Usi says Mutharika must admit failure: DPP ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into turmoil

President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is sleepwalking Malawi into an economic turmoil for having no clue to end the hunger and how to come out of economic crisis, comedian-cum-activist Micheal Usi has claimed.

Manganya:  There is no strategy to revive the economy and avert hunger in Malawi

Manganya: There is no government strategy to revive the economy and avert hunger in Malawi

Usi, who is also deputy director of the Adventist church relief arm, the Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) , told reporters that Mutharika must admit failure and  should bring on board technocrats in related fields to help solve  pressing issues

“There is no clear strategy on how this government wants to deal with hunger,” noted Usi, commonly known as Manganya in comedy circles,.

He advised the President to appoint professional think tanks not mere politicians to provide sound advice for the betterment of the nation.

Usi said Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe had said last year that Malawians will be clapping hands to government for economic revival this year but the situation is dire.

“Are Malawians clapping hands now?  Mutharika also said no Malawian will die of hunger, is this really true,” querried Usi.

Usi said its time Mutharika administration “admit failure and seek views of concerned stakeholders so that the country bounces back and recovers from the numerous problems we are into.”

He said: “ Even in the Bible when Pharaoh in Egypt knew that he could no longer handle the food situation, he reached out to Joseph who was a Jew and not an Arab to help. Pharaoh humbled himself and it worked.”

Usi said Mutharika should remain in power but allow competent leaders to run the rescue plan for the nation.

“We cannot sit and watch while Malawians suffer. DPP government could be a germ causing this sickness.” He said.

Usi  also urged the Mutharika government to work on tabling the Access to Information Bill (ATI)  in parliament saying that its passing into law will see it to it that Malawians are aware of what happens around them and that people will easily access information, to the good of the nation.

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89 thoughts on “Usi says Mutharika must admit failure: DPP ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into turmoil”

  1. Pure activist says:

    behind every educated man lies an enstranged faillure…………………….at whose costs is the hunger loaming in…………………nd sb comes on de ppuet claiming dat no one will perish of hunger wen on the actual ground ppo ah dying…………ha? wina akut ayi we are going to clapp hands…..rilly 4 who?………..rubish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mtochi says:

    Who said presidents should be educated? Scrap this law.Educated people are the most corrupt and stubborn people. And I hate this Mulhako thing it deprives other tribes of basic necessities. People like Kaliati have been robbing us for more than 10 yrs and each president who comes they are there to continue robbing us shame.MAnganya is talking sense here. A chair amaba inde koma Chifundo anali nacho osati Bwampini uyu ai wanyanya.

  3. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Malawi is now a dead country because the wise and dynamic leadership of His Excellency the State President Professor Peter Wamuthalika. No money, no food only politics and corruption. hahahahahahahaha Chakwera 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  4. mandu kogoya says:

    Bravo Mr Usi ! Indeed you are a true Malawian keep it up educate these fucken idiots . Tell them that running government is a very serious business.

  5. Patrick M'manga says:

    Malawi the army is behind us if the police are being used by dpp we can overpower them lets wake and rise plz plz my country men

  6. John Black says:

    more presidential advisers? Usi has very strange ideas!

  7. tsetsefly says:

    Ysterday on Times talk show an MP by the name Allan Ngumuya branded Usi as a mere drama actor who can not contribute anything to the nation. I want to say that the ascertion by Allan is misplaced, wrong, shallow, not well thought through and one coming from a puppet who wants to save a foolish master. My 9 year old daughter understands that Malwi is worse off than it was 2 years ago. Do not blame draught because your DPP does not think about irrigation. I am not talking about irrgation for planting dowe for sale. I am talking about serious irrgation for food security.

    By the way is Allan not a musician whose songs are almost all copied from hymns books. In my opinion intellectually Allan is not near to Michael. I dont care the fake degrees Allan got from the USA. If he has food to eat the majority of Malwians are spending nights fighting at Admarc markets for a mere 20kg. Is the DPP not the same group of idiots who were brandishing maize silos in pickups during the campaign? Does the DPP logo not contain the maize cobs? So Allan stop taking Malawians for granted. sOME mALAWIANS VOTED FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT YOU COULD BRING FOOD SECURITY IN MALAWI. So, Failure is failure and does not require any special definition. Some of us said before the elections that it is a big mistake to vote DPP back to power. Malawians did not listen (assuming DPP did not rig). Now let us dance to the DPP song. If Malawians want they can vote for DPP again until the last individual starves to death.

