VP Chilima launches relief aid distribution in Nsanje

Malawi Vice President on Friday launched World Vision Malawi food distribution programme to reach out to thousands of displaced people in the lower shire.

VP Chilima officially receiving items from World Vision

VP Chilima officially receiving items from World Vision

A displced family in a classroom in Bangula

A displced family in a classroom in Bangula

The food distribution exercise is part of the response to the recent flood crisis that forced President Arthur Peter Mutharika to declare state of national disaster.

Close to 200, 000 people in 15 districts have been affected by the disaster leading to several deaths and injuries.

Thousands of homes have also been destroyed, resulting in communities losing crops and livestock.

Displaced people are in camps at primary schools across the lower shire.

Speaking when he launched the distribution exercise at Bangula, Chilima assured the people that all the required aid will come.

“We are with you up to the end. As government we have the capacity to help and this is even boosted by our partners like World Vision,” said Chilima.

The VP then appealed to the people to stay put in uplands as the rains are still coming.

“Please don’t go back there at the time being. Stay put here until your safety is assured,” he appealed.

The veep’s call came at a time of reports of some affected people refusing to be airlifted to safer places insisting the flooded areas belong to their ancestors.

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14 thoughts on “VP Chilima launches relief aid distribution in Nsanje”

  1. Matthews Mpofu says:

    It is a very sad moment the nation is going through with the persistent floods which continue to claim peoples life, loss of property and environmental degradation. I do agree with what our VP Saulos Chilima stated that these floods are from environmental challenges. To some extent, it means these floods have the sources and endings. Therefore, from permaculture perspective, we need to see solutions to these floods from where they emerge, that is what have been the human activities in relation to environmental activities. Then, it is very easy also to understand and develop strategies to reduce the effects of floods. We need to consider and indeed the cultural farming activities which are sustainable and resilience to the communities. Above all understand and recognise the cultural values in relation to ecological crisis and environmental conservations strategies to mitigate and adaptive to climate change.

  2. Big up the APM and Saulosi we are proud of you guys

  3. Amene uja akagawa nthawi yamavuto kapena amafuna kungoba ndalama za anthu osaukaak

  4. sikusinja says:

    I don’t understand you Malawians commenting here. World Vision is distributing food and you are applauding Saulos. With or without him world vision has been doing this forever and that’s what they do.
    And Saulos grow up. This isn’t time for photo ops. If you wanna do something, put on some jeans and boots and do the actual distribution and not wearing your suits and shiny shoes with your bodyguards. Tell your soldiers to work and help people.

  5. chakwanuleka says:

    This is bull shit. How can government take credit for the relief items distributed by an NGO. World Vision is not government. The want government to work side by side with NGO by bringing out its own resources. Osati kukhalira kufuna kuba pamene anthu akubvutika.

  6. Comment says:


  7. koma yah says:

    mukuthandiza kapena chiwonetselo …ngati thandiza God knows kuti mwathandiza wosati choncho kuti zidziwike kuti mwathandiza

  8. Dickson says:

    This is the way to go… Vote yanga kwa DPP inapindula… Koma Peter ndi Saulos ineeeeee…

  9. James says:

    Thus good because these people are suffering. Well done job right honorable.

  10. fkr says:

    Very nice to see the vp doing his job.

  11. boma la nsanje mungolithesa tatopa kumva zansanje every year it must be an inland port

  12. richard bwanali says:

    Thks vp for the work done iam so encouraged 4 u hve done 2dy at 5.30am already arrived at nchalo realy shows hw serious u ar mr vp keep it up

  13. DPP says:

    Chisankho chikuchedwa ndikamuvotere Chilima

  14. lalirani says:

    the government has the capacity to help, the others can just boost! Ok. Mukulimbatu

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