What Prophet T.B. Joshua actually said concerning a southern African President

Popular Nigerian prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T.B. Joshua, predicted trouble for a southern African president between February and April this year.

Joshua:  Prophecies trouble

Joshua: Prophecies trouble

In a televised prophecy on January 3rd, 2016 to thousands of his congregants gathered at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, T.B. Joshua said prayer sessions needed to be arranged for the region’s leaders because of ‘peculiar’ challenges ahead.

“I am being careful so that the press does not misquote me because the message is very sensitive,” T.B. Joshua said. “Ending of February to April are very peculiar months in the Southern African sub-region. Let us observe prayer sessions at the beginning and end of the month for our leaders.”

He said he would not reveal anything further regarding the problem about to befall a Southern African leader because the message was highly sensitive.

However, the clear warning not to misquote him seemed to be ignored by the international press as headlines recently proclaimed how Malawian President, Peter Mutharika, alleged that T.B. Joshua prophesied he would die before April 1st, 2016.

The Malawian President said, “I’m told there is a man in Nigeria called Joshua and he is saying that Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe and Malawian President, Peter Mutharika will die before April 1st. Let me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year.”

The paranoid Mutharika even scheduled to attend a night of prayer on April 1st because of the rumoured prophecy, recalling that in 2012, the controversial Nigerian preacher reportedly predicted the death of his brother.

Bingu Mutharika, who was President at the time, died within the time frame predicted by Joshua, causing his fame to spread rapidly in Malawi.

However, unfolding events point increasingly to the travails currently being experienced by South African President Jacob Zuma as the subject of T.B. Joshua’s prophecy.

On March 31st, South Africa’s highest court ruled that Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home.

Zuma is now being called on to step down by South Africa’s opposition parties as he is faced with the biggest controversy of his presidency.

“It is very difficult to see how the ANC can continue to have President Zuma at the helm, following the stinging rebuke he received from the Constitutional Court,” wrote the BBC as speculations heighten that Zuma’s presidency may forcibly be cut short.

“It’s very likely that TB Joshua’s prophecy was about Jacob Zuma and not the other two we thought,” wrote Max Chunga on Facebook at the news of Zuma’s historic court ruling.

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63 thoughts on “What Prophet T.B. Joshua actually said concerning a southern African President”

  1. DOBO says:

    Nthenda ina yayikulu imene ili pakati pa a Malawi ambiri ndikusamvetsa zithu. Kumene a Malawi ena adatenga nkhani yoti president akufa sikukudziwika.

  2. Mapiko Sanyambitika Gama says:

    Non is greater than God and that as well APM. God is real

  3. Jesse says:

    That is why I am telling you all the time. This only will take place in Africa indeed, where the obsession with prophecies and all these predictions the most critical levels.

    It is simply playing around with peoples minds because they are searching for sensationalism instead of a real solution to such problems.

    If nothing happens, TB Joshua will not be accountable.
    If something happens, TB Joshua will claim the credit

    Even if he has to regurgitate with the help of his audio/video team from the past to fix his tattered reputation of what the did with the illegal collapsed hostel without building permit.

    The question to everyone must be, which God tells His prophets that they must do it without the regulations, is a cry out to the following scripture.

    Submission to Authorities

    Romans 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.… 3 For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority?

    But here is the point regarding all that. TB Joshua has chosen to resist the course of Justice and did everything possible to divert it with the things available for him and his staff. The proof of all this is also prophetically which is written out in II Thessalonians 2:3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,…

    Mind you all the “prophecies” claimed in disaster or of disaster is destruction.

    2 Thessalonians 2:4 who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.…

    Yep, sitting in his temple and in a water feature in the middle with his devotees coming around and pray towards him because it is facing his HOUSE there.

    We know and have learnt that evil spirits are NEVER content to roam around marshlands and open spaces, but are always seeking to make their abode into a body and soul. They roam to look for “openings” and opportunities to lodge in souls.

    So how to transfer spirits in others ? Well that speaks right out of it selves there.

