Usi set to hold ‘special address to the nation’  Thursday night

Nyasa Times understands that human rights activist and comedian Michael ‘Manganya’ Usi will Thursday night address the nation viaZodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

Usi: To address the nation

Usi: To address the nation

Adverts flying on the private-owned broadcaster, which owns ZBS radio and television, Usi will speak to  Malawians after the 8pm news.

It is not clear as to what Usi, who has of late been critical of State President Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government, has to tell the nation.

It is however speculated that in his address Usi might be tackling the critical issues affecting the country, including the economic and nationwide hunger crisis.

Said a  source on Wednesday: “The contents have not been made available, but his address is directed at the President, MPs, political leaders, chiefs and the ordinary Malawians”.

Nyasa Times contacted Usi to come clear on the matters of his address, but someone picked up his phone, saying he was locked in a meeting with the clergy.

When quizzed further about the meeting and which clergy, the individual refused to shed more light, but disclosed “He [Usi] has been meeting the clergy from different denominations”.

Earlier in February, Usi asked President to swallow his pride and allow some technocrats to help his government in bailing out the country from the economic mess and hunger situation.

He observed that the current administration has lost direction in dealing with critical issues, especially the hunger situation, adding that only a committee of non-partisan experts can bring back sanity.

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36 thoughts on “Usi set to hold ‘special address to the nation’  Thursday night”

  1. Mugonapamhanya says:

    This skirt chaser is useless. If he was wise he would not have been forgetting condoms every time he was sliding down women’s undergarments up to the point of self-harming. Mpaka kuvulala munthu wamkulukulu chifukwa chokwera azimai okolopa mu office ndi mahule. Galu wachabechabe.

  2. Ufulu says:

    Who told you the nation can only be addressed by the president? Anyone who feels that he has a national issues can address the nation. Kodi anthu inu munakhala bwanji kumangoimbira mmanja zili zonse? More fire Ussi. We need more of such. Infact your address is far more substantial and well articulated than what we have heard from someone.

  3. Chembeju says:

    My appeal to the party in power, please don’t apply politics in crucial issues such PCL. Many of you in power speak as if you are talking to children. The very same person you claim that he ruined PCL is been there during your kingmaker (Bingu), why today?

  4. Chola says:

    Speak sitonse tingadane ndi speech yanu

  5. therere says:

    was that speacial address? why cant you just join politics

  6. Nkula says:

    Usi is one of very few level-headed lomwes enawa ndiye kaya makaka amathiramo chamba. Kutsutsa even before the address has been made. Mamina mmutu okhaokha. Or defending galuko timatero just becoz inu mukudya yet you know dziko mwaliononga. Muzutilakwitsa kuti tozikupempherelani kuti zoipa zikuonekereni, asaaa!

  7. Mlauzi says:

    Koma mbuzi za DPP! Who told you that nation address is for the president only? Everybody can do that if you have got the money to pay the broadcaster of course not the blue mbc. Let Manga speak we will listen, osafuna akakolope nyanja. Tiye nacho ni chimunthu chopanda malooks chi

  8. Mlauzi says:

    Hear! Hear! Hear! Speak Manga, Speak. You have done more to the nation than this fool, inept, clueless, visionless, ugly…… Sorry I have run out of adjectives otherwise I would have continued . Everybody in Malawi knows who. BWAMPINI

  9. Psete says:

    Agalu a DPP amangotsutsa zili zonse. Munthu sanamumve zimene akufuna kukalankhula kumu speach yakeyo kuma ma supporters opanda nzeru a chipani chalephera kusintha Malawichi akulankhula zoduka nzeru. Musieni Usi.

  10. kipome kikyo says:

    They have stopped using their brains. That’s where the problem comes in.

  11. 2016 welcome says:

    Kaya wina afune kaya asafune a plethora of well meaning Malawians including the tribalistically determined bootlickers will inevitably spare some time to watch Michael Usi addressing the nation. For those of you commenting negatively, what can Peter Mutharika show that is different from what any ordinary citizen can do.

  12. just wait & see. AKalankhula zautsiru dziko Lizamlalatira

  13. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    yes! Usi Manganya is better than chitsiru APM. APM wationongela dziko pano amalawi ambiri akulira!

