When opposition rises, run to the Lord

Many times Christians have faced opposition and have wondered why God allow certain things to happen in their lives. God has spoken several times in the Bible that in any type of opposition he will be with us. While no one like opposition, as Christians we admit that we cannot run away from it because it will be part of our life yet there will always be victory at the end because the word of God tells us that; “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalms 34:19). As you can see, the Lord does not promise us a trouble free existence, but He does promise to deliver us from all of them as all opposition will prove futile, for He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet.

The Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus

Chronicles 14:8 talks about a time when the Philistines had heard that David was anointed King over all Israel, all the Philistines went up to seek Him. The words seek in this verse actually means that they wanted to “kill him”. This is the same in a Christian’s life because whenever Christ is enthroned as King over the whole life, the powers of the darkness gathers together to oppose Him in the believer’s heart. All this is simply because there is a war that is not mostly noticed especially when a believer is new to the things of God. This is all to stop the good work that God has started in a believer’s life. In most cases you will notice that opposition does not exists in a non believer’s life because the enemy has nothing to fight for. If you think that you are a believer, but you have never faced opposition, then I will encourage you to give your life to Jesus Christ again to see that the world will never love that which is not of the world, but loves its own: “Jesus Christ Himself stated that if the world hate you, you know that it hated me before it hated you” (John 15:18).

The story of Joseph in the bible is a perfect example of great opposition. While His brothers were able to notice that Joseph was the most loved of their father Jacob; it was not exactly what made them conspire to kill, and later sell him as a slave. The main reason why they hated him was the dreams which He had, and they thought in their human capacity they could be able to stop God’s plans on Joseph’s life. This is confirmed when the brothers said; “Behold this dreamer comes” (Genesis 37:19). This is a strong proof that all the great opposition between him and his brothers was because of his dreams which as we see reading on the chapters continued even after being sold in Egypt as a slave.

When Jesus Christ our Savior was born the wise men came from the east saying “where is He who is born king of the Jews?” (Mathew 2:2). Herod commanded the wise men from the east to search diligently for the baby, and bring word to him so that he may also worship Him. In real sense Herod’s intentions were to kill the child and stop all that was spoken about the child as we can see from how he killed all the children who were in Bethlehem

It is the same even now that the moment light comes in our life; great opposition will also show up to stop us. It is at this point that a child of God should realize that we have the word of God, which is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing a sunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow. Look to God and realize that even though the enemy pursue and trample our lives to the ground, if we continue believing, reading the word of God which is the Bread of Life, we will be able to see the victory through Our Lord Jesus Christ for He has already defeated all these powers of the darkness when He died on the cross once and for all. He is the ever present help readily available for His children.

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52 thoughts on “When opposition rises, run to the Lord”

  1. mlomwe2 says:


  2. chosatheka says:

    Awesome message. Please continue with these messages, we really appreciate.

  3. God will take revenge says:

    CommentThank God. lets hear this every moment.God loves this nation.Let’s respond to his love and mercies.

  4. gerald says:

    this is good Nyasatimes.osati daily kunyozana and bad comments.Amalawi lets try Jesus and c what he will do for us.lets trust him

  5. kATWAFU says:


  6. Timu says:

    This is Great and we need more of these massages,we need to be positive minded knowing that out of opposition we remain conquerors!

  7. Nkhoma wa a Mlauzi says:

    I am blessed by the message, The world needs more of these messages, (preaching love and hope). May our dear Lord bless you.

  8. Senior Citizen says:

    That’s true we should pray 4 our country

  9. Kwima says:

    Kkkkk mulungu omenyedwa kudya kulila ogona ngati ife kkkkkkkkkkk umbuli ulipodi

  10. Continue,its powerful and helping!!

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  12. qabaniso says:

    Wonderful. Jesus is the greatest!

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  15. Nabengo says:

    Thanks Cindy. Tadalitsika.

  16. Mr Nice says:

    Why can’t you be writing this type of stories? Politics politics all over!

