Unyolo launches girl hygiene initiative in Malawi schools

Marketer Thoko Unyolo has launched Girls Time, a movement that aims to keep girls in school by improving their access to menstrual hygiene.


Unyolo: Girls Time

Unyolo will launch her advocacy with a Fund-Raising tea at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

“Unequal and inadequate coverage and access to menstrual hygiene keeps girls away from school. Many girls from underprivileged background fail to attend classes regularly due to lack of sanitary pads. This initiative aims to raise funds for supplying this vital girl need,” she said.

Unyolo said Girls Time also seeks to break the stereotypes and silence that surrounds girls’ menstrual health.

“It’s a subject least discussed and shared publicly by women of all ages. We need to be open about the issue.  The more open we’re the more aware people become of the needs of girls in the area of menstrual health,” she said.

She said by raising the profile of girls menstrual health, Girls Time hopes to find solutions to issues that hinder access to basic menstrual hygiene tools and aids for girls. She cited poverty as one of the issues.

Where girls have no economic means to access sanitary pads, they keep quiet and resort to unhealthy alternatives. Unfortunately these pose a serious risk to their reproductive health. As a starting point, we want to raise funds and demonstrate what difference we could make if each one of us contributed a little something towards this cause,” she said.

The marketer said a ticket to the Fund-Raising Breakfast is going at K15,000 and that all proceeds from the event will go towards buying sanitary pads for girls.

She said Girls Time has partnered with 21-year Catherine Kita of Blantyre who makes re-cycled pads. Kita is founder of one of the fastest growing youth networks in Malawi, Youth Corner Girls Network-YOCONET.

Girls Time has selected Mphungu Primary and Tsokankanasi schools of Lilongwe as pilot centres of the initiative.

For her part, Unyolo is an established marketing professional whose career spans multi-national FMCG and financial services brands.

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34 thoughts on “Unyolo launches girl hygiene initiative in Malawi schools”

  1. ineyo obabwa says:

    she is a jobless woman who is trying to pay for her heavy make up!! Its nothibg to do with girls and sanitary pads. We know she is friends with mary chilima and wants to find podyera and ka project aka ayamba after being fired from standard bank coz she is apparently insane and incapable of doing a markrting job at this bank. I dont have the confidence that my.money will be put to good use. I suspect that it will fund her expensive lifestyle…..pay fees for her child and settle bills poti i hear she is the bread winner. The moment she gets a job mumva kuti ka initiative katha or you will hear nothing. Crazy woman. you neer to see a doctor Thoko. Calm down and see a doctor. May her family please help her. Mkazi wapenga uyu and ppo are scarer to tell her. Total mentaaaaaal

  2. ineyo obabwa says:

    Thoko what excatly are you doing? Not long time ago you lauched a company ya seeds and days later we heard you are heading marketing at standard bank and barely 6 months down the line ndi izii. Is everything fine???? Zikachuluka sizidyeka. I am sorry sister but i guess you are doing too many and mmmmmh I wonder if your line of thinking is straight. Bola usakhale wapenga iwe…..aaaah do things implement bhobho follow things up. Osangoti bola mupeze ka tambala. You are becoming greedy and desparate..aheeeem

  3. Moses Makoko says:

    You are brainwashing malawians Thoko! The focused area is very questionable. I would be convinced if your initiative was targetting the girl child wholistically and not on pads alone. Let us explore all factors that can help keep the girl in school and not pads alone. If you had listed the needs of a typical girl child in malawi, sanitary pads would not appear anywhere on the list! Our girls are lacking basic things that may not be substituted in any case. Sanitary pads can be substituted.

  4. Funso says:

    Some of these comments show the lack of reasoning skills that afflict Malawi. This initiative is greatly needed and should be whole-heartedly supported.

  5. Health Prefect says:

    There is nothing to celebrate for the 6th July.10 million should be used to buy sanitary pads for a girl child country wide because hard up parents cannot afford to buy pads for their girls.That is important for our girls than handclapping for failed politicians.

  6. Amalawi sadzatheka says:

    Abale Unyolo is working hard to do this. That’s what she wants to do and how she wants to help. Why not help her with more Ideas instead of kunyoza. Unyolo, ignore those negative comments. Let the negativity boost your energy to work hard and prove there people wrong. Keep it up Thoko and keep going. You are doing a great job.

  7. Lady M says:

    This is a great initiative Madam Thoko Unyolo and I commend you for this. Wezzie Bauleni, just because you used nsalu and cotton wool doesn’t mean other girls have to use the same materials. You mention other initiatives, you can be the champion for one of those initiatives.

    Let us learn to support each other and not be negative every time we see someone making an effort to change other people’s lives.

    Our country will never develop with these negative, pull each other syndromes.

  8. mtumbuka1 says:

    ….sometimes we hear situation where a boy child goes looking for used condoms to try and make a plastic soccer ball which is a serious health hazard. So next time try and include boys cos they also have numerous challenges. The other thing also is that this sanitary pad issue is getting exaggerated in Africa now I don’t know who started it but I believe it’s not such a big issue that can keep a girl child away from school. One can have cartons of pads but with a teacher who gets his salary late and peanuts of a salary, kids sitting on dirty dusty floors, no books, learning under trees and during rainy season it becomes hell, a girl child will never succeed. There are many real challenges that Kids face other than pads. My opinion though.

  9. Wezzie Bauleni says:

    Or still let us advocate for the removal of taxes to make the sanitary pads widely available or indeed subsides them . I am not sure if these initiatives are reaching all girls in the country from Chitipa and Nsanje!!

