Where is Joyce Banda? Missing ex-president of Malawi sparks more rumours 

It is now over two months since Malawi’s former President, Joyce Banda, left the country for her international engagements. However, there has recently been no publicity on her activities  or her whereabouts triggering rumours, including that she is avoiding a possible arrest over cashgate.

Former president Banda: Missing in action!

Former president Banda: Whats her location?

Rumour also has it that Banda is seeking to renew her United States visa so that she remains in the US on political asylum.

Banda’s Media Liaison Officer, Tusekele Mwanyongo disputes these claims.

He says the former President was still attending to various international engagements, including some related to the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) Africa Initiative.

“The former President is still on her philanthropy tour of duty. As you may be aware, apart from Malawi, her foundation has now extended its wings to other countries in Africa, including Kenya, South Africa,Uganda, DRC, Gabon, Liberia, Ghana, Egypt and Mauritania.

“JBFI Africa Initiative will focus on five priority areas—Wealth creation; Education for a girl child; Maternal Health and HIV/Aids; Leadership; and Rights—in these countries. She is preoccupied with ensuring that JBFI Africa Initiative achieves its intended objectives,” Mwanyongo  told Nyasa Times on Friday in an email response to a questionnaire.

He indicated that the former President would be returning to Malawi “soon” but could not disclose the arrival date.

Mwanyongo declined to disclose the current whereabouts of the former President neither could he provide contact phone number (s), claiming he is not mandated to do so.

Similarly, Banda’s Public Relations Officer, Andekuce Chanthunya declined to share with Nyasa Times the former President’s phone numbers.

“Why do you want them? If you wish to interview her, may you please furnish us with a questionnaire, which I can send to Her Excellency for her consideration,” Chanthunya said in a telephone interview from Lilongwe.

Chief cashgate suspect, Oswald Lutepo, recently implicated Banda as being the main beneficiary of cashgate. While admitting he indeed swindled the state of billions of Kwacha, Lutepo claimed in a Zodiak Broadcasting Station interview that he was only a conduit who personally delivered the loot to Banda during her reign as President.

But in a statement issued in response to Lutepo’s claims, the former President claimed she has in possession “written confessions” by some cashgate scandal suspects that they were under pressure from some unnamed state agents to implicate her in the scandal.

This information, according to the statement, would be made public at an “appropriate time”.

“(Former President) Banda dedicated her efforts to ensuring that all people involved in cashgate face the law. The former President would like to reiterate that she has at no time during her tenure or at any other time, been involved in cashgate,”read the statement in part.

“She would like to encourage the country’s leadership to concentrate more on dealing with the worsening political, social and economic situation, than listening to a Cashgate suspect who has so far proved to be unreliable, untrustworthy and susceptible to manipulation,” it  continued.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), through its publicity secretary, Francis Kasaila, has denied coercing suspects to implicate former President Banda in the scandal for whatever reasons.

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142 thoughts on “Where is Joyce Banda? Missing ex-president of Malawi sparks more rumours ”

  1. frazer says:

    asiye amai mwasowa chonena eti?

  2. Charles says:

    Difficult to understand just Live JB alone

  3. Phodogoma says:

    In short JB is not a former president of Malawi. Point of correction JB is former Vice President of Malawi period.

  4. jb was not aformer president but aprisiding over president

  5. boston mlotha says:

    jb is former interim president

  6. Nana says:

    JB is innocent Peter wants to divert our attention from the economic mess he has created. The country is in bigger mess than JB time. Lutepo is DPP chief thief. He is featured highly in K92 billion. Was JB there? Peter stole our houses for MHC, lilongwe mayor and now want to bribe journalists. In addition he stole Chakwera votes.

    Peter is bigger thief than JB.

  7. rif says:

    Kusowa kwa Joyce pa malawi pano ife zikutikhudza bwanji? Pali ambiri a Malawi omwe ali kunja kwa dzikoli whats special about this lady?

  8. Anonabhani says:

    All what we want is development. Do not intimidate people when you realise that you are failing to bring financial stability in our country. Lutepo has threatened hence hiding beside JB. This is unfortunate tricks since what we wanted is not met.

