Unprofessional conduct of Malawi spy chief Nicholas Dausi

It is a known fact that the majority of the electorate casted their votes in the May 20, 2014 Tripartite election because they were convinced with the Manifesto of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). One of the promises that were made in the DPP manifesto was the provision of sound and effective security policies.

Dausi: Spy chief

Dausi: Spy chief

Some Malawians are concerned that the current Government seems to be failing to fulfill this pledge, among other things, because of late there has been numerous reports of criminal incidents country-wide.

According to reliable sources within the Malawi Police Service (MPS), one of the contributing factors to insecurity is the intelligence failure, that is, the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) is failing to provide timely, reliable, relevant, accurate and actionable criminal intelligence to the MPS to help in combating crime.

Apart from poor leadership skills by the current head of the NIB, Mr. Nicholas H. Dausi, another reason is that a number of NIB officers have downed their tools because they are not happy that their boss who is supposed to be exemplary is fond of abusing funds which is meant for the smooth running of the public institution.

In Intelligence, open and closed sources of information are used to acquire intelligence information that is transformed into a product called “intelligence”. Although open sources are readily available, the information that is obtained through this method is only reliable if it has undergone through thorough research and analysis.

Due to this, for an intelligence service to be effective its officers are encouraged to gather the required information through covert means since the required information is obtained by human sources who have direct or indirect access to the required information. Cultivation and recruitment of human sources involves a lot of money, since Mr Dausi uses public funds meant for such clandestine operations for personal gains, the NIB fails to maintain an effective source running hence the failure to produce criminal intelligence for its officers are unable to either recruit criminals or penetrate criminal gangs to obtain the required information.

The Director General uses Other Recurrent Transactions (ORT) funds to implement development projects in Mwanza Central Constituency in readiness for the 2019 elections at the expense of state security operations.

Furthermore, Mr Dausi has also been using the public funds to acquire plots along the Mchinji – Lilongwe road especially around Mpingu Trading Centre. Some of the transactions were done on his behalf by Miss Naomi Wisiki an Assistant Administrative Officer who is also his collest ally.

In addition to the above, Mr Dausi has also been flouting the Public Procurement Act by directing that all the NIB’s vehicles must be maintained or serviced by Messrs. Geoffrey and Chinseu. The latter is Mr. Dausi’s brother-in-law. These mechanics are individuals who do not own a company or registered with the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP)or even the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) as per public rules and regulations.

Mr Dausi as already alluded to above just directed that they should be maintaining official vehicles and they get a daily subsistence allowance of MK15000 per day during their stay in Lilongwe apart from being overpaid when they charge for the work they have done.

The NIB is a public institution which is supposed to be run as such. Numerous calls to establish both an Internal Procurement Committee and an Internal Audit Committee have not been entertained by the Director General who has been siphoning a lot of public funds through this dubious company.

Furthermore, both single sourcing of a vendor and conflict of interest are prohibited by the Public Procurement Act but he has chosen to do it his own way in order to defraud the public purse to enrich himself. The majority of officers are aware of this maladministration, as a result they are not motivated to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently hence the poor production.

As if that is not enough, most experienced officers are also fed up with the unprofessional conduct of the Director General, Mr Dausi who is fond of leaking sensitive information to his bed fellows Messrs Ben Phiri and Chimwemwe Chipungu especially when it involves their closest friends.

For instance, prior to this year’s Independence celebrations, an NIB Officer in the name of Mr Mike Kachule based in Lilongwe authored a report on the unbecoming behavior of Honourable David Bisnowaty, an Independent Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre Constituency who is also the proprietor of SADM, a pharmaceutical company. Since Mr Dausi was aware of the relationship that is there between Hon Bisnowaty and the above named public figures, he reported the officer to them. The two officials confronted, reprimanded and threatened to deal with Mr Kachule in an unspecified manner for reporting the truth about a public figure of national security interest. This sad development did not please a number of NIB officers such that they are afraid nowadays to submit reports to their immediate bosses on sensitive targets for fear of reprisals.

