Wame’s suspected killer nabbed in Thyolo: Crime buster Bob Mtekama is back

Malawi Police murder squad have rounded up a 34-year-old man suspected to have brutally bludgeoned to death one of country’s renowned and industrious evangelist, Reverend Shadreck Wame.

Suspected to have killed Wame

Suspected to have killed Wame

A team of police detectives from the Homicide Division, Murder Squad Unit based at the national police headquarters in Lilongwe led by crime buster, Bob Hamisi Mtekama arrested Limbani Labson Maliro who hails from Chinkwezule Village in Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga District on Thursday in a raid in Thyolo District where he was hiding.

According to inside sources, Bob Mtekama who has just returned to Malawi from his law degree studies in Zanzibar and is now the Malawi Police’s national Chief Criminal Investigation officer (CCIO) mounted a manhunt for the Presbyterian preacher, Shadreck Wame’s killers.

Mtekama who was heading the CID department before he left the country to pursue his studies in law was trained by the FBI in serious and organised criminal investigations and was also trained in criminal forensic science by Professor George Liomba and Dr. Charles Dzamalala at the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine.

Malawi police spokesperson for Central region, Superintendent Noriety Chihana confirmed that the police arrested a man in connection with Evangelist Shadreck Wame’s murder but refused to be drawn to divulge more details.

Said Superintendent Chihana: “I can confirm that the police have indeed arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with Reverend Wame’s murder but as the investigations are still going on, I am not obliged to disclose much information as that would jeopardise the ongoing investigations.”

However, Superintendent Chihana said police is working harder to bring to book the people who murdered the revered man of God.

An  impeccable Police source said Mtekama and the Murder Squad team headed by Superintendent Nkuka are closing in on all leads into Wame’s death so that all his killers are brought to justice.

Said the source privy to the investigations: “Mtekama and his team are working so hard day and night to bring to book the people who killed the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) minister.”

Reverend Wame, who was at the time of his death, living alone at his house, was killed in his bedroom in the Lake-shore District of Salima.

According to police reports, the deceased, Evangelist Wame, sustained multiple deep cut wounds in the head.

It is alleged that Maliro who was the late Wame’s domestic worker accompanied by his two accomplices stole some bags of maize, household items and unspecified amount of money from the deceased’s house.

After their clandestine and spiteful mission the three suspected murderers are said to have packed the ‘stolen goods’ in the deceased’s vehicle but failed to drive the car as none of them knew how to drive.

Fearing that they would be caught, they vanished from the deceased’s residence taking with them a few bags of maize and some household items.

The late Evangelist Wame was best known for his verve and wittiness in his unequalled quality delivery of prophetic messages.


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22 thoughts on “Wame’s suspected killer nabbed in Thyolo: Crime buster Bob Mtekama is back”

  1. Kums says:

    Peter Makossa, why mentioning Police officers names here? We want to know where in thyolo the suspect was hiding and with who….. so here its like the story is about police mtekama. Anyway….

  2. Thinktank says:

    This is fast tracked because it’s not political murder. ….no brainer there

  3. Maliseni says:

    I strongly commend Malawi Police for their action, But can we have trainings of majority of our CIDs to ensure we have more Mtekamas. Otherwise we really miss his extra ordinally criminal investigation skills. Unfortunately he can’t serve 17 million people alone. When Mapulanga retired sanity vanished
    in Limbe. No one knows the source of his rare policing. Big Up to Mtekama, welcome back home.

  4. Alfonso Namaona says:

    I hope this Mtekama will also be used to catch the Issa Njauju killers soon! It happened within Lilongwe so it should be a bit easier to trace the idiots.
    Good job and keep it up big brains.

  5. Nafe says:

    A Peter Makossah paja Bob Mtekama ndi nzanu. However your reporting on this story is childish and awful as you just aimed at painting colourful pictures of your friend than the actual story. Next time please do a better presentation of a news article

  6. Bongozozo says:

    It seems the author of this article did more research on Mtekama than what I was looking for. I think the author could have done more in letting the readers to get to know more about the suspects. …..Anyway its good to hear that the police are making progress on the murder of Rev Wame.

  7. nanyati nanyati says:

    Well done Mtekama and your team. This is the Reformed Police we all admire…..congratulations. I just hope you will be well rewarded as you have the qualifications, experience, expertise, dedication and passion. I can see that your staff has Superitendents. It is my hope that you are a DCP or above, if not I plea with the IG to consider you for an appropriate position\rank. Once again CONGRATULATIONS !!

  8. kkabini says:

    Just shoot him why wasting time and government resources. to keep this stinking bastard in custody is not being fair to wame please kill it. it resembles satan kill it fast.

  9. mike kangolo says:

    stupid police officers,why not arrest those who killed njaunju and chasowa if you are really experts as you put it? silly idiots agalu

    1. Cheyo the real northerner says:

      Mwana wa HULE iwe. Pali chotukwanila apa. Bastard. Njoka. Bongololo weni weni.

      1. mike kangolo says:

        I can see the ignorance in you thousands of miles away.Enjoy the poverty

  10. opportunist says:

    Thanks police officers for netting down these hegoats.Squeeze them very well. They killed man of God


    This is a very poor reporting. The news here is that “Police have arrested Wame’s killer”. There is no need to mention individual Police officers’ names. This is very unprofessional reporting.

  12. Friend Indeed says:

    Look at his face, little devil. How dare they brutally murdered our beloved Evangelist? Let God panish him and his friends

  13. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Welcome back Bob. Kulinso awa anasowetsa Njaunju, utifufunzirekonso.

  14. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Welcome back Bob! Utifufunzirekonso za Njainju.

  15. Chalo says:

    If Mtekama is really the real deal being touted here, let him bring us the killers of Njauju.

  16. The Patriot says:

    Welcome back Mr Mtekama! While you were away……Mr Njauju was assassinated and “the job was professionally done” so much so that our Police have not cracked the case up to now! Mr Mtekama please help the nation to solve this case too.

  17. Bullshit says:

    Police has been given freedom to work on this as Wame had no connections to politicians(DPP). The same intelligence unit given freedom to operate on finding the killers of Ngaunje, the would come up with something tangible but political influence is always in their way. Sad stories in Malawi

  18. thumbwe man says:

    Nanga anapha Njaunju? B8b, tiye nawo.

  19. kaleya says:

    Never touch nor harm the anointed

    1. Tito says:

      Really, but the anointed was murdered! Should we just hope the killer end up in hell? To yhe killer, judt repent and accepts Jesus before you die then you can escape hell.

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