    A Greek Orthodox father said: “The Orthodox Church obviously has a vivid awareness of the reality of the Devil as an invisible personality who not only seeks to take over the souls and bodies of men, but also dwells in material things like homes, certain rooms, the AIR AND WATER.

    Ephesians 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

    And disobedient he has been TBJ. Because God never told him or commanded him to build an illegal hostel without building permit.

    Let any follower of TB Joshua tell me which God or god does such instruction in modern day times. Why they keep skipping this or ignoring this, is completely strange and odd. While they are quick to quote other scriptures to justify their idol, they deliberately avoid answering these pressing questions. So far the lamest excuse came from Racine in South Africa that God killed the people in the Hostel. Now where is the proof into that ? What evidence do they have that that is so ? They speak with false authority and false impression of chosen words to mislead, divide and deceive.

    Why nobody is putting anyone against the wall about that and interrogate them to the bone about this which I would do, is just baffling.

    Let me tell you, these people are just normal people like anyone else. They are no demi gods, you can address them just like any other and call them out and rebuke them. Do not be afraid of anything, because there will be others around you who want to ask the same but just don’t dare to. Do not be intimidated or terrorized by any of their heavily inflated with hot air TBJ followers.

    I have managed to close one video online on Youtube in where they don’t accept no more comments. Thank you Jesus ! It means they can’t resist your facts and truths. Speak your mind and do not be afraid of anything. You are representing Jesus, not any mortal man or woman. Use that battle axe. Fight the good fight. Conquer and uproot. Cast the fire of the Lord upon them.

  4. BigMan says:

    A continent full of empty clowns, obsessed with useless stuff.

  5. Leza aliko says:

    Nyasatimes would have helped TBJ if they had originally printed the verbatim message instead of the paraphrased twisted message that they initially published as a story.
    Secondly, it is the duty of the administrator to ensure that false and misleading comments should not be published. Yet we saw comments on this very medium alluding to the fact that TBJ had prophesied the death of the president of Malawi.

  6. MCP says:

    Let’s give glory to God for everything and more in seeking his face diligently children of God! Jesus is the vine and we are his branches we one in Christ Jesus let’s unit,cooperate in harmony in a brotherly way to bring peace were there’s confusion,love were there’s hatred let’s be people of forgiveness and love. May Jehovah God almighty who reigns the entire world Really Help us.Amen

  7. F saliva says:

    Walephera ulosi TB joshua amusiye mdala mulungu akamkonda adzamtenga yekha.

  8. santana says:

    Mr Tebego, the journalist, you are telling us that APM said that the said leader who Joshua was prophesying would not reach 1st April which means he will die on the midnight of 31st March. How then can APM organize prayers in fear of his death on 1st April afternoon a day after his impending demise? Does that make sense Mr journalist? If anything, this should be called a triumph prayer because APM actually challenged the so called prophet that he will not die before 1st April. Prayers of fear would have been conducted a week or 4 days before the end of the month. It might be possible that the pastors originally suggested to conduct these prayers within the month of March but APM suggested this day of 1st April so that if he reaches it people should not associate his staying alive with the March prayers. But the question which APM asked is not being answered by all the contributors: Why is it that a person who can prophesy many tragedies around the world can fail to prophesy an accident in his own country and on his own house of business? Where was his God? The 116 people is a big number to die at one goal. These people were brothers, fathers, mothers and uncles of other people. And they were bread earners in their families. Unfortunately they died in a prophet’s house who could have a dream about this accident and evacuate them. This is how God works when he wants to expose charlatans. Answer APM he needs an answer.

  9. Game over! says:

    Mwaona kuti nsampha waphonya lero ndiye mukubwera poyera? Where were you all this time? You thought God is your cousin so that you can bend His hand?

