‘Useless govt’ MP Mzomera Ngwira blasts DPP: MPs demand ‘genuine’ audit report

Mzimba Hora MP Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira (People’s Party) on Wednesday in parliament blasted the Peter Mutharika administration as “useless government” as members of Parliament (MPs) demanded what they called a “genuine” report into the mismanagement of funds in government before the 2015/16 national budget is approved.

Ngwira:  We approve the budget so the DPP should  keep stealing

Ngwira: We approve the budget so the DPP should keep stealing

Kamlepo: Where is the genuine report?

Kamlepo: Not correct version

Mzomera Ngwira also rose on a point of order to demand that the Committee of Supply—which scrutinises and passes budget allocations vote by vote—be suspended to pave the way for debate on the report.

Calling the government side “mbava” [thieves] Ngwira retorted: “You want us to approve the budget here so that you can continue stealing. We cannot allow that. We do not want that. Completely nonsense! Useless government!”

The Speaker ruled him out of order for standing before he was recognised.

Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party-PP), who is also vice-chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, rejected the report which Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe deposited with Parliament, claiming it was not the correct version.

Gondwe presented a data analysis report titled ‘Final Analysis Report: Reconstruction of the Malawi Government Cashbook for Purposes of Further Investigation’ which indicates that K577 billion cannot be accounted for in the government’s bank statements between 2009 and 2014.

Kalua, who is also vice-chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, insisted that the report presented was “irregular” and demanded a genuine audit report with details of perpetrators which he claimed government was hiding.

“So we need the genuine report but not this one and that is misleading the country. The Minister indeed has given us the copy to this House when the actual, forensic one, is not yet in here,” said Kalua.

“We demand that one to come into this House so that we can debate on this or can be referred to the Public Accounts Committee. Maybe the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee is aware that may be he was given the actual copy but not this one. So, I wanted to find out if the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee has the original copy of forensic auditing,” said Kalua.

Finance Minister Gondwe did not respond to Kalua’s demand as the House had gone past adjournment.

Parliament’s PAC is expected to discuss the report during meetings which start after Parliament rises on July 3.

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59 thoughts on “‘Useless govt’ MP Mzomera Ngwira blasts DPP: MPs demand ‘genuine’ audit report”

  1. kondwani malawi says:

    ziliku malawi kaya 577billion mmmmmm guys its 2mch


  3. Mathanyuladzikolamulaka says:

    At no. 8 Malibwe…so how come southern region opted to vote for this idiot of a president?? Is there no one in south who has abit of brains and not afraid of a woman like Joyce Banda? Is Peter Mathanyula the best you could come up with..Oooooh shame!!!! He is such a dog!!!!!

  4. Kondwani says:

    Mumalankhulalankhula zambiri mumayesa DPP ndiyomwe inawononga ndalama mwaona nokha tsopano kuti PP ndiye inaba ndalama zambiri . Pajatu mumafuna report ndiye ndilimeneri mwayamba kupezeka amene munaba.

  5. Toothless MPs, useless, why are you in paliament?what are you doing there?You were voted for What? We need to move!if people are stealing, arrest them,,, it be who arrest quick if government is failing, move out we need to move!

  6. Dziko likulowera kuti? a Malawi segukani mmaso mwagona for a long time. How long will you keep sleeping zovesa chisoni 577 billion kwacha sipano inu kumasekerela

  7. ju says:

    number 42, you are a tribalist. you hate tumbukas only why? criticism is what is called democracy. without criticisms government can not run. Open your eyes a see that all democratic presidents after Kamuzu were involved in cashgate. They are all sheilding themselves. muluzi is being shielded, so is bingo, joyce, and the new president peter. they are all thieves.

  8. Kadifwa says:

    Tsikulina tsikulina zonse izi zikubisika lero zidzawulilika its amatter of tym.

  9. Quiet Corner says:

    Nthandalanda,you are a disgrace. You are making comments out of the blues. Check the report and you will see that K360bn was lost during PP era. Whether you like it or not its there. For your information,there is no Forensic Audit report. This is yet to be done and according to government,it will take 10 months. The German government has expressed willingness to fund it. Its not Alimwayi who is stupid,but you who is dull and ignorant due to your hatred of DPP. Make informed comments,Nthandalanda

  10. edda mwalweni says:

    Bwana president mwayamba kutenga mafumu kupita nawo kunja. Ulendo wa ku Mozambique amakatani? You want to buy sympathy from mbuli za mafumu eti? Mutha nayo k92billion bwana

  11. kagunde pamwamba says:

    Ulamuliro wapita kwa which rightful people?. Stupid ideas aMalawi.

