afford that? It is more than salaries of most people.

        1. JJB says:

          This is pathetic. Please start getting away from the free things mentality. The poor people you are talking about send their children to South Africa, UK etc and they pay little by little, and you want University of Malawi to be free!.

          Go to hell!!

  8. manyanyule says:

    congrants guyz

  9. Alex Likoswe says:

    This is global world. As we are part of the global village, we have to compete on the labour market. The pool of students (garbage in garbage out) that Malawi is producing due quota system and poor infrastructure and education disruption will in the long run make Malawi uncompetitive (it has started boomeranging). Muthalika and Chaponda cannot see that. Perhaps, Chilima can have an eagles eye. Let us get the best and add on garbage for better Malawi.

    No nation will develop with a pool of average students. Which is why we have Oxford, Harvard , University of Capetown to produce the cream who could be our future developers,thinkers, critics, scientists, engineers etc. Very shortly, admission for Masters programme outside Malawi including Zimbabwean Universities will attract entry exams for students from Malawi. Equatable Yes, but at the expense of quality, hence no sale

  10. Kadakwiza says:

    I congratulate those who have selected. Malawi is proud of you. Please don’t let the country down.

    1. Mirella K says:

      My friend, I want to get u you right…it seems u r ‘congratulating’ the professors and not the prospective students, right?

  11. Robbins Chinombo says:

    Wish u all best of luck

  12. kingston says:

    How many tumbukas here?

  13. Chemaphunziro says:

    Really, Malawian standard of education is high. Students do not apply and just get there but need to be selected!!!!!! Wonderful!!!! It is not a question of money but brains!!!!!!

  14. Congrants guys! mukuona m’mene zilili pankhani ya fee. Ndiye akuwide 4th year, kamenyeni nkhondo kuti dzikoli litukuke.

  15. jay Biz says:

    Congrass guyz

  16. Hudson Diver says:

    I wrote the entrance exams to Unima of the academic year 2003,I want to know what are the requierements into the Diploma faculty of Law?

  17. Paul senzani says:

    Nyika Republic yokhayokha……???????

    1. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

      Of course Nyika Republic yokhayokha. The Mussas are from Nzokoto

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