Wanderers invites 5 Nigerian players: Jay-Jay Okocha helping to scout

Mighty Be Forward Wanderers has linked with Nigerian football legend Jay Jay Okocha to send four players from the West African country to supplement their purchase of Japanese player Genki Nakamura, Nyasa Times understands.

Nigerian who failed to impress at Wanderers-

Nigerian who failed to impress at Wanderers-

The players being linked up for Wanderers deal are Dulu Mercy Ikena, Alex Orotomol, Lawrence Ikph, Dominc Eaarafa and Tony Henry Okh.

Wanderers have notified the Super League of Malawi of their intention to sign the Nigerian stars.

But club general secretary Mike Butao said the blues will not take all the five players.

He confirmed the club is dealing with Okocha and he will help to facilitate the players come to Malawi for coach Jack Chamangwana’s assessment.

Sulom secretary general Williams Banda told Nyasa Times that Wanderers have informed them that five foreign players should be put on pending transfer list.

“What remains for Wanderers is to submit International Transfer Certificates,” said Banda.

The Nigerian players are in their early 20’s

Last year Wanderers could not sign Nigerian player James Orash Slopajimu who was released after failing to impress.


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16 thoughts on “Wanderers invites 5 Nigerian players: Jay-Jay Okocha helping to scout”

  1. Woikonda says:

    Nomads for life.

  2. Mbanandi says:

    Noma more fire palibeso wina alira

  3. Prophet Mboro Phiri says:

    Nyererererererererererererererereeeeeeeeeeeeeee, chaka chake ndichino choti wina amve kutentha kkkkkk. Neba bwanji pamenepo. Koma sulira kkkkkkkkkkk.

  4. Cash Gate says:

    Ine kumva kukoma, MANOMA more fireeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. issac says:

    km #noma chaka chino ndikanda pokhalira ndithu kkkkkk.

  6. Chendachi Chelitako says:

    I like the mixture of both local and foreign players,it means our football z changing in Malawi because those players wil b proffessinals and wil attracts lots of attention frm PSL,the Malawian club wl gain something should they consider selling them.

  7. Concerned says:

    Komabola Chakachino tisakhumudwisidwetsotu ayi.

  8. mp says:

    mumaro mompha munthu noma ikomoka or imphedwa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. wa noma says:

    its the sponsor who wants his brand to be international.

  10. Banduwell Norman says:

    Kkkkkkkkk neba mutu sukugwira unayamba lija mkale kutenga osewera akunja koma sizikukuthandizanso Butao akungokudyerani ndalama

  11. jangoh says:

    this is a very good move. It’s part of drilling our local players as they’ll fight hard to get their place.

  12. Kennedy Masasa says:

    What We Want Is To Win All Cups Including The Legue If The Excutive Sees That We Can Not Win Without Having The Foreigners Lets Support Them Noma Woyeeeee!!!

  13. Koma noma ndi team ya anthu ozindikila eti

  14. hk says:

    I gather the players are from Okocha’s academy. Okocha hopes the players (who are very skilled) will gain experience and be spotted by teams in the RSA. If they are sold to PSL teams, Noma will get a 50% cut from the deal.

  15. john phiri says:

    I love nomads koma we like taking things for granted. Are we failing to win the league because there are no good players in Malawi? How do we develop our game if we are not developing the local talent we have? The end result has always been that our local players are paid less while these imports are paid more. Out of all the countries Okocha has been to, the only place he can sell his players is Malawi? Butao, Msadala, Chamangwana be serious with the chicken change we are getting from B forward?

  16. ali says:

    chakachino noma ipha munthu ??????

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