UN’s Ban Ki-Moon plane lands in Malawi for refueling

UN secretary general Ban Ki- Moon was in Malawi on Sunday night when his plane had an emergency landing at Kamuzu International Airport in the capital  Lilongwe when it  reportedly run out of fuel.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon waves

UN chief Ban Ki-moon waves

Ban was on his way to South Africa.

President Peter Mutharika swiftly sent agriculture minister George Chaponda and scores of police for the security of the UN chief.

Information minister Patricia Kaliati said Ban did not have a scheduled meeting with any government official.

“President Mutharika sent the Agriculture minister just for protocol, to be with him when his plane was being refueled, they did not hold diplomatic discussions,” said Kaliati.

Ban spent close to an hour at the Malawi main  airport.

The UN chief first arrived in Malawi five years ago when he secured the release of two gay men Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga,  who were arrested after celebrating their engagement in a traditional ceremony in Blantyre.

They were tried and found guilty of sodomy and indecency then sentenced to 14 years.

But the then president Bingu wa Mutharika pardoned them on “humanitarian grounds” after he held a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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Levison Chimlala

Thats the real Malawi that I know always thinking of negatives to their leader we will never progress with this thinking


This was no emergency stop to re-fuel. It was planned that way. Pretend plane run out of fuel.

Those jets can do 20hrs non stop! So what’s Nairobi to Jo-burg???


Of all Ministers why George “Jijo” Chaponda? He is Agriculture Minister for heaven’s sake! Why not Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Minister?? And indeed why not the Vice-President?? Its not official that George Chaponda is the heir-apparent of this mafia-DPP government! But the (good) of it is that he will be 77 years old in 2019, and 82 years old in 2024! Asuming he succeeds this good-for-nothing APM in 2024, it means the man will leave power when he will be 92 years old! I dont want a Mugabe-like person for a president – mxiiii


Most planes land at airports in Malawi or any other country to refuel and continue it’s flights destination all the time, and it is not called a crash landing. However, in case of an emergency landing and in most cases the plane is still operable after a “safe” emergency landing. Please remember these facts next time.


Why not send VP please? Paja agri minister is more important than VP!


The news is that where was the VP


inatha mafuta? mmm adakaonako mavuto tili nawo kunowa

Mphwache wa Bingu

This was an emergency landing not crash landing


A refueling stop over is very normal in aviation and this is not news at all!!!!!


Koma ndipo inu? this just shows how primitive we are.


if it was the emerrgency landing then whats wrong for the President to send Chaponda In this situation the Preesidnt can send any top govt official so long there is security bacause in an emeergeency you cant predict the how and where abouts of any body so the closer the better Bravo PRESIDENT


poor malawians you will remain like that everything is a probleem with you So what exactly are you saying was the problem in sendind Chaponda? Is he not one of the top government officials Do you know what it takes to have people like VPs to be on the road pompopompo? Aaaaaa come on Malawians lets be seen to be civilised eee

This is how crazy things are in our country. Lets look closely to this matter: issues involved 1.emergency landing yes 2.going to south Africa for what reason 3.once in Malawi for gay issues, sort muonjeza ana friend 4.same issues in south Africa 5.talked to chaponda 6.each time, gay activists going to south Africa and tours Malawi. eshhhhhh.

Some Malawians are so self hatting that anything and everything is twisted to appear bad.


@ Fireworks-if this is not news then, what is news? Did you know that when Obama’s Beast hit floor of the gate to US embassy in Ireland, it was news. In this case what matters is not the re-fueling but the person associated with the plane. It is not being primitive my friend rather it is the kind of thinking like yours that is primitive. Go global, think modern!


This is not normal Abambo. Refueling would be normal for long-haul intercontinental flights, but not from Nairobi (where he was flying from) to Joburg. Something surely went wrong. This is indeed NEWS


Then What is News, koma analipila?

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