  10. MCP chipani cha pa Zodiak says:

    Chilungamo ndichimene anena ma tate pa za uzimu muno mMalawi, Apostle Dr. S.S. Ndovie ndi Apostle Dr. Madalitso Mbewe kuti ulosi wochokera kwa Mulungu umamanga, kulimbikitsa ndikudzudzula moyenera osati za ufiti timamva masiku anozi zoti wina amwalira. Imfa ya Grace Chinga itionetsa zambiri. By the way, Nigeria is rotten to the core. Why don’t these numerous prophets say nothing on this sick man of the world, Nigeria? Zitsiru zina zinagula kale ng’ombe kuri ati ziphe zichite mphwando kukondwelera kumwalira kwa president wathu ati chifukwa mulungu wawo wa ku Nigeria anadawauza kuti zitero. I tried to argue with them that it is only God the Almighty who has the final say on somebody’s life not mulungu wawo wa ku Nigeriayu ayi.

  11. yvonne says:

    mutharika might misqouted the person who told him about the prophecy sometimes God might delay the result of the prophecy to give Mutharika a chance of repeatance if he doesnt believe to what prophet T B Joshua has prophecised why he is going to abuja for prayesr you are a fool do you thinj God will answer your prayesr after you have insulted my beloved prophet T B joshia forgey go to hell where you belong good leaders knows how to apologiise satanists leaders behavr like you you cant insults T B joshua and go scot free you are bringing a curse to thise poor malawians peaple even your own prophet shepereed Bushiri is not recognisrd by you devil mutharika let me remind you are worse than nebchadnesaar and pharoah you are just on tourism to travell to abuja yiu wont die but you will suffer up untill you humble yourself and you apologise to prophet T B Joshua and you ask God to forgive you what type of an old man who can associates spiritual things of God and politic

    1. November Rain says:

      What you are saying is absolute nonsense!

      This is exactly what some of us have already spoken against. If the so called “prophecy” or strange-talk doesnt come to pass (which will not, after all), you and other gullible souls will come again and say we prayed for you and god (or whoever) answered our prayer. This lie and nonsense must forthwith stop!

      You see now, instead of you admitting that what Joshua said is a lie; you are coming here, without even a sense of shame; saying “God might delay the result of the prophecy to give Mutharika a chance . . . and other nosenses.” Are you serious!

      I will tell you something – What Joshua said is not a prophecy just as he himself is not a prophet. Wise up and live up to your God and be saved or remain dumb in your obssession with Joshua and go to hell with him.


  12. Nameless says:

    Kodi amakutumani? Mmene southern africa yakuliramu kumati kuchitika chinthu chasensitive ungakhale ulosi umenewo? Work up and smell the coffee plz! Ndizasensitive zingati zikuchitika tsiku ndi tsiku? Nde bolanso mmene anthu anamveramo, koma version iyiyi nde si prophesy coz aliyense atha kunena ndipo zasensitive zikuchitikadi monga chomwe wanenachi.

  13. Nathan says:

    The Prophet predicted trouble for a southern African leader but not death. It is very unfortunate that Pitala had to verbally attack the Prophet for a prophecy which did not refer to him and not even death. I have now realized that to be called professor does not mean one is well educated. Just fancy, to Pitala the phrase ‘Southern Africa’ means Malawi and the word ‘trouble’ means death. Kikikikiki!

    1. November Rain says:

      He is not a prophet! Period!
      Unless you are too ignorant to even to understand or know the meaning of “prophet.”

  14. Kingster Bella says:


  15. Zgambulota Zzzzz says:

    Kodi T.B Joshua sangalote kuti ,after a yr Malawi will b richer likes some western counties,tichoke mng’anjo ya uphawi or kulota za nduna zina kuti they are dead kutulo ,likes ….why so,they have been working as minister panthawi ya che Bakili,che Bingu ndi ino yache ….Mr T.B. tayesaniko kulotera tuuu!!

  16. mayo mayo says:

    Someone is superstitious over at Nyasatimes. My God prophets dont explain about their prophecies.

  17. Ze Roberto says:

    I am still impatiently, like a man who has cast a fish net, waiting until April 30, 2016 for the dark cloud to fall on Malawi . May be that will relieve us from the prevalent political and socioeconomic bondage.