  10. Wezzie Bauleni says:

    I don’t agree to this. In my time, we used nsalu but I’ve never heard of any girl in my class and school miss school because of this. Here I am I survived this through primary school, then secondary and used cotton wool in the university because of the stipend we used to get.Here I am in top management of one of the parastatals in the country. Let’s not borrow projects or initiatives for the sake of it. Let’s handle real issues affecting the girl and boy child…enough learning materials, qualified teachers, good learning environment etc

  11. Wezzie Bauleni says:

    I don’t agree to this. I have used

  12. glen says:

    Well one Miss Unyolo.Girls need to be in school especially in these hard economic times.

  13. mtumbuka1 says:

    I get it miss unyolo and south Africa also there are people advocating for the same imitative and I say carry on and all the best,it’s for a good cause. One thing I would like to see you guys do is at least something for a boy child as well, nobody wishes a boy child well and one wonders why. You will go to a school with piles and piles with different gifts only for girls and poor boys gets nothing I don’t think it’s fair enough.

  14. nasiyedu says:

    this is excellent, new initiative; koma you really need to provided re cycled pads though i have never seen any coz susitanability will be a problem

  15. kanyake Mughogho says:

    iiiiiiiii another pad-gate…..

  16. Gas Machine Head says:

    This is really commendable Thoko Unyolo. Similar initiatives are taking place across Africa.
    One of which is South Africa. Because this involves many young girls from underprivileged backgrounds, all we need is to support her. Unyolo has brought it to the public domain not that she ca do it alone but we have the private sector that could come up with parallel projects in rural areas just as NGOs like Mary Meals are doing with phala for kids across the country. Profits from companies that rip us off like Airtel, MTL, TNM and all the banks could go towards this kind of Unyolo drive. Mai Unyolo. Kudos.

    Check this out on similar initiatives elsewhere by people of Unyolo like-minded thinking:


  17. nyotso says:

    That the way to go thoko you are mature now you need to move towards ownership rather than being employed big up but how do we contact you or contribute towards the noble cause.

  18. Chingolopiya says:

    I support this initiative.

  19. Zanga phee says:

    Thank you Unyolo this is brilliant, i think it’s high time indeed girls feel taboo to reveal their stand when it comes to this moment.I think they regard you as role model as well because you have also gone through the same situation when you were in those ages.Thank you it sounds unique please just make noise for possible funding,rather you stay away from cash gate you know for sure Malawi is in a Mess so even donors they are shunning Malawi now so be unique and honesty.As long as these girls are concerned don’t just use their faces for Mahara in few moment we will hear Unyolo is in Uk for further studies.See my name

  20. mwadoh says:

    A biti unyolo what u want to do is super koma ukukhala ngati ukupanga target anthu olememela osati amphawi ife kubanja la a mwado kulibe angakwanitse ma pad munakayambila ku chikhoma chifukwa ndikumene amanga’amba nsalu ndikumagwilitsa ntchito up to 6 months ndiye mukuti anthu akumakhala ndi mavuto obeleka ahh za bozatu izi, kumidzi anthu akubeleka mochuluka kusiyana ndi mu town ngati mwayamba kuwapatsa zolelela ana a zaka 14 mukuti mukuopa kuyaluka mwana akabweletsa pathupi,abiti unyolo mungandipeze pa facebook titsogolelane zina ndi zina, mike singano ine ku kasiya

  21. Hitler says:

    All the girls on the photo are looking beautiful. I wish they could all have a bright future.

  22. twex says:

    zopusa mwazindikira liti zimenezi mukufuna mumange manyumba angati ndi ukhondo wa atsikana wakupha nkhuku anyani

  23. mfedede says:

    Okey? Komatu mukutilaula. Kalekale zinali zachinsinsi zimenezi. Well done anyway

  24. Helo says:

    Good initiative.
    Koma si business iyi?

  25. Big brain says:

    Podyela mama

  26. Wangofuna podyerapo, , this is another form of girl-gate

  27. Professor Seyani says:

    Kkkkkkk. Koma? How many times of hygiene? I now know menstrual hygiene. What about other forms

  28. Xander Jimmy says:

    This is an excellent initiative madam Unyolo……..similar programs are being implemented in other African countries like South Africa, Ethiopia etc hence try to solicit funds from willing donors to boost your financial base…….how ever I wonder reasoning behind starting with Mphungu (Area 12) and Tsoka mkanasi (Area 43)……..both of these are located in well to do people who are likely to afford those so called sanitary pads, what they might be in need is civic education part of it, though am not saying all kids attending these are from well to to……bt jst a few might be real needy……hence why don’t your consider rural areas or areas like Kauma, senti, Chimoka, mntandire etc

  29. social investor says:

    Worthy cause. But, writer, what is FMCG? Rule 1 for writing: do not use abbreviations/accronymns unless they are universally used as common vocabulary e.g. AIDS. Rule 2: do not use abbreviations/accronymns unless they are universally used as common vocabulary e.g. AIDS.

  30. Tili Chenene says:

    The World now is in Dilemma. Anybody can say anything money is earned.

  31. Selfish Mtumbuka says:

    Ndimadziwa kuti mmalawi wina abera this project from kenya. Its a bull shit project just like circumcision is!! Useless dunderheads!!!

    1. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

      This is not only in Kenya you are indeed a dunderhead. As we speak TV presenter for e-TV breakfast show Penny Lebyane is going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for a similar initiative in South Africa.

      Check this:

  32. Mphaka says:

    Ndiye ma plan athatu,mukuti podyera pamenepo?..kunyini kwa anzanu mukudyere? Mudyere kunyini kwanuko.musaname apa kuti atsikana akusiya sukuku chifukwa chosowa mapad..izi ndiye za panyini penipeni.

  33. chatonda says:

    This is very important as girls face big problems when its their time. It happens when they have no money and hence resorted to use dirty clothes that pause a threat to their health. She needs encouragement and financial support.

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