  8. thom says:

    2019 will we still have an economy. Kwacha where will it be may be 2000MK to a dollar, goodall will write this is normal and it is better then other countries. Fotseki dont give us this rubbish. We are tired of failing to make ends meet, prices are going up everyday, with so much reserves why is the kwacha falling, the kwacha was more stable and strong when we had less reserves

  9. The Partriot says:

    APM does not have to admit failure of leadership, its so obvious that even a chiild can see!
    Malawians had it coming, APM’s track record as a minister tells it all. His inabilities to lead were there for all to see, even the blind could see how miserably he performed as a minister.
    Being an outstanding academic himself( i bet APM can make a better law dean than a President, obviously he must be good at something!!), he knows that a government where the economy is on a free fall and inflation is hitting sky high, no food for the masses, it means disaster! No need to blame opposition figures in case the masses revolt. The masses are lcking basic necessities and one pot bellied Minister had the audacity to tell the already starving MALAWIANS to eat less!!! Power corrupts indeed!!
    Even the DPP members are just wondering why Malawians are not demonstrating against govt failure to provide solutions to our problems? Where is the spirit of 1994?
    We Malawians are either too stupid or too resilient to act when things are so terrible. This government was supposed to resign yesterday!!!

  10. big dick says:

    Pongosankha chief secretary kukhala George yalakwa. Chief secretary uyu ndi mbava yotheratu mundifunse ine anaba cement yochuluka ali ku Disability ndikukamangira Cottage ku Salima ndipo Pitala anapatsidwa matumba acement 1000 ali nduna choncho sangamutaye Mkondiwa onsewa ndi mbava zokha zokha. Ngati mufuna kudziwa zambili ndifunseni ine Pitala amkonda mbava ndichifukwa chake onse amene amuzungulira ndi mbava

  11. Jelbin mk says:

    Let me educate some fools that compare our situation with that of RSA. The south has already put aside a whopping billions of rands to import white and yellow maize from the US and Argentina in a wake of the current drought to make Sir that no one should die of hunger while having money in the pocket. And our government is still putting the blame on the floods that took place some nine months ago and on Amai nearly two years after her departure now the gvmnt is busy trying to implicate Chakwera in their own cooked up treason instead of finding solutions to our problems, eish this Peter is a complete dunderhead of whom will never have my respect because he has done nothing worthy it since respect we earn.

  12. Zoona says:

    Chonde most lomwes did not vote for this imbecile. The vote was stolen through Mbendera. Just imagine that APM got only 36% which included stolen votes. JB was naive by believing that people like Rev Chimkwita Phiri could represent PPs interests. He is a thief. Honestly we should not be laughing at APM but feel sorry for the guy. He is disabled in the brain. Look at his choice of Chief Secretary.

  13. Mlongwe says:

    Its pity to see the status we have reached now. Wher are we herding? Mr so called president please get the advice

  14. tonto says:

    Unali kut bongololo iwe

  15. Dickens says:

    Running a country is indeed serious business.

  16. Mlomwe says:

    I feel sorry if Malawians they call him professor.Is he really professor ,does he have a leadership skill ,and where is he taking Malawi to?I feel sorry when i see his relatives at his home Thekelani,Chitakale,Nkando,Mulanje,Luchenza,and Mloza dying of hunger yet they were the ones saying “Tivotera Wakwathu”.Malawians we are killing ourselves due to ignorance kufera wakwathu sikuzatipitisa patsogolo.I salute anthu odzindikira ngati USI

