Wanangwa Mbereka in K40 million Malawi Housing Corp plots scandal

While many Malawians are struggling to buy plots or houses from state owned Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC), its former Deputy Chief Executive Officer Wanangwa Mbereka allocated to himself plots worth K40 million, Nyasa Times has established.

MHC head office

MHC head office

Mbereka, who is now seconded to the ministry of information, culture and tourism, is said to have abused his office to allocate the plots in Central and Northern regions in 2013 alone.

He was one of political strategists for ousted Peoples Party (PP) in the run up to the 2014 tripartite elections.

According to Financial Statements for MHC for the year ended June 30, 2014 which Nyasa Times has sourced, Mbereka used his power in 2013 to award a total of 10 plots in the central and northern region to himself and Zinqaba Trust Fund which he owns.

Only one plot no 43/383/177 which was allocated on May 29, 2013 at the value of K5, 714,880 is in his name while the rest of the plots are in the name of Zinqaba Trust Fund.

Zinqaba Trust Fund were allocated a high value plot worth K24, 379, 400 in Lilongwe plot no. 6/0369 on June 18, 2013 out of which K17, 078, 500 was paid leaving a balance of K7,300,900.

Five plots in Area 49 in Lilongwe were allocated to Zinqaba Trust Fund on the same day September 30, 2013.

“Repayments of K11.8 million were received from Zinqaba Trust Fund and the sum of K8.9 million was still outstanding as at the year end. Zinqaba Trust Fund is owned by Mr. Wanangwa Mbereka, the then Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation,” reads the financial report in part.

Three plots in Mzuzu were also allocated to Zinqaba Trust Fund on the same day, January 10, 2013.

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66 thoughts on “Wanangwa Mbereka in K40 million Malawi Housing Corp plots scandal”

  1. Tim Masamba says:

    This foolish boy who lives in Area 14 is a fool he thinks he has all the brains but all he know is how to suck up to political leadership of the day!!! He has no spine and faints very fast when under pressure. Joyce Banda and her adopted thieves have destroyed this country forever.


  2. jphiri says:

    Please ACB come to here at Tobacco Control Commission and see how Bruce Munthali is abusing and its management is abusing the office. Ma 4 x 4 angogulitsana pa mtengo wa K400,000 and Bruce everyday kutenga allowance as if he is going ku field.

  3. kudu says:

    Munthu mmodzi akalakwitsa chinthu anthufe timachita generise. akalakwa wa katolika timati akatolika amati, a seven amati, a ccap amati, kuleka kungonena walakwayo kuti amati. the same with tribes akalakwitsa mtumbuka, mchewa, mulomwe, mtonga, mchawa mmodzi timati atumbuka amati, achewa amati, alomwe amati, atonga amati, achawa amati.

    Ine koma munthu mmodzi wakumpoto amene ali civilized ndi a mfumu Kyungu basi. Timakunyadilani mfumu ndinu wachilungamo. Mukadzudzula chinthu ndiye kuti chaonongekadi simutengera kuti you are northerner ayi, I wish m’busa Nyondo akadatengerako nzeru zanu mfumu.

  4. peter phiri says:

    Malawi has a moral decay over money and greed imagine what is happening in Dowa district over FISP.
    – Main Vendor the Bussinesman at Nambuma trading.
    – Mr msowoya the FISP coordinator has enriched himself and has bought 200 + bales of tobacco.AND THE assistant DADAO ,MR CHIRWA has bought a vehicle
    – Mr Yamikani is now multibillionaire building houses at Madis and Kasungu.
    – Mr Mtafya the AEDO at mndolera used his personal car during FISP at some cost.
    – AEDC for Mponela rennovated Govt house at Mponela over K350,000.00 WHERE DID SHE GET THE MONEY…Why not rennovate DADO,s house at the Boma//////
    – THE adec , madisI has been promoted but not moved every year coupons are stollen.
    – Despite the ADD, S attention they defend the DADO BECAUSE THE BIG FISH BENEFITS THE COUPONS FROM DOWA.

  5. Munganya says:

    aTumbukafe mwangodana nafe. Inuyo mulipo migolomigolo ife tiripo ochepa. Koma mose mwayambira kutida, kutitchula posayenera kutitchula. Olo mutokote bwanji, Ambuye alinafe.
    Muisovatu, simunati.