  14. Nassani says:

    Inu amene mukususana ndi usi vuto lanu ndi chani mukalipila ndinu ku Zodiak paseni pata inuso pangani zanu

  15. Ramoka says:

    Amanganya akupanga sewero lomwe aliike pa Zodiak ,ikanakhala speech anakalankhula ndi michael usi not manganya. Even if you can bring the matter to court they will ask u who are u sueing? If u say manganya they will tell you that they dont have such a name

  16. FOXY says:


  17. Ng'azi ng'ambanani says:

    Those of you who are against Ussi’s address to the nation are the idiots Chilima is calling. you are the ones who always say that the opposition is always opposing for the sake of it without giving government critical solutions. I am not saying Ussi is in opposition, that, he can tell you himself. So many beautiful and workable suggestions have been offered to the government but it is not listening because it is ruling. Malawi belongs to us all not DPP. Give others chance to give you advice and if you take heed to good ones it is the government of the day through MBC that will shine and not the advisors. People have solutions, but its lazy people like you the Stanford who think becoz Peter is the elected president and commoners like Ussi cannot reach him. His cream of boys and girls want him in parliament but instead he chooses to lay foundation stones and face the chimanga clothe wearing ladies.

    Let me tell you that ANY president who will be talking about MAIZE in this country has nothing to provide Malawians for his term of office. We were supposed to bury maize talk some decades ago. Why, the resources (perennial water and fertile land) have been there for ages but our leaderships have deliberately chosen HUNGER as a campaign tool. They know that if the resources are fully utilised, people will not vote for them. Just give cheap fertilizers to the ones who can produce and sale to the government not to lazy DPP Cadets.

    If you think we are here to listen to rubbish coming from rubbish recycled no solution leaders then you are wrong. Some leaders in Malawi have over lived their political lifespan. They sleep while walking, just look at them…….. uyo,winanso uyo nanga awo onsewo. hahahahahahahkkkkkkkkkkkkki. I hope you will hand me over to the DPP Police.

  18. Mbuyawo says:

    Alibe mfundo dat guy even pa tikuferanji za zii amangovina basi

  19. Tamalisha says:

    Mukunyoza Mr Usi anakulakwilani chani? Kuzolowera kunyoza basi

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    Is he the president of the country to address the nation? If you would say press conference at least we could understand. Addressing the nation? This freedom of speech have gone too far. Let the head of state Professor Peter Muthalika address us, not Mr. Usi.. This man Usi have got big head, seems like he is power hungry. Malawians let us respect our president. He may do mistakes and we can criticise but bottom line is our leader and we have to respect that.

  21. Mbuyawo says:

    Special addresse to ve nation 4 wat? Coz amapanga drama wat wat?chosa kaye chisoso chiri maso mwako kaya ku DST- kwinako mumaliza nokha kkk

  22. samson says:

    Ma cadet mantha ,osadikira Kaye speech yo bwanji ndikuzapanga ma comment wotukwabawo pambuyo?let him come up with his speech,you never know maybe he’s going to favor the government so what are you going to do with your insults?

  23. Akungolonje says:

    Wamsala adaona nkhondo, allow him to address the nation not all would be rubbish, atleast points would be useful and sensible.

  24. Moya says:

    Your political ambitions are coming now,i wonder why you are hiding?Put your to good use assist hunger stricken malawians and abale anu kumudzi omwe akuvutika.Dont waste your blessings with drama.

  25. Webster Munthalika says:

    What is wrong with addressing the nation ? is he not a Malawian ? doesnt he have the same rights every citizen has?What is wrong with him being a comedian? every one has talent so take the comedy out of it.Usi continue the good course your country needs you to hell with these DPP bootlickers..

  26. Stanford says:

    Special address to the nation? Do u have solutions to the problems de country is going through? U must b joking. Nanunso a zodiak mwasowa zoikapo kapena kungofunapo ndalama?

  27. cbk says:

    Enanu mungofulumiza kunyoza,mwaziwa kale zomwe akufuna kulankhula?Kungobadwa moyo odelela basi.Akukupasani zingati inuyo mukuzitenga ngati Angelo ophimba kumpando wa bwana wanuyo?Inutu mukudya bwino koma anthu akuvutika nwamva!

  28. Moya says:

    Your political ambitions are coming now,i wonder why you are hiding?

  29. Muhihe says:

    A Maikolo Usi mukutaya nthawi ndi ndalama zanu. What will you achieve in addressing the nation? Who do you think will listen and take your messages seriously? You think by being a comedian you can also engage yourself into political issues?. Nonsense and fotseki You are failing to manage ADRA , and you think you can influence peoples minds? Forget about it. Nchifukwa chake maswero anu pa MBC sadzaonekanso.

  30. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    kkkkkkk special address to the nation?

  31. poo says:

    Anthu kukhala kumamvela kuti usi wavula mapanti azimayi osiyanasiyana angati

  32. Billiat says:

    ausi kutamika

  33. NYAPAPI says:


  34. Goba says:

    Kape wachabechabe utiuza chani chamzelu? You are failing to manage ADRA and you think you can tell the nation sense? Useless dandruff

  35. Billiat says:

    musamachuuke nzeru dziko limasintha musapeze potchukilapo

  36. Malinyelo says:

    Inde bwana president tiyankhuleni anthu anu

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