VP Chilima says Malawi requires moral reconstruction to development

Malawi Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima has said there is need to increase the Public Private Partnership for the country to ably move forward and also stimulate the private sector considering that they are the engine of economic growth.

Chilima: Spread the love against hate

Chilima: Change of template for Malawi

Chilima, who is also the Chairperson of Public Service Reform, spoke during a public lecture organized by Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) in Lilongwe Friday. The public lecture was also part of the Network’s annual general meeting.

He said it was high time Malawians changed their mind-set and adopt the “business unusual approach” for the country to development.

“We need to begin to be serious with life as a people. If we continue using the same template for development that we have used all along, this country will not move forward.

“Indeed, we must do things differently and better and, if we have to succeed, we must do them together as a nation,” said Chilima.

He further observed that an efficient and effective public service will only be possible if the public service will have the same high professional ethics and integrity that the Malawi public service was once known for.

The vice president also said while there are many strategies that have to be adopted, the country require moral reconstruction and high professional ethics institutions, particularly in the public service.

“This is an agenda that the public sector reforms will advance. It is an agenda that must happen and there is no going back. Public servants must, therefore, rise to the occasion.

“And, I appeal to various sections of our society to support His Excellency the President’s reform agenda. It is only then that this country will start developing on a sustainable basis,” he emphasized.

He then thanked Professor Thandika Mkandawire presenting an inspiring and motivating public lecture titled “Thinking about a Developmental State in Malawi”.

“If we talk about the agriculture sector, which is the major employer, you will notice that it is undergoing transformation as part of the ongoing public sector reforms.

“One such reform is the turning of the Green Belt Initiative into a holdings limited, a move that is expected to increase agricultural production, enterprise development and exports,” he told the gathering.

According to State Vice President, many people have equated development to the decline in unemployment, inequality and poverty while others have looked at development as a process that expands real freedoms that people enjoy.

The 1987 Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“This tells us that there are a number of approaches to measuring development and hence a number of ways of classifying whether an entity is developing or not.

“For example, the World Bank uses scales as low, medium and high based on per capita income. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) uses classifications of least developed, developing and developed countries based on per capita income, exports and vulnerability to external shocks.

“But the question that all of us must be asking ourselves is: What is our collective role in making development happen as government, the academia, civil society, traditional leaders, religious leaders and individual Malawians?

“If you ask me this question, I would tell you that facilitating development in Malawi has been a preoccupation for leaders in Malawi for a long time. In post-political independence, the leadership has implemented policies which have a large foreign content,” he explained.

He then said while stable macro-economic conditions and high GDP growth are the objectives to achieve, the current administration is also mindful of the quality of that growth in terms of job creation and fostering equity.

Chilima said this is why government was establishing Community Colleges to train the youth in vocational skills so that they start small scale business to be self-reliant.

“I do believe that when people, especially young people, hold the destiny of their future in their hands they become less violent and are unlikely to be involved in illicit behavior, thereby contributing to national development,” he said.

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26 thoughts on “VP Chilima says Malawi requires moral reconstruction to development”

  1. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    (Ife sitidzapeleka chenje as salaries to the public servants) but one year downline civil servants are still paid machenje. I think you’re just good at mere rhetorics, please get down to serious business before people lose your trust. public service reforms are useless without motivation.

  2. dochima says:

    Stupid guy. Gvt is nt airtel. If the two are machines then gvt is two big to use the VP’s brains. Which theory of development are you using sir? You speak sweat words spoken by some other country’s presidents ndiye popeza your listeners are not exposed amangoombera m’manja. Half of the sentences by the president and vp during lectures are sentences from speeches of famous presidents. Hand clappers be careful. Smoke them!!!!!!

  3. Masharubu says:

    Chilima is full of hot air . Very soon, most Malawians will realise that he is just a PR guy . His words are usually not in step with reality on the ground . Leadership is not about churning out nice sounding statements . Leadership us about analysing the situation and finding out what is really wrong, and then “grabbing the bull by the horns”

  4. chefourpence says:

    Ya convoy itaeni. The guy needs security. Mukufuna mumuphe?

  5. Jwa Mjimpi says:

    “We must do things differently and better…” yet Chilima himself is in the forefront of doing things the same old way. Daily he wastes more than 4 times the fuel he should be wasting: Going to the office and back he uses about 7 four wheel vehicles in addition to his Merc – David Cameron and Angela Merkel have convoys that are less than one third of the convoy that Chilima uses. And he sees nothing wrong with this.

