Viola moved again: Ntaba spin doctor at State House

Gerald Viola who was fired as Presidential Spokesperson and sent back to the Ministry of Information  to work as technical advisor, replacing another former Press Secretary of the President Frederick Ndala,  is on the move again as he has been redeployed elsewhere, Nyasa Times understands.

Ntaba: Spin doctor

Ntaba: Spin doctor

Viola has now been sent to Malawi Posts Corporation on a post yet to be communicated to him.

According government sources the shifting of Viola from Information Ministry to Posts Corp follows a series of interviews he has been granting to radio stations bragging that his redeployment is a promotion and not demotion.

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika is yet to name his new spokesman.

But he has politician-cum-medical doctor Hetherwick Ntaba within State House as a spin doctor.

Ntaba, who served as spokesperson to former president Bingu wa Mutharika until his sudden death in April 2012, is now President Peter Mutharika’s chief adviser responsible for domestic policy,  and has been assisting  Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango.

The President’s chief adviser on economic affairs, Collins Magalasi, is also working as the President’s executive assistant.

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16 thoughts on “Viola moved again: Ntaba spin doctor at State House”

  1. Kalyoto says:

    Kuchita kuoperatu kutali Heatherwick Ntaba ndi computer imeneyo, simunati muvutika ndi mtima inu ngati simumufuna ife tikumufuna bwanji pamenepo? Nsanje zanuzo ife toto sapotani congress yanuyo basi, ifenso tisapota DPP yathu chala m’mwamba chala m’mwamba.

  2. Billiat says:

    Even Kamudzu Banda himself he said ” H. Mtaba wakula. …… if u remember how he was turning his tongue kkkkkk

  3. mwiteteri says:

    viola is not a hlomwe yes this is hlomwe time

  4. Zeka says:

    This back to bingu political lies on pipo, soon will see him vanishing

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is true that birds of the same feathers flock together.H.Ntaba behaves like a one-eyed prostitute,he has no sense of credibility.I remember vividly when Ntaba led the MCP delegation to Paris Conference on multi-party Democracy,he catagorically committed to see that Malawi remains a one- party dictatorship,Peter Muthalika himself was there as the representative of the exiled Malawiians in the USA,but today,the very same quisling,is nominated to be the so-called Spokesman for a clueless President Peter Muthalika,what sort of a Spokesperson is going to be? It is unfortunate that Muthalika is associated with an opportunist who would sell or betray the nation for money and other presents for his own selfish ends.There are myriads of brand-new young intellectuals,who could advise the less-informed President to the fullest of their knowledge and ability but,they are sidelined because of their tribal affiliations or their political leanings.As for Ntaba,any Jim and jak can hook him provided you show him money.Once again,H.Ntaba is not a suitable spokesman he changes his colours like a camilion.With him,show him money,he will fall for it.The truth!!!

  6. Kamwela says:

    If Ntaba chosen to be the spokesperson, DPP reputation will go down completely. Ntaba is very insensitive and inconsiderate person. He is prepared to injure someone’s feeling as long as he pleases his bosses.
    That is why the British govt rejected him to be Malawi Commissioner to UK when APM appointed him because he said nasty things when Bingu deported the British High Commissioner to Malawi.

  7. chibweya Joe says:

    Viola! You now remember people telling you” there life after State House” but your life will be pathetic. You can contact Zodiak may be they can give you a better job

  8. Brown says:

    Pepa Viola komatu umakwana nthawi imene ija. Ukakwera pamsana pa njovu usamati kunja kulibe mame

  9. Myao says:

    Komatu timpeza Mwansanga ndiye akanapita ku Post officeku uyu Viola akakhale Forestry spokesman coz anazoloweraa mtchire.

  10. Nchenga wa Nchanga, Lusaka says:

    Paja a Ntaba amabwera zikamatha2

  11. ZOMWEZI says:

    Viola Sazatheka Basi..!

  12. nyamayasauka says:

    Kutha a Viola, mukataniko nanga positi ofesi? Mayo inu ndi mesinjala. Takulandilani kuno nthalire po, njinga yanu iyo, koma habu lakutsogolo ndiye mugula nokha. Kkkkkkkk kunja uku kaya……..

  13. Gerald says:

    Oh Mother land Malawi

  14. kabila boza kabuka says:

    Viola has now met his fate , he thought that he was very clever , the next thing is that he will be a street vendor , we will be meeting him in Chigwirizo selling secondhand lady’s pants.

  15. Kandapako says:

    Ndiwe wekhatu Sau Ntaba. Umaionela patali ndipo umaitha!!

  16. MABELU says:

    Posts corp
    Yomweyi ya mpinganjirayi
    Ndi fdh

    Basi munthu wathatu uyu

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