  6. JB says:

    Ineyo ndine mtumbuka ndipo am so sick of hearing you shameless tribalistic people go on and on about atumbuka. All the presidents weve had in Malawi are not tumbukas has Malawi developed after 51 years since independence NO. The reason why we are not reading about alomwe ayawo achewa stealing is because you are in gov Bingu stole billions did it stop you from voting for Dpp NO. Alomwe and Ayawo you are the reason Malawi is in an economic mess you never learn umbuli wanuwu you think every mlomwe should be president. Thats why tikuti federalism tisiyeni tikhale patokha so we can teach you ambuli inu. Atumbumbuka nyo nyo munapitako ku school inu kuti mukhale mambawa zitsiru ana anjoka.

  7. KAY says:

    Are Tumbuka not malawians?If you dont need them please leave Malawi and go where there is no corruption.Tell us which tribe does not get involved in corruption(or is not involved in corruption)?????

    plz make contructive criticism .

  8. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  9. Chisomo Makapu says:

    Atumbuka. ISIS

  10. wakumudzi says:

    Much as I despise tumbukas, its a wrong to generalise all tumbukas as thieves or looters. Every tribe can steal. Tumbukas are bad people yes, but lets not bring tribal issues where we should not.

  11. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Why getting bothered ? If those plots Mbereka paid the real market value why making a story out of it ? Mulli has more than twenty plots which he has not paid not even a single Tambala and yet the government is not bothered , why Mbereka , what is so special with him ? The same Mulli grabbed a big land owned by the Catholic in the Lhomwe district yet the Munthalika government is quiet.

    Go to area 43 where the DPP guys have got hectors of lands without paying a single Tambala and yet there is no story coming out on the headline.

    The same DPP guys stole houses from MHC the whole DPP government is very quiet , it’s the MHC which has lost.

    Leave Mbereka alone , the mother is from the north and the father is from the Central .

  12. ukumva says:

    @ bcc eliza & her greedy boss have allocated many plots
    to themselves @ mpingwe using fake names or names of their relatives without
    their knowledge or approval. Atleast mberenga is paying for plots, these untouchable elements @ bcc don’t. NIB & ACB work on this. They are about to do the same with nthawira new plots.

  13. chefourpence says:

    Kodi atumbukawa titani nawo? Zandikwanano? Atumbuka kuba in Govt! Atumbuka kuba ku Carlsberg! Atumbuka kuba ku MHC! Lets clean up this Tumbuka mess in our society!

  14. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Any human being is susceptible to corruption, and there is nobody, or group/tribe that is excepted. And no tribe has a monopoly to corruption, abale. It is noteworthy that the same people who despise the (wrong) generalities like “aTumbuka …”, will tomorrow generalize and castigate aLhomwe, even if generalizations are not applicable. We seem to be in a vicious cycle of castigating each other by tribe. Pity, indeed.
    Notwithstanding, it should be pointed out that the association of the current offender with PP and the previous government is striking. But not surprising, at all. That government is rearing its ugly head again: and we are reminded how PP and their leaders perfected the art of theft of public property within a year. There is denial there.
    As soon as PP entered government, it was open season for stealing. Whether theft was the culture in PP, or its supporters knew that the government was incompetent is academic. But there is no question that government set us back, at least by ten years, by thieving, sheer incompetence and profligacy. PP should never be allowed access to power!!!!!!!!!

  15. jac says:

    Atumbuka akapanda kuba apanga chani?

  16. INEYO says:


  17. Bololo says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Thats what everyone in these positions in Malawi does, from Presidents all the way down to drivers at Lands. By the way Wanangwa’s mother is chewa from Lilongwe, Stop your tribalistic myopic perception and note that corruption knows no tribe.

  18. mpopoma says:

    Mbereka sana be koma Peter Munthali ka
    Ana gula nyumba ndi wantambala . Nsanje enanu anali pila koma. Ma political parties na on so

  19. nthandalanda says:

    Mwithotho, pa ujeni pako.

  20. Wakum'mawa says:

    Malawi Ali pamoto .

  21. Airforce 1 says:

    Penaso ndimaganiza kuti where do need to improve so that we can cover the education gap ndi atumbuka. Imagine 1.7million against 14million. where do we south and central go wrong? I don’t think these guyz have natural intelligence. I wish the government helped in discovering this discrepancy. What is our problem?

