VP Chilima tops Cabinet performance rating, APM advised to chop ‘dead wood’ – Malawi newspaper

Malawi Vice President Dr.Saulos Chilima has received praise from one of the country’s oldest media groups when the Sunday Times  newspaper described him as ‘the only star performer’ in a cabinet assessment the paper conducted.

Chilima scored highly in Sunday Times cabinet assessment

Chilima scored highly in Sunday Times cabinet assessment

Chilima scored 80 percent (8/10) in the rating while some ministers including Foreign Affairs George Chaponda scored as low as 20 percent as the paper urged them to stand up and go to work.

President Peter Mutharika who scored 50 percent with an advice that  “there was still way to go to be good, sir”.

“Despite his shortfalls, Mutharika who in our opinion is a transactional leader, is just an average performer. The sooner he reshuffles his politically oriented cabinet by dropping some dead wood and the tired ministers by hiring goal getters who can spur economic transformation the better,” advised the paper.

On Chilima, the paper commended him for the strong leadership he has shown at the Department of Disaster Management Affairs which he heads, saying during the 2015 flood disaster he showed an enviable and unprecedented leadership.

“Systems were working, communication was in sufficient supply and the daily press briefings to update  the nation on the latest development  was commendable in as far as government information is concerned,” said the paper.

The cabinet assessment also praised Chilima for the coordination of both international and local relief aid which were successfully distributed to the beneficiaries without any case of theft or misallocation.

The paper also praised Chilima for focused leadership on public sector reforms, saying slowly but surely people are accepting that time has come for the nation to reform and change the way we have always conducted business.

The paper said there is political will and determination on the reforms which is a sign that for the first time the reforms could actually work if the government keeps the momentum.

“What has happened at Road Traffic is a clear example of a strong and focused leadership and how as a nation we should learn to put our foot down on ideas that in the long run will benefit the nation without thinking politics or the next election. Good leaders never rescind decisions or sit on the fence when there is public outrage but work to correct the situation,” said the paper.

The VP’s performance is not a surprise for many for his well known as workaholic and a no nonsense manager who produces results with focus and determination.

As Chilima scored highest some Ministers scored very poorly that included Bright Msaka of Energy, Natural Resources and Mining (2/10), Foregn Affairs Dr. George Chaponda (2/10) and Information Minister JappieMhango (3/10) and fading and aging star Finance Minister GoodalGondwe who scored a miserable 30 percent.

Minister of Industry and Trade Joseph Mwanamvekha came second to the VP scoring 70 percent while Transport Minister Francis Kusaila and Lands Minister AtupeleMuluzi scored 50 percent each.

Since its introduction, most Malawians take Sunday Times’ cabinet assessment seriously especially this one  which has come at a time when government is failing to inspire hope of transformational leadership which the DPP promised during the campaign trail.

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55 thoughts on “VP Chilima tops Cabinet performance rating, APM advised to chop ‘dead wood’ – Malawi newspaper”

  1. charles says:

    We need a youthful finance minister then kwacha can regain its strength

  2. ellias says:

    Because he is new blood in the cabinet. What do u expect of the atinke nawo, atidye nawo like Chaponda? APM please we need new blood like Chilima, ankhalakalewo akungofuna kudya nawo basi kuopa kukalima kumudzi.

    BRAVO SAULOS, we knew it! Unayera ndi mtima womwe man!

  3. ababa&gmail.com says:

    Inu Musamupweteketse Saulos. Stop writing things about him ,haters are not breathing well with this. Tamulekani. Psalms 91 and Psalm 71 for Dr Chilima.

  4. Kaluluma says:

    Time for the youth to reign!!! Bravo Chilima! Just keep it cool as you have always done. These others seem to be no longer relevant. This is your country ….so love it!!!

  5. Dule says:

    Abale mumuthyoletsa khosi Saulos alomwe ake amenewa oti amadana naye kale ndiye amutani kaya

  6. Collins Misomal says:

    Chilima all the way…..