In addition to the above mentioned unethical behaviours, Mr Dausi also promotes nepotism and favoritism in that whenever there is an opportunity for either training abroad or operations (internal and external), the Director General favours a selected few especially newly recruited officers who are also inexperienced in the work, who are from his home district, Mwanza. These unwarranted activities are adding salt on the wounds of a number of officers who are already disgruntled due to lack of promotions and other incentives.

Some of the security challenges the country is facing include human trafficking and smuggling which are on the increase due to corrupt practices by some public officers within the Malawi Police Service, Immigration and NIB. It is sad to note that instead of Mr Dausi to be exemplary to his subordinates by among others developing strong and effective security measures to combat this transnational organized crime, there is evidence that the Director General aids human trafficking and smuggling facilitators particularly of Asian origin by abusing his office.

The NIB is mandated to vet all Visa applicants before a decision is made to issue visas to them. Mr Dausi who receives bribes from Asian nationals such as Lauf Chaundary, owner of Sana Investments and Mr. Singh of Mkotali Group, which runs Naming,omba Tea Estate takes advantage of his official position to clear an undesirable elements such as Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals at the expense of national security.

A few months ago, Mr Dausi directed the Accounts section to stop disclosing the amount of monthly funding to the entire organizational structure to the effect that the Budget Allocation Committee never meets nowadays to allocate the public funds according to the planned activities of the Bureau.

It is a requirement in government for the Budget Allocation Committee to meet and discuss whenever monthly funding has been released to a public institution for accountability and transparency sake.

The Director General who does the budget allocation alone, is reported to have told his closest friends within the NIB that he will do everything possible not to come out poor again as they were stupid during the late Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika regime so he wants to make hay while the sun shines. He promised to use every opportunity to get where and what he wants.

Mr Dausi who usually gets around K1miillion per week drawn from covert account funds, apart from implementing some development projects in his constituency, has also completed building a four bed roomed house, bought two solar panels at R900,000 each, bought 6 KVA inverter at R23,000, bought six solar batteries at R4000 each. All these are to be fitted at his house in his home village.

Both construction and purchase of the items were financed using public funds meant for the smooth running of the state security service. The items were delivered at his farm house in Mwanza district in May, 2015. Furthermore, at the house which is located right in the deep lying natural forest there are about 20 cows, and a number of goats and that is where the official lorry which consumes a lot of fuel every month for running around in Mwanza district, stays mostly.

All external trips at the office are only for his closest allies. Recently, Mr Kabvala, a desk officer from the Internal Department was supposed to travel to Egypt to attend a counter terrorism course sponsored by the Community of Intelligence and State Security but he was told by the Director General that there was no money for such a trip and yet he sent his concubine Naomi Wisiki to the Republic of South Africa for shopping on government account as she got allowances for her trip and air ticket too. He claimed to have sent her to South Africa to attend a training course on Fleet Management which was recommended by the Ministry of Transport, a claim which was not true at all.

Meanwhile, Mr Dausi included Naomi Wisiki on President Mutharika’s entourage to China despite her name being rejected by State House. The Director General instead used his authority to direct the office that Naomi should still go and that she should go to Guangzhou instead of going to Dalian where the Head of State went. She went to Guangzhou from 5th to 13th September 2015 to buy goods for Mr Dausi using public funds.

On procurement, further to what has been indicated above, although the office has Mr Victor Maluwa as the Procurement Officer, he does not do anything in terms of procurement as Mr Dausi’s ‘very closest ally’ Naomi Wisiki who is not supposed to do any procurement goes around procuring things for the office leaving the Procurement Officer frustrated.

There is no record of most of the funds that are given to Mr Dausi which leaves a lot of questions as to how much goes out without documentation meaning that the resources at NIB are abused left right benefitting a few individuals.

