University of Malawi students disapprove govt decision to scrape off upkeep allowances

Students from two constituent colleges of university of Malawi, Chancellor and Polytechnic have disapproved government announcement of abolishment of students allowances that will now be taken care of through students loan scheme.

Chanco campus

Chanco campus

The abolished student allowance follows the Higher Education Students Loan Bill that was passed in parliament this year February and was approved as an act by president Peter Mutharika.

Last Friday, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe announced in parliament when he presented the 2015/16 national budget that student fees and stationery allowances have been abolished and will be taken care in the students loan scheme which encompasses all needs.

“Additionally Mr Speaker Sir, the 2015/16 financial year includes a net lending figure of K3 billion, this money has been set aside to capitalize the Higher Education Students Loan and Grant Scheme.

“Accordingly, I wish to inform the house that the government has resolved to abolish the payment of allowances to new students in public universities, and has created the scheme to enable deserving students to acquire loans and grants in support of their education” said Gondwe.

Reacting to the development Chancellor College Students Union President Frank Chadampamba described the development as ill-timed saying a lot of students will suffer.

“The arrangement is not good, to say they have abolished students allowances its not fair, that decision needed proper consultation with students and all stake holders involved, why introduce such an arrangement in a poor country like ours, this will affect students from poor families”, said Chidampamba.

He explained that the issue of loans depends on criteria as students have to fill forms and wait for approval adding “this also depends on whether resources are available for such loans, applying for a loan is not an assurance that you will access it, this will deny people chance to access tertiary education”.

Echoing Chidampamba’s sentiments Polytechnic Students Union President Juston Balaluwa accused government for rushing to change the system

Balaluwa said much as the proposal seem good but from the students side of it, the understanding is that students are not sure whether the loans will be enough to carter for all needy students in the country.

“We have fears on whether government will fulfil its mandate with loan cover for all needy students because there is no information on the matter as to when and who will specifically benefit.

“We prefer the old system not the new one because we don’t know what it entails, previously the old system was at K2 billion but was failing to carter for all needy students.

“The K2 billion was for school fees and stationary allowance and now they are saying school fees, stationary plus upkeep allowances in the scheme, I don’t think K3 billion can suffice to carter for all students in need out there”, said Balaluwa.

However, Gondwe told parliament that the Ministry of Education Science and Technology is at an advanced stage of operationalizing the new arrangement.

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28 thoughts on “University of Malawi students disapprove govt decision to scrape off upkeep allowances”

  1. waxy says:

    This is simply Shit

  2. Levi says:

    Yaaa am agreeing with the motion why giving the student of public university that allowance while they just use it for drinking alcohol and womanising in he street on top of that kutukwana anthu musewu who pays tax for them to receive those money.

    As a tax payer let’s abolish that scheme and concentrate with something that can create job opportunity to others

  3. Phuphex.Bt says:

    I would to appeal to all Malawian who live in this country to love one another as what our God Jesus christ taught us to do.In return we will be able to love others and share needs.
    God spoke already about those who kill others because of theft they will be put in exile.
    Note this to all killers:There is no room for in heaven for those who kill human beings chifukwa cha kuba.

  4. ganizani says:

    This is long overdue, in fact more students including some SUCC executive members at Chanco despise their parents and guardians because of their student allowance. They don’t pay tax and yet they shower abusive words at other people. Koma akazi basi, zachamba, mowa!!

  5. Nicky says:

    This is the more reason people are leaving our country to search for greener pasture but ending up killed in xenophobic attacks.Oooh my sweet Lord,what is really happening?What happens to poor students?This is totally unfair,years to come our country will be much more difficult to live in.

  6. womenslib says:

    Even scholarships are not free. You have to pay something.

  7. truth says:

    First they introduce community colleges across the country then they introduce the student loans. So that Amene wawona kuti university is expensive should try the community college education. Koma tisova

  8. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Mumangomwera pint basi. Realistically, I have been there, No one absolutely no-one uses the money to buy stationery. What stationery? Go to Anglia bookstore or any other and find out the cost of a single “Introduction to Economics” text book. The allowance cannot cater for stationery at all. It is actually, and we all know it, pocket money. I applaud the government for this critical decision. At least this one. Students should have been decrying the increase in internet tax which is a platform for downloading online journals. Not about this indirect pocket money and you want us tax payers to fund that. Lazy bones. Take up maganyu during holidays and make your own pocket money.

  9. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

    This is long overdue. Were supposed to introduce this system in the early 1980s. Anyway, to say the least, thank you for bringing in this policy. Chigonapamhanya has already said everything up there.

  10. chriss says:

    Boma Ili latha nzeru,ndikuona kenako akuika ma pay points along main roads to collect daily road usage fee,hahahha boma iloooo,2019 boma,

  11. mbani says:

    This is war effects of zero aid budget

  12. Ineeeeeeoooooooooo says:

    Ok!!!!! ndikungowelenga nawo ma comment anuwa ine!!!!!!!!

  13. nthandalanda says:

    Same as MARDEF. Billions of kwacha went to DPP YOUTH CADETS. NO proper reconciliation and management. This is Dpp steals our tax money. NO To This, apatseni ma allowance awo. NO need to steal from them. They r poor but reserve better education.

