US envoy hails Zodiak as pillar of Malawi democracy

US ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer has singled out Zodiak Broadcasting Services as a clear example of a media house shaping Malawi’s politics and democracy citing the first ever presidential debates in the run up to the 2014 polls.

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer hails Zodiak

US Ambassador Virginia Palmer hails Zodiak

Palmer said it was pleasing that Zodiak was among key media groups in Malawi that is keeping leaders transparent and accountable to the people.

She was speaking at Zodiak offices on Tuesday in Lilongwe when she paid a courtesy call.

“This is good for democracy and good governance,” said Palmer who said media is key to informing people about the public sector reform programme so that in turn they make contributions.

She said the reforms can be well effective and efficient only if there are contributions from ordinary Malawians.

The US envoy said everyone, including the media, have a role to play to make Malawi free of hunger and have their basic things in life.

She said sometimes politicians avoid making tough decisions on crucial issues in fear of losing votes in the next elections, saying the media has a role to play to guide politicians in such situations.

ZBS managing director Gospel Kazako said the radio station fights for gender equality, ensuring that girls are retained in school, Malawi is hunger free, fight deforestation and champion climate change matters among others.

Zodiak this year is celebrating 10 years of its existence as a private commercial broadcaster and has won Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi chapter awards year after year.

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18 thoughts on “US envoy hails Zodiak as pillar of Malawi democracy”

  1. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    What is the name of the Ambassador again? Virgin Palmer or Vagina Palmer? School me.

  2. nsanjeport says:

    Better be governed by ZBS..mxiii

  3. Eye Witness says:

    Chikaggo ka Peter ndikachaninso? Tell me?

  4. Bambo a mwana says:

    Palibe cholakwika apa kuti Palmer honoured her courtesy call to ZBS. Anthu ophunzira sch modzudzika ngati APM komaso this stupid commentator would not want to be seen in such so called common places. umafuna palmer abwere ku den kwa mbuyako. umbuli basi. these guys are advised to be like romans when in rome. so what are u insinuating here?

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Stupid double standards you dpp thugs. When donors utter a single word of praise for this thieving govt, you all like them and try to tell us oh listen even the donors are praising us but when the same donors criticize the govt or support the opposition, you dpp thugs are all up in arms calling them all sorts of insulting names.

    The USA and uk should continue poking their noses in our affairs because that is the only time this thieving govt seem to listen. A good example the USA warning on drugs thieving, look now you seem to be doing something. You don’t listen when us Malawians tell you the same message donors tell you. That is how shallow you are.

    Donors are just trying to instill good governance which you as dpp thieves hate it. But China ndiye fwe fwe malobvu kutuluka kuti mutafune bwino ndalama.

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    MBC TV, with all the all the resources at hand, can not beat ZODIAK in their programming and professionalism. Pure amateurs.

    Shame, I can not work at MBC TV

  7. kudya says:

    Siza MBC kukondera basi.

  8. Ndata says:

    All I am scared about Zodiak is that at this pace DPP will burn your vehicles again. However I know the more they use their violent trademark the more you get strengthened.

  9. SONG says:

    Tereza Temweka Ndanga, strong lady journalist I have never seen. If she managed to put Mthalika at ease to come on the floor during the controversial press conference where tables were being bunged. I feel such ladies are few in as far as the media is concerned. We are behind you Tereza and always pray for your success. When you have program we stop what we were doing and listen to your facts. Zodiak please care this woman. We also amdala Brian Banda no nonsense man if comes to media question. We are proud of you guys.

  10. Issa says:

    number 1and 3 should go and sleep, muklira kwambiri pomwe ife tikukondwa kwambiri. Peter will rule mpaka 2019 koma adzitsegula mmimba akamapanga dzopusa.

  11. mfiti mayaya says:

    Zodiak is simply barbaric. It killed 20 thugs on 20th July 2011 due to childish and irresponsible reporting. And what is this plump palma thing saying?

  12. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Kkkkkkk ZBS keep it up osati mbuzi izi za MBC agalu achabechabe

  13. Bufalo Soldier says:

    Malawians! Malawians! What’s wrong with you? Is bad to encourage someone who is doing a recommendable job? You are very funny. Change your mindset for our nation to grow and prosper. Why do you want to keep things under pillows? Should Zodiac be like your biased MBC who supports everything that the government of the is doing, whether good or bad? Come on guys lets move forward and stop this nonsense, please!! I beg ooo!!!

  14. LOMWE says:

    Keep it up Zodiac am so proud of you.Malawians will not let you alone

  15. chatonda says:

    Will Virginia Palmer visit MBC? yOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE. KEEP IT UP ZODIAK . MBC has started the propaganda again through stupid programs using Phillip Busines among others. Your future is doomed guys.

  16. The Analyst says:

    Komatu Palmer you seem to be another confused lady from long ago! Why do you seem to have a lot of time to do and talk a lot of nothing? Isn’t there something of worth to do at the office?

    If all the many ambassadors we have in Malawi were to be as commonplace as you seem to be, then Malawi and institutions therein would suffer from chaos of divided loyalty. Coz everybody would start behaving with the mind that such such ambassador is looking at me and I must please him/her even more! And in the process of wanting to please more, may find themselves, from an obtuse angle, at variance with some undefined common interests.

    Can’t you see that you are behaving unambassadorial? Be in the office and device ways of how you can strengthen our ties. Not being everywhere hence leaving trails of chaos as you do!

  17. Zambulo says:

    Well-done Zodia…mwatichotsa manyazi. Komatu nkhani yàbwinobwino ngati iyi wina chamutseka pakhosi akulephera kupuma bwino. Ufiti basi

  18. Chikaggo says:

    But Zodiak should slow down we dont want the fight between tall croaches here in Malawi. This radio do expand national issues out of its proprotion like the UNGA issue. It was completely improportional what Zodiak disseminated and what was on the ground.What Zodiak does is a good example of misfeasance whereby you do legal act but illegally or improperly. So Zodiak does good things but not in the interest of all affected parties which is also bad for our democracy because everyone has the right in democracy regardles one’s age or position.Even Obama obama has rights which have to be recognized, what more Peter.

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