  17. Big-up Michael Usi, we need people like you in this country, not hand clappers like Chaponda, Dausi, Goodal etc… Zinthu zikuwawa izi mMalawi muno, tikulila ife ndi umphawi usana ndi usiku koma zoona madoda ngati amenewa ndi kumangowombela mmanja uku anthu akufa ndi umphawi zoona??? Koma Mulungu akukantheni afiti inu ndithu. Chifukwa choti inuyo mukudya bwino nde mukuona ngati aliyense akudya choncho eti??? Koma tipemphere kuti zakudya mukudya anzanu akufa ndi njalazo tsiku lina mutsamwe nazo mufele pomwepo ndithu asatana inu… Kodi inu mumati kubela chisankho basi Mulungu azingokusekelelani eti?? Ooh Mulungu wakuchoselani nzeru, mpaka muchite resign basi, anawinayo alamulire basi…

  18. We were behind these guys b4 elections thinking that they will bring something new, alas, they are just celebrated failures! Mbava kuposanso ajawa…..

  19. Starling Kondowe,from Chikwina CDSS in Nkhatabay. says:

    It is a welcome idea.I also fee that cabinet ministers shouldn’t be from DPP only.Key ministries should be given to smart,innovative and well versed inidivuals who should work for the country on merit not doing appeasements to the current gvt.The opposition should be vigilant with a solid momentum for checks and balances.The current leadership should put in place a formula of eliminating .

  20. FOXY says:


  21. Kanyimbi says:

    The problem is that people want to enrich themselves. Just see how they have intimidated the VIce president

  22. KHURE says:

    next food season let vendars to buy maize from out side this country you will see food will be aveilable through out the year but these thieves calling themselves political gurus they use poor peoples tax money enrich them serves rubish MR presdent these your ministers has let you down how can you expect agrc minister who has playing with young girl at makwasa can produce any thing good for your gavernment think about this this IS total mess I fill sorry with you MR PRESDENT.

  23. Chief says:

    There are people out there If consulted to help, they can, as long as greedy people like the Chapondas of this world are not behind it.

  24. LUCIUANO JULIO says:

    Ife sitinamuvotele ameneyu ngati zikumuvuta ndiye kuti mizimu yathu yakwiya naye. Iye ku state ko zake zili bwino koma ife nkumangofa ndi njala iye ali phe!!! Ameneyu ife sitikumufuna

  25. LUCIUANO JULIO says:

    And ziwani kuti palibe azabwele kuzanamiza mtundu wa amalawi kt ndizasintha zinthu never believe or not those problems still gonna be there

  26. LUCIUANO JULIO says:


  27. Zoni says:

    Kodi iwe manganya? I weyo do you have solutions? If you have solutions, where are they? Why cant you put them forward to the president? Kodi mukudikira kuti azakusankheni pa udindo kaye m’bmamu? NO!!! I HATE this habit

  28. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    I totally agree with u Mr. Usi, it’s high time that Malawian leaders learnt to appoint technocrats in various positions not appointing people on political appeasements. As the nation we can not progress in as far as development is concerned Bkoz those pipo put in power only clap hands to please the appointing authority. It is sad to note that in the 20th century pipo are dying of hunger related cases yet we’ve fresh water in our lakes and rivers. It’s only if we can have an expert to head the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development we can well utilise our water which is just running in our Lake Malawi up to Zambezi thru the Shire River.

  29. Malawian says:

    Any objective and sensible person living in Malawi will agree that this is the most clueless regime Malawi has ever had. Leadership is about identifying problems or challenges and coming up with strategies on how to solve the problems. A woman, JB found the following challenges among many others: fuel, forex, an angry nation and within six months the problems had been solved. The current regime has been blaming cashgate for almost two yrs now! Please Malawians deserve better!!!

  30. munthalika says:

    Isoveni inu munavotela agaluwa

  31. Fabiano says:



    Anthu azivutika just because we want to keep Peter in power?

    No way!!!!!

  32. Tonse says:


    The progress and challenges of the nation have been highlighted and no one is suggesting any solutions but expect Mr President to do something.

    Its high time that we need to take responsibility and build our nation not leaving it to Mr President.
    We vote every five years and we seem to expect too much from Govt yet NGOs have enough Dollars in Food Security Projects which yield so little for people.

