University of Malawi students plan protests against shut down, allowances

Students of the University of Malawi are threatening to hold demonstrations if authorities will not meet their demands by January 5.

Chanco campus

Chanco campus

Their demand includes the immediate reopening of the Polytechnic, Chancellor College and College of Medicine, and the increment on their upkeep allowance which currently stands at about MK32, 000 per month.

In a statement the University of Malawi Students Union says it is sad that the College of Medicine (Blantyre Campus) has been closed indefinitely for simple issues that they believe management had all the capacity to deal with.

“Just to add on that, the Malawi Polytechnic is still on holiday despite its holiday ending on December 7, 2014, according to the academic calendar. The supposedly 5 weeks’ holiday has been unnecessarily extended to 2 months without apparent reasons. The closure of this college and the extension of the holiday at Poly makes us conclude that UNIMA management does not want students to be in school at this particular time for reasons known to themselves,” reads the statement.

On stipends allowances the students say the money they getting cannot sustain them buying food for a month because of recent price hikes on foods and other commodities.

“Currently, students who are accommodated on campus get K32, 750 and if we divide it by K1, 700 which is the standard daily expense on food, you will find out that the money last for about 19 days. So what we are asking government and everyone who processes this money is that we need food or money for the remaining 11 days as per prolatar basis agreement that we signed with government.”

They says UNIMA has been facing these problem for a long time now, and this simply shows that “someone at the university office is not doing his or her job right” because all these poor and bad decisions made by colleges are duly endorsed by the university office.

“The issues have led to dwindling education standards in the once mighty institution,” reads the statement.

As a student body, the statement say, it believes that students are supposed to be in school and not at home.

“We say no to the act of treating students as if we are wives in a family whereby if there is a misunderstanding, they are sent to their parents for counseling. We therefore urge the management of College of Medicine, Chancellor College and Polytechnic to reopen the institutions as soon as possible while we are pondering on the everlasting solution to these problems.

“We want government to provide food allowances for the 11 days deficit that we are currently running on, with immediate effect.

“We want UNIMA council and/or government to resolve the Supporting Staff strike as soon as possible,”  the statement says.

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55 thoughts on “University of Malawi students plan protests against shut down, allowances”

  1. Fig says:

    Hahaha stop dreaming what contribution are u bringing to this nation.. WTf , are you working in the gvt system to raise your upkeep ? No wonder you are the worst university in the world … Faggots…

  2. Fig says:

    Hahaha stopping dreaming what contribution are u bringing to this nation.. WTf , are you working in the gvt system to raise your upkeep ? No wonder you are the worst university in the world … Faggots…

  3. Mphichi says:

    The best solution the government must do is to remove student’s allowance and that amount must be deducted from their school fees period.

  4. دج says:


  5. chakwera kabwira says:

    Do not reopen these colleges because these stupid fools like fucking and drinking. waste of my tax payers money. Close all down indefinitely. We shall open munda wachitukuko pa poly plus tarven. basi, ku chanco tiikako atsilikali ndi apolosi adzimenyana pafupi, ku college of medicine tiikako onse wodwala ebola

  6. Matako says:

    The only thing that can save this country is for APM to resign. Lets all take to the streets until he steps down. As a CEO it is obvious he has failed us miserably. No need to prolong his employment. He was on probation and he has proven that he is incompetent to govern therefore he should resign asap.

    1. Mphichi says:

      Rome was not built in a day.

  7. chigawenga says:

    If APM thinks that by staying quite things will get better I have news for him. The fact of the matter is that this president is very inexperienced and inept to lead our country. He does not have qualities of a strong leader. He is being mislead by his boot licking minister of information. he should resign as our country is not only in a mess but also things are getting worse by the day. Why do we pay these people what we are paying for? Others have already said it here that APM must resign as he has shown to be incompetent just six months into his term. Some times leaders don’t have to be smart as long as they surround themselves with smart people things can work just fine. Sadly our president has surrounded himself with hand clappers that are telling him absolutely what he wants to hear. they seem to be out of touch with reality. How can he stay mum without uttering a single word on the damaging strikes paralyzing our economy and services in this country?

  8. Kanyimbi says:

    Simukupindulira boma mukamaliza maphunziro anu. Bola kutenga ophunzir a ku technical college.

  9. Angry Parent says:

    These are largely qouta system products, a considerable percentage of them having come from expensive private secondary schools. Deserving students would rather live on bonya and cabbage – just to get that precious degree. FEDERATION is the answer to this stupidity.

