Of the wall of Yolanda Munthali: Putting the mice meal conundrum in context, President Mutharikamisunderstood

The past week has been full of social media hype in reaction to what State President Arthur Peter Mutharika said in Limbuli last weekend when he advisedMalawians to diversify their dietary options in a bid to enhance their nutrition and avert the looming hunger in their households.

Mutharika: Let Malawians eat mice and grasshopers

Mutharika: Let Malawians eat mice and grasshopers

The selective perception and misrepresentation of the speech by the media has been bought by the President’s critics across the board who are in turn trying to accuse the First Citizen of trivializing the issue of hunger in the country.

What the public has chosen to believe is far from the truth. Under repeated mention within the untrue contexts is that President Mutharika told Malawians to start relying on mice and grasshoppers (referred to in vernacular as Zitete). As a matter of correction, the right diction that the President used was Zitcheche not Zitete.

Those that hail from or are familiar with foods found in the Lomwe belt will know that Zitcheche is a kind of food commonly known as Yams in English interpretation.

In other districts they call it “Chilanzi”. Those who listened to the speech will agree that President Mutharika was primarily reliving his childhood days when as a boy he used to enjoy many varieties of food in the home besides maize which has now become a sole food brand in many households in the country.

Eating of Zitcheche and mice was a normal thing whenever maize stocks were depleted in those days. We can all agree that with changing times many cultures have lost touch with their roots and recent generations do not know much on the foods that differentiates them from others. It is therefore unfair and malicious to fault

President Mutharika for trying to remind parents and inform children to remember how past generations were dealing with unavailability of maize within the household.

Look at this; the President himself is the one who declared Malawi as a state of national disaster in view of the hunger that has come about due to destructive rains and drought for two consecutive farming seasons.

More so, President Mutharika has not only stopped at the declaration but has intensified the purchase of maize from neighboring countries and as far as Mexico to ensure that Malawians have enough food up until the next harvest. Informed by such a commitment to deal with hunger, Malawians must be the first to appreciate that their leader is working round the clock to bring enough food into national reserves in readiness for hard times.

It is therefore not logical that the same President whose government is buying over a million metric tonnes of maize can on the other hand start making pronouncements asking people to forget maize as their staple food.

And to be true to ourselves, Malawians are a people who love traditional foods some of which are mice. It therefore smacks lack of camaraderie for anyone to start insulting the Head of State for mentioning a delicacy that unites us in so many ways across all cultures. It is time we learn to shelve our political leanings and start appreciating our living as a unified nation. Time for twisting somebody’s words to gain political mileage is long gone.

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Yolanda Munthali, how much we’re you paid to write this nonsense????


Saulos Chilima is on the wrong side of history!!!!!!

Chindere chakufikapo

Paja Mathanyula alibe pulobulemu just like mbewa ndi zitete


Awanso a Yolandawa ndiye mbuli yotheratu. He wants to pose himself in the scene as if he is wise yet he knows nothing and no better than this so called President.


Yolanda are you a retard or just plain stupid ? I am sure that if your parents have read this rubbish they are extremely embarrassed.


in her press release the minister for information has clarified that the president was joking when he purportedly advised his citizens to eat ziwala and mice and he was within his rights to do so despite the sensitivity of the topic.

now here comes the author of the above article yolanda munthali to contradict the minister and assure us this was no joke. indeed the president meant every word he said except he did not mean zitete as in grasshoppers but zitcheche (yams).

who am i to believe?


Stop insulting our intelligence idiot! if that’s what the president said/meant, why didn’t Kaliati quickly jump to that correction? You don’t get DPP BLUE than Kaliati and if that was the inference APM meant, Kaliati could have mentioned, so stop embarrassing yourself man, it’s pathetic!


Are Malawians intelligent? Since when did they become intelligent? Intelligent people are never obsessed with trivia. What is there to gain by always twisting someone’s words for cheap and rotten political mileage?

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