At a time when there is shortage of vehicles at NIB, the Director General is in custody of five official vehicles as follows:

A Toyota Fortuner used by his children

Two Black Prados VX used by him

A Lorry

Another Toyota Prado used by his wife.

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69 thoughts on “Unprofessional conduct of Malawi spy chief Nicholas Dausi”

  1. Kereke says:

    A Dausi Ndi Zoona Izi ?Bwinotu

  2. The biggest problem is Malawians too much kupusa tulo too much why are you complaining this what you chose

  3. chilipaine says:


  4. Change says:

    Here comes a sacred cow for APM.

  5. i miss kamuzu says:

    zizungu zako sizikusonyeza kuti uli ku europe, apo ayi kumene uliko sayankhula chizungu

  6. Wilhelm says:

    This reads like it’s written by rather disgruntled colleagues.

    Nevertheless, the very specific accusations, names, dates, and locations would seem hard to refute.

    Of course, they won’t be refuted or denied, except perhaps vaguely. No detailed evidence or names and dates will be given.

    Most likely, it’ll just be ignored and written off as a daily occurrence in our benighted country.

    Sadly, it is all too common amongst ministers and civil servants.

    Nepotism, abuse of resources, favouritism. Little wonder not much works here in Malawi

  7. OGO!! says:

    Every Government Minister, every MP, Church leaders, college principals. Councillors etc… and or people that have got the capability of getting their agendas easily followed by others, are security targets, hence Bisnowaty is a target because of his standing in society.

    Dausi is useless, NIB is not what it used to be, At this moment, kuli nthabwala zokhazokha, no work is done. Officers are suspended and transfered for no apparent reason, those that perform well are considered as threats to the hierachy, Officers that are capable of running the organisation were either removed or they resigned from the organisation because of the direction it has headed into.

    The article has got fact, this is written by a disgruntled officer, and it is nothing but the truth and I can second what has been authored here.

    Malawians should understand that, regardless of our anger, this organisation wil always be. What we need to fight for is to have it regulated as kithetsa, will never happen. Bingu closed it coz of mabodza…in the long run he could not work because of lack of intelligence, those senior officers that were there sidelining with the powers that be at the time, for positions made sure that all officers that were capable were rid of. kubweretsa those that had nothing to show for, until the politicians stop misusing it…we have a problem.

    The above article is disturbing..He need to go. Akulu akul, ayangane omwe anachoka and reach out to them if it is meant to perform as it should.

  8. alhomwe atilaula says:

    Ndimamva chisoni anthu akamazikundikira chuma chadziko lapansi, zonsezi ndizotsala, tisamazikonde one day we shall all leave this world, kodi chuma chomwe tikuzikundikiracho chidzakhala chandani? you have to know kuti anthu akupereka misonkho kuti ndalamazo zithandizire dziko lino ndithu Mulungu akuona zonsezi ndipo tsiku lina posakhalitsa azangoti: opusa iwe moyo wako uzafunika tsopano!

  9. There is partly truth in this article. I live in Europe nd work here. It is one of richest country. One of the donor country.
    What I noticed in Malawi, was that wife or a wife of a bosse of the police is given a government car, a driver, and home workers and the drive children to and fro to school. The fuel is provided by the government. No you can see how many ministers and highly bosses who are provided with government resorces? My question is the wife also employed by government? Now where Iam in Europe a rich nation No minsters ife get those things? Why? Do we have more money to spend? If poor country which depend on AID spend money on a group of few people what do we think? What do donors think of us? Those who are privilaged in this will like to accept change. Ask America if they give allowances to the wife of Obama? Ask Norway if their wives have government cars and drivers? I know some Malawians will say his is Malawi. I say stop begging make your own DOLLARS. Dont cry for other people,s tax money. We who are living in Europe here are hated and racism is very big. Because they know what our leaders are doing. We are insulted becuase of them. We here are not criminal. Some of us are educated and have lived here many years. We pay tax do righr for us and the society. Back home they abuse tax payers money including ours in the form of aid and Malawia tax money. When the woman was telling me she was very happy. Me in the other hand I felt sick. She had 3 house workers, a driver to take her to work and back home then pick the children from school. I
    Am not jealous but wonder.why spending money to those who are not working in the government, when money is needed in hospital, education, etc

  10. Mlauzi says:

    Koma ngati zili zoona ndiye chapwatu chagondola. Look here Nick, you are a church going catholic. Osamangoganiza za lero. Mawa muzatani zinthu zikazasantha?

