US granted 115 visas for Malawi delegation to UN: Mayaya hits at Mutharika advisors

United States embassy in Lilongwe granted 115 visas for Malawi delegation to United Nation in New York, confirming that the country had a bloated entrouge but President Peter Mutharika only approved 18-member delegation to accompany him, which has raised eye brows on who is calling the shots.

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer

President Mutharika with US envoy Palmer

US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, could not comment on the number of the visas they issued, saying they are “confidential matters.”

Palmer however confirmed that the size of the official delegation is what Mutharika approved.

She is quoted by Malawi News that the UN only gave six passes to Malawi delegation and that suggest that 109 people were hangers-on.

But the US diplomat said there many activities that go on at the UN “in the margins that are important.”

In its editorial, Malawi News called for President Mutharika to apologise, saying Malawians have been let down.

“When the President arrives tomorrow from New York, they expect nothing short of an apology and promise to stop this madness that is engulfing our country and making life a hell for everybody,” reads the paper’s editorial comment.

Information Minister Jappie Mhango said the public should know that there is a marked difference between a presidential delegation and a Malawi delegation.

“Not every member of the Malawi delegation at the UN is part of a presidential delegation,” he said.

He explained that those who make a presidential delegation are staff and officials from selected ministries and departments approved by the President based on their relevance to the agenda of the General Assembly and their importance to his assignments.

“The Malawi delegation is made up of everyone who attends the UN General Assembly from Malawi. Government meets the cost of a presidential delegation. Members of the Malawi delegation are covered by sponsors identified by themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, human rights campaigner Billy Mayaya has told Nyasa Times that President Mutharika may have the best of intentions for this country but some of his advisors are either deliberately misinforming him by taking advantage of his advanced age for their own benefit .

“If the President is only aware of 18 people being on his entourage to New York, you mean he didn’t notice the eventual horde that accompanied him eventually?? He is either a stooge or in control. If his directives cannot be followed, then there is something intrinsically wrong with his Presidency,” said Mayaya.

“If the Government can blatantly lie and say that the donors funded such buffoonery in the light of Cashgate, then they are under the assumption that Malawians were born yesterday. If the Government can blatantly thumb its nose at taxpayers so that they foot this insultingly vulgar bill while the country verges on the precipice of economic collapse, then questions must be raised about his capacity to lead as well as the quality of the advice he receives.

“While Malawians suffer under the shadow of poor service delivery-no water, electricity, health and education sector collapse- “elected” leaders go on a rampage of mapwevupwevu! This will not end well,” Mayaya ranted.

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91 thoughts on “US granted 115 visas for Malawi delegation to UN: Mayaya hits at Mutharika advisors”

  1. Winston msowoya says:

    It is extremely encouraging to note that Malawians after 31 years of brutal and senseless oppression By Banda’s one man- regime,are vastly and courageously embracing the country’s democratic mindset that will never reverse anymore.To some,mostly those within the present system who benefit from the spoils of the regime,are spearheading vicious defence against critics of the present regime.For instance,who in his/ her correct minds would uphold the frequent misuse of government meagre resources to transport hundreds of unlettered supporters abroad just to go and gaze at skyscrapers of the Newyork City.? Time has come for Malawiians to discard the most evil and precarious ethnically motivated political correctness for this will indefencebly sow the seeds of national deadly conflict that will ultimately bring the people of Malawi to their knees.This is not the time to call each other names like Alomwes,Tumbukas,Yaos,Senas,Tongas so on and so forth.The country belongs to us all and therefore,every ethnic group has the rights of education,employment,health care,etc.We all fought for our freedom and independence as Malawians.It is foolhardy therefore to see that some minority groups or societies are pushed aside or discreminated alltogether.Lastly,I vehemently encourage our people of bright minds to vigorously criticize the government’s wrong doing especially the dubious use of peoples resources.ALUTA CONTINUA VENEREMOS ( THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES).

  2. benjnes says:

    i think we have all given up it does not make any difference any more. what we take back from one thief goes to the other one. it is very unfortunate that poverty has badly griped malawians we can not stand and raise a voice against this evil as we fear for their lives,as most of us are the only bread winners for our families. if we go on the streets we get killed, and the fact that we will never get justice like chasowa.

