VP Chilima back with Singaporean lessons on public sector reform

Malawi Government has learnt some new tricks on how it can successfully enhance the Civil Service according to Vice President, Saulos Chilima.

Vice President  Chilima being welcomed by government officialS at KIA from Singapore where he was attending Public Service Reform meetings - pic by Gladys Kamakanda

Vice President Chilima being welcomed by government officialS at KIA from Singapore where he was attending Public Service Reform meetings – pic by Gladys Kamakanda

The V.P made the assertion Thursday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) when was addressing journalists on his return from Singapore where he had gone to attend a workshop under the invitation by Global Centre for Public Service Excellence.

“We had representatives from several other countries including Canada and the hosting Singapore who shared interesting cases from which we have learnt one or two things which we could borrow,” said

Chilima further explaining that more details would be communicated later.

He however added that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under which Global Centre for Public Service falls, would be assisting Malawi in its implementation of the Public Service Reform agenda and strategy.

Incidentally, the workshop has come in about a month after President Prof. Peter Mutharika officially launched the Public Service Reforms Programme which is chaired by V.P Chilima.

The programme mainly aims at building a Civil Service that is professional, effective, efficient and ready to meet both current and future challenges of the country according to President Mutharika who had spoken during the launch.

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29 thoughts on “VP Chilima back with Singaporean lessons on public sector reform”

  1. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Why Singapore, try Mauritius, a closer model to Malawi.

  2. CHIPENYERE says:

    Easier said than done?Malawian politicians lack honesty,true patriotism and the will power to act

  3. Balamanthu says:

    Here is what you should do to reform your government.
    1.Focus on results.Each civil servants should have results which should be evaluated every quarter.
    2.Wokuba aliyense-fire with imprisonment-minimum 5 years ndende.
    3.Serious behavioural change where it will not be business as usual.
    4.Tell your ministers to set a good example.They should behave well, come to work at 7.30am.Lead policy dialogue and work.
    5.Stop the culture of allowances and kuba.
    6.Remove politics from civil service.I dont see why half of the team that approved cashgate cheques is still working for Accountant General.These are people that should be in jail without trial.
    7.Balance results with requisite budget.
    8.Let parliamentarians work.Osmangolilira ma allowance ngati achule.
    9.Audit all backlog of cases in the judiciary and give the staff a deadline when to clear them.
    10.Anybody involved in corruption should get a minimum of ten year sentence -no bail or prolonged cases.
    11.Audit all funds disbursed by MOF including the constituency development fund which is just a slash fund by MPS.
    12.Focus on what it will take to change the life of an ordinary malawian.
    13.All ministers should be given car loans with mercedez benz taken away from them.Ena apumbwa achabe chabe poti ali chipani chowina basi benz.Let them learn to be responsible.Botswana does it and Kagame does it in Rwanda.How can these guys manage a ministry when they cant manage themselves.
    14.Lastly but more important preach honesty in whatever we do in our country.KUNAMA KWACHULUKA PAMALAWI KUMENE KUKUDZETSA KUBA.IT STARTS WITH POLITICIANS.LETS NOT TOLERATE DISHONESTY.

  4. Balamanthu says:

    Bwana chilima!It is good to aim higher but Malawi cannot be in the same league with Singapore or Canada.These are first world countries.First, let all the dead wood in civil service go and start putting people in places on merit.Remove politics.Do some tough stuff .Sometimes, it requires some temporary sanity to change things.Measure what civil service does and not rewarding those that come in at 9.00am and go to the bank and come back to pick their jacket at 4.00pm.

    The moment you remove politics, select people to positions on merit, have a bureau within the VPs office that tracks and measures performance every month and metes our appropriate punishment, people will wake up.Kamuzu did it.What changed is that in 1994, we decided to elect a thief into office who had no morals koma kusolola.Then he was followed by a Mr Know it all.Then followed by mai cash gate who had no clue of what it takes to run government.Your boss too is such a headless chicken who cannot tell black from white, an absolute nicompoop who thinks when surrounded by mulakho, government will run.It wont.You have joined the bandwagon by acting accordingly.You are a lame duck because you can make any effective decision.Your boss, will sit on it and consult dausi,masangwi, kaliyati,mussa(zomba),kudontoni and atupele who has never managed anything let alone banja-these are dunderheads that cannot contribute anything meaningful to the country.

