Wealth not considered in UK visas for Malawi – House of Lords

The British Home Office does not specifically consider wealth of a Malawian applying for a visa in UK, Lord Bates told House of Lords  after mounting pressure from members of parliament who criticised the “disproportionate” application regime.

Lord Bates: No Affluence as specific consideration

Lord Bates: Affluence is not a specific consideration

According to the  Hansard  record seen by Nyasa Times, during discussing in the House of Lords. Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale (Labour) asked  Her Majesty’s Government  “what level of wealth or assets a citizen of Malawi has to have in order to be granted a visa to visit the United Kingdom.”

In his response,  Lord Bates (Conservative) said the  applicant must satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) that they meet the requirements of the immigration rules.

“The immigration rules apply to all non-EU nationals. For most visit visa categories, there are is no requirement to have specific levels of wealth or assets in order to be granted a visa,” he said.

Lord Bates said the ECO is required to make an overall assessment of the application which takes into consideration the personal circumstances of the applicant, and the ability of any sponsor to support them whilst in the UK.

“Affluence is not a specific consideration. Amongst other considerations, the ECO assess the overall genuineness of the applicant, whether they are likely to leave the UK at the end of their visit, whether they are able to be maintained and accommodated without recourse to working or taking public funds,” he explained.

“ In Points Based System categories (covering work and study categories) and Family Migration routes (covering applications to join family in the UK), there are specified financial requirements. These are set out in the immigration rules, which are published at: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/immigration-rules

MPs in Westminster recently accused the British government of discriminating against visitors from Malawi who want to come to the UK.

They warn a new visa system has created a series of often insurmountable barriers to travel.

Malawi applicants are required to fill out a 15-page form, a separate online form, have that document counter-signed by their UK sponsor, send their passport for inspection and pay using a cashless system.

The MP and other critics are particularly critical of the final element, warning it is unrealistic in a country like Malawi.

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18 thoughts on “Wealth not considered in UK visas for Malawi – House of Lords”

  1. Sanya Ngumbi says:

    According to Michael Nevin, you must be filthy rich to enter the UK. My prayer is that Lord McConnell and others will continue advocating for a non-discriminatory visa regime. Otherwise, let the Malawi Government wake up and impose similar stringent measures against Nevin and his fellow Irish. This should include high visa fees. Imagine Malawians have to cough over MK200,000 (300 pounds) for a UK visa yet, Britons have only to pay 30 Dollars on arrival! Pali mnzeru pamenepa? Now they take our visa fees and bring it back as aid, which they later withhold.

  2. James Brown says:

    These guys are liars! I just got denied a Visa to go Watch the Man United and Arsenal game and I live in Switzerland! As long as you come we come from Sub-Sahara Africa they always think we want to go live there. As of now I have even stopped supporting those teams, I don’t even want to go there even if it is in transit!

  3. Mika Kumbire says:

    What the hell do you want to do in the UK if you have no money? How can’t your children give you more money or open UK bank accounts for you if they are British Citizens? How can British Citizens be poor? I thought we Malawians choose British citizenship because we are running away from poverty in Malawi; so why should we be poor again despite being British Citizens? Something is not adding up here. I go in and out of the UK without any problem and the Visa is out exactly when they tell me it will. I tell the ECO that I don’t have plans or dreams of staying in the UK. Ironically, they give me a six months Visa for a 3 days trip. It is so easy to know an economic immigrant. It’s true wealth is not an issue, the intention is a very big issue. Social security comes from taxes; it is not manna. If you can’t pay taxes in your own country, how do you expect free things in a foreign country,

    1. kazeze says:

      Mika, you have totally missed the point, just shut up.

    2. Chulu says:

      Akulu inu you seem not to know what you are talking about. You are just displaying your ignorance. If the Brits themselves are seeing that the system is unfair who are you to say that demean those who are complaining?

      You should be one of those government globe trotting officials for Malawian tax payers fully fund your trips.

  4. Mulhako says:

    Africa is closer to the east than west-given a chance.

  5. eish says:

    eish these white people really still do take us for a ride tjoh!!! Asatinyase ndi umphawi wathuwu…

  6. patriotic citizen says:

    amalawi! kudandawula ngati mulibe lanu dziko? home is best. its their country, they have a right to choose who goes there and who doesnt.period!

  7. Blaster says:

    A no brainer. Wealth is a big factor. Even, they the way you dress, talk, how beautiful and handsome. They also check how well travelled you are in ur passport. If they see that u are one global frequent traveller and u have been to US, China, Japan, Canada and never bothered to stay there, its all okkkk.otherwise uli m’madzi. bad people.

  8. Chemwali says:

    This is the same Her Majesty’s government that took Malawian troops to fight in Somaliland, Burma and other parts of the world during the Great War! Our relationship is badly lopsided and only benefits Her Majesty’s citizens travelling to Malawi. All this because Malawi is a poor country! I would have thought the relationship, especially within the Commonwealth should have been such that it benefits all members, regardless of their economic standing. That is why most poor nations are shifting their focus to the Eastern block where although they have to get visas to visit, their conditions are not prohibitive like the Queen’s Kingdom. 15 pages? For what? Shame on you Britons!

    1. Thitherward Wendo says:

      Post-Colonialism 101: The Commonwealth has been likened to a support-group for rape victims, organized by the rapists. Discuss.

  9. Vyapasi says:

    Britain has always thought it is a “floating ship” that will sink if people entered the island especially those coming from poor countries. It has the same challenges when it comes to people from other EU countries to the point that it wants to pull out of the EU.
    This is a Kingdom that has very “racist attitudes” towards its past colonies especially against Africans. The British visa stipulates clear that one cannot have recourse to public funds. This applies even to people that have been granted a work permit. They will provide a National ID for purposes of paying taxes but one cannot get the benefits. Is that not “modern day slavery”?
    I am glad to be poor here in my country and work to death for all these rich countries through repayment of these good for nothing unsustainable loans our governments take.
    Having said that, “I for one cannot be denied a Visa to the UK because I am skilled and will always be required there” kikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Wake up Malawi!!!!

  10. loveness says:


  11. nellie says:

    Please remove the hurdles. As a former colony the UK is our second home. My daughter is a citizen there but I shudder at the thought of the hustle I have to go through to obtain a visa. She has made a choice of being a citizen but we don’t ascribe to that. She is an adult we can not choose for her but we want to visit her often. I for one I cannot stay there the life there is something else but I have no choice but visit my British grandchildren. They also refuse to be Malawians they say its not their home. So please open up. Visas should be processed here not Pretoria. Minimize the paper work. Give us a time frame of wen to expect our visas. We are proud Malawians with no intention if ever leaving our beautiful Malawi

  12. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    The truth wil b revealed soon or later.

  13. mathews says:

    Its high time to introduce visa entry to Malawi this british are selfish.

  14. Mocha says:

    What a lie. Wealth is the first thing they consider.

  15. Nyapapi says:

    Leave them alone. Tiyeni tidzikhala ndi umphawi wathu omwewu nabola Moyo!

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