  11. Omex70 says:

    How I wish this evil man called Nicolas Dausi was not born here in Malawi. Or it could have been better for Malawi if he was born a crocodile. Poti Mulungu salakwitsa, pali chifukwa chomwe analolera kuti munthu woipa mtimayu abadwire kuno.

  12. Dindiyoni says:

    I guess this is typical of the DOPe govt. Coz the same thing is happening in the Ministry of Trade where all the ORThodontist funds are abused by the Minister to finance his endless foreign trips leaving departments with nothing to to implement activities. Scholarships are given to pple who are not even affiliated to the Ministry leaving rightful officers with nothing. I wonder where this country will be after this five years of DPP in office. Our only hope are the journourists: you guys don’t underate yourselves coz the more you expose these malpractices the more you’ll bring sense to this administration. How do we make the donors trust us again when all we do best is continue making the same mistakes. God help us

  13. Phuphex.Bt says:


  14. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The writer of this story did not indicate anywhere that he reported this to ACB. If all this can be substantiated he could have long reported to either the Police or ACB. The writer has also demonstrated ernomous ignorance by alluding to the fact that security break down in the country is attributed to the inefficiencies of NIB leadership. Is it for example the mandate of the CIA in USA or MOSAD in Israel to foil bank robberies? Of course every story has its primary audience and the primary audience of this trashy story are certainly not knowledgeable people.

  15. Charlie Hebdo says:

    This needs to be nipped in the bud.

  16. M23 says:

    If this is true, is it any different to cashgate? The Chichewa proverb “mubvi woyang’anira umalowa m’maso” is so true to this story. APM needs to take action before we wake up to billions being wasted on personal issues. Don’t just dismiss the allegations, investigate!

  17. GRM says:

    There is chaos at NIB. The writer is clearly a frustrated man or frustrated people. I wonder what NIB officers do. How can Bisnowaty be a security target. I am not Dausi but if such report is given to me i would also throw it away and condemn the useless officer who wrote such a useless report as a security issue.

  18. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    A damning indictment!

  19. Zamanyazi says:

    The article is rather long. However,I find it hard to believe that MPS is failing to curb crime because NIB is not providing it with intelligence. As a public security institution,MPS is supposed to have its own intelligence section.

  20. Josophat Returns says:

    I already cried when Mbendera announced DPP as the winner. So now I don’t care. I will help in the plunder. I don’t pay enough taxes. I evade surtax with Indians. I have joined them. I have suspended my consciousness until the DAY MALAWI CAN GET ITS ACT RIGHT. I am a businessman so this funding kwacha slide is not bitting me at all. Afterall I am not a loyal supporter of this DPP.

    If some of you think that I am a patriot. Nope. I was but not now. I help in the plunder these days. We should all join in the plunder until sense hits those who lead us. Who cares now?

  21. VYOTO says:


  22. Greencardless Malawian says:

    A GOVERNMENT OF EXPOSED SAVAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Disgusting. Why can NIB, be swindling tax payer’s money for selfish hence creating national INSECURITY, and not investigated? It’s like our office Financial Director (Sibande of Lilongwe City Council) grabbing plots at will using his office tricky ways, fencing and selling them and never get investigated. At first he was being shielded by his relation, the former vp Khumbo Kachale. But now he continues, without being investigated. Malawi will NEVER develop!!!
    Subordinates, lower ranked tax payers and poor Malawians languishing.