  18. Mr T says:

    Dont trust him he is jelous with african leadership

  19. Naphiri says:

    Whether geriatric or youth president, each ones life is it he hands of the creator, and nobody on this earth can predict the death of a person.

  20. mwiza chavura top goon a.k.a am here again says:

    lets face it whether it was mutharika or whoever tb sick joshua was talking about the thing hasnt happen, its been a false prophecy, like many of his false prophecies, if God wantd to tell a president a message God would go himself and say it face to face with the president, true prophets dont exist

  21. Phwisa says:

    Joshua since when have the months of February to April been very peculiar in Southern Africa sub region? Now what wrong to God have these people committed . TB Joshua , if really God’s he should disclose the reasons and should not have been afraid of the media. Really afraid of media and not his god (not our God)

  22. Haswell (01700384) says:

    I personally would like to ask our president please remain calm don’t comment on spiritual related matters. if anything take time to engage the presidential advisor on religious affairs to organize special prayers privately by different religious groups in Malawi. Once again Bwana President never shall u do that. Mama Getrude(ulemu wanu) play your role as wife to cool him down we know the task he has as a president is a big one which deserve somebody to make sure that he is properly guided. Mind u mama Getu he is ur “Husband” and not ur president so stand strong u r his ‘Helper.’ His late brother even commented on prayer that the late Zuza(the Bishop) made; may their souls RIP. It was not a good approach. I love my presidents right from Kamuzu. The presidential advisor please make sure that u keep track of all the events regarding prophecies by the so called men of God so that u make good interpretations to our leader before things go out of hand, i love u.

    To the reporters please love ur country. What benefit is there if u create rumours that are baseless, unfounded and untrue? I propose that all the institutions where these journalists get trained, should keep track of those reporters that fabricate stories that are untrue should be liable to pay a fine to the victim at least K500,000 or in default 1 yr jail.

  23. Ntchona says:

    If in a couple of weeks a president dies – Zuma/ Muthalika/ Mugabe/ Zambian preseident are all old diabetics – I am sure the same stupid followers of TB Joshua will change and say it has come to pass, someone has died in Southern Africa. What a bunch of illiterates.

    Just read the news – in January everyone though Mugabe was going to die because he was reported to unconcious. Somehow TB Joshoa thought Mugabe is indeed going hence his “prophesy”! Wanya – only God determines when you go – no body else. If he can see the future then why could he not see his collapsing building etc.

    And Nyasatimes – please spare us from these illiterate scribes who are busy cheating people here about TB Joshua and Bushiri!!!

  24. patriot says:

    most of people are of view of fake prophets. Yes the bible tells of phake prophets in last days but Jesus also said to his apostles that if anyone believe in me he will do more wondors and even moving mountains. He didnt say there will be no genuine prophets. So y most people just say joshua is fake!You just hate him but i tell his prophecies will come to pass and his preaching will save many lives from hell for he preaches Jesus Christ with action.amen

  25. Che Jimmy says:

    Wake up Malawians! Did the prophet mentioned about death? The Prophecy was not specific, and I do not know if the word ‘peculiar’ is an interpretation of the word ‘death’. Again, the Prophet did not specify the country involved, he mentioned about ‘the Southern region’. How many countries are there in this region? Out of these countries, Why Malawi? Or Zimbabwe? Do not mis interprete the prophecy out of fear!

  26. golo says:

    TB Joshua only said he foresaw trouble with a Southern African president. Did he mention the name of the president ?The answer is no.So why did some president hit back at the prophesy as if his name was mentioned? The president should apologize to TB Joshua. He is a man of God and God always protects His anointed ones.