  22. Airforce 1 says:

    Is Mbereka a northern surname? Wanangwa yes but not Mbereka. He Should be one of us from the Central. Ndi wathu ameneyu tisamunyoze.

  23. gabbage says:

    HE he de kumangokhalira kuba basi ku MHC ko. kuyiyang’ana nyumba ya mu nkolokosa ili nyachi ngati yokhala masikini, paint anapakidwa nthawi yakamuzu. Abale head office yawoyo ngati ku ntaya ndithu paint anapaka make zana ili gumuke gumuke, fungo lili guu mma office ngati kuti mwina anthuwa ntchito yawo ndiyogulitsa mafuta ophikira, koma akuti iwo ndi akaswiri azomangamanga.

    Pa town pano pali anthu omwe ali ndi ti nyumba tiwiri kapena titatu topangitsa rent koma amchita kuwoneka kuti iyayi amnzathuwa zikuyenda, koma abale MHC akuti ndi loss making parastatal he he de what irony. nyumba za rent miyanda miyanda.sikutinso malonda akusowa ayi ,anthu amachita kuphanirana koma ndithu loss yeni yeni -shame on you government and management ya MHC. Amnzanu amachita kutuluka thukuta kuti apeze business koma kumapanga ma billion. inu yokuphayipha koma loss -zachisoni kwambiri. Komano zimakhala ngati zimenezi. kumanama kuti sizikuyenda ndicholinga choti mupindile nokha. mayi kalanga ine malawi walero.

    Soka kwa iwo ana amene mukubadwa lero anthu oipa mitima, ozikonda ngati che wanangwa awa akukupherani tsogolo chifukwa akutenga zinthu zomwe zisali zawo. Sopano zosatira za izi ngati izi zipitilire kuti ma bwana nzdiwo aziba ma company mu ndi zija za ku somalia kapena ku greece zoti anthu just take the law in their hands -zosatira ndi no government. khaya mumasatira world news kaya i doubt poti vuto mwachulukanso mbuli mmalawi muno. koma ndithu zimakhala chonchi.

    Now to you ICAM and my dear learned Eve Mwapatsa.if you read this one do something about these frauds by the executive and proffesionals. Apparently, there is complete break down of corporate governance in Malawi. Its either you are sleeping on the job or we just dont know how important corporate governance is. Just look at the trend fraud at PTC, Carlsberg,cashgate and now MHC all perpetrated by members of the executive and proffessionals who happens to be your members as well. Dont you think its time to do something and very fast before we become the new greece and laughing stock of SADC. I would be disappointed if CPA statuses of all the accountants who have been involved in recent frauds are not revolked. This is an embarasment to the proffession. If nothing is done i will personally write ACCA and other bodies to do something.Surely we dont have to do like Malawi Law Society which is hiding criminals disguising themselves as lawyers. Ours is very noble and we are proud of it.

    To you the audit firms, you are a disgrace. Your independence has definately been compromised. You see these things but because of the love for the money you stay quite. Your are discrediting and bringing shame to your proffession. Dont you remember what you were taught back in school or your have decided ton throw it to the dogs for the sake of the chilembwes.

    What a shame to all us Malawians.

  24. Kadole says:

    These cashgate issues are getting in my nerves now..everytime I try to feed myself with current affairs i end up hearing new theft of another caribar different from what i heard yestarday…damn!!!!! Whats wrong with Malawi. With this act & mentality I surely dont see Malawi prospering unless otherwise. Our leaders r just too corrupt self-centred hence contributing to Malawi’s dire poverty..It really pisses me off to hear that we top the rank as a world’s poorest nation.mmmm

  25. mwiithotho says:

    ATUMBUKA! !! mwawaona uve wawo
    ? Kaya amenewa mwina onse akanangomangidwa. BWANJI pamenepo?

  26. Angoni says:

    Kodi abwana ake Alinawo angati mapuloti. Anawapeza bwanji. Nanga inu mulinawo angati. Mukuchedwa ndikutokota guys wandalama azadya mpaka kalekale bola kulimbikira.zitokotani choncho. Musova.

  27. Dr Mbewe says:

    To allocate so many plots oneself asan officeis a disdisgrace. The government should urgently repossess these plots from him and leave one plot to him. Atumbuka, atumbu, Atumbuka shameless pipo

  28. The Observer says:

    He was allocated the plots and has paid for most of them, kuipa kwa Atumbuka. kulipati apa.
    I would have been worried if he was making no effort to pay for them.
    You ” frustrated mutumbuka ” go and kiss your arse , then drown yourself in the lake…er sorry ….. in the lower shire so that your remains are flushed to the ocean !