  14. Kanyimbi says:

    Aliyense akuyenera kulipira sukulu. Osadikira kuti ena tivutike kulipila misonkho mukatero inu muzinjoya. Ndi chiyani chimene mukuchitira boma? mwachitsanzo ophunzira a ku Polytechnic bwenzi masiku ena akumapita ku zipatala kukakonza na ambulance owonongeka koma ayi mungofuna ena azipeleka ndalama inu mukumwa mowa ndikumantukwana boma. Anthu opusa. Ife tili pa ntchito timazilipilira tokha ma examination board akunja. sitinapemphe kwa munthu.

  15. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    85% of malawians are still too poor and can’t afford 2pay 4their sublings university a primary xool teacher, police officer ,if kamuzu had decided likewise most of u could not b educated by now. Just remaimber how ur family was those days and time b4 him.imagine somebody in the same economic sutuation and think of his future. Better introduce primary xool fees than what we’r trying to do.students try to have ur voice heard. .revamp msb, and have the yearly profits finance our universities, that will b it is it seems only well 2do families will b educated.our mps digest some of these poor decisions.

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Finance Minister, my advice is that, first of all your government/public universities should be privatized, by parliament. Then we can pay for anything. Even toilets.

    If education is expensive, then don’t bother forcing villagers to send their children to school. Otherwise government should be ready to spend.However small this may look, some students will be affected. If in other countries students do everything for themselves then Malawi should not heavily tax her people so that they pay school fees for their children.

    ‘Poverty by choice’
    You want more MSCE citizens than graduates.

  17. recco says:

    THATS AWELCOME DEVELOPMENT BT MwachedWA NAYO….TIYENI TIKAMBE ZA INTERNATE,AND SMS …dziko litukuka ili Boma ilo boma ilooo!!!

  18. recco says:


  19. glen says:

    Yet the MPs are getting lots of stuff at duty free.These people are not helping the common man on the street;they have no feeling for us the poor.
    And come 2018,they will be here making noise to our ears for us to vote for them again.
    Malawi will be poor forever;there is too much greed in us.

  20. Batman says:

    Good move this would have started long time ago. University is not cheap, dont think backwards actually ma loan akanayamba ma class onse. Mukumatitukwana chonsecho mumadya misonkho yathu

  21. abiti says:

    achta bwin ndithu…and m0stly th all0wances and th feez is n0t given t0 the needy students,mumawapatsa anthu 0lemela kale,0ti they can even af0rd sp0nsering themselves..kumadyela dzina la u needy,.

  22. university of Malawi kuli mbuzi zophunzira.zingofuna ulere basi osatengera kumwe zikuchoka.ana ambiliso ndiochoka kumabanja olemera chifukwa cha y can’t there parents pay for them.NDE ndizilipira ndine.mukaphunziranso paloan.loaniyo simubweza.ndinu mbuzi zenizeni.

  23. Chemjambe says:

    We have been waiting for this for long time, modern education is not cheap/free. Why should a mere student gets an allowance of more than a civil servant wages ? And moreover most of the students who are having this privilege of studying at our universities do come from well to do families. So why the cry ? If your guardians have been giving you up keep monies from primary to secondary schools, why not just 4/5 years remaining ?

  24. Kamuzu Mutharika says:

    If you think education is expensive try ignorance.I think my fellow economist from UNIMA or Business Gurus equation yake yovuta you expect to do business for a capital of 40000 a yr a you get 450000 thousand for a profit for a job which someone can do for an amount of 35000 without stupid university calculated allowance..You pay 120000 ku Phwezi for a 3 months and in form one without a certificate but you are failing to contribute to the nation through tuition.

    Open for Debate:If the person expects to be relying on handouts through upkeep allowance will that person be responsible to pay school fees for his/her retarded IQ deficited siblings i want your views my fellow Malawians.

  25. Tengupenya says:

    Malawi has never been independent inu. Komanso its age is not 51, that is kuchepetsa ndoda kukhala ka baby. The nation was founded 15 May 1891 by the British as their Protectorate. To this day we depend on their goodwill in one form of budget support or financial support or handouts. So any of the changes of administration after the dissolution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and the change of names from BCA to Nyasaland to Malawi did not bring any independence, only changed political administrative structures. Malawi is very old as a nation state; 124 years old and not yet independent.

  26. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Malawians are always dreaming of moving forward when they are actually dancing in reverse. 51 years after independence you still want the tax payer to be financing your university education? Where in the world does that happen? Even in those countries that lend us money that does not happen. If you want to go to university you must pay your way, osatinyans ife ndi ubulutu wanuwo. Very soon Malawi will have 5+public universities and do you think it will be practical for the tired and worn out Malawian tax payer to be paying for every jim and jack in these universities? Think and get a life.

  27. dar says:

    Our MPs are stupid and dull; They are just passing controversal bills in Parliament; I do not know that these Mps are Jabulosi; . there many laws passed without considering, Goodall thinks is clever by applying outside theories to Malawi; There are certain things which can not work here. DPP has couple of times abolish good things and bring in crooked events in disguise. Just to access that student loan it will be very tough, i do know what is happening on malawi?

    1. Student says:

      Please give an example of a country where University education if free? Scotland does not count it part of the UK.

      I think our problem is wanting everything to be free, do we even stop to think where the money is coming from that we get in allowances?

      Our parents are poor, they do not even pay tax, so why cant we as students have balls to pay for ourselves once we start working, that is what education loans are.

      Just want to drink with your wages.

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