    We have not made much stride to secure food and all need to go to drawing board to find a long last solution.
    As a nation it requires a strategic planning with long term view other than reactive planning with short term view that mostly we see with stakeholders.

  33. Crattie says:

    This administration has failed.

    1. Dominic khwiliro says:

      It tym for boarding a new bus with a new driver

  34. mjiba says:

    2016 after 50+ years of independence Malawians still want Government to give them maize handouts. Malawi Government after 50+ years of self rule, and having a third of the country covered by Lake Malawi still cries hunger when expected rains turns to drought. Business as usual will one day take us to Kingdom come a Malawi. Nyanja tili nayo koma njala kulila chaka ndi chaka. Where is the green belt initiative? Wake up and start doing things not listing them down!!!!!!

  35. James Tsamwa says:

    Malawi has gone beyond autopilot kikikikiki. Headless leadership with no clue on how to run a government.

  36. Milward Malidadi says:

    Manganya, please don’t act wise because you are far from being one. Yes you are a bitter person since Tikuferanji anasiyibwa pa MBC Tv yomwe ili ndi wider audience. You are bitter because you just don’t like DPP _ what you are saying is nonsense. What do you mean when you say that the president has no clue to end hunger? Are you not aware of the measures the President took to address the hunger situation? What did he do upon realizing that the country was devastated by floods with potential to adversely affect agricultural yield? What did he do when he realized that further to the floods the country was also hit by a dry spell? Don’t you have answers to these 2 questions? How many growing seasons has the president been in charge? Why do you have the nerve to blame HE? Basic economics will tell you that amidst food shortages businesspersons with money call the shorts on the market to make a killing. With Govt short of cash there is little that they can do to change the status quo on the food market. Your ADRA would have made a big difference had they realized that they needed to increase relief activities and slow down on reproductive health during a period of food shortages. Do i have to tell you that when a man is hungry he cannot think of sex let alone value a condom? Kodi umadziyesa uli ndi nzeru iwe? Tamangophiliphithani azimayi ma layinimu osati kunyoza utsogoleri just to satisfy you malnourished ego!! Fotseki!!

  37. Abwan aku Machinga says:

    We already know Manyanya, he dreams to be Malawi’s president, MALOTO A CHUMBA!. All these noises are out of emotions. Zimaphweka uli kunja kwa ground!

  38. 2016 welcome says:

    All those trying to defend the gross failures of this government have no knowledge as to why a country should have a president and cabinet in the first place. They are just so dull that they cannot see the reason why a president is accorded high respect in many spheres of life. There can never be motivated citizens when a government is clueless. The office of the president is critical and it shapes the destiny of the country. Clueless people like Peter Mutharika should not have been allowed any closer to leadership position. His track record speaks volumes. Remember what he did when he was minister of education, justice. The truth is this guy is plain dolt.

  39. youna says:

    Vuto lobwenzeretsa maliro mnyumba ndi limeneli. Why did Malawians voted for DPP?! Koma mulira simunati. Makamaka inu akhokhola mukodza usipa.

  40. kaluga says:

    Big head big trouble, wonetsani kuti mumazitha osamangoti phyii !!!!

  41. gama says:

    malawians are good problem pointers but not problem solvers

  42. sd says:

    In SA 12kg is R85,no one is crying. Why R u cryng poor Malawians&blaming the government?

  43. Gugulety says:

    APM just needs good advisers indeed. Politicians only care about elections. They are busy accumulating money to use in 2019. You can shout all you want but nzeru zawo zili poti ndilemere kuti ma elections akubwerawa ndidzawine, koma ndikaluzanso, ndusadzasauke. So Mr. APM, you solution lies not in those you gave political positions, it lies in the economists and policy analysts both in Malawi and outside. Call for a meeting of technocrats to brainstorm on issues. Dont invite your sympathisers because those are already sending you to an early grave. Try economists, lawyers, accountants, policy analysts who should discuss thematic issues, give you recommendations. From there, sit down with you cabinet to make sure you have a strategy and roadmap. Bwana, the people you should blame are indeed the people close to you. But huess what, style ndi wekha bwana. If you show that you are serious and fire one or two incompetent ministers, demand results and wirj with that brilliant mind Chilima, things will change. A Manganya, takunyadirani.