  3. Sabiti says:

    Going there with such a useless pple is a clear indication that that Malawi is heading for doom

  4. Che Muyaya says:

    APM the perfect punishment for foolish Malawians. If tax was to be paid voluntarily I wonder if anyone was ready to give to this shit government.

  5. Mr says:

    15 Core Personal and less that 20 support Personell e.g secretaries would represented Malawi well at the UN,

    1. President
    2. Minister Foreign Affairs
    3. 2 other ministers selected with reference To Malawi’s Agenda at the UN
    4. 6 Experts to Advise the Ministers 2 for each ministry since ministers are only figurehead and they need a technocrat to advise on technical issues
    5. Political Advisor
    6. 2 Media Personel
    7. 1 Guest e.g A traditional Authority or Army Chief or Police Chief or Potential Diplomat
    8. 1 Political Party Member

  6. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let’s support our president for the good of national unity and progress, although he is surrounded by the same people who surrounded our beloved late Bingu during his second term in office.

  7. Bandung Cincau says:

    Infact there are some members of the delegation who have travelled on the visas issued to them either last year or previous years, and the US Embassy has not counted those ones in the 115 people mentioned. I know some dunderheads from a certain Ministry who travel to UN for the General Assembly every year, and these people were issued visa valid for 5years. This is total madness, if the President really approved 18 people, where did the 101 come from. Utsiru ndiye wakuladi pa Malawi.

  8. Emmanuel jombo says:

    The president is doing the best for our nation,stop talking your rough comments about him.gud luck mr president,proud of u!

  9. Jacob chitseko says:

    If you don’t know that to comment osatukwana u are commenting on one side evidence a malawi the president is well educated person, he knows what he does let Him speaks first and balance both and put sober minded comment not what u are doing. This speaks volume of how poor our education is. This character will take malawi 150 yrs to develop. Bushiri was here and you commented alot, apostal Mbewe’s vehicle ashed you commented alot whats long with u. Lets love our country.

  10. koma says:

    Amalawi nthawi ya kwana yosankha munthu wokonda dziko posatengera kuti akochokera kuti ..APM NDE MADEYA ENIENITU..anthu wonsewa achani?

  11. chingolopiyo says:

    Freedom of expression has come to reveal the ignorance of Malawi population, where everybody thinks they can run a government, yet they are failing to run their own families , and more themselves. Looking at every comment we read on this social network, it reveals how shallow minded people are. Issue of national importance are not to be measured on party politics we belong to. No wonder Malawi cannot develop until the mindset of people develops too. All we look at is on negative lines, and nothing positive comes to our mind. We are training our mind to value negative thoughts all the time. How can we develop. We want others to be accountable yet ourselves we are not accountable in the things we do. The ambassador to America has explained very well, yet we are still vomiting insults upon the president. There is no way the country will receiving blessings when its people are full of arrogance on their leaders. Our hearts are filled with weakedness , jelousy and envy. When we learn to respect those in authority, God will open doors, but as of now the nation will remain a cursed nation.

  12. Dr mwanamanga says:

    Ndi mbuzi imeneo yopanda mano

  13. Mr Ibu is a dunderhead and can not even know his left hand from his right. This Mchona of the president will leave Malawi in 2019 and go back to where he belongs. Mchona wachabechabe.

  14. Now as malawians are we surprised that we are still poor even 50 years after independence, these are some of the causes ie investing our hard earned money on things that are not even necessary.

  15. akusipikana says:

    Do not blame his advisors. The president himself is stupid to listen to the so called advisors. Comments will not help but action. Wake up Malawians.

  16. Totty says:

    Rural Malawians need massive civic education on how their tax is being misused because they think that it is only money deducted at MRA or PAYE that these DPP are misusing. Civil society start a campaign directed at these poor illiterate masses who do not understand the implications of Peter Mutharikas actions. Tell the masses that the price of sugar is K450 but due to VAT they pay K600 for a packet of sugar. The extra K150 is what these useless people are using to travel to America. It is better for the people not to pay this K150 and use it to buy tomatoes and mafuta ophikila a mmasachet

  17. Balamanthu says:

    As a people, we demand accountability from this clueless president.The fact that he did not know that 118 were in his delegation is enough evidence to state that the guy is clueless and is not in control.Let us be led by sane presidents like Kamuzu who is in control and can re-direct the country.

