Viola appointed press secretary for Malawi President

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has appointed journalist Gerald Viola as his press secretary, his office said in a media statement issued late on Friday.

Viola:Presidential press secretary

Viola:Presidential press secretary

According to the announcement by chief secretary to government George Mkondiwa, the appointment has taken its effect from Friday.

Viola was working as Director of Information.

The former Malawi Broadcasting Corporation employee has also been working as Primary school teacher at Mbiya and Rabu primary schools in Mgabu, Chikwawa before he enrolled journalism studies at Polytechnic College.

Viola has also taught at Kaphuka Private Secondary School.

The new press secretary has since completed Bachelors degree at Pentecostal University.

Viola replaces Fredrick Ndala who was redeployed to Ministry of Information after an alleged misappropriation of money.

Timpunza Mwansambo who was acting on the same position following Ndala’s fate was also booted out of State House when Mutharika had learnt that he was drawing two salaries from two sources; State House and from his former employer, MBC.

State House press officer is Chikondi Juma. Others in the State House press office include Sylvester Namiwa and Justice Mponda.

Ndala or former Nation newspaper journalist Gideon Munthali will be possible successor of Viola at Information.

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71 thoughts on “Viola appointed press secretary for Malawi President”

  1. MJK says:

    Congrats man G.V. indeed u r original, made in Ngabu!

  2. zandile says:

    People are just jealous of Chancol graduates. Quality matters as well. How do you get a degree with two years? That sounds like a diploma. The other element of education is reasoning capacity not just doing routine work.

  3. zandile says:

    So he did not finish his journalism studies at Polytechnic? Please note that Malawi Polytechnic is not called ‘Polytechnic College’ where are you getting the title from?

  4. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    Ha ha ha!! Let’s facts let’s face. Private university graduates are second rate after failing miserably to enroll with UNIMA which selects the cream. You can say what you want but this is it…inferior graduates!! Chaff belongs to the pigs. Sorry but it’s blame god if you can for crafting your wayward flat brains with too few convulsions.

  5. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    Ha ha ha!! Let’s facts let’s face. Private university graduates are second rate after failing miserably to enroll with UNIMA which selects the cream. You can say what you want but this is it…inferior graduates!! Chaff belongs to the pigs. Sorry but it’s blame god if you can for crafting your wayward brains with

  6. Mr.Bambo says:

    Koma kumwa mowa mwa ubulutu usiye Gerald,learn to resect yourself and your office in as far as beer imbibing is concerne.Kumwa nonga phssiru,nyakabusa wa ku Mbiya?

  7. Dotolo P. says:

    Comment congrats am hap for u!!

  8. Ntambalika Butao says:

    Anayenera kutelo,adaifela kwambiri nkulu ameneyu

  9. human says:

    Ine kuti dabwi, Kodi ma comment akuleMBA okha aviola ndi ma cadet awo?

  10. Indegenous says:

    Comment congrats

  11. Amalawi says:

    Am very sorry my brother Timpu

  12. Jihadi John says:

    Are they no career civil servants to be appointed directors Information? Why should a thief like this Ndala and his colleague Gideon take over when those who have put Information to where it is are sidelined?? Is this civil service reforms or civil service deforms.??? This is pure deformation!!! Very sad!!!

  13. mbani says:

    Aviola nyanga zikukuthandizani nowadays its education inu bwanji ufiti eti

  14. ZOMBA BOY says:


  15. MULHAKHO says:

    Congras viola nawe ndi nthawi yako uphulise life, mr mwansambo pepani kuti zakuvutani! Kkkkkkk yapp! Mumaatha!

  16. Aristotle says:

    Some promotions are simply a trap from the devil. Beware Mr., it could be your undoing

  17. go go says:

    To err is to human to forgive is divine may our mother consider Timpuza for some other position.

  18. jackkambewa says:

    All the best brother may the Lord contnue bless u.

