US threatens to pull out malaria drug aid package to Malawi

US government has threatened to pull out malaria drug aid package in public hospitals unless the Malawi government takes serious action on theft of the medicine.

Zeimer and US Ambassador Virginia adressing the press in Lilongwe

Zeimer and US Ambassador Virginia adressing the press in Lilongwe

Rear Admiral Tim Zeimer

Rear Admiral Tim Zeimer

Virginia Palmer, US ambassador to Malawi sounded the warning Tuesday afternoon at a news briefing in Lilongwe.

Palmer did not mince words but directly attacked the Malawi government for its passiveness on drug theft in public hospitals which she said is now reaching alarming levels.

“We want to see perpetrators locked up, we want to see officials involved fired not transferring them to other hospital,” said Palmer.

If implemented, the move would risk over six million Malawians, especially children who get the free malaria medicine in public hospitals.

“I dont think the American tax payer would be happy to see the medicine they are funding are found on shop shelves for sale,” she said.

The US provides 95 % of all malaria medicine in public hospitals in Malawi through the President Malaria Initiative and if America stops supplying the medicine, the situation would worsen the already crippled health facilities hit by the worst economic situation.

Research shows that 25 per cent of medial drugs in public hospitals are stolen, usually by members of staff who connive with owners of private hospitals.

Palmer explained that her government will stop supplying the malaria drug to hospitals hit most by theft.

“We want to see better accountability of the medicine,” she said.

At least 6.3m Malawians had malaria last year alone

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34 thoughts on “US threatens to pull out malaria drug aid package to Malawi”

  1. mukharapwiyo says:

    Unfortunately Few Would Take Heed Of This.Can Anybody Think About This: assume you have a relative who don’t have money,food,and her/his house collapsed due to heavy rains, is sleeping in a tent right now,have 9 children btwn 19 to 1 years old.relative sends SOS to you.u send K22,000.If u hear that bcoz of this money your relative has started drinking heavily,involved in juga,is procuring other partners for sex,has bought latest mode of cellphone would u be happy.if we say no strings shd be attached aren’t we the same people who tell our children not to misuse pocket money when they go to a boarding is hard to find whether in Israel, Norway, Burundi, Uruguay And Nobody Gets Happy When His/her Money Is Misused By Somebody

  2. masa masina says:

    Yes! go a head and cut off the aid. The poor(6m) or free raiders should learn to look after themselves. It is not fair that 500000 people who are paying tax in this country should pay for the health care of 6 million people.

  3. chilipaine says:


  4. Kondwani says:

    Ms Palmer, please stop giving hangouts. Let people start to fed on their own, please please. We will never learn, we will never be responsible, if you do this.

    1. Hd says:

      Kondwani you a fool sukudziwa chimene ukunena

  5. Nyamakumutu says:

    This Ambassador is too talkative we have had some before but this one eish

  6. Decent Citizen says:

    Probably we should auction this stupid country with its sleepy citizen to some rich countries.It seems everything is not working.Even if America pulls out the Malaria aid,it is the ordinary Malawians who are going to suffer not the thieves.The thieves have the money and get into next plane to get some better healthcare in some foreign countries.People with stolen money do not care for others.

  7. Khamani!! says:

    Mwayaluka mmxxii!!! Take the aid back USA .. If people can’t appreciate and properly apply the aid … Give it to somebody else . At this point I’m almost certain that there is a troop of baboons that is more organized than Malawians …. Stealing medicine for your people and needing foreigners to tell you not to do that ? Wow !


    Ya. Threats keep coming and the people keep dying. Who really cares if millions of black africans die. Malawian politicians definatley dont care that is why these neo colonialists who milk the hidden natural resources can sit in their pseudo self righteouness and say people are stealing malaria medicine. GTFO. Malawi was here before the US EMBASSY IT WILL CONTINUE . Atleast our country is not built on the backs of covincts and slavery. Only the strongest will survive with or with out these hypocritical donor aid. FOTSEKI

  9. I have always said that the biggest problem in our country is failure to hold a wrong doer accountable. Unfortunately in governance we say this is poor leadership. if Drugs are found in shops (we have evidence ) why not arrest the shopkeeper in the first place that will lead to who delivered to him then the health officer will easily be netted. But since it is mwana wa chemwali she/he is untouchable. We must root out this stupidity because it will hurt the poor malawian very badly really sad. Otherwise why is it so difficult to end stealing ! I can not understand this. Or are we Malawians that daft !

  10. Kenkkk says:

    This is all about instilling good governance which this dpp govt is so far terribly failing. We see some dpp zealots condemning the USA for telling them the truth about this dpp govt poor governance.

    At each medical institution, those responsible for keeping drugs or medicines should be held responsible. Surely there must be some mechanism put in place to ensure that no medicines are stolen at hospitals or clinics. Private pharmacies and hospitals should be tasked to account the sourcing of their medicines.

    You will see this dpp govt running to beg from China for malaria medicines rather than tackle the underlying thieving and poor governance problems on medicines. So China you think is the one tolerating thieving of medicines? Is that really solving our perennial thieving problems?

    it is very good that the west keep reminding us of our shortcomings, let them be a thorn in our flesh to keep us on our toes.

  11. Neema says:

    Basi Tamva khalani pansi

  12. sangomaaa says:

    pull out!!!…We don’t need anything that sounds like aid…We got strong herbs in here..U satanists!!