  9. Trevor Kaipa says:

    Leave JB alone and you better concentrate on your current poverty. If a thief like Lupeto is caught just thank God.

  10. Jacob Phiri says:

    Malawian politics was supposed to be labeled MATURE, media must help people living outside the country to understand exactly what is happening in Malawi by giving us content with true and honest state of affairs in our beloved country.

  11. jimbo says:

    JB should be in Malawi using her ‘talents’ to help move her country forward, not globe trotting on behalf of her JBFI. If she was serious about helping Malawi to prosper, she would be in Malawi leading the opposition and challenging APM and his government who are making such a mess of things. As it is she is on a ego trip and is doing nothing to help Malawi in its hour of need. The longer she is absent from the country the greater the smell she leaves behind and the more rumours will abound about her involvement in cashgate. Why should we believe her protestations of innocence made from abroad? She should be here in the country proving her innocence.

  12. Cymru says:

    Is JB former president or defeated president?

    1. SMM II says:

      I believe you dont understand English well. You could have known the difference between the words “former and defeated” and how they are used in a sentence. Whether JB was defeated or resigned or what ever it is, she can only be called as a former president because she is a former president. Even your your president Peter knows that she if a former president. Its only you and I wonder where you come from.

  13. Hebrews says:

    Poti iye ndi olandira sanabe nawo koma amene anatenga ndi amene anaba? After all akudziwa amene anaombera Bambo Paul Mphwiyo! Shaaaaaaaaa. No wonder She becomes Raphael Kasambara’s Key witness in the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo. She has information

  14. Ndadambwanazo says:

    Leave JB alone,only God knows everything about her may u kindly use polite words whether she is involved or not

  15. sothi says:

    every problem has an expiry date mama,just come mthengo mdalaka njoka

  16. Jando says:

    No confession made by any person shall be admissible as evidence against any person except to such extent as that other may adopt it as his/her own. So joyce should come back home unless she adopts the confession of Lutepo as her own.

  17. Bomanile says:

    So she may have spent some of the loot in expanding her JBFA? Can she explain what she meant when she said ‘ogailidwa zakuba alibe mulandu koma amene wabayo?’

  18. Maston mdala phuka says:

    Chilungamo chidzabwela ndi YESU basi !!! Amalawi osamapusa nawo ndi amodzi anthuwa !!

  19. Mike Patrick says:

    Musiyenidye Joyi : mukamzenga mulandu mungowonongapo ndalama zathu. A Bakili’s gvt. struggled with Tembo over Mwanza murder case…was anyone arrested?, Bingu…Bakili over corruption cases…was anyone arrested? ,Joyce…APM over treason case…kodi pano ziri pati?…nanga nkhani ya Lake Malawi with Tanzania pano ziri pati?, now you think APM will arrest Joyce… ali ndi njira zawo, musalimbane nawo…search Lucias “soldier” Banda anziona kale izi.

  20. Konkujazomba says:


  21. ntchona says:

    whether munyoza olo simunyoza,odya money ndi odya money basi.winawe ukagula bonya wa 2 hanz.mind yo businessez n tek ker of yo families.simungalimbane nawo andalewa mungotaya nthawi.kaya zanu kumeneko.

  22. Joyce Banda does not like Malawi. As president she was fond of wasting our money on foreign trips. She jumped from one country to another.

  23. Old APM says:

    DPP vs PP muthana nokha ife tikungokuonanai.

  24. Vikhumbo says:

    Anthu opusa inu munadya nao cashgate

  25. MERCURY says:

    Zanu Izo Ana A Ex Nu. Osaziwika Komwe Wapita Nde Wothawatotu. Si Nde Umafiya Okhaokha Umenewo? Kaya Akuthawani Mukhala Amasiye Basi.