  19. Jimmy juga says:

    Ukhala choncho kumangodikila president aika ndani pampando udane naye zawo zikuyenda zako zaima . Ufa mphawi phwanga, chosa maganizo a nsanje ugwile ntchito molimbika nawenso president adzakusankhe.Comment

  20. Ras Mix says:

    let them talk its were they belong,as long as u ‘ve added the name,use it,thats a big step forward.

  21. chiperoni2 says:

    If ppl still think that it is only UNIMA which can produce competent leaders, they are living in 1960s when teachers were the only source of knowledge. Let us wake up Malawians. Congrants Viola

  22. Gifted Brain says:

    Im very sorry to those who are mocking Viola’s degree.Let me tell you this,those so called ‘graduates’ of public universities more especially Chanco are not competent to withstand global working environment.No creativity at all.

    Work with them and you will believe me.Their degrees are lowly valued as compared to a working personel with a diploma.Go to education,nursing&midwifery,IT, et cetira.

    What makes a person to go higher is the knowledge that he/she has on a particular tast and a qualification will be an added advantage.So dont be surprised that thousands of graduates from public universities are jobless.

    Ofcourse Viola has ascended after political apizement,but he is also an competent guy who deserves to be jeloused by many.

    May God help public university students to attain both qualification and full knowledge of what is related in their field.

    1. makito says:

      You lack creativity even as you write, showing that you are also a product of the backyard universities.

  23. Mtumbo says:

    These days qualifications dont count in government. Anyone can be anything these days. Choncho dont mock Viola.

  24. congrats viola! ilyk u, am nw a journasm student coz ov u.ihv bn 4wng u snce uwe @ Mbc.u sm 2hv a fytng sprit wch z rare in mst ov us

  25. sobela manje says:

    Degree after attending classes for seven months only serious??
    Pentecostal University offers two year completion degree programs, and Viola stated school few months after he was appointed director at information and that was somewhere in June or July 2014. He started school around August 2014. Can the University authorities confirm if this Man has really completed his degree in 8 months.

  26. kela mwampita says:

    This post is a poisoned chalice.
    This is the beginning of the end for bwana viola. He was better of information

  27. osman usu justin says:

    All these appointments is just for to say thank you for making him what he is today,chifukwatu munalongolola nthawi ya campaign pa galaxy fm kut dpp ilowe m’boma basi!

  28. Bravo Mr Viola. Osanama ntchito unagwiradi pakampeni paja.

  29. DAN MALAKAMU says:

    Congrats Mr Viola, You Deserve It.

    1. NVM says:

      A malakamu akuti. Where r u from

  30. SGM says:

    Thank heavens Viola

  31. Winnie phiri says:

    Comment:Ndikudandaulira Timpunza Mwansambo. A MBC munali ndi kampeni kuphasa chifukwa ngati kuli anyamata woti akakhala pa air aliyense amasendera pafupi ndiye ndi Timpunza. Malemu Bingu WaMutharika ndikumbukira nthawi yense pamene pamabwera pologalamu ya Mbiri ya Kale, anthu ambiri wodzindikira bwino amasendera pafupi. Bwana, mwanayu womulakwitsa ndi a MBC posamchotsa pa mdandanda wa anthu a ntchito awo.

  32. PHODO says:


  33. Samuel says:

    Time is gone pamene anthu amanyada kuti mfwiii life a Ku U nsima. Bravo private universities who are producing competent graduates. I remember the late president, Prof. Bing was Mutharika said universities should establish programmes of study according to how the country and grobally we are moving. Private universities are more creative. In mubachedwa mkuti koma chanco, employers are looking for creativity which is emphacised in private universities. Bravo Viola, Lexten Kachama! Employers have nothing with the label but productivity and efficiency. Bravo PUs.

  34. After all what matters is performance of an individual.Getting a degree is another thing and translating knowledge into action is another thing.Viola has demonstrated abilities and the nation has seen.God has approved it.The other thing any job has an orientation , So he will be oriented to do it.We say MPs being oriented in parliamentary procedures and public speaking

  35. Jajada says:


  36. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians jealous will take us nowhere. Congrats Mr. Viola.

