Wadi says don’t blame President for poor Malawi economy

Former Director of Public Prosecution Ishmael Wadi says Malawians should not blame President Peter Mutharika for the ailing economy, saying everyone has a role to play toe ensure recovery.

Wadi: Don’t blame the President

Writing on his Facebook, Wadi noted that  its now a habit  that everyone can criticise government and its President even if they lose their money at casino.

“I have heard so much criticism against the President to the extent that I feel now the trend is gone bad to what appears to be developing as a new paradigm, – blame everything on the President. Even one working class that blew off his money at the casino and went home without a loaf of bread had a good standing defence. If you are one of those in the new paradigm, then be admonished that you are on a suicide mission without knowing,” argued Wadi.

Wadi says blaming others deprives opportunity to deal with issues effectively.

“To blame is tantamount to running away from finding solutions to the problem. Such an approach only increase chances of individual failures if not total collapse,” Wadi pointed out.

Wadi further argues: “This country has gone through two  major disasters in the past  three years. Firstly it’s the cashgate and secondly it’s food shortage. Just like an individual or a company if you have suffered theft of such great magnitude, expect the effects to be felt for a considerable time. We are currently undergoing the hardship directly as a result of these two major catastrophes plus other factors.”

He hopes with the good rains the country has experienced this year he is sure things will change to the better.

However, some critics described Wadi comments as “attention seeking” and that he was repositioning himself to be recognised by the ruling elite.

Wadi flopped in the parliamentary elections in 2004 when he contested in Lilongwe.

Elections in Malawi will be held again in 2019.

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27 thoughts on “Wadi says don’t blame President for poor Malawi economy”

  1. Likongwe Ligomeka says:

    A Wadi tamangophwisani muliko palibe amene angakutolenkoniso

  2. gracious tawona says:

    Malawi is full of corruption, high expenses, poor in economy, low wages of salaries, come and see rural areas people is suffering, you are talking as you don’t have knowledge at all, dot look the way you survive look at your colleagues they are suffering, government have more money but the management is very poor in mind they don’t look at people how they are surviving, employees paid poor salaries even private sectors, private sectors paid their employees k20000 the government just pleased with it, my friend poor in your thinking capacity.

  3. Wadi wadi wadi!!!!!ukuoneka kuti zakyvuta uli biiii ngati wolisha ng.ombe sizikukuyendeera they say desparate person will land at anything that appears helping this is t wadi you’re desperate for your own affairs you will not taste heaven we will leave you here with your fellow satanas

  4. Bang says:

    Go to hel….due to that (corruption) t-chaz r nt paid….the day will come and he gona realise

  5. lAGWAGON says:


  6. REAL PATRIOT says:

    Mmmxxxieww!!! Mmmh!! Malawi, ka dziko kovetsa chisoni,kadziko kamene anthu ambiri omwe anaphuzira mmitu mwawo munangodzadza mamina,mikodzo even manyi ndithu,look amene mukuti ma Dr,ma professors zimene akulipanga dziko lino?zovetsa chisoni,anthu amene sanaphuzire ndi amene ali patsogolo kutukula dziko lino with different businesses podula misonkho while anthu amene akuti ophuzirawo abisala mma office kumaba ndalam za anthu amene akuvutika kugwira ntchito..mbatama zophuzira destroying Malawi,shaaaaaameeeeee!!!!

  7. R says:

    Together we can build malawi..poor minds ndiye vuto….wadi your right,,i totaly agree you

    1. lemson says:

      How as citizens, can we build malawi together ?

  8. Donton telkom says:

    As the Malawian we don’t want APM anymore everything were happening bcz of his poor administration failing to run our nation !!!!!pa atsogolire wose amene takhalapo nawo koma uyu walephera

  9. collins says:

    fodya kkkk eti a wadi kkkk walemba mmadzi

  10. Sailota says:

    Koma kumeneko!!!! But there!!! Repositioning…..kkkkk kupalira tsopano. Ukuitha man. For the first time kuona venda akutchipisa maize than ADMARC. A lawyer akuti zili bwino.

  11. petermustfall says:

    Shame on you Mr Wadi, kusowa choyankhula……..

  12. Cho says:

    A Wadi umphawi ukupwetekani

  13. Nijo says:

    I think Wadi does not know what he is talking about. He wants to make noise just to get favour from the government. We work hard everyday and a large chunk of our emolument goes to to the government or economy inform of taxes. Malawians are the most highly taxed people in the world. However, the politicians are the people that are letting us down. look at how they messed the economy during the second term of Bingu, look at Cashgate during Joyce Banda, Look at the Maizegate now. These are just a few corrupt cases are destroying our economy and the people who are paying their taxes really do not know the actual magnitude of this problem within this rotten system. If people are elected in these political positions, they are accountable to the people and this include how the economy is run. It is not the people who appoints the Minister of FInance/Economic Planning and Development etc. to run the economy. Wadi is a failed lawyer and cannot come here to tell us that we should blame ourselves for these economic problems. We have already been playing our part already through our taxes.