  26. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    I think Peter and his idiot members of DPP are crazy. You want JB here for what???? You have forgotten that your were the ones crying recently, saying why is JB following the president where ever he goes? now she decided to stay away from the same president, you are complaining. Exactly what do you want. If you have failed to run the affairs of the nation just give up so that other people like JB can rule not bwe!bwe!bwe!bwe!bwe!bwe! ngati agalu a chiwewe

    1. Cymru says:

      People want her to explain what she knows on cashgate as she was head of Malawi. If she left office without big scandals created in her time, nobody except you who were benefiting from her would want her to be in Malawi. Even if she decided not to return to Malawi, nobody except her relatives and opportune seekers would complain. But now in the coming of cashgate many Malawians want her to assist in getting to the bottom of it as she had all the secret services, police and army and other organs of state such that it is very difficult to attempt to believe that she knows nothing of the plunder of government money. So my brother or sister Chilungamo Chimawawa that is the reason why Malawians want Mrs Joyce Banda to come to Malawi. It is not DPP that wants the defeated president or you call her former president to come but most Malawians.

  27. pierra says:

    What is wrong with Malawians today, when JB is around you accuse her of stealing the limelight from APM and now when she is not, you miss her dearly! She is entitled to family and vacation time!

  28. Bob says:

    Fotseki. JB, JB, JB watani if you want to arrest her issue an arrest warrant interpol wil get her or abwera yekha. These are just diversional tactics employed to create an illusion that your failure to run the govt is contributed by her absence. Tulani pansi maudindo anuwo let Chakwera takeover. Kapena mumsiyire Gamayo.

  29. chatonda says:

    Now that she cannot steal from the Cash gate coffers, she wants to steal direct from the donors under the Joyce Banda Cash Gate Foundation. My appeal to all donors outside Malawi, ask from your representatives in Malawi and they will tell how JB can rob her own poor people. She Must never show any remorseful face and steal direct from the donors again. She must be the first biggest female thief in the World.

    Send her back, She has skeletons in her cupboard here at home.

    Please do not give her any more money. She has enough from CASH GATE. Inunso ana ake a JB, why can’t you advise your mum to stop global trotting in the name of Joyce Banda Foundation?. She needs counseling beyond the HIV testing one. She will develop some heart problems if she continues running away because there is more fear when she is outside than when she is in Malawi. Psychologists will tell you. She will develop some serious illnesses if she continues running away from her own shadow. Let her face Lutepo and clear her name.

  30. NYAKWAWA says:

    Akuopa kuti akabwera kuno Kaliati azizati JB akusokoneza APM kulamula dziko.

    Tamva kuti APM akufuna JB amuthandize fuel ndi forex kuti ziyambenso kupezeka bkoz pakali pano zafika posauzana mu BT muno malo ambiri magalimoto akugona 3days pa filling station.

    Mama JB mtima mmalo musabwere kuno maluzi avuta kwambiri komanso fuel adzanamizira inu kuti magalimoto anu akutha fuel.

    1. Inu says:

      Again, this just displays lack of wisdom that Malawians have. How did JB made fuel or forex available in Malawi? Did she print forex? Did she construct an oil field? Why was forex scarce under Bingu? Why was fuel scarce? The Kwacha has depreciated now, is fuel not available? Is forex not available? All these are available to those who can afford them. These kind of arguments require some economic understanding otherwise we will just be gossiping here, not really out of the ordinary since that is what Malawians are good at. The whole world, we are the only ones in the world to have a national anthem that directly addresses jealousy, that says a lot about who we are.

  31. dsstyloz says:

    mesa akut petelayo akupitaso kunja for 6 months…akukatan?akuthawa mavutowa?….musiye joyce akhaleso m’mene akufunira,ngat mukufuna kupita kunja inuso pitan

  32. Petro John says:

    Long live Joyce Banda we love you MUM tiri pambuyo panu mayi pumani mwamtendere our lovely Mother we love yu.Musawapake mavumba lakukanikani noka bomali.

  33. Fathi Alshab says:

    JB ia ab inteligent mle lady…
    osati izu tikuonazi..she knew hiw ti build a winning team fir mla koma cashfate was evil uf she masterminded it!

  34. Chikasandungu says:

    kusheto apumule weeakuno kulira kokakobasi,tuudyiletuudyileile mwakala

  35. lonjezo chinthuli says:

    asiyeni ma lamulo agwile ntchito yake

  36. BOSHAH says:

    abwere msanga kumene aliko ngat iye siwakuba machine ake lutepo wanena kale. tasungratu unyolo asachedwe ungayambe kupanga zimbiri.