  27. Nyenyezi says:

    Pitala umbuli too much kumangomvera mabodza a Dausi basi, tinakuuzani ife kuti amene tinaonera live show ya sunday imeneyo sanatchule dzina lanu ngakhale Robati mukumunenayo timangokudabwa Pitala ukuwawata za TB Joshua pomwe unalibe umboni. Lero ndiziizi ndiye upepese kwa Man of God pliz komanso osaombera m’manja chifukwa masiku omwe anafa Bingu adakalipobe ndipo April, tangomuyamba kumene. Watch out Pitala

  28. And I quote he said he would not reveal
    anything further regarding the
    problem about to befall a Southern
    African leader because the message
    was highly sensitive.
    Ngati prophecy inali yokhudza Jacob Zuma kuchotsedwa kwa pampando you call that highly sensitive???? T.B.
    Joshua said prayer sessions needed
    to be arranged for the region’s
    leaders because of ‘peculiar’
    challenges ahead.
    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk amangwetu tiyeni tidzinena zowona mpakana kupanga prayer session kuti Zuma asachotsedwe pampando???
    Nkhani apa siya Jacob Zuma Joshua amakamba za Munthalika ndi Mugabe
    Koma apa zikuoneka kuti dziwanda dzatopa dzayamba kumuonetsa zabodza
    Wagwa nayo Joshua kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Munthalika Woyeeeee

  29. ndatopa says:

    It’s true the Prophet T.B Joshua didn’t mention any name of a president who is going to die from a month of February to April. but we are wondering why Malawian President reached at that extend of shouting Prophet T.B. Joshua on Broadcasting Air. Who told him that is going to die? Adzivetsetsa bho bho chimene munthu wa Mulungu wanena before doing any action. kodi chakuopsani inu ndichani? and why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Adad says:

    Hiiii today.

  31. pati labaran says:

    The president is afraid of death because he has something hidden in his cardboard. Since one month now, he has been speaking rudely to the prophet of God, accusing him of something he never said. The president is disconnected from God. If he were a true Christian, he should have examined what he read on the newspapers, what people say, in the light of God’s Word. Prophet Tb Joshua cannot kill you, but God can kill you for His faithful servant Tb Joshua. You remember what happened to the children that mocked the prophet Elisha, in the Bible? How a lion from the wilderness came killed all of them. God fights for His faithful servants. Repent and seek for forgiveness from prophet Tb Joshua for your own good.

  32. Naphiri says:

    Mwayamba kusinthano, mesa macomments anthunu amanena kuti Peter amwalira ndipo ambiri it was their wish that he should die, but the bible tells us to love our enemies. If there is a person whom Jesus loves most is the sinner, Yesu bwenzi la ochimwa.

  33. Ulendo says:

    Worth noting that the prophet foresaw evil upon one southern African country. He therefore asked his followers to prayer for the same. The fact that nothing has happened means that evil has been avoided. Simple! Its not because one leader somewhere is strong or wise or intelligent. God is loving and so merciful – he allows his people to be warned and repent otherwise evil will fall on them. Simple! Its a message to all of us to repent and make our house in order for God! Please say this simple prayer and you will be saved.

    My Lord in Heaven. Thank You for Loving me that you sent Jesus to save me from my sins and death. I believe that Jesus is the Lord. I invite him into my heart; be the Lord and savior of my life. Amen!

  34. lapkenifamily says:

    The prophet did not mention any name but why has he been attacked by some people especially Malawan President? Mr President, run to the prophet and apologise otherwise you have poltted your own downfall.

  35. chiPitala says:

    Mutharika kusamvetsa to the point of fearing his own shadow kkkkkkkk. Choopera patali hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  36. Tatopa says:

    Please , the Malawi government should sell NDATA FARMS in order to recover the stolen money by Bingu Wa Munthalika which was government’s money being part of the MWK92bn and MWK577bn . The time Bingu became a president of Malawi he declared to have had MWK150,000,000.00 in assets and cash and the time he was dying his assets and yet his money was wealth muiltbilions after his death. Let’s do as what President Zuma has faced in South Africa after been found that he stole government money .

  37. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Apologetics at work now. Of course there is nothing wrong with doing some damage control to save the face of the paymaster.

  38. Amuna says:

    I have also of the same view that it might be South African President who is to face the consequences. The way the people of the South Africa are treating him, it’s easy for this prophecy to fall on him.

