Wambali discard ‘fake’ PhD he received with Ben Phiri

Legendary musician Wambali Mkandawire has discarded the honorary doctorate he was decorated with by the Cyprus International Institute of Texas, USA in July this year.

Wambali: No to fake doctorate degree

Wambali: No to fake doctorate degree

Wambali has disowned the honorary doctorate two months after being conferred with a Masters in Musicology by the institution. He was honoured alongside renowned gospel musician Ethel Kamwendo Banda and Special Aide to the President, Ben Phiri.

The Mzuzu based legendary musician changed his mind after establishing that the doctorate was “fake.”

Wambali, according to  a message believed to have been signed by him, wrote the vice chancellor of the university Professor Gadama to disown the honorary degree.

“In July this year I received communication that I was being conferred an honorary doctorate from an American university. The invitation came through Mr Gadama’s office in Lilongwe, who is known as professor Gadama and is said to be the Vice Chancellor of the University. Since I was in the village without network, I had to ask friends to Google and find out the credibility of the university.

“The results were very positive. The graduation ceremony was to take place at BICC. It was in the last week of the events that one or two things emerged that raised some questions, but I decided to focus on rehearsals for my Calabrash Breath album launch,” reads Wambali message.

“After the show when my doubts were finally confirmed, I wrote to Mr Gadama that I had disowned the degree. May I say that your celebration with me for what was seen as an achievement is not in vain, for some of you helped me to unfold the scam. With your help and by God’s grace I was able to successfully discard the fake doctorate and clung to my ‘Mte’, which is worth celebrating. Thank you for your support. Shalom. Mte,” reads the message.

While declining to explain reasons behind sudden change of mind, Wambali told Malawi flagship daily, The Nation that he disowned doctorate on personal grounds.

“Let me indicate that its true that I have disowned the honorary doctorate on personal grounds, but at the moment, I am not saying much as I am still trying to get response from the institution weeks after writing them about my decision. I will say more when it becomes necessary,” he is quoted as saying by the daily paper.

Likewise, Professor Gusto Gadama confirmed receiving a letter from Wambali.

“I have seen an email he sent to that effect and I have suggested to him that we meet and discuss the matter for our understanding. I am shocked honestly and will make it a point to find out from him what has triggered this.

“He just said personal grounds are the reasons for disowning the doctorate and did not elaborate as such I cannot give you more details,” Gadama told the paper.

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50 thoughts on “Wambali discard ‘fake’ PhD he received with Ben Phiri”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Wambali you are a bad man. why doing that. are u sure the university is not existing? after all thats a honors degree what elso do u want. i was realy respecting u koma aaaaaa nzeru nzochepa. kodi mesa ndinu munthu wa mulungu nanga mabozawa. sad.

  2. Benson T Phiri says:

    zamabi bási

  3. levelheaded says:

    Every African country is like their first independence president. Malawi had a doctor as their first president thus the hungry of many people to be called doctors before they qualify for it academically. I personally salute wambali in many spheres. Attain it academically,be noted by many later.

  4. Obanda says:

    Nothing wrong man, just accept mam

  5. Phwado says:

    I hope JB,Bakili Buluzi ,Ben Kamwanadala short Phiri ans the like will follow suit.

  6. mashati says:

    I gree kuti ma degree enawa ngasatanic like what happen to Bingu. Wambali cograculation to clung to ‘nte’we like your songs may God Almighty guid you

  7. chilombo says:

    Iya zausilu

  8. khuere says:

    some of these hon doc phds are satanic think of china they are very good on these phds they gave one to bingu it changed evrything for bingu that time people started hating him.

  9. Ian Hzwyzj says:

    Those honorary degrees must be given to people like the buluzis (Muluzis) they like to be called Dr without getting into the classroom not to people with eyes Wambali and the like

  10. che msumbo in rsa says:

    We all know these professors from america are shit ndowe zenzen agalu

  11. guguh says:

    It’s only in Malawi where i see people taking these honorary degrees seriously to the extent of changing their names to “Dr so and so”. Mandela and a whole lot of celebrities and people of influence have been awarded such but they never use them koma ife with little education nde right away changing mayina.. Eeish!

  12. nyambose says:

    Thanks wambali, u r realy mtumbuka u have integrity keep it up Man of God like Major 1

  13. Zanga Phee! says:

    Thank you Wambali i think you have got a very clean mind,brilliant you are a real Man no ways somebody can just do this as what you have done.This is a clear picture that we must not just be proud of these P.H.D that our politicians are attaining.Thank you Wambali.See my name.

  14. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Wambali is acting according to his conscience; and good for him. Some of these “honararies” are not even worth the paper they are written on.
    But there may be more to Wambali’s action than meets the eye, here. He probably would have more credibility if he had rejected the award in the first place. But then, there would be NO news, would there? And he would not have scored any kudos..