  7. Pac says:

    What do you expert when you elect a president who after. Spending almost all his life in the states but still has not got a clue on how to do the basic things if Malawians want a better lifestyle of basis living standard kick out that fool you guys call a president and make the vice head of state he is the best man to take Malawi forward

  8. george jones filiyamu says:

    George jones filiyamu

    Yes this is just a subjected issue not based on the matter of fact but being biased towards one’s personal aims chilichose chili bobo your settings was a 100% wrong that’s why it comes with an inherent problem yet no one has a PROBLEM

  9. Chendausiku says:

    Mwanamvekha is a perfomer, I remember how rebranded MSB into a good bank

  10. Kanyimbi says:

    To say the truth we need more Chilimas in Malawi and not Chapondas.

  11. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mwanamveka 70%????? How much money did he give to this corrupt analyst???

  12. Prophet Chimbi says:

    Komatu ma comment enawa mukuziitanira makala amoto pa inu ndi ana anu mbambadi, kumalankhula ngati muli ndi mzimu. Ndithu ntheradi zinazi apa mukuzipatsa matsoka. Mulungu si james. Malaulo sasuzumira.

  13. Frank Phiri says:

    True, Chilima has done it, no matter what so ever. I thank APM for taking DR. Chirima. But please! please! zimenezi zisayambitse udani amang you, our leaders, but just pull your sockes and perfom well.

  14. Kumdana Fanuel says:

    Survey not credible at all. Chilima works directly under supervision of APM. There is no way he can perform better than his manager. A chikadya bodza limeneli. Inuyo a chikadya munthu amene mumamuyan’ganira akuposeni kugwira ntchito pamene mumamuwuza zochita ndinu? Zabodza. A Times just say u dont know how presidency work. Kapena mungofuna kudanitsa anthuwo

  15. wakumudzi says:

    If your findings are to go by then VP deserved it because of his slowness to anger and courageous enough

  16. Shonai says:

    Malawi Msanje.Osatha kuyamikila anzanu.All the time dwelling on negative things.

  17. Alex says:

    DAILY Times you are the worst paper. If reforms are working then APM Is the star. Chilima has never ever come up with a reform area. It has been ministries telling him what they plan to do. Take Toad Traffic teforms these were there before APM came to power. The decentralisation of teachers salaries was conceived and executed by civil servants through FROIP project. APM approves the reform so how can Chilima be better than APM? Just look at the number of police officers that Chilima has contrary to the Presidents Salaries and Benefits Act. Govt is not marketing but doing. If a ministry is underfunded how then can the minister be a failure considering that govt doesnt have money.

  18. Nkando Crew says:

    Where is the 20% for Goodall coming from, he doesn’t deserve anything above 5%, the economy is at the worst since 1964. APM doesn’t deserve anything above 10%. It is only people who are inept and blind who can’t see the black & white writings on the wall.

  19. Chimps says:

    Chaponda? Did you hear that? This is not coming from us but an independent News paper.

  20. Taona says:

    Please leave Hon Henry Mussa alone. Musawapweteketse ndi ma strategies anuwo. Za zii mukupangazo

  21. Matiasi says:

    Sunday Times, tell us more about how is this rating done. Are you comparing Chirima and other Cabinet Officials? Obviously if you compare the VP Chilima and his fellow Cabinet Ministers he stands out already. We know him as a hard worker and a successful business minded performer. But if your comparison is against the performance of the DPP led Government in the current scenario, it raises so many questions on how someone would get 80% from such a cabinet team. What is your average performance of the whole cabinet?. This is very important than focusing on individuals which could be a little misleading. You opinion on DPP Cabinet Machinery as a system performance rating is our major interest also.

  22. Joseph Banda says:


  23. saiziyakana says:

    APM 50 % for what? Makosana as anlyst has said this is glorifying mediocrity. We can not improve like this. For me APM is 1% and the one is just for him occupying the number 1 plot. The guy is zero on everything. These people that do assessment have loaded balls – in this case either to glorify Chilima or to crucify him. Chilima 80% for what. Everyone is supposed to do what they are supposed to do. APM and Chilima are a pair that we voted into power to change things for us for the better at the expense of Joyce. Now tell me what have these two big headed stupid guys done for us. Look around – politics of kuthana they have manged and propaganda they have excelled – but otherwise all the indicators of human development and economic management and development are going south! and you rate them 80 and 50 percent for what. Do not joke on things of national importance like these please. If your bellies are full you better go and sleep or kuphwetsa in a different way pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Forgive Malawians if they wronged you but subjecting them to this demeaning life does not give Soulos or APM any point at all.
    If in your heart you think Soulos is better, forget otherwise he would have excused himself from this circus and banditry called DPP. But he is with his brothers!