  13. Yoswa Kangazi says:

    Amalawi tizafika kuti ndikubela anthu osauka odwala ana amasiye ndiolemala. Mbiri yathu ikuipabe, chonde tiyeni tione kuti tizakala tikuipitsa dzina yaboma chifukwa cha kadzanja ka anthu osakhulupilika. Up to when are we going to understand that a government is us people then why do we steal our own things for the good of few individuals? Who are we going to trust since everyone needs a great part for himself and share a little potion to the majority? It’s sad sure very very sad………

  14. Funzo says:

    Male Rear Admiral Tim Zeimar, whoever he is and unmentioned in the text, features more highly in the photographs than the Female Ambassador, Virginia Palmer. Sexism?

  15. everybody wants a prado says:

    that’s the best solution, no more aid. you’ve got your own problems. ife ndi anthu okanika basi. no compassion, no empathy, no pride, no foresight. the more you give us, the more we’ll just keep stealing. we will never stop until we have nobody left to beg, borrow or steal from. just look at what the cashgate mafia did to their own countrymen.

  16. mphatso says:

    where is Dausi and his NGA?this is what they should be passionate about. We don’t need America to donate and the police the stuff for it to reach the people hey mother Malawi kuchulutsa kusolola.Please do a forensic audit in all private hospitals clinics and whatever check their orders,where they come from and the like. call me if you need help. Njala nthenda Nsanje umbava must be added pa anthem. pathetic……….

  17. Makishoni Gowelo says:

    The solution is not pulling out your assistance if you really had the best interests of Malawians at heart in the first place. This is what’s wrong with government, you think government can administer programs like these – no!! Now that you said the medicines are found on shop shelves for sale – yes – then let u find a modus to subsidize the medicines so that people buy them at low cost through the subsidy program that also creates jobs to many shop owners in rural Malawi.
    We do not have enough medical centers to hand out malaria drugs and yet every granny in Malawi knows how to diagnoze malaria and administer the drug. By finding ways to incentivize business to stock and supply the medicines, we actually can have a sustainable solution, easy to sanction a small shop owner of he price gauges than the central hospital that lacks accountability all around

  18. Concerned health provider says:

    CHAM as well as government hospitals depend on antimalarials from US funds. This action, though a response to a serious problem, would mean a death sentence to hundreds of thousands of children because of the sins of others. There must be a more just and workable solution found.

  19. Josophat Returns says:

    To be honest with you guys I don’t think it’s a good idea to allow any individuals to run drugstores in Malawi. Before multiparty the only allowed store was Malawi Pharmacies Limited (MPL). The other leakage is from nurses and clinicians who have opened clinics in this country. The other group is the one that sell these drugs in markets.



    PETER MUTHALIKA DO YOU HEAR ME? For once become the autocrat and reign on these guys. It’s too much. Get your attorney general to draft A MEDICAL THEFT CONTROL BILL (2015) for quick parliament approval.

    I am also deeply concerned.

  20. Kandapako says:

    Pull out USA pull out! This is shear neocolonialism. Do you think Malawi will perish without your aid? This land and its people were here before USA and it shall be here after USA.

  21. bwanankubwa says:

    Merciless civil servants(health officers). Selling mg drug isn’t different from day witchcraft. You are killers. Please! Americans, forgive these thieves.

  22. Dominic says:

    Virginia Palmer, why talk to the media and not Government?. You leave a lot to be desired. American government should talk to Malawi government and not media. Who told you that media is government. This is typical of America – good at working with opponents of governments and cause violence. You did this in Lybia, Egypt, Afghanstan, e.t.c.

    You have your own challenges in America – who comes and tells you what to do?. There are many thieves in America – corruption is high in America – who does not know that?.

    Don’t pretend that we need you most than you need us – in fact you need us more and that is why you still are in Malawi. If Malawi is not a good place to stay, why not go back to America?.

  23. Nyera nyera says:

    Malawi uli pa tsoka

  24. anamalira says:

    Mulungu apanga njira popanda njira sure . tingomusiya Mulungu akhale Mulungu amalawi tikunzunzika .amen

  25. chechipapwiche says:

    Where, in Malawi can we find honest and responsible citizens? Nowhere and that is Malawi. Kuba pena paliponse. In government, NGOs, even in the church.

  26. Luke Gear says:

    Zikudya pomwe azimangilira mbuzizo

  27. Mai Aspe says:

    Chonde Tikondeni Musaleke Kutithandiza

  28. Thermistocles says:

    Let them do whatever they want to do. We’re fed up with these so called aid. Too many rules to follow,too many does n donts. Just recently they’ve given us millions dollar aid but with something attached to it. The agenda being that there should be same sex marriage in Malawi. The big problem is that the man in authority is a 33 degree freemason and these will go on smoothly.

    GOD HELP MALAWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. kwali says:


    Let us stop medicinegate My fellow Malawians otherwise if these guys revoke supplying Malaria medicine to us then the situation will be more than worse to us.

  30. Issa Kabudula says:

    Kuba mankhwala in Malawi is just a norm. Many of my friends who at one time were nurses and doctors are in business, some fired due to stealing of medication. Some they were even banned not to practice any medical profession in Malawi. Its a problem which need to be addressed in a hrry, anthu aphunzisidwe moral regeneration and umunthu.

    The medication you are stealing you sale at very less when the government has paid a lot of money.

  31. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Africans and particularly Malawians are too selfish to rule themselves. For this reason I hate to be Malawian. I think democracy created a nasty mentality in Malawians of not knowing what is right or wrong. What so cruel a nation!

  32. Siyani !!! Bwampini asova!!!!

  33. Here in Dublin says:

    Useless government, busy partying and buying cars.

Comments are closed.

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