UPDATED: Samute’s body to arrive Friday, burial in Zomba on Sunday

Veteran civil servant Willie Samute, the deputy chief secretary in the Office of President and cabinet, has passed away, government has confirmed.

Samute: No moe

Samute: No moe

He had suffered a short illness of heart problem  and died as South African hospital Wednesday.

Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa has since said the body of  Samute is expected to arrive in the country on Friday, August 21, through the Kamuzu International Airport.

He paid tribute to Samute as “an extraordinary individual.”

According to Mkondiwa, a Church Service will be held in Lilongwe on Saturday, before taking the remains to his home at Songani in Zomba District.

He will be laid to rest  on Sunday, August 23.

Meanwhile, mourners are gathering at his official residence in Area 10

Samute had a “distinguished” career in the civil service up to one point acting as Chief Secretary in OPC.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima has paid tribute.

“On behalf of my colleagues in the Public Service Reform Commission, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to family members, civil servants and the people of Malawi on the passing on of Deputy Chief Secretary to the Government, Mr. Willie Samute,” Chilima said in statement.

He said: “A professional and career civil servant, the late Samute rose from humble beginnings to become one of Malawi’s most accomplished and dedicated civil servants, earning himself esteem from fellow civil servants and Malawians across the country.”

Chilima said late Samute was “a symbol of selfless humanity whose humility and dedication to public service served as an inspiration to many.”

Adding that late Samute’s “significant contribution to the ongoing public sector reforms will always be valued and remembered.”

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73 thoughts on “UPDATED: Samute’s body to arrive Friday, burial in Zomba on Sunday”

  1. GRM says:

    From the comments i gather Samute was a true professional. May His Soul Rest In Peace. As an outsider i know Samute when he was Acting Secretary to the Cabinet he unilateral announced a pay rise for civil servants or something closer to that. This shows how passionate he was for the welfare of civil servants

  2. Pacharo says:

    Bob Finye @ comment 47 yako ija tsopano. Sunasiyebe? Unapumatu pakatipa.

  3. nyavizwazwa says:

    Very true guys, there is no way we could be paying foreign countries for dying people. What is so special in South Africa that Malawi can’t do. We have the Ngaa’s very competent Doctors on opening brain skulls. Many, many doctors are just doing paper work as administrators. Please Malawi, try to utilise people in their careers properly.

    Also buy facilities that will help Malawians here at home. Its a pity sending a person to foreign countries only receiving the remains. he/she can not talk to relatives. while here if any world a person can say it before the last breath.

  4. najere says:

    @lovemaniac91 thanks for making it clear that samute was a womanizer.mmmmmm ma messenger achizimai apume iiiiiiii malemu aluso awa.Engine imagwira zosacheza ha ha ha RIP malemu iiiiiiiiii

  5. macd says:

    koma ku joweni ndi kwa chabe zipatala zake zimangomaliza anthu bolanso sento

  6. H Kamdidi says:

    Going to South Africa because there is medicine and you use government resources thinking that you are clever! You leave poor Malawians in local hospitals and dying of treatable diseases.

  7. Patrick Dube says:

    Please chonde akulu akulu tayesetsani kumanga zipatala za mphamvu m’dziko mwathu muno. Zowonadi zikutichititsa manyazi zoti munthu wa mkulu akadwala akwele ndege kukafuna chithandizo dziko la kunja. Zingowonetsa kuti palibe zomwe Boma likuchita pa nkhani ya ukhondo. Akulu adati konza ka pansi kuti kam’mwamba katsike. Nanga ufuluwo ndiuti? Tidapiritsa atsamunda koma lero tikuwalondolanso.

  8. Kadushu says:

    thats why all these Big people goes to RSA for medical assistance yet Malawi Government can not repair Toilets at QECH. Go and check today at Pedietric Word (SOBO, LUNZU, MANGOCHI, NDIRANDE ) all these words using one Toilets Both men and Women. what a shame.

  9. Mbulaje says:

    I worked with Samute when he was PS local government. He was a man of his own. He gave credit to officers who performed extremely well. Today, Local government is in shumbles. Councils are almost non existent because of some selfish DCs who get favours from the ministry despite their dismal performance. The ministry is Failing to lift so many injunctions for a year now despite having leaders.

  10. Mpitikwiche says:

    SO why is the government(s) doing nothing on health sector? Sitichita manyazi akamat akuluakulu a ndalama akumwalilira ku south africa? This shows to the world that health sector in malawi is zero. Always SA why? Lets do something.

  11. Charter says:

    Sad, sad!