  12. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Coocked report

  13. nthandalanda says:

    Ali mwayi, you are so stupid. Had it been PP stole MK 350 billion, DPP would not have hidden the actual forensic audit report of MK 577 billion stolen during your DPP reign. I don’t think you love this country. I doubt if you are not part of this theft. I believe most of this mess was caused by your DPP leader now running the show. Stay quiet if you have nothing to say, please!

  14. joze says:

    Stupid supporting of thugs

  15. OBSERVER says:


  16. Che ngongoliwa says:

    William where you come from matters most in term of how you react.check on this online newspaper almost 70 percent of current government critics are Tumbukas seconded by Chewa at 26 percent with Lomwe at only 4 percent.Even our history is very rich with how tumbukas have been fighting the government in and out. Mind you in 1989 I was at government secondary school and that was the year when Kamuzu chased out all the Tumbukasa from other regions back home. Altthough teachers from other regions were also chased but main targtes were the Tumbukas.get this incase you were a breast feeder by then.

    So william I am not either stupid or ignarant. Its you who is ignorant and stupid as well. I am alfraid if you know any accounting principle to back you up when saying to back up your argument. Unfortunately the report is saying PP embezzled over K350 billion in 2013. Check page 2, nation dated 25 June 2015.Then useless Tumbukas what are saying? Dont you know that cashgate brokeout during JB. Why dint you make noise that time? Is it because of JB, Richard Banda and VP Kachali, and Enock Chihana. The government was in your hand , you could have changed a lot, including Feudalism. Thus why center and south is surprised as why of the sudden against the government. Unfortunately nobody will held responsible except stupid JB and company. Goodall Gondwe knows what auditing is all about. No body can open his door for the hungry lion at all.Not only senior officers but even junior staff are on the look out as such no body will be arrested over this. I mean we once beaten twice or thrice shy. Enough was enough for midnight six. That team can not allow nonsense the way Mzomera thinks.

    Let these big six develop this country come to the road traffic and see for yourself how physical monetary control has been put in place under economic reforms of DPP.

  17. nthawi yafika says:

    PP will never rule Malawi again. Zija zinali za ngozi. Ulamuliro Mulungu wabwezera kwa rightfull party DPP

  18. Sanjani Pepetu Kamnoli says:

    Chitsime chimaoneka chakuya madzi akatha. Let love lead.

  19. Alimwayi says:

    I’m made to believe that we have some MPs who speak to make their presence known with useless and nonsensical arguments. The report presented clearly states that about K350bn was lost during PP regime and Ngwira as well as Kamlepo have the courage to stand and point fingers at DPP when it is their party that stole the money. The noise is just to misrepresent facts to Malawians,but we are too wise to be fooled. The behaviour of some MPs like Ngwira who think failure to pass the budget is a punishment to government is something I don’t understand. Seriously,these MPs should remember they represent us and no sane Malawian would wish to see our MPs stalling the budget when most Malawians are suffering. The budget,Ngwira and Kabwila,is not for the government. It is for Malawians. You shouldnt forget that as MPs,you are an arm of the government and should therefore stop thinking that DPP is government. If the DPP led government fails to provide services,all Malawians including your constituents in Mzimba,Rumphi and Salima will suffer. Let PP explain what happened with the K350bn as DPP explains the whereabouts of the remainder. The report is covering the period till December 2014. Musatinamize akumudzi. A Kamlepo original mufunayo ndi iti? Was the firm conducting a forensic audit or what? Aaaa,andale mwatikwana tsano!!

  20. Dzikoli linachuluka ndi mbuli zomwe zimangovota subjectively! Kungidziwa kuberekana without thinking of mawa. mbava zimenezi take adv of such ppo.

  21. Nalimata says:

    Kikikik this mad man Ngwira of PP says the DPP is usless and yet all Malawians consider the mighty DPP to be a very useful and caring government that’s why they unanimouls voted it into power , essentially booting Ngwira’s useless PP out. Shaame!!

  22. VYOTO says:


  23. william says:

    c phodo ur stuped and ignorants a lot of money is missing here and what u can say is atumbuka. How much did JB took frm pls give us that report now? And how much did munthalikazi stealing frm us? U ppl don’t think this country becoming poor and poor cause of such ppl like u mc phodo whatever u call yourself. Don’t deal with where I come frm deal with the issues that killing us malawians.


    Tiyeni tiwakwapule a hlomwe abwerere kwao ku Mozambique. Mtundu wachabe, ntchito kuba ndi ufiti. Malawi anali bwino nthawi ya Kamuzu osati tikuonazi anthu angozilemeretsa. Za chamba basi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. George phiri says:

    Mps are a bunch of fools, organised thugs. Munganya Gondwe has lost his respect. He has lied alot to cover up these stupid politicians. Wait guys !!!!!! Where is Ken Lipenga? Oooo noooo!!!!!!!! that guy was sooo good untill the nation discovered he was a f*****kn liar. Guys learn that politics is useless. Mwaona Lutepo pano dzamvutatu.