  24. Willie Chimseu says:

    SKC yemweyo kuti wa wa wa wa

  25. KARU UNITED says:

    As one of the airtel’s longstanding & attentive customers, i told airtel front line staff in the face that, the gap left by the departure of THE RT. HON. S.K. Chilima @ the institution cannot easily be filled & that we as customers FEEL his absence everyday & the members of staff present nodded in agreement, we miss the days of Mr Money, the winning or only the hope of winning Toyota hilux vehicles.

  26. mjomba welewo says:

    Truly? we are waiting 4 that k577 billion to be done and that amendment of Peter Chakhwantha s’ bill.fight extra harder Chakhwantha,may be Malawi can develop…

  27. mjomba welewo says:


  28. banda says:

    So why is there maize scarcity if the VP has got 80%. Foolish analysis meant to bring hatred. Chilima is doing well but not as trumpeted by the media.

  29. Chamba says:

    Bwampini ndi zero pa ten. 50% wamtenga kuti? Oh! Ndadziwa paja amakonda kubera. Wabera basi.

  30. kaDausi says:

    Akanati a late Mwala Moyo akadalipo, akanati mumuthyoletsa khosi, Chilima ndi maranking anuwo.

    I miss his talent, may his soul rest in peace, osati chi Bingu, may he have an eternal toasting and roasting. And the smoke of his soul fill his brother’s nostrils, so he can quickly resign.

  31. Chamba says:

    Bwampini ndi zero pa ten. 50% wamtenga kuti ? Oh! ndadziwa paja amabera.

  32. Blue Chambe says:

    What are the ratings for Chiyembekeza, Kaliati and Mussa?

  33. mjomba welewo says:

    If they can do more on that k577 billion scam is when you should start giving them those percentages not now. azayamba kuchita when ACB boss akazayamba kusankhidwa ndi parliament… Peter Chakhwantha moto … I will honour u amendment of that law ikatheka…moto Chakhwantha…this Malawi will develop after that amendment…i give u 100%

  34. Kenkk says:

    How credible is the rating? It is too subjective the way I see it.

  35. Nosedive says:

    Congratulation to Saulos..if only we had 20 Saulosis in cabinet!! Imagine he is still a star performer despite hiding him from the public and international arena.

  36. 2016 welcome says:

    In a competition of dwarfs where they compete as to who is tallest amongst themselves, a 140 cm tall would look tallest. The whole government is a flop judged by the socioeconomic turmoil we are going through. Period!

  37. The Analyst says:

    A Malawi . . . tiyeni tisamakweze a kamba mmwamba iai . . .

    . . . Just on what basis is APM rated average performer? How could 50% of people rate APM a performer?
    . . . You see . . . , people are strange, so blinded they are by blind loyalty; that even if they are given a chance to vote anonymously, they still rate APM highly. For what do 50% of the votes rate APM highly?
    . . . for reducing and maintaining a lean cabinet on one hand and increasing the number of advisors, on the other? OR
    . . . for being resolute on fight against corruption hence convicted and sentenced Treeza Namathanga to a mere 3-year jail term for stealing a whopping K63 million? OR
    . . . for just waking up some morning and suspending the anti-gay laws?
    Truth is – APM does not even deserve a 0% rating coz his performance is lower than lowest level of underperformance.
    There is no any strategic decision that APM has thus far made; to deserve the average-performer accolade.
    . . . he found the economy in a mess, but has amplified and expanded the mess in no time. . .
    . . . poverty hence standard of living has moved from bad to worse . . .
    . . . Malawi problems’ growth rate has moved from geometric to exponential . . .

    Even Chilima is not a star-performer coz all these problems are happening under his watch also. He is just a one-eyed man among the blind. Thus, in a system that works well, he is just an average performer.

    Let us stop glorifying medicrity, thus. Otherwise people shall see no need to change for the better.

  38. Nokia 3310 says:

    At least the sunday times has said the truth on this .

  39. Dpp_supprter says:

    Amen. God bless saulos

  40. dzambo says:

    mumpwetekesa mnzanu! achaponda aona ngatindi vp strategy to get attention.

  41. inkosi malawi says:

    DPP led government has failed us

  42. Zagwa says:

    Mwangofuna kumupweteketsa Chilima inu! Munthu amufilila kale maso alhomwe nde inu mukukolezelanso!

