Water disconnected at Zomba Central Hospital, patients, guardians helpless

Southern Region Water Board has disconnected water at Zomba Central Hospital due to a staggering K6 million unpaid bill, putting pressure on patients and guardians as public hospitals in Malawi continue to collapse rapidly due to cash flow problems at Capital Hill, the seat of government.

Water disconnected at Zomba central hospital

Water disconnected at Zomba central hospital

Southern Region Water Board publicist Macdonald Phiri confirmed in a radio interview his organisation disconnected the water at the central hospital on Thursday.

He said talks between the water utility body and the hospital administration were going on inorder to restore the water.

Hospital workers said labour ward and the theatre have been hit hard by the disconnection and they did not rule out suspension of the facilities if the water is not connected.

Reports from the hospital say guardians are now drawing water from nearby water sources in pales whilst others have resorted to unprotected river water.

The water utility was disconnecting the water as health workers in Lilongwe, Dowa and Dedza marched peacefully to demand increased funding for the public health sector.

In Lilongwe, the doctors, nurses and other heallth workers presented a petition to parliament’s chair of Health Committee Juliana Lunguzi who promised to lobby for increased funding.

However, minister of Health Peter Kumpalume, while welcoming the lobbying for more funding for hospitals, said people must understand that revenue collection in Malawi is limited due to a number of factors.

He therefore said if the Malawi Revenue Authority does not collect enough revenue, it would e extremely difficult for the government to increase funding to his ministry.

Ministry of Health Adrian Chikumbe refused to comment on the disconnection of water at Zomba Central Hospital, saying he wanted to consult hospital administrators first.

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30 thoughts on “Water disconnected at Zomba Central Hospital, patients, guardians helpless”

  1. Naphiri says:

    This is disheartening… just as ZCH was improving in terms of service delivery….
    Government must remedy this. I can’t imagine the theatre and labour ward without water!!

  2. Ytg1616 says:

    Hahahaha kay kd aja munkat anzelu,nd aprofessor hee ku america ndi awa kapena alipo wina akubwla?

  3. The real Ujeni says:

    Government and its department are staffed full of incompetent people heading them, a country which can elect Patricia Kaliati and Bony Kalindo as leaders which not expect competence in its institutions. We are poor because we make it poor for ourselves. All refers hospitals are poorly built, poor health facilities and poorly staffed, marks of a poor state being lead by incompetent people

  4. California King says:

    u expect to spend k50 million to repatriate your citizens from South Africa but u failing to pay k6 million. what kind of senseless gvmt is Dpp

  5. nation Nyirenda says:

    hehehe uja mumati ndiwa nzeru vyamunyere apa fokofuuuuuu

  6. aman says:

    Ndi a MCP omwe akuchitsa kuti boma lisamaende bwino,onani lelo madzi kulibe ku ZCH.

  7. Sapitwa says:

    Yes. Unfortunately Malawians have no culture of paying for what they consume.
    Pay and water will be connected.

  8. honest man says:

    Why care about lives when you can buy a vehicle worth 56 million for speaker of parliament ? When U can buy a vehicle worth 48 million for Bowler ? When U can travel for nothing spending 2 million a day !!

  9. Kampala says:

    Tell your Peter to pay that K6 million for his voters

  10. mbani says:

    wages of sin alomwe that ur vote plus

  11. Can government arrest this man quickly who disconnected water at Zomba Hospital.This is madness at its highest influenced by sabotage .What will you benefit if 50 patients die due to unhygienic environment at this facility?. Go and reconnect water before we dismiss you very soon.If I were in Zomba I would go by my self to the office and arrest this murderous man.Watch out its inhuman to disconnect water from patients!

  12. Mr.Bambo says:

    DPP- Chilungamo,Chitetezi,Chitukuko,kkkkkkkkkkkkk what a joke of a government.

  13. Mgoloso says:

    Dr Joswa of zch is trying to pull him down,,,,,,pulling de gvt down and Peter,,,,it doesnt mean kut funding sikubwera koma sakulipira madzi,,,,kufuna kuyalusa boma basi,,,,,chonde aboma chita nayeni kanthu,,,,,asanaligwese bomali,,,,ndiwa mcp ameneyo,,,,,amanena kuti samaopa munthu kumtundaku ngati iye ndi nduna ya boma,,,,,,sakuperekanso locuum 4 nurses and clinicans mwadala,,,,,,chonde Kampalume and dpp gvt chitanayeni ameneneyu,,,,,,even drugs imapezeka ku private kwake pa hodspa palibe,,,,,,gvt take care

  14. neymar says:

    Stupid water board

  15. Concerned malawian says:

    Water disconnected at Zomba general hospital.Expect Cholera breakout very soon,that will cost the ministry of health millions of kwachas.The problem hasn’t been sorted neither.

  16. Zambulo says:

    For sale: tenders are envited for immediate sale of orphaned Malawi govt. Urgently send bids. Anybody but DPP is elligible

  17. Chloe says:

    Indeed water is life this has to be resolved urgently even Lilongwe Agriculture offices have had no water for the last five week due disconnection.How can staff work in such environment .

  18. Wodandaula says:

    This is stupidity at it’s best! That’s playing with people’s life. It only happens in Malawi. What is K6m compared to people’s lives?????? I am sorry but there are some stupid decision makers at the water board involved. A hospital MUST be the last place to disconnect water.

    Whoever made this decision needs to be arrested for manslaughter! Zinakoma chotani ndalama abale.

  19. Hansou says:

    Really?? Koma Yaaaa!!!!

  20. Bobu says:

    A MOH tamuchotsaniko Dr Mathias Joshua uyu kodi anatemera chani mxiii

  21. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Mark my words: this government will collapse by April 2016.

  22. zayakunkhongo says:

    This had never happened in Malawi, Helpless govt.

  23. Deputy says:

    Peter Muthalika should be uprooted from presidency by force.Lets agree as Malawians to remove him by force.

  24. mukharapwio says:

    Mutharika cant u just deduct this wanted amount from ur budget for travel to Malta,UK,SA and send Mukhito to pay the water board so that newborns are not welcomed with a bath in highly polluted rivers.madzi ndi moyo komanso ndi mankhwala

  25. Mgoloso says:

    Vuto lalikulu pa zomba central ndi director wake Dr Joswa ndiwamakani komanso nkhakamira zedi,,,,,,kaya sakumusamusapo bwanji?people @zch want Dr Allide who z now direcor of clinicals @de same hospa,,,,,koma plz gvt remove this Joswa,,,,,watopesa zedi,,,,,,,Mulungu chonde imvani kulira kwathu

  26. Green Grass says:

    I guess the blue minds will attribute this to MCP past dictatorship kkkkkkkk

  27. Peter Kampalume Said, Revenue Collection Is Limited Due To # Of Doctors, What About 121 Pipo Gone To America Its Not Limited?

  28. Luigi Borgnis says:

    I wonder what would happen if the water was disconneted at State House!!!!

    1. haha says:

      What would happen is this…

      Water board guy at the gate tells guard “I have come to disconnect water sir.”
      Guard commander “you are under arrest”
      OPC to General Manager of water board “You are under suspension from orders above.
      Leave your office immediately”

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