  39. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    It is now becoming very apparent that Senior Phophet TB Joshua was profesying about President Zuma. Why then was Mutharika insulting the prophet. Mutharika must apologise to the prophet for his unbecoming out bursts.

  40. The Analyst says:

    A a you Tebego Motalaote or anyone should not impose order where there is no order.

    . . . What Joshua said has nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to Zuma. Now you should not force it to be so, coz what happened to Zuma is not at all as worrisome or sensitive as Joshua said it. Let something happen without forcing it. You see . . . God does not like cheats and well-meaning people dont like them either.
    Otherwise, if what he said should be related to events in SA, then its unfortunate coz such ambiguous thoughts as his, are likely to happen anytime anywhere and to anyone.
    . . . we know Mugabe is weak and delicate hence expcted to frequent the hospital more than he used to . . .
    . . . we know Zambia’s Longwe doesn’t look appealing . . .
    . . . we know that Southern Africa is experiencing a drought and people will likely stage demonstrations against their leadership.

    All these and many other things are likely. And there is no prophesying about them.
    People can choose to insult their intelligence and believe this Joushua . . .
    . . .otherwise Joshua is no prophet – he is just a preacher like any other; only distinct because he plays his cards well – befriending presidents and affluent business men/women, threatening them sometimes and gets paid.
    . . . he is simply robbing the African continent via these dumb presidents.

    I dont like cheats and I hate them even more when they are both cheats and magicians.

    1. Mbodzole says:

      Well, these events may indeed seem likely. But can you specifically say the time frame as T.B Joshua did? He said between end of February and April. And on 31 March, 2016 the South African court unleashes a verdict against Zuma in which case it is probably difficult for Zuma to maintain the presidency. He said he sees trouble for a Southern African leader. Isn’t this not enough trouble for a leader? Isn’t it sensitive enough to warn? Mind u this outcome may be catastrophic to peace and economic stability.

      I am no follower of T.B Joshua nor am I for any other prophet. But your hate for T.B Joshua should not make you fail to try to connect his prophesies and the events in line with the same. I for one am looking at the timing as he mentioned and the subsequent events. If it was guessing I should say he guessed right. You should agree with me that neither statistical simulation nor political analysis could predict this one. Especially the time. Bingu anapita in exactly the same period he mentioned in 2012 about a Southern African leader.

      Let’s not say his ‘prophecies’ for I see you just hate calling him a prophet, but rather his ‘guesses’. They are at many times correct. The meteorologists may tell weather patterns and then say something on droughts, political analysts may point and advise on impending conflicts, economists may point to upcoming financial crises, yes. But for him, without all the expertise, he guesses them damn well and gives some concise predictions surpassing experts. He goes further to warn of accidents, planes, bombings and death (Bingu).

      As I say I am no follower of TB Joshua for am not that much religious. But I don’t take his prophecies(guesses) for granted. I just wait and see if indeed something is indeed going to unfold. Unfortunately, the events occur. I just analyse and in many cases, you will see connections in hindsight.

      1. The Analyst says:

        Very well said, argued and advised, Sir; and correctly observed my trouble calling these people “prophets.”

        As you have suggested, lets wait, for though April is come; it’s not yet gone. I too, am keenly following and observing.

        . . . I just dont like the ambiguity in these people’s statements which leaves spurious correlations to events, when actually it’s mere coincidence – though the consistency may make it unlikely so.
        . . . But if nothing happens; they would find defense in, “We prayed for them.”
        . . . further, a possibility of magic or involvement of some sort and stuff; may not be ruled out – just to make the predictions come to pass.

        Otherwise, we are both waiting, watching n observing.


    He is a bona fide prophet. In January, he prophesied on North Korean leader. He told the multitude that they should pray hard for the Korean leader. I read the news yesterday of a likely war bwteen China and North Korea.

  42. tuvitwana says:

    Who is STUPID now??