  18. Benson T Phiri says:

    Amalawife kupepera tikanangowaudza onsewo asabwere kuno baba Tembo tithandizeni

  19. john phiri says:

    APM WAS VERY BUSY FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR COUNTRY MALAWI yet some pple talking evil against President curse on you all and your generation.

  20. Lilongwe Finest says:

    You have to work from one point to go to another.So i admire work ethic but i think it should be reinforced to the youths in Malawi that everybody should work hard, practice makes perfect you have to be diligent with what you want,you have to apply yourself,you have to motivate have to do it for your self by your self and then you can do things for other people…..don,t forget everybody is at war with different things…….classic literature,religious text and self motivation books ain,t gonna help you …..apply yourself ……..GOD BLESS MALAWI……..

  21. AB says:

    where is country going if e head of e state also cheats.

  22. Rodrick Thukuta says:

    My Breathren, The Government Has Made It Clear Through Its Information Minister. If There Is Anything Lets Wait And See And Others Investigate For The Truth To Come Out.. But I Dont Think Our President Can Allow All This Entourage Under Goverment Or Tax Payers Money In This Hard Situation We Malawians Facing. Lets Respect Our Leadership And Argue Accordingly.

  23. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Kodi akunena zowona ndindani? Kkkkkk

  24. Step hens says:

    Billy ndi nkhuku yeniyeni everytym amangoti kweeeekweee billy you are free to go to court otherwise ziphwisi zakozo zatitopesa

  25. Nyatwa says:

    Jappie Mhango please don’t insult our intelligence, even if we don’t know the difference between a presidential delegation and a Malawi delegation ( which I think is stupid), both delegations were funded by my taxes, fool, that is the argument Malawians are making. I don’t care what foolish names you brand the delegation it is the burden you put on poor Malawians tat I care about.

  26. BigMan says:

    A Nation obsessed with trivia.

  27. MCP????? says:

    So what next with all these comments? whats the way forward for betterment of Malawi? This is a ‘systemic’ problem and requires total change of mindset, attitude and governance approaches from all actors.

  28. Kafadala says:

    Please Respect The President Chemayaya

  29. Straight talk. says:

    Having idiots like Mzee and Muzaza,Malawi will not amount to anything despite them being entitled to their stupid opinions.In all thriving democracies people look for transparency and accountability from their leaders.At the moment Malawi is going into huge economical turmoil and it is total absurd for some body for some indecisive aged president to travel with a horde of useless people all the way to New York on taxpayers money.All embassies denied to have sponsored all these people to New York and they were no sponsors who came forward to back these people.Malawians are not interested in Wamutharika’s apologies.For how many times is going to apologise to Malawians?We are really fed up with the clueless leadership of this old man.He seems to be remote controlled by alot of useless people around him.He should be taken to task when he lands at KIA.The struggling tax payers cannot pay huge bills for a horde of people who did not add any value to this trip apart from being a shopping spree trip and seeing some long gone relatives on expense of our taxes.

  30. Protocal says:

    Hahahaha minister of misinformation hahaha is this the way of fooling poor Malawians ? Keep misinforming us though we all know the truth

  31. mtumbuka1 says:

    At the summit in new York he even said by 2030 he plans to put 15 million Malawians on arv treatment yet the population of Malawi as we speak is plus minus 14 million! So it means he even do not know how many people are in his country! What a stupid professor!

  32. Clement mwale says:

    Kodi chifukwa choti anapeleka ma visa 115 ndiyekuti osowa anali pa mlipiti wa president Ai msatelo ai

  33. Mac Hende says:

    Bwana Mayaya welcome back. Munati ziiiitu bwana. Yatha kale K10 mita munalandira posachedwapa kuchokera kuboma. Limbikirani kutokota akupatsani K10 mita ina. Nanga mukadya kuti popeza za HRCC zonse zinatha.

  34. MASTER PIECE says:

    Nothing new here,we are being led by criminals DPP has committed more atrocities in a few years it has been in power.
    solution to such problems is peace demonstrations and vigil until government steps down.