  15. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Why do people speak as if they don’t know the genesis of Malawi poverty. Its laziness by the majority of the rural population perpetuated bby donors, NGOs and zbs. These groups tell people to demand things from government and not to work for themselves

  16. Henzema Henzema says:

    Wambali umaitha, undiimbireko nyimbo ija ya Karonga. Imene ija unasinja aise kuposa Doctrate degree ina iliyonse

  17. Straight talk. says:

    African leaders are more contented and other bosses are more contented to be called these useless titles.It takes 20 mins to reach their real names.They like called HE,his most high,the destroyer of,the right Hon,the destroyer of,The bombardier of,Father and founder of,Dr Chinkhuku…. Oooh so many titles to do a single job.Titles are useless.Titles never does a job.No wonder Malawi is so backward.People waste time in crawling to these titles.We should learn to be people of actions,than wasting worshipping titles.Well done Wambali.Titles should be earned.Mugabe has been throwing useless titles.He doesn’t use them.He doesn’t want some useless universities making fun of him.Wambali is better placed working on his album than being weighed down by some useless titles.He is better off placed with his Tumbuka title of Mtebeti,than some useless permanent head titles than do not add value to the society of Malawi,than remains at the base of the most poorest country in the world,with than 1 million prof and Doctors who are dozing in their offices,who can’t solutions for their impoverished country.Well done Mtebeti Wambali.Titles should be earned in classrooms than just being awarded anyhow.Leave these titles Dr Bakili Muluzi,Dr Joyce Banda,Dr Shanil Muluzi,Dr Ben Phiri and many others who doesn’t see anything wrong with these titles.

  18. Lova says:

    I totally agree with true Malawi citizen.We have many learned people at Capital Hill,in companies and others in the streets with PHDs,Masters degrees.
    What buffles me is the fact that even with such learned people we fail to fix our economy,our economy is on oxygen machine.For example,our kwacha depreciates almost daily yet our neighbours are not affected the way we do.We have had well learned people who could have easily formulated sound economic policies which could have lifted us from the present mess,,,did they do it?I don’t know…

    Secondly,why should we wait for professionals at World Bank/IMF to tell us to cut government expenditure yet we have people who knows our economy well and they once worked in these institutions.

    This makes to wonder if all these qualifications have any meaning at all.Our president is a Professor,Vice president now has a PHD,with several government ministers in possession of PHDs….Why should our country be in shambles with such better learned people?

    I think we don’t need a Mzungu to come all the way from the azungu land to tell us that when the governments coffers are running dry you need to minimise expenses…sure?What are our priorities?Lets set them right for the good of mother Malawi.

  19. Well done Wambali. Its an honour to have such a great personality, one who who is conscious and upholds integrity. I hope the rest will fall suit.

    I have always wondered why Ben Phiri did not manage to even acquire a single Diploma, a Degree even a Masters degree let alone a PhD. Does he even know what a “thesis is” or even better what an “Essay is” . A masters degree requires not only constructive and masterliness argument but the intellectual capacity to argue then counter argue and defending your facts basing on utmost current information. Ben unfortunately; all he knows is to lick Peter Mutharika’s boots hence cannot make any constructive criticism. No wonder why there are and have been and will be so many mishaps in this current administration.

    The current government has both “Actual Fools” and “Educated Fools” encompassing all Matchona such as the president himself, Jappi , Noels Dausi, Dr wa ziphwisi ( Chaponda) and the rest you know them.

    Malawians watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  20. Pinyox says:

    Sheeee kwaterera ku maliketi.Dr Ben Phiri ndibodza,chotsani Dr ikani Mr kkkkk

  21. Wambale woye.. ..a Ben Phiri adalandira yomweyo.. musova

  22. ZAMADUNGA says:







  23. Zangazatha says:

    Atumbuka ali ndi ma standards. not fwakafwaka ayi. enawo azigawo zinazo sangapange masewera amenewo

  24. Issa says:

    Who would be proud to be called Dr, Prof when 80% of those with such tittles in this country are complete beans. Messing up the country.

  25. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    Give the degree to Patricia Kaliati. She would be very much proud to be called Dr. Patricia Kaliati

  26. matako a pusi says:

    Kodi university imeneyi ndi yotani that it can offer honorary master’s and PhD degrees on one person ? I think our own good wambali is right to discard this thoughtless useless senseless degrees it is part of their marketing

  27. munthu wabwino says:

    What is fake here? The honorary degree or the institution conferring it? I see twisting of facts here.

  28. MADALA TEAM says:


    Does it necessarilly require somebody to be a professor or a doctor to make a good leader ??

    I believe / think some people were Just born
    leaders with the zeal to Lead others

    KING SOLOMON was even great;Intelligent and wise



    AMEN !! AMEN !!

  29. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    Anadabwa chule m’madzi mwake monwe! You are not a coward, Mte!