  37. angella says:

    leave her alone

  38. VYOTO says:



  39. Musanate mumulira JB Musiyeni ali ndi ufulu wake simunamufune, mumufunilanji lero? osamamuskosela akupuma concetrate on your business leave her alone mapeto ake muoneka opanda nzeru and nzeru zanu zopotoka muli nazozo zoti mumupezele chifukwa you end up wastening things.

  40. Kuganiza kodwala kumeneko zinthu zagokukanikani this are signs of failiars

  41. nachiduku jb says:

    guyz musanamize mtundu here is de truth:
    1:the worsening economy is coz of the new powers offered in unknown world&bcoz of her huge respect receiving abroad its difficult for economy to get stabalised quickly.
    2:she is fighting for de same powers she was initially given to eliminate even this innocent giant.wat u must know is apm is a non satanic he is a strong christian,he has best and well to do comrades who can bail out malawi even now but are afraid…to be continued soon but am with her guess where??

  42. jac says:

    Before you are caught up with a situation, its better to run away. Good strategy. She knows she is happier and safer away, before you know. Truth will out!

  43. TONDE says:


  44. Kangankude says:

    Dadaboma u are an Idiot,,u mean u don’t hav a president in Malawi? This statement shows hw narrw minded ur,no wonder ur from the north.Anthu inu ndiamene mwakhala mukudya ndalama zokuba za mayiyu,,and pano zochita zakutsown,we knw u mungoyendayenda mmizindani nkumapanga timagulu totsowetsa ntendere anthu kuwabera,kuwapha so that u shud make dis country ungovernable.But knw that Mwazi umene mukukhetsa wil haunt u the rest of ur lives.

  45. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    And to think that some fools voted for this idiot. President in absentia.

  46. Steve Maonga says:

    ndi mbava imeneyo nanga ikuthawa chani

  47. Wakuuna Sabathi says:

    JB can take as long as she wants outside Malawi. She is no longer running Malawi Government and so her travels should be nobody`s business. If she committed a crime Malawi Government can simply send warrant of arrest through Interpol. Other than that leave her alone. She was not wanted at the elections and she should not be needed now. Mwina mwangosowa zolemba. There is no law that prescribes how long someone must stay outside Malawi. You already have enough problems to solve in Malawi and adding the whereabouts of JB does not help at all.

  48. chatty man says:

    Ama khalani konko this is just to diversy their Mediagate. Mwachita bwino kukhala konko bwenzi akukufunirani zoipa. Athane nazo okha zima mediagat,NIBgate and Beamgate okha. Six months without anything to show Malawians what they were voted fro! God bless you Ama JB.

  49. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Joisi Banda must stop her peripatetic tendencies; come home to Malawi and face life like all of us. Criminal case pending or not. Meanwhile inculpatory evidence is mounting up to bolster her guilty status (directly or by association), at least in court of public opinion.
    The courts of law will have the final say. And JB has nothing to fear regarding perceived bias of the courts: they are now as independent as they get.

  50. Br Mfumu says:

    Mwayamba Kufuna Ulamuliro Wabwino Pakati Pa Ulamuliro Wakufa? asiyeni mayi azipuma kumene aliko sizimene tinafuna amalawi

  51. osaweta jj says:

    y hunting her?leave her alone

  52. zopusa zuipa ezi says:

    zapusa enanu mukuekila kusana kumati musiyeni mam wathu!!mbuzi zaanthu zopusa,mumakhala mmatauni efe ngati anthu akumudzi tikufuna chilungamo mayi wakuba abweze misokho yathu zopusa ayi,mumakama uwunda,nonse andale anthu oyipa palibe umusapota apa use ndi adyabolosi,palibe omusekella apa zakumtoso aye anaba amangidwe chilungamo chineke kupanda apo zikwanje zinoledwa ose opanga comment zopusa tidzathane

  53. gamaliel says:

    Akuthawa kudula kwa zithu waiwala kuti anagwetsa kwacha ndi iye .Pano
    wayamba kuva kuwawa naye.