  43. Piyoloma says:

    Congrats Chilima, 2019 waku State House basi

  44. Mbuya says:

    Yamba wachotsa chisoso mmaso mwako ndiye uchotse mwawina ur Co is retreching people wake up

  45. The Partriot says:

    Chilima is one of the greatest sons of Malawi and its not surprising that he is performing so well. Here is young, handsome man , well educated, and with a very pretty wife worthy to be our furture first lady! For some reason Chilima decided to leave a lucrative job and help Malawi sort out the mess that our politics has become. And he is doing so well despite the resistance from the usual suspects. Chilima is here to stay, love him or loathe him. Enawa auponda monga mwa maina awo!! Kufuna kumupondeleza mwana, koma sizitheka!! Chilima deserves better and God willing, Chilima will lead us one day.
    In Cabinet Chilima is the breath of fresh air as opposed to the stinking , corrupt politicians that we are used to. No wonder you will never him castigate other politicians , he is too smart for that. Hopefully , some of the foul- mouthed- tongue -lashing individuals in cabinet will learn a lesson or two from The Right Honourable SKC! Abale sukulu njofunika!!!

  46. MAY BE says:

    After calling everyone idiots.

  47. Rubbish Atupele supposed to top the list

  48. Mbuya says:

    I think most of ve ratings they r poor they dont know statisics they need to know hw to gv points jack up please

  49. levelheaded says:

    I think you missed Patricia Kaliati who has performed well as well at disability, gender and child welfare.

    She is highly rated internationally.

  50. master says:

    This is not true reflection, the leadership has failed big-time and this includes chilima 80% is just overated considering what is happening now in this country, peter Mutharika is sleeping on his job and 50% is way too much this guy deserves 20%, there is no leadership direction at the moment in the country, in-fact leadership is judged when all is not rosy and for me Peter Mutharika has failed to demonstrate that during this difficult time, shame BNL what u are good at is firing your staff!!!!

  51. Mapota says:

    Do you think this assessment will go down well with the DPP? Won’t they assassinate Chilima for scoring highly? O in o, congratulations Dr. Chilima for doing quite a good and wonderful job. U r a new person in politics and to get that score is no mean achievement. Keep it up and show the nation that u r a star and performer unlike these other boot lickers in cabinet. O they know is to politicize everything that they do. This, am sure will give APM an assignment of doing a soul searching job and possibly reshuffle his cabinet and bring in some new faces with bright ideas to turn around the country’s ailing economy. We need experts, humble people and hard working people like the Chilimas to help our President to bring sanity, accountability and transparency in all government departments and ministries so that donors’ confidence should be restored. Fire all cabinet ministers who have failed to get at least 5/10 because it shows that they are failures. They should not even be allowed to sit for supplementary exams but instead they should be weeded from their ministerial posts. We need people like Ambwiye Che Mwanamvekha. As it is, believe you me, we are nose diving with the current ministers, the earlier you show them the boot, the better for us. However, having topped the score board, you should never relax but instead you should engage an extra gear as you are the next plot number one tenant come 2019. Ine Nilibe Pulobulemu ngati APM.

  52. Bob Chiswe says:

    While acknowledging that Chilima is a star performer, I am surprised there is no rating for Henry Mussa whose Ministry has also been performing better than the Chapondas, Finance etc. If Mutharika want to restore his credibility, he must get rid of Chaponda who is messing up the Foreign Ministry. Infact Henry Mussa could perform better in Foreign Affairs than chaponda

  53. NAVITCHA says:

    NAWO MAYESO ,?,?


  54. lipenga says:

    Is he not Mandated by the President to do everything he does and accomplish the DPP policy on how to lead and govern ? this is another reason to get rid of Chilima as DPP is not ready to be led by a man from Central Region.

    Chilima is going to be a very big dividing factor within DPP,what matters in the mlomwe belt is power and more power and not performance of a single man .

    Atupele muluzi apandiye mwagwa nayo kwambri! any political ambition to be a vice President and later a President will never happen.UDF CV under you Atupele is so damaged beyond repair .we will never vote again for a Muslim President or a gay foreigner who temporarily denounced his green card.

    The only hope for Malawi is MCP under Chakwera .

  55. Minyanga says:

    Congrants Mr. V.P you deserve it, I personally support you in the whole DPP.

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