US granted 115 visas for Malawi delegation to UN: Mayaya hits at Mutharika advisors

United States embassy in Lilongwe granted 115 visas for Malawi delegation to United Nation in New York, confirming that the country had a bloated entrouge but President Peter Mutharika only approved 18-member delegation to accompany him, which has raised eye brows on who is calling the shots.

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer

US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, could not comment on the number of the visas they issued, saying they are “confidential matters.”

Palmer however confirmed that the size of the official delegation is what Mutharika approved.

She is quoted by Malawi News that the UN only gave six passes to Malawi delegation and that suggest that 109 people were hangers-on.

But the US diplomat said there many activities that go on at the UN “in the margins that are important.”

In its editorial, Malawi News called for President Mutharika to apologise, saying Malawians have been let down.

“When the President arrives tomorrow from New York, they expect nothing short of an apology and promise to stop this madness that is engulfing our country and making life a hell for everybody,” reads the paper’s editorial comment.

Information Minister Jappie Mhango said the public should know that there is a marked difference between a presidential delegation and a Malawi delegation.

“Not every member of the Malawi delegation at the UN is part of a presidential delegation,” he said.

He explained that those who make a presidential delegation are staff and officials from selected ministries and departments approved by the President based on their relevance to the agenda of the General Assembly and their importance to his assignments.

“The Malawi delegation is made up of everyone who attends the UN General Assembly from Malawi. Government meets the cost of a presidential delegation. Members of the Malawi delegation are covered by sponsors identified by themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, human rights campaigner Billy Mayaya has told Nyasa Times that President Mutharika may have the best of intentions for this country but some of his advisors are either deliberately misinforming him by taking advantage of his advanced age for their own benefit .

“If the President is only aware of 18 people being on his entourage to New York, you mean he didn’t notice the eventual horde that accompanied him eventually?? He is either a stooge or in control. If his directives cannot be followed, then there is something intrinsically wrong with his Presidency,” said Mayaya.

“If the Government can blatantly lie and say that the donors funded such buffoonery in the light of Cashgate, then they are under the assumption that Malawians were born yesterday. If the Government can blatantly thumb its nose at taxpayers so that they foot this insultingly vulgar bill while the country verges on the precipice of economic collapse, then questions must be raised about his capacity to lead as well as the quality of the advice he receives.

“While Malawians suffer under the shadow of poor service delivery-no water, electricity, health and education sector collapse- “elected” leaders go on a rampage of mapwevupwevu! This will not end well,” Mayaya ranted.

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Winston msowoya
It is extremely encouraging to note that Malawians after 31 years of brutal and senseless oppression By Banda’s one man- regime,are vastly and courageously embracing the country’s democratic mindset that will never reverse anymore.To some,mostly those within the present system who benefit from the spoils of the regime,are spearheading vicious defence against critics of the present regime.For instance,who in his/ her correct minds would uphold the frequent misuse of government meagre resources to transport hundreds of unlettered supporters abroad just to go and gaze at skyscrapers of the Newyork City.? Time has come for Malawiians to discard the most evil… Read more »

i think we have all given up it does not make any difference any more. what we take back from one thief goes to the other one. it is very unfortunate that poverty has badly griped malawians we can not stand and raise a voice against this evil as we fear for their lives,as most of us are the only bread winners for our families. if we go on the streets we get killed, and the fact that we will never get justice like chasowa.


Going there with such a useless pple is a clear indication that that Malawi is heading for doom

Che Muyaya

APM the perfect punishment for foolish Malawians. If tax was to be paid voluntarily I wonder if anyone was ready to give to this shit government.


15 Core Personal and less that 20 support Personell e.g secretaries would represented Malawi well at the UN,

1. President
2. Minister Foreign Affairs
3. 2 other ministers selected with reference To Malawi’s Agenda at the UN
4. 6 Experts to Advise the Ministers 2 for each ministry since ministers are only figurehead and they need a technocrat to advise on technical issues
5. Political Advisor
6. 2 Media Personel
7. 1 Guest e.g A traditional Authority or Army Chief or Police Chief or Potential Diplomat
8. 1 Political Party Member

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

Let’s support our president for the good of national unity and progress, although he is surrounded by the same people who surrounded our beloved late Bingu during his second term in office.

Bandung Cincau

Infact there are some members of the delegation who have travelled on the visas issued to them either last year or previous years, and the US Embassy has not counted those ones in the 115 people mentioned. I know some dunderheads from a certain Ministry who travel to UN for the General Assembly every year, and these people were issued visa valid for 5years. This is total madness, if the President really approved 18 people, where did the 101 come from. Utsiru ndiye wakuladi pa Malawi.

Emmanuel jombo

The president is doing the best for our nation,stop talking your rough comments about him.gud luck mr president,proud of u!

Jacob chitseko

If you don’t know that to comment osatukwana u are commenting on one side evidence a malawi the president is well educated person, he knows what he does let Him speaks first and balance both and put sober minded comment not what u are doing. This speaks volume of how poor our education is. This character will take malawi 150 yrs to develop. Bushiri was here and you commented alot, apostal Mbewe’s vehicle ashed you commented alot whats long with u. Lets love our country.


Amalawi nthawi ya kwana yosankha munthu wokonda dziko posatengera kuti akochokera kuti ..APM NDE MADEYA ENIENITU..anthu wonsewa achani?

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