US missionary admits sexually abusing Malawi orphan boys: One of whom had HIV

A Texas missionary has admitted molesting eight children at an orphanage in Malawi, the US Justice Department says according to Sky News report.

Campbell admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong

Campbell admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong

Gerald Campbell, 66, used his position as general manager of the home to lure his victims into his accommodation and sexually assault them.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday in a Texas magistrate’s court to one count of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place.

Sky News reports that Campbell admitted engaging in sexual acts with eight minors between 1997 and 2009 in Malawi.

All the victims were orphans living at the Victory Christian Children’s Home.

One boy was suffering from HIV.

Campbell admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he thought nobody would believe the victims if they reported the abuse.

He also acknowledged to the authorities he sent money to some of the minors in an attempt to buy their silence.

Campbell was a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Odessa, which had ties with the children’s home.

US Homeland Security agents began investigating him in June 2014 after receiving a tip-off.

One boy told investigators he went to the orphanage in 1999 after losing both of his parents.

He said Campbell abused him, sometimes on a nightly basis, over eight months, the Sky News reported.

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14 thoughts on “US missionary admits sexually abusing Malawi orphan boys: One of whom had HIV”

  1. Henry says:



  2. john phiri says:

    ntchito za mathanyula. Cedep ikaona choncho imakondwa. Aliyense wamathanyula will burn in hell. Azungu are dirty pigs, nasty human beings, filthy animals. They literary eat human dung, komanso kusamba kamodzi every two weeks.

  3. Paster Phiri banda says:

    All theeeeeese whites are the same they come in the name of god and all of them do theeeeese things only one is caught the rest escape we should not allow theeeeese missionaries to come to Africa period

  4. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan says:

    How much ‘aid’ was ‘promised’ to Malawi – and diverted to Panama / Switzerland / the Cayman Islands for this pervert to be allowed to flee the country?

    Why are Malawi’s politicians, ‘leaders’, lawyers and judges INTIMIDATED BY CERTAIN FOREIGN TYPES?

  5. Bring him here in malawi mob justice is waiting for him

  6. unknown says:

    bring him to maula, anyapala will shag his pale white ass

  7. salemika says:

    Too much trust in foreigners. And we fail to support our own Malawian who are working for a true and good cause

  8. Yonass says:

    No secreted issues under the earth, i don’t have much to erabolate as you look our subject above, is well explained

  9. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    —–GOD FEARING NATION—- my ass!!! We couldn’t even take this asshole to court or burn him instead we left him to be prosecuted by the same westerners we blame for teaching us christianity? Yes – this is what christianity is all about – don’t lie to yourself. This business of evangelicals is a pretence for fargots, motherfuckers, child molesters, wife beaters, cashgate enthusiasts like Bushiri and JB and we can go on and on ……… Let’s forget this nonsense of christianity and God fearing Nation bullshit and work 7 days a week to develop our nation. We waste time with silly holidays like christmas, easter, Kamuzu Day and all the others instead of all of us getting low and into business. If we shut down all holidays for 5 years, trust me – this country will be somewhere – if we all worked on saturdays and sundays – my god – what development

  10. DADA says:

    Such a sad story. I hope the charity concerned gives some counselling and support to the abused children. Little consolation that the abuser has confessed, there are MANY others and God help the poor victims suffering in silence.

  11. yankee says:

    Christians again!

    Another crazy christian is the black bishop of north Malawi who stops his car and starts taking photos of the dead just to update his status on FB.

    The christianity business I guess!

    1. Nabetha says:

      KKKKKK!!!!! sindimafuna kuseka but your comment has changed my mood. Chabwino tamva amwene.

  12. ANALYST says:

    If this was a Catholic priest, there would have been lots of nasty things talked about how evil the Catholic Church is! And how its policy and doctrine of celibacy is leading priests into molesting children! Now look at this pastor of yours (who I presume was (is) married) but still ended up molesting children! This and many other cases of infidelity among you, yes YOU who is married but cheats on your partner does not support the reasoning that celibacy is a contributing factor to child abuse by religious leaders!

    On the matter at hand, this is bad – and would love to see him at Maula prison!

  13. Amwali says:

    Why the hell is he in an American court ?? Bring his dirty ass to a Malawian prison . We trust in these people too much look now

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