  10. Pali anthu ena amene alibe mwana wa ku college, komanso pali emene ana awo ali ku ma college a kunja. Ngati muli mmodzi wa amenewa chonde musapondereze ana a anzanu. Ndalamazi ndi misonkho ya wathu, ndipo ina mwa ntchito zake ndi imeneyo. Si ndalama zoti anthu atatu okha azigawane ayi. Give the students what they deserve. You, students, fight the noble battle. That is your money.

  11. Ezekiel Mphaninga says:

    Mesa mumkati mukufuna APM? Ndi ameneyo. @Chatonda, ndadziwa chomwe ukunenera zimene wanenazi: MSCE yako yazigambayo walembela UEE ka 9 osakutenga. Vuto sindiwe kapena tsambalo ai koma mmutumo munadzala masanzi, mamina ndi mafinya. As a result, Chanco intellectuals ndi adan ako. Shame!

  12. Baby wa a mummie says:

    No correlation in yo points

  13. ad phiri says:

    Remind me what is the role of parents in all this? So the government has decided to take up the role of parents?

  14. kambwali says:

    Go back to the old system muziwaphikila basi osawapatsa ndalama. It’s expensive

  15. pg mvula says:

    zoonerazi sizabwino. ku secondary sankatipasa izi. l think boma lisinthe zinazi. mwana wa sukulu ku mamulipilanso vuto ndilimeneri. mwana wa boarding amadya pa sukulu. amene anapanga kuti ana ena izikhala outside boarding analakwaso kwambili tawonani izi sopano anawa aziwika kale pa payroll ya boma. mavuto tili nawo ndithu .sinthani timalamulo tinati chifukwa kuskgoloku boma lizayima nju osayendanso chifukwa cha izi zikubadwazi nthawi HK Banda kunalibezi

    1. munamubela bebe says:

      mbuli iwe

  16. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    It never rains for petulo but poors. Here is a president who failed to solve the academic freedom saga when he was minister for education; here is a president who stayed a good 2 yrs in parliament without uttering a single word let alone kutsokomola; here is a president who failed to solve the diplomatic impulse wth UK when he was foreign affairs minister; here a president who is jst sitting phwi yet it’s only two thirds of the government which is working, the judicially is on sit in! Here is a president who is ever on the road opening ths tobacco barn and that restaurant; here is a president who when workers ask for salary increment says there is no money, is it not morally right to defer each one’s salary increment until the time the economy improves if at all it will improve ngati m’mene wachitira ndi salary increment yake? For sure ku Malawi utsogoleri wake ndi wa “let it happen, bola ine zanga zikuyenda.” Cry my beloved Malawi!

  17. We thought somebody who spent over 40 years outside Malawi would help us. He has proven to be useless. It will be strike after strike.

  18. If we wait until things gate better nothing is going to work u know the Muthalika’s are very stubborn n by then he will be untouchable. That is if things will get better but by the look of things mmmmmmmh this boat is sinking.

  19. chatonda says:

    As a lecturer here at Chanco, please government MUST never give these students any allowance increase because the money they are demanding is for beer at Gstring and Boxer Bars in Matawale. Food is sold at k500 Here. All food sellers peg their food prices at K500 and nowhere near Chanco do they sell food at k1,750. The money is enough and worse still, when they are drunk, they cause problems even to other innocent students. TAKE MY WORD, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY ADDITIONAl MONEY. May be consider the striking staff

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      N let the government not increase yo salaries too coz mukumangomwetsa ma class with no concrete reason

  20. nsanje port says:

    Nenani chilungamo chakudya sichinakwere mtengo,wakwera ndi MOWA..

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      Do not generalise,si onse amene amamwa mowa n if u look closely mupeza kut ndi 10% of the student population imene imamwa mowa

  21. nellia says:

    Future cashgaters!!

  22. Alungwana says:

    I dont get it right when people says the students should think of the government, give it a chance bcz of the economical hardships. The very same government is busy spending unnecesary allowances when opening the tiny shops. How much do the government spend on the V8 engine vehicles? You then claim kuti boma liribe ndalama. Who is to blame? There was a time during Dr H. Kamuzu Banda when the barracks were recieving beef yokwanila and not these peanuts, the students were enjoying wonderful meals provided by the colleges but now you decide to open restraunts and restraining the government foods. Poor democratic leaders.