  56. kod munthu akapita kunja ndy kut wathawa? Jb Ali omasuka kudya money zake momasuka oky!

  57. Judge Kamisah> Masyesye Chitipa says:

    Asiyeni amayi apume,mbali yawo adapanga.God Bless JB.

  58. pyepye says:


  59. Lets hope kumene aliko akugwira ntchito yokweza dziko la Malawi osati kusonkhezera zikuni kuti mtundu wa a Malawi uvutike……forex ivute fuel asowe just lik in 2012

    1. wex mhagama says:

      Leave mama alone,if malawi on fire 2 day its not bcoz of Joyce No! Malawi on fire bcoz of DPP and Peter your un popular president not joyce if we want to mention her name then we must appreciate how she managed all problems left by Bingu and left the throne when kwacha had stabilized sugar was cheap today kwacha has no value on international market sugar prices up. Every one complaining, yet mutharika just like his brother who paid his wife calister huge allowances is draining money from NAC to give to his Getrude ,mulako wa lomwe, and NIB with such practices why and how or where on earth can donors continue supporting such government. What will happen in few yrs 2 come God just take this man to follow his brother

  60. apao says:

    Business time kodi wakusatilaninso ngati? She knows what to do,when? How? Zakutu basi

  61. chatonda says:

    iNU a SPY, No 37, you have clearly demonstrated that you are not educated and you have no idea about US Visas. There is No 10 year Visa in the USA. We are here and have been here for many years, Do not tell Malawians some blue lies about things you do not know. You can support you JB but stop telling lies. We know when you JB came here and what she did but THERE IS NO SINGLE Office for JB here in the USA. Do not cheat people that JB has her NGO registered anywhere in the USA. mR mWANYONGO, YOU ARE A DISGRACE FOR PROMOTING LIES THAT jb IS DOING ABC WHILE knowing very well how she miserably failed to run a small country like Malawi in 24 months’ time. It is good that President Peter Mutharika told the nation that he will not arrest anyone but the law will arrest those who broke it in the course of their duty. So, let us all give justice a chance.

    1. Omar says:

      I am yet to see JB’s activities in the countries mentioned. Is it just an idea, a bad dream, a blurred vision or hallucination?

  62. dschi says:

    Kuba sikuona chigawo .Malawians were hard workers. Today are white collar thieves. Let’s develop our Country. Let’s harness our resources for good of our nation. Let’s adopt capital punishment for culprits. Thieves Shield each other.

  63. Che Mkwepele says:

    Bwana APM. Apatu ndiye game yagona. You ve derailed within 6 months of your reign? You bribed the paparazi with those monies while teachers (who shape Malawi children into future leaders) are receiving no salary!!! Shame on you. Apa ndiye mwaphwisila amalawi baaaaaaaaasi. Kasala 4 and half years. Amalawi tili pa moto. Tidusa pa Zimbabwe paja. Kikikikikikikikikik. Mutharika woyeeeeee

  64. mmihavani says:

    Oyipa athawa yekha. JB is at large. Koma milandu siiola

  65. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    this is a problem with Malawian Presidents they accuse each other and yet they know the cause is the cash gate that also took place in her government. Why is she running away from her country. Why cant she have offices in Malawi. Be careful you donors She will rob you of your money.

  66. Zachamba…Joyce asathaweee

  67. Namaseko says:

    Iwe Petulo boma lakukanika ukufuna kulimbana ndi JB Tamusiyeni JB zisankho anavomereza kuti walephera ndipo dziko muyendetse ndinu a petulo lero zayamba kukukanika wayamba za JB kodi mene amachoka ku Malawiko anadutsa kuti JB bwanji simunamubweze kuti uli ndi mulandu? Iwe Petulo ndiwedi guy malo moti udzimukwera mkazi wakoyo ukulimbana ndi JB? Iwedi mchitsiru eti tawona atolankhani akuyalutsa umaona ngati atolankhani alimbali yako ayi ndinthu mulungu wakwiya nawe petulo usova .Ngati ukufuna tula pansi dziko JB abwere adzalamulire tawona kwacha mmene yagwera? Tawona Madzi mene akuvutira iwe ukumwa madzi abotola galu iwe tatopa nawe ife anthu akumudzi tikuvutika .Petulo tawona chitetezo kulibe anthu akungompana chisawawa galu iwe JB ali ndi visa ya 10years ali ndi foundation maiko monsemu .JB ndi mzimayi wachitukuko ndipo mai ife mudzingotumiza thandizolo tidzikatenga ife ku JB Foundation ife anthu akumudzi . JB ndi boma basi kkkkkkkk petulo usovaaaaaaa