  29. Maria says:

    He was putting on a bangle “JB Team”,

  30. katakwe says:

    In fact, DPP brings out these issues to catch you people or to show people that some people that accuse are dull and are just bitter with DPP. Not long time ago, you were saying Peter Mutharika has stolen your houses. He told you he followed the due process. You insisted he is still a thief. Here is the whole MHC manager buying houses when Malawians are struggling to access plots out there and some people are not ashamed to say that he followed the due process – which process? I am urging DPP strategists to use this approach to silence people that are bent to ruin the party. Expose them in the same way you exposed the 577bn cashgate. This is the only sure way of dealing with these PP thieves who want to be seen as Holy.

  31. Tanenani za mk577 billion and mk 92 billion apa !!!

    Mk 40 million ndi ndalama kwa bwana monga Mmene akumveketa Wanangwamo ???

    Tikufuna chitukuko ndi mankhwala mzipatala

    Ngati mwakanika tulani pansi oziwa kokatenga mankhwalawo abwerepo

    Koma kaa ka kaaaa

    Ngati za ufumu wakumwamba ???

    Muphetsa wanthu ndithu nanga chonchi ??,

  32. MCP GOVERNOR says:

    This is just showing how Tumbukas planted themselves in every corner of both the civil and public service. They have reaped mother Malawi thru the infamous cashgate. Sending them to their motherland will indeed help. Please continue where our dear Kamuzu stopped by sending them back home before they plunder our hard earned mother Malawi.

  33. mangulenje says:

    Atumbuka! Atumbuka! Atumbuka! how many times did I call you?

  34. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    Can you talk of drop katangale

  35. Wampwesa says:

    Mulandeni mupatse ena. Nanuso mwayamba za ku Lands, nthawi zonse amati ma plot aperekedwa kwa mapolitician kumangokuonetsani mayina anu pa waiting list. Panganiko zinthu zokomera anthu onse.

  36. mtumbuka says:

    Atumbuka wish!

  37. namarokoro says:

    He was greedy to give himself so many plots – at least he is paying for them. Also investigate people like Mkondiwa who was PS at Lands. He also gave himself and his friends loads of plots in Area 43.

  38. Malawi says:

    How can Malawi develop with this sort of behaviour. No accountability. I will still blame our government from Bakili time. Our Leaders are corrupt that Is why they talk about cracking down corruption and no action. The system is deliberately porous to allow corruption. I pity Malawi , I pity myself being Malawian.

  39. xxxxxxxx says:

    We will see how Tumbukas will dance their usual Vimbuza traditional dance. Tiye nazoni. Koma palibe mulandu apa.

  40. Zoona says:

    Buy plots from Sustainable Urban Land and Shelter Development Consultants Limited (SULSDEC).

  41. ife says:

    Atumbuka kuba woyee!! Zayamba tsopano ku Southern Region, Tsopano Malawi will be awash with scandals as culprits try to out do one another in revelations.

  42. Natchidwe says:

    Iwe osaphunzira udziwe kuti uli m’madzi dziko lino, chako palibe ndikusaphunzirako.
    Anzako ndiamenewai, iwe chako palibe, koma kusunga chiphatso chovotera (I.D) ophunzira amadziwa kusunga makhobidi, chakudya, mankhwala, Akazi ,ndende eeee! kaya Zako. Pitani ku sukulu mwamwiwi nkudzatola nyenyeswa zotsala chitanganya atakhazdzikitsa azathuwa.

  43. Frustrated Mlomwe says:

    @ Frustrated Mtumbuka @ 1…thats good kumachangalama alomwe inu mmesa you have K577 billion so whats MK40 mita? Already this is a law abiding citizen coz the balance is just too small he paid a larger part. What about the one-toothed bull called Mathanyula with so many scandals?? NAC-GATE; MHC-GATE; CASHGATE. So what are you saying, you must be as stupid as this thing you call president!! Nsanje bwanji, asiyatu kukulembani ntchito muma esiteti awo ku North ndi mumakomomu. Musova.