  26. We need God fearing Leaders thus the answer

  27. GaluMtsukwa says:

    Dziko lazitsiru ili and no wonder timavotera zitsiru into positions. Malawi will never develop. Mark my words.

  28. Bristol says:

    I write to inform ‘Maximum Prison” that Hon Ngwira is development conscious in his constituency and people like him. He may seem useless to you but not the people of his constituency.

  29. McPho says:

    DPP is respecting Malawians , and highly for that matter. But Malawians are just too sensitive and curious over trivias. No body was caught stealing money and this 500 mita iscoming form unconfirmed sources. Mark my ways. DPP has been there for almost a year before this shit by Germans or whatever you call it. There is no way Goodall can leave these issues unattended. These guys cleared everything. The government can do something just to fool the auditors company. Again no junior staff can allow to be arrested at all. So everyone was take cover to the presence of these foreign auditors.the statements produced by the auditors will be reconciled very soon. Mark my words. Goodall is an expert in bank statement reconciliation. He was reconciling all the world accounts at the world bank. What more with petit Malawi? Thus why the auditors were unable to tally payments and relevant records.These time the big six are busy creating the vouchers which are missing. After all auditors cant be smarter than the owner of the offices. You have the right to tell them to wait for the correct records while the are creating the new ones. If Malawias are very clever and smart you could have asked , why only juniors have been arrested for cashgate? Who was authorising the payments. You just shut up your mouth and letting small fish rotting. Then you are talking shit here. Kukhuta bonya basi. I mean even JB said she knows who shot Mphwiyo, but the case is dragging up to now because lack of vidence yet JB has it. Why CSOs you have not come out to demand for her head. Agaru inu umphawi ndiye wakula.

  30. Patriot says:

    Paja munkati mukufuna anthu ophunzira, ndi zimenezotu.
    Ndani madeya amasokosa nthawi ija? Mwalemera? Mesa tikuvutika tonse apa.
    Pulofesa ndiye kuti chani?

  31. kanyimbi says:

    I remember Mzomera Ngwira was also a DPP member. So why fooling us now? Forsake kagweleni uko nonse ndinu okuba.

  32. Tho, U r attacking thiz mpz left and right we know U cadets the story here z abt stolen money no matter who steal when which party malawians in general need answers don’t be stupid by attacking individuals U foolz.

  33. Ntakataka says:

    This may not sit well in many quarters but I truly believe we need our colonial masters to come back and govern. 51 years of “Independence” with nothing to show for. We have miserably failed to govern ourselves……what a shame!

  34. Kadakwiza says:

    DPP don’t respect Malawians, the only way for Malawians to start respecting each other is Civil War. If we can fight each other for say, about 3 to 5 years, its we can start respecting each other. DPP akudelelela kwambiri. They don’t see others as people. The only way for DPP to respecting other people is through a gun. How can these leaders steal up K577 billion yet they say they are there to selve the people of Malawi. Only a gun can solve the problems in Malawi. The government system don’t respect the people and they steal the way they want. Every election in Malawi had been controversial. Why? Because the leaders they don’t have respect.

    1. Mwafulirwa says:

      Nanunso inu stop politicizing everything. Is it only DPP’s figure in all your honest and seriousness? Deep down your heart you know PP’s share from that figure is above K400 billion. Palinso wabwino apa? Utumbukawu taziuvulani nthawi zina inu aaa mumatichitisa manyazi ife kaya.

  35. Mc Phodo says:

    What I have discovered is that all the MPs are crooks? Cashgate was discovered by these useless PP members if it was discovering not sliping through their fingers. Mzomera why did you not equate passing budget and cashgate during PP or JB who is still at large till now. Or are you jealous that the access to cash in the budget is not on your table. You are useless people. Fore sake. How many people were taken to court by JB? She knows who shot Mphwiyo, she even know the ones who cashgated our taxes yet you and her did not do anything. Mzomera watch our your mouth. Idiots. Tumbukas are lost and are confusionists.

    Two things which the same educated and clever people considered good things and now they are saying the very same things are bad:
    A. idea of feudalism.why you did not do it when you were in government. You are highbreed FOOLS
    B. Cashgates mushroomed during the PP regime but they were docile. I mean even DPP’s cashgate was revealed by JB and what action was taken. For sure DPP is at least active in handling cashgate cases.

  36. Maximum Prison says:

    When digging a hole, make sure its not too deep coz may be its you the digger who gonna fall into it! Opposition MPs and people as a whole thought the report will dwell on K92 billion but alas! Here we are! It’s now the PP who are the main Cash gaters! Nzomera Ngwira change ur title from Reverend to useless opportunist! You have nothing to offer to your people in your constituency. How long have you been in parliament and how much have your constituents benefitted?