  37. moses says:

    Only people who are shallow minded will think and believe that University of Malawi Colleges are the only Colleges capable of training future leaders. That’s poor thinking and is the mentality of many lecturers which is not true.
    Council for Higher Education accredited private universities to assist govt of Malawi in training leaders.

    This country will not move forward if people think that we have only one capable University. Most of the lecturers working in private colleges were trained at University of Malawi because it was the only University before democracy.

    I have worker with both graduates from Unima and other private Universities and some guys from Unima are incompetent compared to guys from private University.

    Lastly stop under rating other Universities. Eg Cunima is good and with passage of time it will match and pass.what is praised at Unima.

  38. Bob says:

    Congratulations Gerald

  39. Chicago bulls says:

    Viola akukolola zomwe amafetsa nthawi ya kampeni pa galaxy fm dyerera bho aise unatenganso gawo lalikulu kuti anthu akondenso chimanga

  40. palibekanthu says:

    Gerald singulu, ndi nsena weniweni. Any one opposing his vertical promotion does not know Gerald. This boy is so focussed, determined and also talented. Let him enjoy it is his time.

    Your time will come, just continue working hard.

  41. Jimmy juga says:

    Congratulatio mr viola u proved to be a had worker. Employers nowadays are looking for competent pple like u to perfom. Not for chanco degrees. U can have a university of malawi degree and incompetent .u think u can get employment?this is the attitude we had because we had only university of malawi after all malawi is the poorest yet university of malawi produced more pple in govt position. My advice to the employer is to employ pple that can achieve results not papers from a certain college .lets recruit competent hard worker to take malawi out of poverty.after all google for the positin our unima is ranked u will feel very sory. Unima offers only degrees where do lectures get there its outside malawi where others get degrees in partner with private colleges here at home. After kumalawi kuno taidziwa liti xool kuti tizinyoza sukulu zina ndimaganiza anabweletsa xool ndi azungu tizidziwa kulemba ndi kuwelenga. Pamene kwawoko xool zinayamba kale kale tafika ponyoza maphunziro aanzathu chifukwa ena akuphunzilila zakunja ku malawi kuno? If we talk for the sake of patriotism i dont have problem but not to discret degrees from other colleges.

  42. OMEGA BEMA says:

    I hate this guy and timpuza 2 bias

  43. Pheko says:

    Sizikutanthauza kuti a madegree a University ya Malawi ndi amene azifira life. Remember munthuyu adali mphunzitsi, a man with a poor salary koma managed to a degree. Munthuyu ndi olimbikra, he deserves that. Its an encouragement to all teachers. Kukhala mphunzitsi its not the end of a person. Bravo Viola! Osadanda, atumbukawa amafuna zabwino zonse zizikhala zawo.Keep on working hard man.

  44. Steve Ng'omba says:

    Not qualified enough for the post

  45. Wanakabaghe says:

    Thanks to viola

  46. Kajaliro Boy says:

    Viola,not that am jealousy coz i want that position No!but am jealousy because the position doesnt fit u with your qualification and behavoiur.stop writing nonsense on ur facebook page and avoid stereotying. NOTE. that is a political position hence trade carefully…..ambiri amathera chapompo….remember Brian Banda,Timpunza Mwansambo,Albert Mungomo.Fredrick Ndala…….

  47. mike kamanga says:

    Shaa ignorance at its Peak in Malawi.Pentocostal University is recognised by Malawi’s NCHE so what do u mean when u say ”Private degree”Wake and jack tertiary education is not only obtained from Public Universities! Go outside Malawi you will appreciate!

  48. It’s very unfortunate to see some Malawians still bank on UNIMA as supreme when it’s eduction standard has completely gone down compared to the private universities. This time all government bodies are there just because we’re created by law to provide such services but am sorry to say that most graduates from public institutions cannot out compete those from private colleges at this era, I am in working industry and have seen these so called UNIMA graduates failing to perform. Mabwana akuphunzisidwa ntchito ndi ma juniors awo from private colleges ndipo inenso ndaphunzisa anga from poly nenani zina za Viola not useless coments of comparing papers.