  24. fauzia says:

    Honestly what’s wrong with Malawi. You mean the system has no checks and balances to monitor these abuses and hold officers accountable? I hate this to death.

  25. September 23 says:

    This is the beginning of the end of this administration. La chi 40 ikwana within weeks. Lets see what will happen after 9/23

  26. captain says:

    Dausi, chisale ,mukhito where is njauju? U mistook his for kondowe or matemba? Why chisale offered 1,5million kwacha as a reward for the one who will lead to the killing. How and why? Magalimoto mukulowetsa ma duty free bwanji ngati ndinu ma mp? Uhmmmm DPP mwadzadza mbava ndi akupha

  27. Patriot says:

    Wa Mosad uyu

  28. Funzo says:

    Can all this real!y be true? Another court case?

  29. Joseph says:

    Read this article until i started getting angry. They i got frustrated. I ended up feeling let down, then finally just gave up trying to feel at all.
    The more we try to give this DPP administration some benefit of the doubt, theore we realize how stupid it is to do that…
    Every department and ministry is just rotten.

  30. aphiri says:

    Find something to talk,let APM to do Government business. Wait for 2044 that can your party rule

  31. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Anthu akuwonatu. Eeeee zowona zomenezi?

  32. chilipaine says:

    The problem can not be Dausi. First of all, there is no legal statute that created the NIB and its operative guidelines. In the absence of this Dausi would be absolutely foolish not to take advantage of this loophole before it gets plugged when another well meaning government is in, namley MCP.

  33. kadamanja says:

    For Malawi to learn a lesson, we should start war. Things might change otherwise we will remain poor for ever because of people like Idiot Dausi and his concubine Naomi. F…c you Dausi. Such people dont deserve to live.

  34. Long Dick says:

    The Intelligence Chief being spied! No substance in him!

  35. sammy says:

    Zanu izo achewa kutengekatengeka dausi sanakhelepo mtsogoleri wachilungamo ndiwadyera kwambiri koma pa MBC akumanutchukisa ngati kuti Malawi yense wanzeru ndi Dausi yekha

  36. Pumbwa says:

    Point of correction a Yituwa Mphande a APM mano alibe komano mukanati adzakukuta nkhama ena amati usinini.

  37. Deambazi says:

    Great article ahead of the UN meeting where Mathanyula will have questions to answer at ” the high level meetings” in New York

  38. Golomoti says:

    Public Service Reform is a big joke! Donors must be scratching their heads. Nice article exposing the inefficiencies of this very weak administration, I have sent this article to all our ” development partners”

  39. Boma says:

    ACB should act on this tip. The writer is clearly an insider and let us not brush aside the facts. If Peter has teeth (his mouth seems empty), he would really act on Dausi. How many Dausis are in Government now?

    Malawi, dziko lotembereredwa kwannanu.

  40. Dauson says:

    Apa ndiye akutitolatu. Malawians, it is time now that we need to rise up against this President. He will lead Malawi into a failed state right in our eyes. Dausi NIB thief? Ha-ha-ha-ha.

  41. change says:

    Dausi is a miserable failure and he will always put APM to shame. This guy is an MCP convict. I know everything he did. ACB here is evidence, do your work if you have the spin.

  42. Willie Chimseu says:

    Is bwana APM aware of these abnormal conducts by our fellow politicians. Hiiiii koma ngati ndi campaign tinagwira nao nchito. Koma anzathu mwafika pamenepa?

  43. bottomani says:

    Without perambulating around the periphery and by elucidating the mentionanles in this exqusite issue it is visionably clear that there ia lot of tomfoolery,idiotination,parasitivism andyhulelism in NB. A very consequential and monumental state of affairs indeed.

  44. Balaka says:

    Now I see. No wonder the girl Naomi her phone could not be reached and today, she is all over at the NIB using the car from NIB to sale us the clothes she bought from China. The buck stops at the President. Peter Mutharika should honorably resign or he has to be ousted like what we have seen in Australia.