  44. Choncho says:

    Mukunama……! Vuto sikulephera kwa a president koma we ourselves as Malawians what have we done to make sure that maize is there?
    Kaduka plus nsanje ndizimene zinatiyika pamene tilipa osati president iyayi. Inuyo a Malawi pezani njira ndikuyigwiritsa ntchito osati tikazatenga boma……. Foolish!
    Munaphwanya zinthu mukua, dairy

  45. wokhuzidwa says:

    Anthu mukuoneka kuti bible simumawerenga that’s
    why you are blaming the president on everything that is happening now. koma ndifuna ndikutsimikizireni kuti vuto si a president koma masiku otsiriza amene Yesu amawakamba ndamene tikuwaona. zizindikiro zoti mwana wamunthu wayandikira zikukwaniritsidwa pang’ono pang’ono. palibe boma lizalamulire pakali pano anthu ndikumanjoya kuti dziko lukuyenda bwino. Ndiye kaya ndinu ophunzira bwanji ,kaya ndinu abwana musachedwe n’kuloza chala koma muyang’ane kwa mbuye , mulape komanso nzeru zimene inu muli nazo muthandizire pamene zikuvuta . Chonde amalawi woke up from asleep musakhale ngati anamwali opusa . Azibusa inu nonse auzeni anthu zoona za zimene zikuchitika masiku ano. A president muwaloza chalawo mungochimwirapo. kuphana ngati nkhuku kodi inu simukuona kuphunzira kwanuko mupita nako ku gahena

  46. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    Issa. The average price of a 50kg bag of maize flour is R350 not R450. We are here in RSA. Nenani zoona amwene.

  47. Musova says:

    A Malawi ndi anthu opusa kwabasi. Lero ndi pamene tikuona kuti Peter palibe chimene akupanga? Mmene tinkamusankha muja tinkati tikusankha chani? All those signs were there; Ministry of Education inamukanika, could not figure out ma issues and solve them. He could not even construct a sentence that made sense. Tinkaona ngati tikhaulitsa omwe ankasapota a Mai; mbuzi zenizeni. Lero ndiye tikulira chani? We cannot plant mpinimbi and expect to harvest ma apples. It will NEVER happen. Until we start valuing ourselves, realizing how powerful our vote is, making sound judgements, and learning from our past mistakes (e.g. Kumangovota just because ndi DPP or MCP) ndithu tidzingokhalira kulira ndi kudandaula. Zofuna izi, let’s use our brains and not our emotions next time we are choosing leaders. Ndiye olo tikulira chonchi, what is there for plan B? Kapena we are waiting for someone else to come, as usual, and tell us what to do? Paja sititha kuganiza pa tokha. Nsete zenizeni!!!

  48. PIxy says:

    Usi keep it up .These DPP gulus are failures.I know you have the resouces to eeeh…. you know what i mean .

  49. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    issa Kabudula. Which shop in RSA is selling a 50kg bag of maize flour at R450 ? I’m here in RSA. The current price is about R350. Zikomo amwene

  50. Yohane says:

    Manganya has always been objective. I agree with him that he is right and that our government is really sleep walking speaking without any ships of proximity.
    Malawi seems to have no controller and yet we elected a government last year. Those in government need to show those who elected them that they are in control of the situation. We need to be informed where the country is going other than have the information minister just waffle thing that are of no assistance and consolation in times like these.

  51. Girl Lady says:

    awa mukuti aprofesawa sure adakakhala kuti anaphuzira school yakuno ku malawi awa olo ku university sadakasakhwidwa olo pang;ono kuganiza kumawavuta athu akuvutika kuno ku malawi ndipo eish its sad Tenganikoni mzeru kwa Ngulu zanu apa

  52. The govt has not failed, but has been very lenient . its high time the govt started talking with action. Borrow a leaf from John Makufuli of TZ who is quick to fire those not performing in various institutions be it in govt or private

  53. Kalwena says:

    A lesson to Malawians,we made a big mistake to put dpp back into goverment, this is a reward that we are getting now,you have failed us alot.Our neighbouring Tanzania and mozambique are doing quiet well, i agree with Mr Manganya completely.

