What Prophet T.B. Joshua actually said concerning a southern African President

Popular Nigerian prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T.B. Joshua, predicted trouble for a southern African president between February and April this year.

Joshua:  Prophecies trouble

Joshua: Prophecies trouble

In a televised prophecy on January 3rd, 2016 to thousands of his congregants gathered at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, T.B. Joshua said prayer sessions needed to be arranged for the region’s leaders because of ‘peculiar’ challenges ahead.

“I am being careful so that the press does not misquote me because the message is very sensitive,” T.B. Joshua said. “Ending of February to April are very peculiar months in the Southern African sub-region. Let us observe prayer sessions at the beginning and end of the month for our leaders.”

He said he would not reveal anything further regarding the problem about to befall a Southern African leader because the message was highly sensitive.

However, the clear warning not to misquote him seemed to be ignored by the international press as headlines recently proclaimed how Malawian President, Peter Mutharika, alleged that T.B. Joshua prophesied he would die before April 1st, 2016.

The Malawian President said, “I’m told there is a man in Nigeria called Joshua and he is saying that Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe and Malawian President, Peter Mutharika will die before April 1st. Let me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year.”

The paranoid Mutharika even scheduled to attend a night of prayer on April 1st because of the rumoured prophecy, recalling that in 2012, the controversial Nigerian preacher reportedly predicted the death of his brother.

Bingu Mutharika, who was President at the time, died within the time frame predicted by Joshua, causing his fame to spread rapidly in Malawi.

However, unfolding events point increasingly to the travails currently being experienced by South African President Jacob Zuma as the subject of T.B. Joshua’s prophecy.

On March 31st, South Africa’s highest court ruled that Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home.

Zuma is now being called on to step down by South Africa’s opposition parties as he is faced with the biggest controversy of his presidency.

“It is very difficult to see how the ANC can continue to have President Zuma at the helm, following the stinging rebuke he received from the Constitutional Court,” wrote the BBC as speculations heighten that Zuma’s presidency may forcibly be cut short.

“It’s very likely that TB Joshua’s prophecy was about Jacob Zuma and not the other two we thought,” wrote Max Chunga on Facebook at the news of Zuma’s historic court ruling.

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Nthenda ina yayikulu imene ili pakati pa a Malawi ambiri ndikusamvetsa zithu. Kumene a Malawi ena adatenga nkhani yoti president akufa sikukudziwika.

Mapiko Sanyambitika Gama
Mapiko Sanyambitika Gama

Non is greater than God and that as well APM. God is real

That is why I am telling you all the time. This only will take place in Africa indeed, where the obsession with prophecies and all these predictions the most critical levels. It is simply playing around with peoples minds because they are searching for sensationalism instead of a real solution to such problems. If nothing happens, TB Joshua will not be accountable. If something happens, TB Joshua will claim the credit Even if he has to regurgitate with the help of his audio/video team from the past to fix his tattered reputation of what the did with the illegal collapsed… Read more »

A continent full of empty clowns, obsessed with useless stuff.

Leza aliko

Nyasatimes would have helped TBJ if they had originally printed the verbatim message instead of the paraphrased twisted message that they initially published as a story.
Secondly, it is the duty of the administrator to ensure that false and misleading comments should not be published. Yet we saw comments on this very medium alluding to the fact that TBJ had prophesied the death of the president of Malawi.


Let’s give glory to God for everything and more in seeking his face diligently children of God! Jesus is the vine and we are his branches we one in Christ Jesus let’s unit,cooperate in harmony in a brotherly way to bring peace were there’s confusion,love were there’s hatred let’s be people of forgiveness and love. May Jehovah God almighty who reigns the entire world Really Help us.Amen

F saliva

Walephera ulosi TB joshua amusiye mdala mulungu akamkonda adzamtenga yekha.

Mr Tebego, the journalist, you are telling us that APM said that the said leader who Joshua was prophesying would not reach 1st April which means he will die on the midnight of 31st March. How then can APM organize prayers in fear of his death on 1st April afternoon a day after his impending demise? Does that make sense Mr journalist? If anything, this should be called a triumph prayer because APM actually challenged the so called prophet that he will not die before 1st April. Prayers of fear would have been conducted a week or 4 days before… Read more »
Game over!

Mwaona kuti nsampha waphonya lero ndiye mukubwera poyera? Where were you all this time? You thought God is your cousin so that you can bend His hand?

MCP chipani cha pa Zodiak
MCP chipani cha pa Zodiak
Chilungamo ndichimene anena ma tate pa za uzimu muno mMalawi, Apostle Dr. S.S. Ndovie ndi Apostle Dr. Madalitso Mbewe kuti ulosi wochokera kwa Mulungu umamanga, kulimbikitsa ndikudzudzula moyenera osati za ufiti timamva masiku anozi zoti wina amwalira. Imfa ya Grace Chinga itionetsa zambiri. By the way, Nigeria is rotten to the core. Why don’t these numerous prophets say nothing on this sick man of the world, Nigeria? Zitsiru zina zinagula kale ng’ombe kuri ati ziphe zichite mphwando kukondwelera kumwalira kwa president wathu ati chifukwa mulungu wawo wa ku Nigeria anadawauza kuti zitero. I tried to argue with them that it… Read more »

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