  45. Professor Dr Kwapata says:

    We didnt even vote for DPP so dont associate DPP new world order manifesto with its ruling status. Mbava izi zinaba

  46. Malawiyano says:

    This idiot attended a Paper Sunday at Msamba Parish in Lilongwe two weeks ago he was given a special bucket to fill some money and he splashed a lot of money to fill the bucket. Some of us who know this idiot since MCP days we knew that there is a big hole somewhere in the system and the Bambo Mfumu is Lhomwe that is why he offered himself to go and show off .

    ACB this man needs to be investigated , if the army generals can be answereble to ACB why leaving this idiot to be misusing our taxpayers money.

  47. We planted them and be prepared to eat the fruits from them.When you plant rice do you expect cassava?If like that then its a mirracle and mind you this is just a warm up.Mistakes are there to be learnt, no need to complain.Wake up tulo munthu wachi Malawi.

  48. khotekhote says:

    Why do u hate APM so much.u r talking about Dausi deliberatily so that when he is fired u should b on him.

  49. drzeus says:

    Comment no 8 Ben Mkulu, the President was given a list of potential candidates for the post but he wanted a cell mate.

  50. Lt. Col. Chibwatiko says:


  51. i miss kamuzu says:

    this is a perfect examplation of a quagmire in the effectuosness of operationity of an entity. if such wanton inachievabily of targesities is continuously executed, then the craniums of the cadavers in the organisation will not perform to expected functionality thus rendering the terrain of malawi to be continually accessed by undesirable individuals of unaccepable demeanor.

    the end result of this untenable situation is the debasement of the nyasa peoples and their livelihoods while at the same time conflugation of the wanton plunder of meagre resources.

  52. Zaire says:

    Welcome to Malawi.

  53. YITUWA MPHANDE says:

    Pompano Zinthu zisinthanso.Mapwevupwevu adzawakumbuka ndipo azakukuta mano

  54. Thanduxolo says:

    Eeeeeeeeee! The allegations of resource abuse are sending shivers down my spine! Eeeeee!

  55. Charombanthu says:

    Zusiyana pati nkuba kwa Lutepo izi? This is looting of public funds at its worst… ACB igwire ntchito. ma tip amenewatu.

  56. Akatswiri says:


  57. Palikanthu says:

    spy chief or spy thief

  58. Palikanthu says:

    Field day with our tax money, church going DG of NIB

  59. The Destroyer of Nepotism & Tribalism says:

    That means terrorists can enter and leave Malawi without being detected, shame on you Dausi. No wonder Malawi News Agency was hacked at one time because we do not have Intelligency

  60. Dr. Ben Phiri, PhD says:

    Ba pangani zimenezi Ife tikudyerera. Muzingolira choncho. Mafuta m’magalimoto athi sakusowa

  61. BEN MKULU says:

    Ive said time in memorial that we need experienced ppo there.
    Why cant we engage retired Army Officers and soldiers who have been ntchito imeneyo for long.
    we have very qualified intelligence officers ku Army or police who are conversant with investigations etc.
    u put party puppets in those positions to silence your oppositions, u r killing the country.

  62. Kandapako says:

    President Peter Mutharika, what other evidence do you want in order to take corrective action??????

  63. kasim says:

    Iyi ndiye misechetu. How do you know all that? Even if this could be true what do you expect Peter will do? Nothing will happen to Dausi that’s typical of DPP . Keep on crying bangulani mokwana munkafuna posankha anthuwa ndizimenezo. I pitty you brother

  64. Chopwichopwi says:

    Kkkkk koma anthu ndiye akunjoyatu.

  65. Ngongoliwa says:


  66. .............. says:

    Welcome to Nyasaland the home of chaos! There are so many of such bosses in this country and no wonder we are not developing at all.

  67. che says:

    i have said so many times that people like dausi ,ben phiri,chimwemwme chipungu and the rest of muppets are doing that because of poor and weak leadership in APM.

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