  14. Mimosa says:

    CRITISISM IN Malawi is ju normal life. Now you criticize the president for arresting anniva. It is the rule of law that arrested Anniva and not the president. If the president had put his weight in favour of Anniva not to be arrestd he would not avoid critissm too. Remember the Famous CSO ‘s ( Cival Society Organisations) were critically following and looking for Anniva’s arrest. If Anniva was not arrested you would praise the president while the CSO s would castigate the same predent. so you cant please everybody since by pleasing Mr Y you insult My and when pleasing Mr X Mr Y will als complain thay I have been insulted. Theirfore WAD is write in his assessment. The president is very right.

  15. benjones says:

    This man calls himself educated!!! shame

  16. Matandani says:

    What Wadi should know that cashgate started during the DPP regime and only was exposed during JB`s reign. Its true he is seeking attention from the ruling zealots for personal gain.

  17. tozer tsono says:

    Wadi you can do better than that but again I have a hunch you know what you are doing. If I understand you correctly, you are advocating for each finger to do it’s best lifting what five fingers would accomplish. Well, why should Malawi or any country for that matter have a leader? There is a reason people elect a president. If he or she happens to be a good and resourceful leader, focussed on good governance and transparency regarding matters of government; the rest of the citizens will follow suit. If corruption is rife, then each person will attempt to maximize gains at the expense of the nation or neighbor.
    As a former DPP, one would hope you would make a well thought out argument. Everyone has to play their part, well, how do patients at queens play their part honestly? Where would primary school teachers or university lecturer find time or money for student text books? A true leader sets a tone for the country. For example, Paul Kagame after one of the worst among tragedies on earth; has rallied his country by setting a tone for success. Rwanda is doing 1000 times better than Malawi. Malawi has wasted tons of money and time being doiing things inefficiently, like prosecuting Muluzi and others, for many years, who eventually will be paid compensation for wrongful prosecution. You know that as DPP. There are many such examples of waste in Malawi by whatever political party is in power.
    I give you credit though for annoucing that you are doing well while the majority are crying foul of mutharika’s reign. Since you are successful at what you preach, how many other Malawians/villagers have you uplifted to success? Also kudos to you for displaying, what ought to be a shameful, “gimme a job Mr President Mutharika” public relations stint. Well, probably that will work for you.
    We will cheer you on, mission accomplished, mr. sweet talker.

  18. Yankho says:

    Attention seeker akuona ngati amupatsako kaudindo

  19. Nyopex says:

    Running out of ideas. Wapacarrier amayimba horn? Yes, all the critism should go to the president coz he is the one on the driving seat. Zachepapo nzeru apa. If any organisation fails, all the blame goes to the CEO of that entinty. So, what more with govt. Mukufuna kubisa mablunder onse akupanga a president awa? Why is he protecting thieves, hiding corruption, etc? Is he part of it? Don’t bee myopic Wadi? Live to face reality then you will be smart otherwise mmmmm, kaya! Shame.

  20. Cash Gate says:

    akufuna udindo

  21. Natasha says:

    That is an insult to our society. You know the crimes against humanity that this government has done.

    We are going to blame him because how can he as a human being not know or have any knowledge and go against his conscious that what he is doing is wrong. Every human being has a guilty conscience, therefore we will blame him. Peter is taking Malawians for granted because he is well educated in stealing money from the poor. If we as Malawians do not accept this thwen we would cause a civil war to take place like other countries.

    So please shut the fuck up Mr. Wadi with your pretentious accusations against the real victims.

    you are just an ass kisser and you no dignity!!!

  22. PATHAKO says:


  23. Dzikoli Lawola Basi says:

    Indeed attention Seeking . a President in this country has taken over everything including National Development. “apa ndikuyikirani musewu “, “Chimanga ku Admarc chikhala K12,500” “go arrest Anniva” Why should they be immune to criticism when they take center stage on everything?

  24. Diffi says:

    was the saying true or not?
    I think it’s true.
    excluding andale, people these two years got reaches.
    they never stopped working coz someone is corrupt.
    they kept working for the good of their families and themselves until they achieved.

    one is out there wasting his/her time blaming others (politics) coz of his failure as if any of the politians ever went to his home with breakfast.

    wake up now malawi. time is wasted on facebook, on WhatsApp, tweeter, in offices, school and other places on discussing politics that never add something wise to our faculties.
    we only fill our precious minds with foolish things.

    start now filling your brains with wisdom and profit. than policts that in the end will expunge wisdom from our brains. eliminate our chances of being creative by thinking and make us fools in the end.

    start now.
    its not too late

  25. zideni says:

    wadi ulova mukufuna akulembeni nthito

    1. Peter says:

      Your attention, please! Can someone enlighten me. Does Malawi have a president? I see it running on auto pilot because of the headless chicken sitting behind the wheel. So this Wadi man is a bullshit! We used to have a president who ensured each commodity was sold at the same price countrywide not this trash you call president. All he is good at is shielding the Chapondas & fattening his cats in his cabinet. Mxiew!

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