Use bins, Blantyre City Council urges residents: PIL donates

Blantyre residents have been encouraged to utilize the concrete bins placed in various places in the City if cleanliness is to be achieved.

Concrete bins donated by PIL

Concrete bins donated by PIL

Stop littering, use these bins

Stop littering, use these bins

Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has provided its pledge of 50 concrete bins worth K10 million in support of Keep Blantyre Clean and Green initiative according to the statement released by Blantyre City Council on Thursday.

PIL General Manager Enwell Kadango says the company has fulfilled its pledge made during the launch of the initiative.

Says Kadango: “From PIL point of view, we fill we have fulfilled our pledge. Blantyre is our City and we are happy to see the concrete bins in various streets of the City.”

“Our call to the City is to increase the frequency of bin emptying so that the refuse does not stay for too long. Currently the City refuse collection truck passes around on Friday only, this may need to be increased so that the refuse does not accumulate and overflow to the ground,” he says

“Petroleum Importers Limited is pleased to have achieved its corporate role in helping the City of Blantyre and Limbe look clean. We know there are many well-wishers out there who have also assisted Blantyre City Council in many ways and we together we can make Blantyre a clean City. The Board of Directors of PIL are expressing their gratitude for this noble work and look forward to seeing the City cleanliness improve as time goes by,” says Kadango.

Blantyre City Council has thanked Petroleum Importers Limited for their kind gesture which will go a long way in stopping littering as people will have no excuse and has promised that they will make sure the bins are emptied regularly.

“We are pleased that PIL has placed these concrete bins around our City. This is a good gesture which will go a long way in stopping littering as people will have no excuse,” says Anthony Kasunda, BCC public relations manager.

“We are consequently reminding all residents to make use of the bins and avoid throwing rubbish anyhow and that it is everybody’s responsibility to help in maintaining and improving the cleanliness of Blantyre City. On our part as a Council, we will make sure we empty the bins regularly,” he says.

The provision of the concrete bins was done under the supervision of the City Council Health Department with assistance from the building section of the Engineering Department. The bins were made by Hygiene Village Project based in Chirimba.

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legal department

“Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has provided its pledge of 50 concrete bins worth K10 million in support of Keep Blantyre Clean and Green ….. ” so basically each bin cost MK200,000. Chamba eti. Wina wadyapo. Musati pusitse.

William Shakesbeer

Malawians are so funny.
I’m also surprised,maybe these bins are imported from USA…
Hahaha Malawi sazatheka…

We need special focus on educating people the reason behind using these bins. Malawians have habits entrenched in their blood of throwing garbage through the min bus tax windows, on roads, rivers and streams even Kunyera mu mitsinje kumene throwing rubbish at the back yards causing too many mosquito breeding areas etc. We lost the meaning of hygiene and it means to leave in clean environments. You got a lot to do in educating these citizens. It is not just about proving facilities but training too just like it is demonstrated in the use of condoms and not just their… Read more »

What thievery. MK200,000 for each of the concrete bins. when are you Malawians going to stop this bad behaviour of stealing. Even if you had asked a local Malawians enterprenour for qoute. You thieves at PIL

dj mpoto

Mbava izi. That concrete can’t cost 200 pin

malawi the poorest country in the world
malawi the poorest country in the world

guys, kukonda umbava bwanji? bin ya k17,000 iyi…nayi breakdown yake..

(jig ya matabwa k1,500…cement bag k7,000…quarry k2,000…mchenga k1,000…labour k2,000…m’memo k500…hire ya pick-up k3,000…madzi ulele)

Mr M Kabaza

Someone at PIL just wanted to steal money, no ways each of these bins would cost MK200,00. ACB can you please probe these thieves, what a waste of tax payer money, you could have hire malawian builder to buid better things for you but I am sure you preferred to give an asian the money you you get a little back in kick back. Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Not

Please cant you put a picture of a better looking lady. How can we attract tourists with this lady in the pic!!!!


Most bins are overflowing already and City authorities have no capacity to empty them. So gabbage is flowing round the bins. No work done.

My questions is, how do you empty a concrete bin unless you have plastics placed inside them, which is not the case.


Look where the bin is stationed, the ground is littered with cholera, yack! dirty Malawians

Tili Chenene

Blantyre City has Mayor not these other cities

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