  44. Namasengo says:

    that is too much! selfishness at its best. enafe tinayamba cha muma 1999 kufuna plot ku MHC mpaka leo ma a receipts ali mmanja. kaya committee kaya ayi, this is criminal!!!!

  45. Goliati wa kwa Goliati says:

    Malawi knows that you want Wanangwa’s head simply bcoz he was with the previous Government. Kodi K62bn ili pati? Asafetu nyamatayo. He is a well educated, humble malawian with human spirit. We know you want his head. Agalu okuba ma voti, cheap and decisiveless government!!!

  46. Malawian Mom says:




  47. Mbuyankhoma says:

    These people called tumbukas, have bought plots allover the place in the south n centre, inoder to develop them. But they complain about north to be less developed. Laughable indeed! They are supposed to develop their region first. Aren’t they?

  48. zachepa says:

    Wamkachisi amadya momwemo koma zimakhala za ulele. Mbereka sanadye za ulere iye anayesako kulipira. I hope he will repay the balance as a good guesture

  49. phwado says:

    At least the guy was trying to settle payments.What about Mulli,APM,George Chaponda?

  50. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Ndi anthu angati ali ndi ma plot opitilira 10 mmataunimu abale?! Mulekeni Wanangwa at least he did not get them for free. He will pay the balance just like the rest of you!

  51. Vyanje says:


  52. Phiri Francis says:

    Wanangwa – another Tumbuka! Koma guys mwangolowa ya kuba! Please, please Atumbuka taupezeni, munabera mayeso mukubano ndalama!

  53. nana says:

    The plots were acquired to resale not all maybe personal

  54. wez says:

    Atumbuka siozikonda koma kujitemwa, is not a bad thing munthu akamazikonda ndiye umafuna tizidana any way why always atumbuka atumbuka ? Chichewa chabwino nkumati amalawi ndiozikonda osati kupatula mitundu yawanthu ndiye kuti wapambana… Ngati paliwina wamupeza ndimiland yakuba kapena kupha do not combine just because is coming frm the north south or even central. Zuzulani munthuyo osati mtundu wamunthuyo

  55. Chikopa says:

    Wawa Nyika Republic! Wawa! Ife anthu olimbikira kwambiri angakhale pakuba, kupha, zimwekumweku, kugunda anthu pamseu, ndkugundana monga zikhalira muchitumbuka.

  56. Selfish Dog Mtumbuka says:

    Atumbuka amzanga taonjeza. Suzyo ni vichi vanyane? kwiba nthena!!!!!

  57. Mercy Kunchule says:

    Mwasowa news, whats wrong with that?
    Is he failing to pay for the plots? Wankachisi amadya za mkachisi, he was deputy CEO mumati akakudyereni ku chipatala????

  58. True Malawian Citizen says:

    Knowing Mbereka as a man of no integrity he can do anything. he used to award himself construction works to his company at MHC when he was working for the same company an a Region Manager- central.

  59. Chisomo Makapu says:

    It this a cursed nation or what exactly? Idolatry?

  60. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Uyu anayamba kuba kalekale. Kukondanso exchanging houses for sex. And sleeping with married women. ACB kokani munthu tipume chonde!!

  61. agnes wanzeru says:

    Zikukhuzana chani ndi PP

  62. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    The facts need scrutiny. Does MHC have a plot allocation committee? What wad rhe role if the committee on this natter? If he applied and ge was gicen the plots un good faith throygh a transpant process then palibe nkhani apa furthet if he duly paid then mulandu palibe thats my judgement koma abale mpaka 10 plots mkulu yu wakhala akumveka nkhani zakatangale and skirts kugwira mikanda to much apiratu

  63. kanyimbi says:

    The civil service needs reform but the reform is going slowly.

  64. The real ujeni says:

    DPP at work, what is K40m compared to K62bn, MSB K5bn and the many millions Kaliati, Mussa, Masangwi, Mwanamveka , Chikaonda others have stolen. In 2019, all that will be revealed, continue to implicate little fishes’ now, the big jackpot will be announced in four years time.

    1. wa ku Simba says:

      So, you are saying stealing and corruption are alright, as long as the amounts are less than what others have stolen before? I guess, to you, also as long as the thief d corruptor is “wa kwithu”: Shame on you.

  65. Frustrated Mtumbuka says:

    Nanga apa tifuniranso umboni wina? Atumbuka ndife anthu odzikonda komanso oipa kwambiri!

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