    More so is the state of our health care. I wonder why our government has a policy of evacuating to civil servants and politicians to South Africa instead of establishing a strong health care system at home. The policy is a vote of no confidence on Malawi health care by the very government that budgets and funds it. Are we serious? For how long will we depend on foreign health care?

  12. Bad to the Malawi nation-May his soul RIP.

  13. Mbukavu says:

    Such a humble and professional charecter I enjoyed working with him when he was at Local Government May he RIP

  14. Kaliwo says:

    Aspire to inspire someone before you expire. Mr Samute inspired me. May his soul rest in peace.

  15. anadimba says:

    kwasala tchire moto umapita komweko.lero tilipo mawa palibe.mhsrip.

  16. vunga says:

    Koma Chimwemwe ndi Samuti linali banja lina abale. Asa tsiku lina zikanakhala ngati taona masiku apitawa ena kuumbuzidwa mpaka ku Mwaiwathu.Ause mumtendere che samuti. Napepe Chimwemwe.

  17. zulo says:

    Pepani a Chimwewe Banda

  18. Manyetera says:

    Tithoke kwambiri pa mtima wa malemuwa. Honestly people of this high caliber are normally associated with unfairness, mean, being bossy. But I gotta commend Mr Samute for his kind natured and humbleness. I hope mwatsalanu mutengerepo chitsanzo kuti mawa tidzakunyadireniso mukapita. A Samute we all hope he was still alive but God’s time is the best. He created all things with a purpose. Rest in Peace sir.

  19. Umunthu says:

    Kumanda kupita anthu-anthu kutsala zitsekwete ngati izo

  20. Boy says:

    This man was really a professional but humble as well. I have interacted with him when he was PS at MOH and i am not saying this because he is no more but even if he were alive, i wud have uttered the same. He showed his professionalism and motivated me to work with him, a very good listener and ready to work with those around him. I was not even surprised when i learnt that he was now the Deputy Chief Secretary. MHSRIP.

  21. Area 15 Citizen says:

    MR. salute lived in in Area 15 for long time and only moved area 10 last year
    This guy has been killed by APM people because he was promoted to SPC by JB. He may have his weaknesses but was a humble, hard working and not corrupted. He lived In a simple house in Area 15 while others were busy building big houses using stolen money
    Please let him rest close to Kamuzu at City Center.
    A Sande, Mkondiwa, Chitimbe, Botolo, Mary Shawa, Chimwemwe, Saidi, chiunguzeni etc konzekani APM AND dausi are ready to eliminate you

  22. I had the honor of working with Mr. Samute as part of the UNDP 5th Country Program in the 1990’s. I will never forget his dedication, humility, clarity of purpose and ability to manage a large and diverse group of government staff and expatriates. His abilities enabled the project to achieve many successes and his positive impact will always be remembered. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  23. Samuel Kapangana says:

    We have lost a very humble and compassionate Chief Civil Servant. He was our PS in Min of Health. He could handle matters properly with good resolutions. May the Lord guide the bereaved family. MHSRIP.

  24. Chembezi says:

    RIP Mr Willie Samute. Kodi where are the members of friends of Zomba. Nthawi ijayi mumalimbikira poti JB anali President lero mwabisala. Shame on you. Mumangofuna kudya nawo. We will see you!

  25. Joe Maganizo says:

    The man was my neighbour in Area 15 Lilongwe before he moved to a bigger house just over some 7 months ago. He was humble and peaceful and respectable. May God Almighty comfort the family and may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  26. chatonda says:

    Chimwemwe Banda will miss Mr Samute the whole of her life. She has benefited alot from him. All her promotions were as a result of their private relationship from Local Government and Chimwemwe Banda rose the the position of PS because of the obvious with Mr Samute. RIP bambo Samute.

  27. bob says:

    People can remember and feel sorry for the good natured man of Willie Samute. The same can not be said about the former Ps of Foreign Affairs who became famous for torturing staff and ensuring that people suffer. What was your benefit from the injustices you committed against innocent people. Nothing other than just short term diplomatic appointments

  28. wokwiya says:

    This man was humble. May His Soul Rest in Peace

  29. Achawa says:

    Therefore, be ready spirituarly if you believe in God. Kwa a Samuti kwapita kwatsala ndi kwa inu ndi ine whether we like it or not. God said in the Bible you will surely die.

  30. Achawa says:

    Mulungu akhale ndi banja la a malemu Samutiti. God said you will surely die , therefore, lets be ready for our turn since no one knows when it will be his /her turn but be ready siritually if you believe in God.