  49. Patriot says:

    Sa khalitsapo pa udindo umenewo ameneyu.
    Ben Phiri will study him very closely,
    A slite mistake and he is out.

  50. Patriot says:

    Sa khalitsapo pa udindo umenewo ameneyu.
    Ben Phiri will study him very closely,
    A slite mistake ane he is out.

  51. kangaroo says:

    CommentKodi a MWansambowa akkugwila kuti tsopano?

  52. player wa silipasi says:

    Comment congarts mr G viola pa pretoria zayenda bwino kufikira kukwera mwamba kkkkkkkk gwiritsani udindowo mosamala mr viola

  53. Dr Mrs Ben Phiri Mutharika says:

    Zowona Pitara Yu appointed viola pa u Director alibe Masters Degree? Zopusa zedi , leaving anthu AMA Masters awo? Nyemba nyero first class. This reform thing is another non starter or will become another employment bureau for Alhomwe

  54. Nohakhelha says:

    Iwe vimbuza, ndiiwedi wavimbuza ndithu, mbuzi yamunthu. Nkhani ya degree si chanco ai.. Unamva kuti chanco ndiye yokhayo yopereka ma degree?? Ma***nde ako!

    1. lesta says:

      Let people with good qualifications take up the positions please,Pentecostal what? This is a very big joke,where is this country heading to abale?

  55. Joogerman says:

    bravo Gerald,asena woyeeeh,sorry kaka Timpunza,olakwa ndi a mbs kumakutchani phene.

  56. Congrants Viola jealous down okwiya akakolope nyanja it is your time man keep it up kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  57. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Ngati anthu atimadegree tosadziwika bwino mukuwapatsa ma post amenewa ine wa Chanco mundiyika pati?

    1. special advisor says:

      “Tina degree tosonkhanitsa” is deep-rooted in a negative, anti progressive, envious, and outright unacceptable attitude. Great people are able to appreciate the potential or actial greatness that is in others. Small people make others feel small. I for one greatly respect people that invest into self-improvement. Viola’s CV paints a picture of a determined, forward looking person, an example for all teachers to emulate. Dzanadzanali mumamudabwa munthu eankulu atasankhidwa kukhala IG wa police. Inuyo, inu munati uyu munthu analowa ntchito ndi standard 8, wakwera mumaudindo zaka zonsezi koma osaganizira za sukulu. Nde Viola walakwanji. Some of you if you had been born and brought up in circumstances like Viola, you would be simple nothings. Kumamuyamika Wakumwambamwambayo that you were privileged. I should not see such nonsensical comments again!

      1. oseka says:

        Nanunso muli nayo ya konko? Some Universities pa Malawi pano akudabwitsa.
        Accreditation yathu must be reviewed simple

    2. oseka says:

      Kkkkkkkk ine dabwi

    3. Peter Mthiburo says:

      Chanco yamasiku ano ili ngati MSCE ya Kamuzu amwene. Viola’s CV is proof of a man built on solid rock. It shows determination and a spirit of real hard work. If APM carries on appointing people like him, I will begin to back him.

      Viva Viola, APM woyeee!

    4. SHAFT says:


    5. koma Umbuli? says:

      Chanco nde chani, mbuzi iwe.

  58. geo stream says:

    Viola is a Sena from Lower Shire.

  59. honourable says:

    He speaks good English which makes a good spokesperson but he is too political. Everytime with the dynamic leadership of professor bla bla i hate it lol. Hw did he become a director at information with this private degree is another issue which makes this public reform non starter. From outside straight to director yet there are plenty learned and experienced guys in government system waiting for the same promoting. This public reform sucks and stings

  60. pontesi says:

    bravo mr viola

  61. mgawadere says:

    Juma and Viola so angulu amenewa shaaa Achaea nanga zawo zilipati nanga ife koma alomwe ndiaagaludi eti

  62. Alarm says:

    Good news, congrats Mr Viola

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