  35. Mzee says:

    Billy Mayaya just wait for Chakwera for you to also go to NY. You really believe the nonsense that APM did not know that 35 of his people from Thyolo were part of the delegation? Tamusiyeni Pitala ayendese dziko monga afunira till 2019. Mwatsoka adzawinanso APM so my advice is just commit suicide kuti udzithawe idzi otherwise BP ikupedzani. Next week APM akutulukanso munya muwona.

  36. Thief Nkhongoigwa says:

    Munakana Chakwera,mukuliranji lero?

  37. Muzaza says:

    A Mayaya please do not judge the book by cover. Try to be polite to the president. We know you support homo. But respect the president. You are using abusive words. Where is your human RIGHTS policy. You jack ASS. AMWENE ulemu ndi wa bwino.

  38. Shuaib says:

    Malawi wapita ku dzenje basi

  39. Concerned citizen says:

    Either this story is wrong on the fact that HE was not aware, or our country is on autopilot with free for all. This would give an idea of why our country is falling in rankings on all developmental indecies. This is extremely concerning to me.

  40. Dislabada says:

    This is a “bull shit” kind of leadership! U mean president osadziwa anthu omwe akumpelekeza paulendo? No no no no! Tinamizeni zina pilizi

  41. Kk says:

    This government is ridiculous! Impeach this buffoon

  42. Jelbin mk says:

    The president did not notice the whole delegation because he is dead alive or sleep walking as Chakwera once put it.

  43. angozo says:

    Ameneyotu abwere, atepeza tizamuwonetse kuti ndife amalawi. Azafotokoze bwino pamaso pathu ndi umboni wake Malawi wogona uja adatha pano.

  44. John says:

    Am beginning to hate some of these activists who are using their position of influence to bargain their own benefits. As soon as they get what they want they keep quit as if things are going on well. And its true our president must apologise for lying to the nation and if not for lying he should apologise for being far from his system.

  45. Ma says:

    Problem is that you just rant on papers nothing more. Mnzanu Kapito anadya chi buns kuli ziiii pano

  46. mtumbuka1 says:

    Point of correction, his thugs shot njauju and not mphwiyo, my bad.

  47. mtumbuka1 says:

    Shockingly sad. That president does not even know anything. He does not know that dpp is an architect of cashgate,he does not know that he stole elections, he does not know that under his brother’s watch 557 billion kwacha was stolen, he does not know that his thugs burnt a warehouse full of votes to avoid a recount, he does not know that dpp thugs went into a German’s diplomat and stole computers with cashgate info, he does not know that mphwiyo was shot by his dpp thugs, he did not know that his brother was bingu mutharika and not Daniel phiri, he did not know that in his plane to New York he had 115 dpp bootlickers, he does not know his mandate as a president and the list goes on… As a country we can not afford to have a president who does not know anything, in fact he does not even know that he is spending taxpayers money without shame or remorse. As a collective we are to blame because we love to entertain bullshit and when he arrives tomorrow the whole country will be dancing for him at the airport. We have a moron at the state house with a blatant disregard of his own people. He went to New York with his party friends and spent billions of taxpayers money and he comes back to morrow and then what??? Life has to go on as usual and peter has the nerve to stand on the podium saying in 2019 I’m winning again and the whole country says yes bwana… The whole country has been bewitched to put up with shit.

  48. Truth says:

    I said it once I’ll say it again. I don’t think the puppet knows how many people were in his entourage apart from the ones he had in his jet. But if you ask president Ben Phiri he surely knows because he approved the names.

  49. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    So the chiefs were part of the presidential delegation and were relevant to the UN agenda?!!
    If they were not part of presidential delegation, then they were part of Malawi delegation. So who sponsored them?!
    Why can’t the sponsors (if they exist) just come out in the open and declare that indeed we sponsored the group village headmen.

  50. Masoambeta says:


  51. Sibweni says:

    Mr President tell this nation the truth pliz. With your directive of authorising government directors to be driving government is losing huge sums of money than in the past, coz some of them have even turn them into personal cars. The cars are not even well looked after because they know that once grounded they will be given another. Some have even come to the extent of driving out of Lilongwe, for instance i saw a KIA Sorento SA5693 being driven by the director in Blantyre, this car has cost the ministry close to 9million in maintainance cost in the past 3months only. These vehicles are sometimes seen being driven by their spouses. Shame

  52. kapenandiye says:

    If the government is lying about the deligation number then the president must applogise, but if its the other way round then all those jonos and newspapers that repored this news must applogise for writing a poorly researched news. I will comment much when i have true facts about this story. I will blast the side will that has given untrue facts. See u then

  53. bar says:

    president is surrounded by rotten muppets who are misleading him.he is a stooge who is being told what to do by those around.