    Why on earth would the Vice President of the poorest country in the world think that it is prudent to use 8 vehicles on his convoy?

    The Executive in this country is fond of pointing at specks in the eyes of other people, while ignoring the logs that are in its own eyes…

  6. tsetsefly says:

    Time is slowly but surely ticking. Economic woes are the order of the day. Insecurity is but something we have just decided to live with. Inflation, valueless currency, sale of valuable assets at giveaway prices, Escom may be going soon. I curse the 20 may 14 coz Malawians brought back the illuminatis back to power to kill,steal and destroy.

  7. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    What happened to Tecnical Schools?

  8. Sapitwa says:

    I agree but what you need to keep always in mind is that having a policy is one thing but having relevant strategies to support those policies for action is another. Since you were speaking this at a public lecture organized by CISANET, it may be relevant for me to touch on Agriculture.Our current farming efforts can not bring this country to the level it is required though you have Greenbelt innitiatives in place. You may need to borrow a leaf from Israel where you and you Minister visited. Their produce is flooded on the markets in the West and the US. I recently visited the same place saw how Israel can grow anything from the very Stoney small land they have. It’s so impressive to see a network of water pipes on the fields watering the fields with the scarce source of water they have. This country needs to motivate its Famers, give them subsidies on commercial farming inputs, upscale the Financial Resources and ensure Farmers are rewarded through proceeds from the exports of their produce. Just focus on your priorities and Agriculture is the first priority; you will not go wrong sir!

  9. manzy Gavanala says:

    Palibenso za mindset apa.We need jobs in Malawi.You were promising people mountains during your campaign but now you are busy giving empty speeches.

  10. Alufeyo says:

    Mr Chilima you must yourself demonstrate that what you are advocating is what you believe in. Unfortunately you have a big convoy that shows you are not serious with safeguarding our meagre resources. Why do you use a diren as if you are in an ambulance or as if you are a fireman. Why have you surrounded yourself with Africana adherents instead of competent people. I feel sorry when people who are political novices pretend they understand the public service. Let me exucate you on why the public service of today cant be like that of pre 1994. We are now in a democratic dispensation where officers refuse postings and the courts back them. Under Dr Banda no public servant could challenge his/her superiors. Singapore, Malaysia, China, UAE and Rwanda are not democratic thats why they are developing very fast. The Judiciary must also put Malawi above infividual freedoms.

  11. Patriot says:

    Limbe has NO electricity since monday.
    Some areas have dry taps.
    Mr. President in waiting, What do you mean?

  12. kamphulusa says:

    unfortunately the business unusual is about arresting business persons on force allegations of tax evasion before they are found guilty by a competent court of law. The conduct of incompetent MRA officials who were given positions due to political connections are driving away investors and scaring those who would want to invest in the country. It is surprising that those in authority are blind they don’t see that government is in perpetual short of funds because a lot of people are evading tax due to incompetence and corruption of MRA officers in collusion with some politicians and the whole country is paying the price. WHAT A SHAME!!

  13. PM says:

    We lost the plot when politics took overtook the public service. Public servants withdrew their seriousness to pave way for politics. Where have you seen a Political Party functionary jump from a political foot soldier become a super scale PS in civil service and expect policy and technical direction. Kamuzu Banda was clever he ensured that those who rise to make decisions are career public servants with a passion for the job. He favoured the people who were district officers to become senior decision makers because they had experience on the ground. Politicians have been hypocritical with regard to public service. They spoiled the public service and turn around to blame it for non-performance

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Most DPP leaders are hypocrites. You tell us to change our mindset but yourselves are still doing things the same old ways and time wasting.

    You are still preoccupied with self enrichment, intimidation and abuse of political powers.

    I know you feel good when people call you by those prestigious names. Such as Vice President, MP or Councillor and when you occupy the reserved seats in the high table but your inside is empty and frustrated.

  15. Sayimoni Bayisikolo says:

    If the change of the mindset is putting only Lomwes in strategic position,then we hv a wrong to go.Which morals is this VP Chilima trying to lecture in which he is part of the backdoor govt of Dpp churned to us by the night owl Mbendera and his friend Jomo Kenyatta Nyirenda.This sugarcoated talk beamed with some power point at bingu conference is doing Malawi no good.Malawi needs action oriented people who can work their asses 24/7.Politics throughout the year will not help Malawi.Mwamva inu a Chilima mwavala suit ngati general wa asilikali ma badge alithothotho.