  30. nobel says:

    It’s good that others recieved it without hesitation kkkkk

  31. True Malawian Citizen says:

    Knowing how principled your are, Wambali, I am not surprised with your move to disown fake degrees. There a huge appetite for every one to be called Doctor or Professor such. But there is no appetite to find solutions to our social economic problems in such people. With all these professors, Doctors, learned lawyers and name them Malawi is going through one of its lowest moments in each and every sector of mankind How credible are these Education Degrees. Professors, doctors and learned people who cannot bring any targible solutions to all our huge mountains of problem. , .With all these doctors filling capital Offices and Corridors of Colleges and University Malawi remain the poorest nation always hungry and starving. IS it no a shame to us. Wambali tell the other friends of your who received those fake degrees to withdraw them as well. Is profesroship, doctorate or high education Degrees very relevant to Malawi scenario at this point in time? American is being ruled by Obama. Check his education. cashgate, hunger, unhealth nation, poor nation. Is high calibre education going to put this country in order. i know of a Professor who was deputized by PhD Doctor to run Green Belt Initiative. what did they do these doctors in 4 years. Where is Green belt and why all this hunger with? One of them went back to produce more graduates at Bunda.

  32. Edkungs says:

    What is fake hear, does the institution which awarded him exist. Did it really award him the honorary degree. Give us other reasons but not fake

  33. tccholo phava says:

    hahahahaa! go Wambali go! That little man used you guys to prove the validity of his phd. he is the type that can do anything to get what he wants…he can kill to be recognised. this fake professor wants you to talk to him about what? to silence you? to pay you? to force you to keep the fake degree? dont fall prey to being used by these savages. we respect you more than we do with that useless Karonga Paramount chief who has been bought by the same savages. bravo Wambali!

  34. Mapwevupwevu says:

    That’s my man Wambali I respect you for that. Ma PHd angoperekedwa ngati rotten tomatoes at a market?

    Leave it for abulutu enawo. Zikhale zonyadira zimenezo mpakane kutengera ma Sabbatical? I will die a Mr.

  35. pacheco says:

    Wambali, is the University fake or the degree fake? a honorary degree cannot be fake per se because it is just a bestowment or recognition. anyone can recognise anyone. just say the university id fake and then so is your masre’s in musicology!! of course a fake univsersity conferring a fake degree results in a fake degree holder. case closed.

  36. Joyce Hildah Banda says:

    This honorary doctorate is not important whether fake or not. It is not different from mphatso ya nkhuku uncle Chibuza can give you. No one with honorary degree should be proud especially from Gadama associated with fake universities.

  37. MASTER PIECE says:

    kkkkkkk! wakumana ndi madobadoba APA USA

  38. Ma says:

    Takes a fool to believe such phd.

  39. koma ziliko says:

    so the answer. Is Ben Phiris doctorate is from ndirande

  40. Prison Warden says:

    Big up! Wambali. Kumeneko ndiye kubwera boo. You have earned back my respect.

  41. Moses Makoko says:

    Zamanyazi! Mtumbuka sungampusitse, waionera kutali. Well done Mte

  42. kabotolokamo says:

    At least some one came up with sense , well done Wambali , keep up the preaching of the gospel as you have always done ,,,,,,

  43. Parallel Market says:

    Thats what a real MAN must do. Dont just accept meaningless and fake doctorate degrees. We sweat to ge a phD and it becomes one feels proud and fulfilled when that is achieved. PhD samatola. Aliyense yemwe anatola phD akataye ngati mmene wapangira Wambali Mkandawire. Tawonga chomene mtewete!!

  44. Sitiriti Venda says:

    Hahahaha. Atcheya and JB could have rushed for the same!

  45. Xeenoph says:

    I like Mr. Wambali’s response. It’s better to be as genuine as Mr. Wambali rather than cheating people and oneself that you are a Dr. or Prof. yet you inwardly know that YOU ARE NOT. A Malawi let’s be ourselves than pretence. Kumangoti awa ndi a Dr. awo ndi a Prof koma lili zaboza. Just work and study hard to earn a recommended paper. Malawi ikhoza kuzaza ndi ma Dr ndi ma Prof. yet life is going down economically and developmentally nde tikuchitapo chani? Zitipindulirapo chani? THANX A WAMBALI pokana za fake


    Thumbs up Wambali Mkandawire. Achite manyazi

  47. genius says:

    The Institution has recognised your effort while u r alive n yet u r there accusing them what kind of being r u.

  48. Nyazgambo says:

    The meaning of Gusto is shit i.e. Manyi! thats why Wambali has rejected your honorary doctorate.

  49. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Wambali, anything “honourary” means its not real or rather fake as you would want it to be called. So, I dont appreciate the fuss about it in the first place.

  50. Mwethu says:

    Honourary PhDs are just as such, FAKE. Those who walk around priding that they are doctors when they were just decorated should know that, they are just that, FAKE degrees. Go to Uni and earn the PhDs, that includes Muluzi, JB, etc. There is no short cuts to ejukweshoni, go back to school and show us your thesis and defend them, in that way we will gladly call you Drs. Otherwise do the right thing just as Mte has done.

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