  54. Isaac khobodo thengo says:

    It’s a global crisis even here in zambia we have same problems, south africa,botwana,zimbabwe,ethiopia just a few are facing same troubles.only solution is GOD who brought rainfall not a president.he is also human being machimo bapaka chabe paziko mulungu wakalipa.usi ndwe wazisuzo sungaluleng’e chalo do’nt blaim anxbody these are last days devil is rulling i can’t blaim a president but those using dollar like usa devaluation of currency is worldwide not only malawi, just put your heart in the bones things will be fine.malawian

  55. Harry H. Gondwe says:

    Its high time the govt started acting. Borrow a leaf from John Makufuli of TZ . Fire those non performing officials in Admarc , soon you will see maize reaching Admarc depots if indeed maize is available in the country

  56. vuto says:

    Mr Kabudula is a very useless man.we are talking about our own local problems here in Malawi but he compares or equates them with those of cannot be talking of other peoples problems leaving yours.
    This govt has totally failed to address its economic situation which is very appailing

  57. igabel of hartbeespoortdam says:

    I agree with usi, Malawi govt is full of thieves.This Mutharika is worse.The past leaders could do something better when just elected but mutharika didnt do a single thing worth applausing.The problem our leaders want to quench their thirsty pockets first.

  58. Concerned Citizen says:

    Iwe Issa Kabudula read the article again. Its not about govt providing anything to anybody. Its about govt having the proper vision/ direction for ending these problems. That does not need the govt to be in power for 5 yrs. Problems are everywhere but govts in those countries have strategies for ending those problems or are they as clueless as our own govt here? Please next tym read before you comment.

    1. wanthu says:

      Then just bring up the strategies you are talking about rather than busy insulting,,,,even if we change the government of toda,y problems will be one after another worse than this.

  59. His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    I agree with Usi. In Greece, several prime minister resigned because they could no offer any solution to the problems or their solution could not work. Problem with Africa is clinging to power even if you sleep in office and do nothing, even if all people die of hunger and poverty and leave one half or semi conscious, you want to rule. Admit failure please.

  60. vyamtonda says:

    a country of dead people

  61. Issa Kabudula says:

    The issue of zinthu kuvuta even here in South Africa – things are not rosy as is suppose to be – 50kg of meal flour is R450 and cooking oil is clocking R94 a 5litre. So tis is South Africa, the poor is feeling it hard, what about Malawi? We can blame the president but sometimes we must see to ourselves what I have tried as an individuals or as a group?

    There are things which the government is the sole provider due to its funds availability and some can be provided bty the NGOs and the individuals, societies and the foundations in supplementing the government. This government is 20 months old and we are expecting miracles?

    Lets grow – we need to sacrifice our pride and idleness in waiting for the hey day – tomorrow will come.

    1. Fingo says:

      You don’t get it – suffering and poverty are relative. A struggling person in RSA has more money compared to a struggling Malawian. Another important factor you seem not to be aware of is that the situation in Malawi can be mitigated if APM placed priority on regaining donor confidence by tightening controls over public finances AND investigating ALL cashgate cases – not just JB’s cashgate.

      APM should also ensure to bring back life into the private sector by paying back arrears owed to the private sector.

      These two measures, regaining donor confidence and repaying government arrears to the private sector, would dramatically improve the lives of ordinary Malawians. We are not saying other countries are not facing problems; what we are saying is that APM has the power to reduce the suffering of his fellow countrymen – but for some reason he couldn’t care less…

      What APM does not seem to realise is that if the two issues are not addressed the situation will become much worse, not better. APM should swallow his pride and meet donors halfway. Boasting that he will veto the ATI bill is not very clever of him. He should also draw up a realistic plan to repay outstanding arrears. “Sitting phwii” as he is doing will not help him – or the country.


    manganya is a geneous lomwe variety, not these other useless lomwes, ntchito kungosankhana mitundu. Manganya I wish you a quick rise into a presidential candidate, u r a unique lomwe who doesn’t even want quarter system. move from mulanje and settle in mzimba, these cruel lomwe will hurt u.