  16. Bola Moyo says:

    There goes Chilima. The mark of real leadership by APM. Pamene ma presidential candidates ena amasankha mbola monga Ben Ten or Sowoya, APM went for the big one. Pano a Kongelesi muli yaviyavi kuti Chilima ali ndi vision. You are right. But it is not his vision alone. This is APM vision, Amuna, kuchitekete, Tate, Mapwiya Mulhulphale, Mkoko Wogona!

  17. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    How about reforming Political mind set which tends to influence Public mind set. Until the old political philosophy of business as “usual” the way things have been the way they will continue.

  18. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Public service reform or reforming their families? Giving yourselves 61% salary increase while hospitals have no medicine msttt!

  19. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    What’s new about these self-righteous remarks

  20. Malawi Reformation Agenda
    Chomwe chikuchitika ndikumangoona a first lady ndi a deputy awo a madam Chilima akumatchena mopikisana muja. Kutiko zoterezi zimachitika especially mu africa muno. First ladies are not always on the fore front, they always appear sparingly on presidential functions. Koma ku Malawi kuno poti akamatero ndi ma allowance amenewo. imagine chief excutives bringing their wives at business functions!!!!!!!!!! -musatinamize a Chilima much as you talk mosonyeza ngati mukukhudzika – start leading by examples otherwise ‘ ife tikungoona kuti this is ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL’

  21. cashgate1 says:

    Only if Bingu had this mindset then may be. But alas the main looter.

  22. Reformation agenda is good but the way you guys are handling it will not yield any positive results.
    In the first place you need to take Malawi 50 years backwards and ask this question ” Malawi what do you have on your hands?”
    You will discover that Malawi has what it takes to be a rich nation
    eg, fertile soils, erable land, lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, wetlands, rich wild life, people, livestocks, natural fruits trees. We have intelligent people (man power) ( people who can come up with chinyau constitume) how much do those guys get out of what they do? am sure NOTHING
    Above all we have ‘PEACE’

    The second question ” how best can we use what we have to transform our nation?
    To answer this question you need to engage people. Villages, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges, and the industry. You will be surprised at the amount of wisdom shall come from these institutions. In planning they discovered that scientific planning do not work but popular participatory planning.
    So when you are busy launching the reform agenda at Bingu international just know its just one of those ways of syphoning public funds to the drain

    Check Escom, Waterboards the poshy cars they buy yet they cant deliver – how will development come. Why you the reformers are not coming up with a statement to stop that practice
    At state house and governments department check how many fuel coupons does the government dish out – imagine one officer entitled to K400,000.00 amonth
    What development or reformation can take place if this is the practice

    If alimi are still using a hoe 50 years after independence – how far can they go?
    as if that is not enough – if they struggle to find market of their produce
    How Do you fill when you see mlimi akutaya vegetables, tomatoes, mkaka wa ng’ombe, mangoes, and etc because there is no market.
    How much would it cost the government to come up with food processing factories – so that Malawi can be producing its own juices, tomato sauce, baked beans, frozen vegetables, dairy products, cornflakes (the list is endless) so that mlimi azipeza kogulitsa

    Development will only come to Malawi if we the Questions I have posed

  23. Mhesha says:

    Well said VP. I would add by saying that those who don’t have what they call a job…then give them a hoe. Thru doing something be it farming but via the spirit of hard work, as a pipo, we can really develop this country together as one.

  24. john says:

    If you ask me,I don’t see a business unusual reform agenda.Public service is the same except for a few transfers or rotation of PSs and beauracracy at RTD but no improvement and things have remained the same.Most senior officials are yet to be redeployed some have taken a year to be redeployed and also the civil service is highly politicised, contracts are awarded not on merit but coz of politics so I don’t see the business unusual except vp being eloquent and full of rhetoric

  25. Wisdom says:

    If Mr Chilima had a few more people analysing the picture and the vision he got for Malawi, things will be better. Unfortunately we have people who just wants easy money. Selfish individuals who are after power and money. We have civil services with the corrupt mind set and all they can think is to loot. Mr Chilima,truelly you have a vision for Malawi. We want to be hearing more of this not castigations. Lets all get behind him as he supports the President which way to go.

  26. me says:

    How can private sector be engine for economic growth when government is killing it by not paying them their dues. We saw this week MPICO closing your offices because of a long standing K2.9 billion unpaid rent. Yet you want them and other private sector to pay tax as soon as an invoice is raised.
    You as govt ought to change the way you conduct your business as well for this country to move forward . You love mapwevupwevu too much. Be serious once because you are not,

Comments are closed.

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