  31. guta says:

    Nanga Chimwemwe B

  32. James Mvula says:

    He was a good boss. I knew him when I was working at Ministry of Health and he was our Principal Secretary. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  33. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Malemuwa asiya akazi,zibwenzi ma hope, ana ndi zizukulu zingati? Amadwala chan? Edzi, cholera, ntayo? Olozanu mwalepheratu apa. Osapha uyo bwanji, ok, alowa ndi cardiac? Koma tym guyz, tengani mzimu wake tivine ma dance!

  34. Fazeera mpoya says:

    May your soul rest in peace Samute, God knows the best than we do

  35. Nganga says:

    The Samute family continues to experience one of its toughest times in the past two weeks. The death of Frank and Davie Samute who died due to a car accident last week. Now, today we hear of Willie Samute. God have mercy! RIP.

  36. Msadane says:

    Rest you well Bwana Samute … gone too soon … Just wondering what was the problem ??/

  37. The Prison monger says:

    THATS WHY ENA ANATI IMFA SIYITHAWIKA, Our politicians and top government officials are failing to improve health services locally and fond of go for medical treatment abroad when they are sick. But when its time, one can not hide or run away!!

  38. Ana amuna amphongo says:

    Abwino sakhalitsa. RIP Mr. Samute

  39. Kampalapata says:


  40. Pepani pepani pepani anamfedwa nonse!! Mzimu wa malemuwa uwuse mu mtendere.

  41. football ndi netball sititha. timadziwa kuba basi says:

    pepani anamalila nonse. pempho langa ndi limodzi. ma big man akamadwala, chonde nawonso azipita ku queens kapena kamuzu central. only then will the elite know what we go through.

    mukamangolemeletsa ma bhuno ku joniko, our own healthcare system will never advance because the 200,000 rich malawians have no idea how the 14,800,000 poor malawians are suffering. this is a very important point i’m making.


  42. ABM says:

    What is the biography of Wllie Samute?

  43. KAMBWE says:

    Pepa Christopher ..mzanga..yang’ana kwa mbuye basi…

  44. Selfish Dog Mtumbuka says:


  45. George says:

    The civil service has lost the father and a person who was understanding and guiding may his soul rest in peace

  46. bwanji kodi says:


  47. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    R.I.P but please GVT do more to improve our own hospitals here

  48. gerb says:

    A distinguished career civil servant. Great oratory skills.Rest in Peace

  49. CHONCHOBE says:

    Y Samute instead of the following thieves; Goodal, Peter Munthalika, Dr Jean, Mussa, Chaponda the list continues!

  50. Zagwa says:

    Koma zinazi tamachitani manyazi! Mpakana “law model”? Umbuli ndi chisoni komanso matenda! Who checks your childrens’ home work? God help us! We need real strategies to overcome this mediocrity!

  51. MG 2 says:

    R I P he is my law model

  52. mwana mulopwana says:

    Rest in peace Mr Samute

  53. SINGINI says:


  54. chepetsani says:

    Look at his face. What do you think he died of? Well well well

  55. slave servant says:

    tikati a samute apita after a short illness tikudzinyenga tokha …
    The DCS has been sick for so long at one point in tym he was hasty flown out to SA to get similar treatment available at KCH ..all wat he needed by that tym was Bactrim 1920mgs twice a day ..

  56. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Distinguished civil servant indeed and a fighter for the cause of others. He resembled Kamuzu in both appearance and commitment to duty. MHSRIP.

  57. Bigimani wankulu says:

    He was a great professional, leader and mentor…he was humble and down to earth, always willing to support and guide young professionals…we will miss him…may his previous soul rest in eternal peace…

  58. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    Our politicians are failing to improve health services because they go abroad for specialised treatment leaving voters to die like chickens in our own public hospitals. They have the audacity of sending corpses with disguised names for “specialised” treatment in South Africa. Remember the Daniel Phiri saga. What a shame!!!

  59. Mbuzi Manokunsi says:

    Munthu wabwino, wachikondi, odziwa ntchito, osakalipa.. Mzimu wake uwuse mu mtendere. Ambuye koma Peter Mutharika mumutenga liti? Dziwani kuti tatopa naye.

  60. General Peter says:

    Condolences to Xtopher. May the soul of yr father RIP

  61. peter muthanyula says:

    Breaking your back for your country for all your life. Sad. RIP Samute

  62. wakumupotol says:


  63. paulos banda says:

    Osafa Pitala kapena Goodall

  64. Mlauzi says:


  65. Duncan kapunda says:

    Rest in peace

  66. Kadushu says:


  67. Tamanda Sauka says:


  68. kumeneko says:


  69. yako ija says:


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