  43. Maliseni says:


  44. Khalabweka says:

    Ine ndili Funzo. I have Just posted a message and details of someone else have appeared in whose name this post is being sent. osit****@*****.com

  45. Follower says:

    I like the prophet and his prophecies coz they are 100% correct.

    1. November Rain says:

      You are simply misguided!

  46. Funzo says:

    Here’s a prophesy from me and I guarantee that it will come true.

    May to July are very peculiar months in the Southern African sub-region. Let us observe prayer sessions at the beginning and end of this period for our leaders.

    I can fit any trouble anywhere across a broad region to meet this vague statement.

    Besides, how sensitive are the problems facing Zuma; his travails were being reported on over the last few months if one follows the news.

  47. Maggie Lucius says:

    am sure man of GOD was referring to the Zuma saga. The ruling of yesterday by the constitution court is nothing but trouble for him so prophecy has come to pass. All eyes are on Zuma now for a way forward.

  48. Khalabweka says:

    Of course as Africa we would have wanted it the other way. Koma ayankhabe pa 5-6 April whether it is this year or next

  49. Maria says:

    That’s it…..Oonela emmanuel tv fe tinamva choncho osati zoti wina afa ayi…Kodi akati peculiar challenges ndiye kuti wina afa basi? A Malawi tizimvetsetsa tisanafalitse bodza.

  50. GG says:

    A fake prophet is just a fake prophet, no matter how much cleaning up you do for him. We do not need a clarification on what TB Joshua said or what Mutharika said. We know what they said and we know that today is 1st April and that Mutharika is still alive hahahaha. We also know that Mutharika said that “Iwe Joshua ndati ndikuuze kuti zomwe unachita ndi alongo ako 2012 sizichitika chaka chino.” Hehehehe fake prophets are completely exposed! It’s a total naïve to trust fake prophets koma poti kuno ndiku Malawi that’s why we have such useless articles in support of the fake prophets like TB Joshua.

  51. ANT JO says:


  52. Bololo says:

    I don’t think my president is that stupid to comment in public about the prophesy, especially that it targeted him and that it was something similar to what happened in 2012. Should I assume that there was a private message our president received with more details than what we saw on emmanuel tv? or should i assume our national intelligence whom our president may trust enough produced compelling evidence to the effect that the prophesy was about our president? TIME will tell otherwise I maintain, my president is not that stupid….

  53. john phiri says:

    You see now basket mouth? Its Peter who has failed because Joshua’s message has come to pass within specified period and region.

  54. kk says:

    Kikkkkkkkk odi ukoooooooo

  55. tb yalephera ulendo uno sizitheka achemwene che tb muuzane ndi alongoanuwo kuti zavuta basi ife sitiopatu watiuza kale david kalilani kuti wosaopa!!!

  56. Tikondane says:

    Inu anthu andale, mutha kukhala munthu wandale nkukhalanso munthu wopemphera (sindikunenatu munthu wongotenthetsa mipando mchalichi koma muChristu weniweni). Anthu andale ambiri alindimaganizo olakwika; onena kuti munthu wandale ayenera kukhala bwenzi lamdyerekezi kuti zimuyendere. Tiyeni tidzikumbukira kuti dzikoli mwini wake ndi Mulungu, ndipo tidzafa ndithu, ndipo pamapeto andale zathu kumwamba olo kujahena kukutidikira. Anthu tikuwalamulirawanso ndiake aMulungu. Kulimbana ndianthu opemphera ndikoopsa zedi; mudzadzitengera matemberero nkudzipalira imfa zosakhwima. Palibe munthu amene adalimbanapo ndi anthu aMulungu olo Mulungu amene nkupambana. Tiyeni nthawi zina tidziwonerako makanema a anthu aMulunguwa kuopa kunamizidwa nkumayankhula zinthu zopanda pake.

  57. O Jere says:

    Lero mukagone tulo a pm hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Riaz Issa says:

    And no one is dead or going to die. T. B. Joshwa is a false prophet. And Jesus predicted about him 2016 years ago; Mathews 24 v 4.

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