  68. mtima wa nyani says:


  69. Bakili did the same in UK but sanapite patali he returned to face the music,Matafale sung long time ago as if he forsaw this ..nanga opondelezawa ..awachita bwanjii ingoti pheee uone..nanga okubawa awachita bwanjiii..ingoti pheeee uone.

    1. Grace Moyo says:

      Which music did Bakili face??? The guy pretended to be sick. Now suddenly he is well. And more: wakukhwimitsa APM ndi chizimba chake chosakwera mkazi wake. Ask Anne and Shanil Muluzi, and they will tell you. What the two faced is what Grace Maseko is facing and this is why she lets bodyguard achite naye nanga atani chibaba. Kungoti body guard wakenso, nanga munalinso kudya mmenemu?

  70. Bantu says:

    Are former presidents required to be in the limelight all the time? In any case, Joyce was an unelected acting president for 24 months only. Lets focus on the one who is running down the economy now on a 36% mandate.

  71. mchona says:

    Surprise surprise, that Joyce Banda has a 10 year visa card yet she was in the forefront stopping Peter Mutharika to contest as Presidential candidate bcoz he had a green card! Thank u SPY for this revelation! Joyce Banda also used to go to the USA frequently when she was a minister during UDF and DPP tenure, was she servicing her visa using tax payers money as u insinuate that Peter did?

  72. musiyen munthu mudamukana nokha lero bwanji anthu angoti bola jb.. peter walephela kuyendetsa dziko

  73. vindere says:

    All these Presidents who came after Kamuzu are THUGS and this only shows that don’t trust a president who comes from the South.

    1. unfortunate says:

      I would agreed with you if in Dr Banda’s regime was dimocratic one.

    2. Kavunga says:

      Regionalism is your demon, repent!!!!

  74. Spy says:

    Thom is now in the pocket of Mutharika and not suprissed writting to paint a bad image as if our JB is missing. You should have asked American embassy and they could have told you that JB has offices in Washington and that her foundation is legally registered . she has 10 year US visa . when Peter Mutharika was minister he could come to US for three months paid by tax payers to service his green card but Malawians didnt care. It’s sad Nyasatimes is now being influences by the DPP

    1. Innocent says:

      Donor aid is waiting her to explain her involvement in Cashgate with Lutepo and friends – she must come back – please American Embassy revoke that Visa or you are playing double standards!

      1. dadaboma says:

        Ask DPP and APM about cashgate because it is these who started and practiced it. JB has nothing to do with cashgate except revealing its presence and working to blot it out when Bingu and DPP concealed it under wraps. You’re in trouble my brother. Donors will never give a penny to DPP and APM because these are thieves – BIG THIEVES.

    2. mmihavani says:

      Mr Spy, what you should understand is that when you are given a 10 year visa it doesn’t mean you should stay continuously for 10 years No. You are allowed to stay there for maximum of 90 days then exit the states. However, you can re-enter the states for multiple times in those 10 years without applying for visa each time you visit, but each visit should not exceed 90 days.

  75. kumzboys says:

    On the run mama Malawi

  76. MAMAYE says:




  77. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Amai anathawa mlandu wa Lutepo ha ha ha ha ha timangokuonanitu ena akuyamikila hede

  78. Nyapapi says:

    Zomvetsa Chifundo kwa basi! Munthu ukakula umayenera kukhala kumudzi kumalera zidzukulu. asova!

  79. wanted says:

    U president bolanso kukhala wosauka

  80. Bob Mhango says:

    Had it been JB was involved in cashgate they could have already dealt with her.