  5. alukosyo says:

    Madam Chilima amatchena bo. Very executive dressing osati zina zija zijazi

  6. patricia says:

    while it is a great thing to travel and emulate other country’s policies , there is also a need for in house research by the technocrats in the departments concerned with human resources. I find in our country in this day and age of modern technology we are not utilizing the resources efficiently. Lets what Mr chilima learned in Singapore. I would like to advise though what’s good for them may not be good for us. So take other factors into consideration. Just a thought.

  7. Team Chilima says:

    You cannot copy and paste reforms based on experience from Singapore and Canada. This is a joke of the cententury. Just go to Rwanda here in Africa and learn how Kagame has transformed the country beyond recogntion where cabinet minsiters really work for good of people rather spending time watching Bata bullets games and closing shabins in Ntcheu as Manadam Obama and Kaliati respectively are doing

  8. point of order says:

    The VP greeting his friend on arrival. Kenako akamwere limodzi. Zopusa zokhazokha palibepo chilipo apa

  9. mngulungulu says:

    Ha!!!ha!! let us wait for the emplimentation. We are looking forward to the reforms.

  10. Pati bi pali Munga says:

    Mrs. Chilima’s smile melts me and her sense of fashion too kills it too.

    This young lady would make a great First Lady some day.

    DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  11. Charombanthu says:

    Is it correct that only 40% of our civil service is effective and the rest are passengers who just go to the office to read newspapers, play on the internet and or bawo? If that is the case, we have a long way to go….. Muchitepo kanthu pamenepa. Suggestion, lay off everyone and re-hire after thorough scrutiny of qualifications and experience. A job evaluation exercise should be carried out and all processes streamlined. Proper job descriptions should be drawn up and appraisals conducted every 3 months. Passengers should be off-loaded without delay. 4 years to go!!!!!

  12. Frodo says:

    ma tinted ake amenewo ngati anapita ku holiday…

  13. WELCOME !!!!!!!! JUST WAITING.

  14. New Mandela says:

    We need to see changes,especially in health and education sector.Nowhere in the world can the Government fail to employ 13 medical laboratory graduates of higher qualification.No serious Government can be keeping teachers 6 months unpaid.If this mediocrity continues,then I would call Chilima and Muthalika use-less.They shouldn’t be running the country in an unproffessional manner.

  15. Pacharo says:

    ….. and she smiles.

  16. sis zee says:

    Madamme VP mukuoneka bwino keep it up si za chipewa ngati octopus chija

  17. Kanjipiti says:

    Mr P, VP, to you and your team i say thats the way to go. Even though these reforms are very important we need to scrutinize the working conditions for government employees and ensure that they are improved. I was saddened to see how departments like veterinary and the national archives of Malawi are struggling with resources and yet these are vital to the development of the country’s economy through livestock management and our preserving our documentary heritage. I dare you to go and do research of your family tree at the archives and you will be surprised with your findings and yet you are not putting in place measures to preserve such vital information. As a concerned researcher and historian i feel this is the right time to look at our priorities and weigh them accordingly… MUSAIWALE NKHANI YA LAKE MALAWI CONFLICT AGAINST TANZANIA KUTI MA TREATIES AMENEWA MUNAKAWATENGA KUTI.

  18. Cadaver says:




  19. Sorry civil servants kuli vikwqnje

  20. Mang'ina Oboila says:

    Mary kani mumapita ku shopping? Suit ya Singapore tu imeneyi. I hope zina muika mu shop mwanu muja nafe tigulire Mai kunyumbaku.I hope you have bought a hat for Aunt Getu kuti asavalenso gule uja……….

  21. Eheee?? says:

    a Kushi’wo a government official?

  22. emwazi says:

    Welcome back Mr VP, when you were away your boss was behaving like a toddler scribbling any nonsense on each and every wall he encounters at least you are here to restrain him and bring back sanity!

  23. cell says:

    Thats good news.

  24. Melody says:

    we need enough health workers in all departments.We don’t want long queues at consultation rooms,Pharmacy and Laboratory.And by the way,why is laboratory neglected that College of medicine graduates are denied employment when Health Science graduates are employed?Why few doctors in district hospitals?

  25. Louse says:

    We Hope he has come with good Ideas.We need more workers in health sector.Have those College of Medicine graduates of Lab course been posted?

  26. paul mphwiyo says:

    Retrench Pss first

  27. kumunda says:

    Only in Malawi where people would go for a fact finding mission after the reforms have been proposed and implemented. Keep it Malawi… next time Starr with the latter.

  28. Tepani w says:

    Comment This will be effective if the government can learn how to fulfil the promises.ie paying teachers their leavegrants in time,supplying the resources intime,training and recruiting more worker at right time.Failing this the reform is useless as these r the only ways of motivating workers

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