  37. Alufeyo says:

    DPP is the mastermind behind cashgate. However there is noway more than 500 billion can be stolen and still deliver services. Yes we i DPP are thieves but not to that extent. In addition ife we still through suppliers by overchargin osati like this. Abale fisi anakana mlandu wakuba sugar.

  38. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ambuye munkalangiratu pompo pompo. Mkazi wa Loti, pompo, anyamata ankafuna kuteteza likasa lanu aja, pompo. Nanga bwanji mbavazi, achina Pitalawa simukufuna kulanga pompo pompo. Tilange tokha kodi Ambuye? Chifukwa nzotheka ndithu kuti titero populumutsa misonkho yathu.

  39. Avilla says:

    Mr Ngwira u make noise so that the president should be giving you money as he did when you barked federalism like a mad dog? Useless MP! Shupit!!

  40. John Kapito says:

    Bravo opposition Mps Thus what we call scrutiny.

  41. mulopwana says:

    That’s what we want MPs to be doing .Hold that GVT accountable…………mbava zimenezo…
    there is no way German Gvt can fund for an audit analysis ..no…. they funded for an audit report ..VIVA MZOMERA AND KAMLEPO.Malawians wake up…………Kumphasa shud resign…….

  42. OMalindi says:

    Ndalama Anaba Ndi Omwewa A Chipani Ch Peoples Party

  43. wakale says:

    Mzomera have you forgotten the LDF and CDF moneys you stole..from mzimba.check out

  44. A Ngwira, now it’s time for Joice Banda to come back just because it is her who pointed that cashgate began with DPP. What you should know is that the noise you Ngwira, kamlepo, kabwila and company are making there in Parliament, one day you will swallow your tongue and you will know Mlhomwe is Mlhomwe. There will be a twist over this matter ndipo iwe Ngwira udziwanso. mark this!

  45. mlangizi wankulu says:

    Does this idiot Ngwira know that according to the audit report most of the looting (about K350 billion) was stolen during his PP rule? He may be one of the casualties himself.

  46. poooooo says:

    I dont know how to Call stupitness of some of our Opposition MPs. Were these people voted on merit??? pliz tell me. U Ngwira, Kabwira, Change Golo, Menyani, and others, u are nonsence MPs Ive never seen in life. You have no reasoning ability. Nonsensee!!!!! muuzane nonsenseee!!

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Kape wa DPP iwe, Mbava

  47. burnettie says:

    si mp ngwira i know him by name place and more importantly by deeds azalowanso ameneyu

  48. Stanley says:

    Opposition are just opposing,nobody is implicated,are not happy, lol

  49. Nyapapi says:

    Hahaha! Stupid PP members of parliament the joke is on you! You thought DPP iyaluka taonani mwayalukatu ndi inu.

    A ‘reverend’ Ngwira zikukuwani kwambiri koma tikukumvetsetsani paja inu ndi anzanu Ralph Jooma ndi Sosten Gwengwe munali a DPP, mwathawa Bingu atafa mwapita kwa the She thief, mwaluza, pano anzanu akupitiriza kunjoya!

    You were busy agitating for the ’92 billion’ cashgate report kuti kuba kwanu kuiwalike, taonanitu tsopano mungoipiraipira! Dzenje lokumbira mzako umagweramo wekha!

    For all we know if ever there was a useless govt in Malawi then it was the PP government.

  50. Malibwe says:

    How did this idiot (Mzomera Ngwira) got into parliament? Atumbuka were you indeed convinced with this vendor savage to vote him into power? Are there no better people than this lunatic. How can the whole constituency vote for a useless person like this idiot leaving intelligent people. Ooh men!



  52. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Any Mp using bad language in parliament never comes back in parliament. Mr Ngwira not reverend, Kabwila, Lunguzi, etc. Mind ur language. Ask Mpasu. So boma la Joyce was more than useless. Shame on you

  53. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    What I am wondering is that if you know there is a genuine report, why cant you make it public instead of bubbering here like little chickens?

    You foolish MPs , why do you approve the budget first when the discussion on the cashgate debate was the first to be tabled first. Yet you are mumuring like kids who have wetted themselves.

    You have approved the budget for them to steal indeed. It is good that you know in advance.

  54. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Any Mp using bad language in parliament never comes back in parliament. Mr Ngwira not reverend, Kabwila, Lunguzi, etc. Mind ur language. Ask Mpasu

  55. John Tomoka says:

    Vinkhungu ivi Chiuta wamuoneni

  56. Achimidzimidzi says:

    If government gets away with the genuine report without you seeing it then our opposition is equally useless.

    Lets see who is more useless than the other. Government or opposition parties.

  57. BigMan says:

    So now the report is “wrong” because it heavily points to PP stealing? Our MP’s are useless.

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