  23. For those who who are saying this argument of increasing allowances is not valid,,probably you havennt been to a public university, you really have no idea what kind of life students live, perhaps if the govt altenatively consider re installing the cafeteria, you will see that colleges will not survive even for two months, they spend more than giving students allowances per month..think outside the box before u speak for a balanced scorecard

  24. Flamingo says:

    Malizani sukulu mukagwire ntchito to face the real world

  25. Zikuoneka kuti anthu ambiri ayika ma comment awo anaphunzira kale or sanaphunzire ndipo alibe mbale wawo yemwe ali ku unima. Kod munthu udya bwanji k1000 patsiku pamene bfast is k300, lunch and supper @k700 a piece? Kodi mukuona ngati ndi makolo onse angakwanitse kutumizira ana ndalama? Kodi mukati kutumidwa, munthu angamutume kuti ayambe kudandaula ndi njala? Tiziganiza2 tili ife tisanapereke maganizo athu opeperawo.

  26. sebeleza says:

    that allowance is more like a handout, let them find means to sustain themselves at college. akula mopusa modalira, ndalama zimenezo should be increment to their lecturers. no free lunch or go see the hangman!! stupid!!!

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      Just send one of your kids to the public university n b4 2wks u will stop talking tht nonsense

  27. Baby wa a mummie says:

    Why is it that when the students are demanding an allowance increment you people talk alot but when the support staff and academic staff do the same you say nothing? When signing the agreement with government, the government promised to give money for the whole month not 19 days as it stands now. If others can get 300 something percent salary increament y not consider the students allowance increament? If it seems hard 4 government to give the increament let them suspend the allowances and go back to the old system of providing students with free accomodation, food and bus tickets when it the semester has closed and opened and lets see if government can do that for two semesters without suspending it and go back to giving students allowances. Consider all sides b4 making your comments!!

  28. petro says:

    Check DPPs manifesto item 95, you will understand why all this is happening. When you subscribe to something you don’t know. The New world order.

  29. supuni says:

    Subsidies! Subsidies! Subsidies! And for sanity sake, you mean students can’t even feed themselves in 11 days? Why should everyone look to the same bankrupt govt for their needs? Its not on! The fall of the welfare state of Malawi!

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      Ma students amakhala class n they have no other means to source funds to feed themselves for 11 days,mukuona ngati atha kumakongola ngati mmene mumachitira makolonu???!!!

  30. mada kuleso says:

    It’s only in countries like Malawi where varsity education is basically free no wonder these students are taking these privilege s for granted. College of Medicine, what’s wrong really with getting allowances for the days you’ll actually be on campus? Be serious guys.

  31. dont blame the students th@ they want free education,they are not the ones who made those laws,they found them,then wy shouldnt they demand their portions.ngati mukufuna ingosinthani malamulo basi.if some1 uneducated got hundreds % încrement to his saraly th@ means gvt gat money.asiyeni mafana adyenao zimenezî

  32. John says:

    Please take away even the K1900 akuti yachepayo. Firstly, being tertiary education centres, you would think they would be creative enough to be dealing with these trivial monetary issues on their own. Can they not find ways of sourcing their own money? Secondly, please buy them dictionaries, in case the word “IMPROVISATION” has not crossed their hard, alcohol-numb, arrogant and chauvinistic heads yet. If they can’t afford a k1900/month lifestyle, downgrade. They are students for crying out loud and they already want a highlife?

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      Ingotipatsa ganyu ku munda kwako tizidzalima tikachoka mclass,ukufuna tizipanga run ma business 2 source money? If we do that mclass mwathu alowe ndani,ma assignment n exams alembe ndani?

  33. Patriot says:

    Pulofeti Liyabunya was right.
    Wina alithawa dziko kapena azichita ngati kulibe chobvuta pa Malawi. aziti zonse ziri bwino.
    Pa nthawi imeneyo azungu azitumiza ma reports mmaiko awo osiyana siyana kuti mtsogoleri wa ku Malawi si mtsogoleri kanthu, he is a Clueless Stuborn Deaf Leader, samamva za anthu iye pamodzi ndi mkazi wake ndi DPP yonse.

  34. Mchinji says:

    Born of ur parents, who thinks u can be raised, schooled by government?, shame on u! Ukupepha molamula, dont u think u a bing given more than enough?, it does pay for ur fees and gives an additional 32 grand, leave the other part to ur parents. Amene akulira za salary amagwira ntchito, inu mumatani?