  54. Mwakipiki says:

    Ok so “the Malawian delegation and the presidential delegation are different?” Kikikkk, we are indeed a banana republic

  55. hey says:


  56. Bonongwe Tiyamike says:

    That’s how it is like when a nation votes for out aged people to lead them. Similar was the case of Kamuzu Banda era, when the old man was just a figure head as country was lead by Ungapake and his boys.

  57. Tili Chenene says:

    Sense! Koma Bwana State President ayenera kudziwa bwino bwino what is the bone of contention; leadership carelessness

  58. chatonda says:

    Are we going to move through this Oct,Nov to Dec quietly here in Malawi? You guess is as good as mine for sure.,

  59. angoni apaphata says:

    What kind of visaS? Visiting or diplomatic? There is a limit for diplomatic visas. Some of us are struggling to get visas for our own children. USA needs to overhaul some of its systems.

  60. Tati Kalongonda says:

    Mayaya ranted indeed!

  61. None of my bziness!

  62. msumbo rsa says:

    Billy don’t bit about the bush we’re watching u.U’ve been silent since when.You’re getting underhand we know this u want to blindfold pipo even ur house iz on the list to be torched mark my words u tink malawians are foolz very soon dpp and allays will cry harder than everb4 fuck u

  63. The real ujeni says:

    King of Zamunda Peter Mutharika and Queen of Zamunda Patricia Kaliati are out of control

  64. blessings says:

    Mmmh,Malawi dziko lovetsa chisoni,atsogoleri kumalemerera pa mutu pa anthu osaukafe ndithu,kumakapempha kunjako mudzina Kathy ndalama zikungosakazika chonchi,WHY LORD?

  65. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Jappie Mhango is an idiot and has only mucus in his head…which sponsors sponsored the Malawi delegation? The fact that APM is there, all malawians at the UN are the president’s delegation not the rubbish Jappie is vomiting. Also, if APM approved only 18 names, why didnt he show some courage and stop the rest? We are being ruled by an idiot, a clueless prof…

  66. Impeachment Agenda says:

    The Ambassador of USA to Malawi, its Ambassador, the UK High Commissioner and other donor nation’s Heads of Mission whose taxpayers money funds aid to Malawi share a responsibility for the waste of public money.
    The US Embassy should not have issued 115 visas to enable our buffoon of a President Mutharika to take his useless delegation to USA. USA should have declined to issue such a large number of visas knowing as its Ambassador did that 95% of the delegation were travelling to USA for a free holidays with expanses paid.
    And before my fellow Malawians start complaining that Malawi is not receiving aid from donors, the fact is that Malawi is still receiving some aid but not as much as Mutharika and HDT and other Indians would like to steal.

  67. tsamba says:

    Amayaya Musaonetse umbuli wanu pano. ifetu timakudalilani. Zooona mukufuna muwanamiza anthu kuti simukudziwa kuti Government funded anthu 18 and the rest were self financing. Kodi mwangofuna potukwanira President eeti? Zina ,.. abale zinazi zikupangisatu manyazi. Taziwauzanu anthu zoona zokha zokha.

    Palibe nkhani apa.

  68. NYOKA (MALAMBULE) says:

    KKKKK taking advantage of his age eti dats true bro dis man is over aged indeed.

  69. Zabwino says:

    Am sure our learned president will take action on this within 7 days by bringing to book who underrated his authority.

  70. Baba wa boy says:

    It does not mean the Malawi Government paid for the costs.

    This is a futile obsession.

  71. chivwamba says:

    He is a Mapwevupwevu president dont forget.