  81. kadome says:

    Leave JB alone. You are used to harassing former presidents, can’t we for once concentrate on issues of national importance?

    1. Innocent says:

      National Importance Issues here is that donors are not giving us money because JB and Lutepo and friends stole our money. Donors want all those arrested and she has decided to run away!!!

      1. dadaboma says:

        Bingu, APM and other DPP fools are the ones who stole money through cashgate. They keep on stealing even now from NAC and other govt accounts. And DPP with their monkeyish APM have no clue how to govern this country – they’re failing miserably. Leave Dr JB alone you fools. Did you not vote for APM? So why look beyond this baffoon? Is he not serving you well? You want our JB to return to rule Malawi? We know this is what you want, but you don’t want to say it. Until you cry out loudly for JB, she won’t be in Malawi soon. You need to repent you thugs.

  82. Wamandasi says:

    Miyambi simanama. Woyipa athawa yekha. Koma ngati asakuthawa. she could streamline her initiative and concentrate her project at home Malawi either in Zomba or Vipya Plateau Republic then expand from there. This is called specific to general, local then global. I don’t rule out kleptomaniac habits in this. She want to jump before she can stand and walk. However white people can’t be easily be cheated but they will be funding and using the foundation for other hidden activisms

    Hint mai wotakata. Mayi wa geni, wamandasi.

    1. Nyabinghi says:

      I am even surprised with us Malawians, this lady needs to be called and asked if she is involved or not. She will crumble in front of those interrogating her that’s why she is running away coward, indeed woipa amathawa yekha.

  83. tumpale says:

    Nkhani ndi cash gate. She doesnt want to see Lutepon who told us the truth. We all know these stories but its just a matter of time.

  84. MVUNGO says:

    Mwina akuopadi makhuluku a DPP angampange zijazi a machita zija akaona kuti munthu sakutekeseka. Koma zoti angathawe ndinkhani ya cashgate ndakaika, akanayamba kuthawa Bakili nthawi ya zake ija anamtengetsa Malemu Bingu .

  85. mchona says:

    Thom Chiumia you should have done investigative journalism by finding out if it is true that she has applied for a visa for her to live in USA. Mwanyongo and Chanthunya will do everything to protect their boss, after all their salaries come from the ex president’s office! I hope we will stop funding the office after it is established that she wants to live in USA until when DPP loses power in 2019.

  86. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    AAAA amangweetu musati nyasepo apa kodi ananyamuka usiku ? maesa mumamuona ku airport , andale zanu ndizi mozi apa .

  87. Mau Apaseli says:

    The weight of running this ungrateful nation has taken its toll on JB….so she can take as much time as she wants wherever she wants to be…she is an International Icon so the world is her Oyester!….mukumufunilanji Mayi wathu?

  88. Peter Mutharika says:

    Leave JB to do her own things. She run the country tirelessly and put in place strict measures that are helping in the fight against corruption and theft of public money. We will always remember her efforts

  89. Kamanga Msiska says:

    It is high time the international community recognized that, apart from her being one of the first women presidents in the world, this woman committed crimes through corruption that have caused suffering to millions of poor people in her country. This women is a hypocrite and a thief using what she looted during her leadership to preach charity and human rights. Let the world change the view it has on her as a philanthropist because she is using stolen legacy to gain such status. This woman is a thie and liar!!!!

    1. Grace Moyo says:

      If you have proof then bring to ACB!

  90. Sam Dalitso says:

    Some vile Malawians always want to blow simple things out of proportion hence they want to create a storm out of a cup. we all know that Dr Joyce Banda has been an international icon for many years and travelling is not anything outside her schedule. She used to travel even before she became a politician running affairs of her foundation. No one has the power to stop her right now just because someone wants to nurse their egos. She is a Malawian citizen and will return to her motherland when she is done with her important assignments.

    1. Inu says:

      Areyou speaking this out of knowledge or just wishful thinking? The sheer level of lack of reasoning in Malawi is truly perplexing

    2. Nyapapi says:

      Which one are you, Andekuche Chanthunya or Tusekile Mwanyongo?