    1. wanthu says:


  63. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Manganya is the most senseless Ngulu or Lomwe. Those from Central Region who used to castigate Kamuzu Banda ended up being fooled and pooped big time. If Managanya was clever he could have gone to his fellow Lomwe and advise him instead of joining chorus with those whose only interest is to overthrow him for their own selfish motives. Manganya’s head is full of Kalongonda.

    1. Bwande says:

      Is this not advice to your Lomwe dunderhead at the state house? How else would you want Manganya to advise him? Or you have failed to read and see the advice

  64. BOKHO says:

    Manganya you have raised good points but if we let this pumbwa to remain in power till 2019, surely this will be disaster in this country. This man does not know anything in as far as running affairs of govt is carried out. He is busy asking pastors and Sheiks to report at state house for useless meeting. He must go immediately. We don’t need professor of doom in this country anymore.

  65. Kadakwiza says:

    Professor of all professors Peter Muthalika and his DPP Chinese made government have failed Malawians big time. The only answer to all these problems is the professor must just resign.

  66. Tchama says:

    Tell ’em Manga

  67. Good Manganya! Many may not agree with you but thats the fact. We are sleep walking

  68. peter must fall says:

    I hope Mr president will swallow his pride and do the right thing. We dont want another CARDIAC arrest. We Love you Mr president the stuation on the ground speaks loud u must listen be4 its too late. You will not loose a little but you gain a lot.

  69. Boma says:

    Welldone Manganya for the trueth said without fear.

  70. Aubrey Juma says:

    Bravo Michel Using what your saying is truth

  71. James Tsamwa says:

    We need more Manganyas in Malawi.

  72. Mbuya says:

    You call us sleepy southerners n u expect us to take you seriously? u will continue dreaming…..

  73. wakukaya says:

    Zoona manganya

  74. Khoswe sakhwi says:

    Mupezeni APM atenga maganizo anu. Boza

  75. Silva says:

    Ussi, you are a man indeed dont just go because of tribe., i wish H.E sees your message

  76. BBC says:

    Look Michael, there was nothing wrong with your interview until you brought in the issue of race. You messed up. Please don’t be over excited.

  77. kate says:

    a fool for a President, Peter Muthalika. No solution at all at all to hunger situation in the Country. Big shame!!!!!! kungoziwa kulowera pa Window m Boma. Musiyileni Chakwera alamulire dzikoli ndi amene anawina zisankho.

  78. Chivundi says:

    Peter Mutharika is a big time failure. We thot chilima athandiza koma nayo alibe ma plan

  79. lupwito says:

    Manganya wabwino-bwino, Kumaoneka ngati wamisala, winiko wabwino-bwino kumaoneka ngati opepela kufuna kuphunzitsa mtengerepo phunziro………I dnt knw hw 2xpress my self about this fucking idotic government shatap. Cardiac arrest on its way 2arrest him like his broooooo, osadanda a malawi

  80. navikha says:

    another lomwe wa jack up ndi kapito enawo yes man kumangovemera zithu chifukwa ndi mlomwe basi blind loyalty

  81. mbeza says:

    some fools said “we will vote for DPP because of chimanga”, now they are eating madeya and grass instead of Maize koma ku malawi kugona tulo anthu? Paul Kagame is just a secondary school graduate with not even a degree but is a role model on governance and development, RWANDA is now called the singapore of Africa, while someone is called a PROFESSOR PETTER MUTHARIKA is failing big time here shammmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the guy has no clue on how to govern a country

  82. mboma says:

    Atleast Mulanje has Mlomwe wozindikila ngati manganya, wake up from slumber sleepy southerners who support because u share a tribal boundary village, the truth is peter has failed big time, Manganya is saying truth

    1. The door is open. Usi must go to the president he will listen. Running the gvt ndi deal

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