  72. Arrogant or useless Pitala can’t apologise. The man is wasting our time.

  73. neba says:

    Akuoneka nkhope ngati zombie ndi ndani kodi

  74. truth says:

    Apology is not enough. They must pay back the money used by these 109 people Who went shopping

  75. blessing lipengs says:

    Thank you for this information, some donors are reading this sad development in Malawi, how I wish and and pray this government of sleepwalking leadership comes to a sudden end! how I wish the NEC of DPP could have the courage to recall Peter muntharika but what a shame DPP is owned by mutharika family.I have no doubt DPP will be in opposition longer than MCP .Pls Malawians let’s give MCP a chance to lead us ,this is the only hope left for Malawians

  76. Only Democrat Left says:

    .Malawians should be asking US Embassy why USA condones this abuse of public funds by facilitating 115 visas for this corrupt I competent President Mutharka to take with him to USA. Surly donor nations have a fiduciary obligation to Malawians as as friends and providers of aid funded by taxpayers in donor nations to help Malawians to stop our leaders conducting themselves as Arab Shieks by disregarding our concerns.

  77. Malawiyano says:

    This dunderhead he thinks as if he is in the air , he knew he was going to America and he started by playing fools as if he was going to Goliat village where donors would not know the number of people were going with him . Going to America security starts from the day you were born and the day when you will die , what a hell does he think about the Americans from day one when he started off going to America the Americans knew each and every person’s career , the pants he or she was warring and the background history not the like the Nicklaus Dausi’s way of intelligence ?
    Americans are guarding their country 96 hours a day , that’s total security that’s why they were annoyed with their taxpayers money being misused by an African idiot which had cost him to get zero out of hundred on IMF examination test.

    This is the worst head of state to be in the history book of Malawi.

  78. aah says:

    The 115 went there to fill up his empty lecture at Yale kkkkkkkk

  79. nobel says:

    Surely Mr. Bill Mayaya is right to say no donor can fund such huge entourage from Malawi considering that the same donors have lost trust with govt of Malawi that it’s just a black lie to insinuate that donor bankrolled delegates to the UNGA. It clearly shows how desperate Malawi govt is on this issue. Let’s soberly agree that DPP led govt has miserably failed us on this issue.

  80. Mwana wa Mchewa. says:

    Cry My Beloved Country. Every politician engage to politics just to get rich fast.

  81. rasta says:


  82. Che bikiloni says:

    Mapwevupwevu gvt

  83. Jude says:

    But Mr president don’t forget th@ it was u who was going up and down looking for our votes, today u can’t even listen to the poor? U even gave the powers to directors to be driving government vehicles they are abusing them and it is also costing taxpayers money, they have even turn these into personal cars even to the extent of being driven by their spouses. What u have to know is that the maintainance costs have risen since the introduction of this, they don’t even care because they know that once the vehicles are grounded they will be given another. Some are even driving out of Lilongwe comfortably. I spotted a KIA Sorento in Blantyre being driven by a Director of Planning registration SA 5693; and yet this car has cost close to 8.5million kwacha in maintainance costs within a period of 3months if u want to prove this u go and check at HTD. Leave the job to the professions they know how to handle these things

  84. Bob says:

    Eventually the truth shall be known a good leader must get to root of it and punish those that are causing him to loose credibility and look stupid

  85. Sir Bentby says:

    this President is hopeless, helpless, his head is full of cobwebs

  86. Mwaona Kuzikonda kwa APm ndi DPP? Kaya a Malawi anatiloza ndi ndani kuti tizisekelela zopusa ngati zimenezi. Moti amachita zimenezi poti amadzwa kuti a Malawi ndi amantha palibe cjomwe angachite, dziko lasanduka lawo tsopano. Ambuye akanalowelelapo ndithu chifukwa 2019 ndi kale.

  87. Okhrana says:

    Che billy mayaya! Umboni katengeni kwa mayi Kaliya

  88. OBSERVER says:


  89. abale says:

    So it was true,and yet these bimbos have been refuting this allegetion strongly,so 109 people were drawing allowances just for shopping in newyork,hahaha,peter mutharika just step down because this is just too much,

  90. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Ife tamva kale kwa mai Ema Kaliya kuti much talk on this is mere politics. being given a US Visa is not equivalent to being paid for by Malawi government. Koma ma NGO ena umbuli siuzatha ndithu. Too much talk out of no research. Like the rantings of one Ntata on Mphwiyo without a substantiated evidence, only to look foolish later on. B the way, where is this puncky girl, Martha Kwataine?

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