  17. Jonathan Cymon says:

    Comment:Many people are blinded by there so called religion,and look they are rejecting the TRUE SON OF GOD who took away sin of the WOLRD this is Jesus Christ.

  18. Jacques says:

    A Word in time. true. I am lifted and my faith is strengthened. There is No one like Jesus. He always honours His Word and will wait upon Him. Be blessed for sharing!

  19. aliki says:

    I believe in n like this….amen!

  20. Jesus is the Lord, the son of God and everything was created by him and for him. He is the only one who died and rose and ascended into heaven live! He sits on the right hand of His father. Everythingmust bow before this MIGHTY name JESUS which is above every other name. Thats why those who believe in him are able to heal the sick, cast out demons and perfom miracles by this wonderful name. Iam proud to believe in this son of the living God.

  21. CHURCHILL says:

    very strong messege

  22. eish says:

    Amen amen, n am blessed

  23. no christians do not take jesus as dea god but their road to heaven. i agree and like christians for their patience, humanity. You will never find even a single christian against muslims, hinduz, sikhsm or budahis. look at boko haram, islamic state, al-shabab all these islam organisations they are formed with an aim to hurt, slaughter chritians. But i oneday red the bible, i found a verse says u will suffer bcoz u have accepted me, they will kill you. u can c now hw muslims dislike chrritians and kill them ….

  24. Victim Chamkhuni says:

    This is the word of truth. Those opposing it remember, “When you twist the truth, watch-out when it springs back”. Amen.

  25. alf says:


  26. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Very encouraging words we should just trust in God

  27. Mikongoni says:

    Kwima ndiwe mfiti!!!! Kapena ndiwe wa bokoharam.

  28. ujeni says:

    Amen to that

  29. angondo says:

    good words indeed. Give us more for our betterment

  30. fireman says:

    so u call that white dude in the picture jesus?

  31. Jelbin mk says:

    Indeed people think it is an easy journey to walk with the lord thus why he said his road is narrow meaning if u walk in it you don’t have a free range of choices but him and him alone hence the affliction of the human nature.

  32. suzkella says:

    I love this piece. Pls can you send it to me? God bless you

  33. Dennie says:

    Its very Encouraging……thank u

  34. moyo says:

    It baffles me in life.Things which people don’t understand they call names.I am blessed with the article.Keep it up

  35. Mbanangwa says:

    That is kind of you, no Utopia in this existence. Evil and goodness co-exist and blessed are those who trust n The Lord.

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  38. daudi says:

    Amen this is very true

  39. babika says:

    CommentThe words are encouraging and the truth is there .Faith and belief in all

  40. Aaron says:

    AMEN!!!!! God bless you brother in Jesus name!!

  41. Kwima says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk kodi jesus ndi mulungu wanu kusochelatu aku abulutu inu

    1. Sukati Jere says:

      Akulu ndimapereka ulemu kuzipembedzo zonse komanso sindiona vuto liri lonse pakusiyana zomwe anthu amakhulupirira.Chofunika kwambiri ndikulemekeza zomwe anzanu amakhulupirira.Ngati mungakwanitse agawirenikonso zomwe inu mukuti ndizolondolazo.Nthawi zambiri timachedwa ndikuyang’ana zofooka za anzathu osayang’ana mphamvu zawo.Komsnso mupewe kunyoza anzanu.Anthu ngati inu tikumawaona mma television akudula mitu ya anthu,ena kumatenga anamwali kuwachotsa malo amaphunziro kumati akutumikira chipembedzo.ZACHISONI.Mulungu akupatseni nzeru.

    2. clever says:

      let God himself show you that Jesus is in God and God is in Jesus. whoever believe in the son, believes in the father too ..Amen!

    3. Chilungamo says:

      You don’t know what you are saying because you do know. But He still cares for you

    4. stivo says:

      iweyo ndiwe uja ukhulupilira kuti kuli ma virgin 72 kumwamba?

    5. Platelet says:

      Kkkkkkk ine kumva chisoni

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    Please continue enlightening us

  44. emmanuel says:

    Thanks for the word

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