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      Check the difference between upkeep allowance n salary, we r nt demanding 4 a salary bt an UPKEEP ALLOWANCE INCREAMENT. The money z for me to pay k15000 rent, food z @ k1700 per day,cn u plz make the calculation if therez any remainder for beer,am bad @ math…..

  35. Galu wapananji says:

    Anawa sanalakwitse,mesa munatzoloweza! Jst give dem ndalamazo kut aptlize maphuzilo awo.

  36. MAYO says:

    Waste of time, check out there, 100% tuition fees and upkeep is paid by student. Wake up!
    Advice to Malawi government: take this as an opportunity to scrape off all student benefits. Allow only those that can afford to go back, that will be the end of demos in Malawi universities

  37. grace mumba says:

    To me I think MK1000 is enough to spend in a day…..but now I understand how it feels to be a student, oyambitsa amakhala awiri and they follow the leader, eeissh! Kunakakhala ku secondary ena anakalira atawachotsapo apa………to the other hand government must do something indeed because they can’t raise their salaries without considering those that demanded first,and mukumangosintha ma statement, do u think Malawians are fools?why are so selfish?

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      K1000 z enough for lunch only or they whole day?

  38. Good citizen says:

    Iam really with these students, at least a small hike can do. BUT your timing on your demand is not good at all. Can’t you sacrifice looking at the tough economical situation. If its sinking we will sink together. Take heart, wait until things are better. That’s my simple advice.

    1. John Phiri says:

      Good citizen, are you nuts!? How can the students sacrificing not eating for nearly two weeks (11days)??? Can you concentrate on a lecture after having lived over one week without food? The students are not asking extra cash to buy booze but simply to make ends meet for the very basic thing: FOOD! That should be a no brainer. When I was at UNIMA things were much better but now its hell and chaos! Gone are the good days when UNIMA was a pride

  39. Consider yourself very lucky indeed to be in that position of being spoon fed by the government, at least for 19 days in a month. Fair enough to let your parents take care of the remaining 11 days.

    1. FactObserver says:

      I agree with you 101%. These students don’t really understand issues. The Colleges in question (Poly, Chanco, COM) have been “temporarily” closed NOT because of issues concerning students allowances whatsoever, but because the Support Staff are on sit-in (e.g., secretaries, Lab Technicians, ICT, Accounts, Library staff) are not providing their services. How do you expect lecturers to deliver effectively and efficiently under such circumstances? How do you expect lecturers to give students assignments and tests/exams when there’s no library, no internet? At the end when students fail under such circumstances, they blame the lecturers NOT the circumstances under which they learn. So, the way to go is to close the Colleges until these issue is resolved.

      That’s my opinion (and of course I’m entitled to it.

  40. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    “We say no to the act of treating students as if we are WIVES (capitalization mine)…”
    This is a chauvinistic statement, and I am surprised it comes from educated future leaders of our country. You would hope, by the time students get to university, they would have already been sensitized to gender issues. Sounds like the student union is fighting for males only.
    Let the students be creative, and share the economic pain we are facing. They are not special. I could survive on K1000 per day, without indulging in unnecessary eats.

    1. FactObserver says:

      You’re on the spot. At this day and age, some people still look at women in such a way. Wake up men! Educate yourself and embrace the modern world.

  41. TIUZENI ZOONA says:

    Government should suspend all payment of allowances and provision of free tertiary education.Malawi is a capitalist nation not socialist and citizens should pay for services including education. if you demonstrate government will just close and you will have extended calender.who loses.
    the student

    1. Baby wa a mummie says:

      No the government z going to lose coz it will still need to pay the lecturers and support staff who will nt b working,as 4 the students,they can recover the lost tym coz even if they extend it when we get bck,they start from wea thy stopped,kkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahaha uyo!!!

  42. Tata says:

    Mukufuna akupatseni ndalama Kuti muchotse umbuliii mmmmm AMENE akukuuzani or kukutumani akutaitasni nthawi it’s ku malawiko komwe university it’s for free thus why mukamaliza mumasowa ntchito
    I wish the university education shouldn’t be free mmm wats was the reason for free university ? Zifukwazo ndi zolingazo sizidakwanebe ? I wish tisiye zowapatsa ndalamazi ngati sauna xool asiye ife tidasiyaa BWANJI

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