  91. Faith C.A. says:

    Comment reserved

  92. 92billion kwacha first kenako ndipamene mukhoza kumanena zinazo.kulimbana ndimunthu mmodzi will not yield us much.strikes,insecurity as well as ciaims of this stupid foreigner petulo matanyula of being nepotic are signs of his failure to run this government.

  93. Jimmy says:

    Why they dont want to disclose her where-abouts if she is not concerned.In my view it looks like she is running away.

  94. chonchobe says:

    ma 50pin ayamba kugwira ntchito. mwasintha mawanga. mwayambapono zolemba against JB ma hypocrites inu.

  95. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Naye angopeza Green Card. Abiti mtila ndi zimenezotu.

  96. pepe says:

    Leave my mama alone….JB we miss you dearly

  97. Stv says:

    We mis u mama


  99. Nyavisachi says:

    Why can’t she carry out her engagements For JBFI from home? Remember apart from her being the founder and presedent of JBFI, she also the President of PP……She needs to come in the open to tell the Malawian people the truth. Madam please come home!!

    1. Grace Moyo says:

      I don`t think it is any of your business to know operation base for JB is when handling JBFI. Neither should it matter where she is as leader of PP. Since when did PP become a concern to you? What truth is she to tell Malawi about? And if you already know there is truth to be told then no need telling as you already know it. If JB is accused simply send arrest warrant via Interpol. Let her enjoy life and she is free to stay as long as she wants anywhere. She is no longer answerable to anyone. And if in any way presumed guilty she is innocent till proven otherwise in a competent court of law. Pezani china cholemba.

      1. Gongoni says:

        Eyeeeh koma mayi Grace Moyo munadya papakulu za cash gate eti? Muvumbuluka ingotini phee. As long as donors are not aiding Malawi, the only solution is to recover from all cashgaters whether you were getting donatinos from the suspects or not, tikudziwani and simusiyidwa

  100. Nenazako says:

    JB is not afraid of arrest, she is busy with her developmental work. She has nothing to be afraid of. Viva JB see you soon.

    1. Inu says:

      When you say development work,can you cite examples in the countries where she is of projects that she has initiated and running? Do you know the difference between being ambassador to a particular work and being a development practitioner? Was this not he best time to intensify Mudzi Transformation or distributing JB branded fertilizer now that FISP is delayed? Now if she is not doing this at home where the need is greatest, what makes you think that she is doing something wherever she is other than the usual globetrotting? Malawians, please, do not be such low level thinkers.

  101. concerned Citizen says:


    1. chitipa wenya says:

      Choka iwe ndi comment yonunkhayo, iwenso ndiye wa cashgate yemwe, leave J B alone, she is still our leader not zanuzi

      1. Kavunga says:

        Zoba iwe ukutchinjiliza chani apa? Let your cashgate Queen come home and clear herself from the cashgate allegations flying all over asaaaa!!! Her contradicting statements and actions on cashgate speak volumes about her involvement, period!

  102. Flyboys says:

    Ndikukhulupira Kuti Andalewa Onse A DPP komanso PP amene akhalapo naye lutepo onse akuziwa bwino za mmene amapangila ma business awo ife tonse palibe cimene tikuziwa lutepo nde mwini wacoonadi musiyeni atiuze zoona plus amene amadya nawo aziwike kuti recovery icitike bwino

  103. J. Banda says:

    Kodi Lutepo munampatsa zingati? Paja atolankhani aja mnawapatsa ma k50000 each to be writing news that favour ur propaganda. How abt the issue of stolen houses frm MHC? Demet!

  104. dadaboma says:

    Why do people want to know where Her Excellency Dr JB is? What for? To follow and kill her as they did with Chasowa? I’m sure the murder suspect of this student who is now head of police operations is behind the search of where Dr JB is. Otherwise it’s not important for anyone to know where our beloved former president is. What is important for people to know is that the current president of Malawi is APM. This is the man who holds the lives of Malawians in his hands now. This is the man who must matter to people now. Go to him if you have any problem or any issue to get resolved. Leave JB alone. You left her out at the ballot box on 20 May 2014 in favour of APM; so leave her and stick to your APM. May I ask Dr JB, my president (and I have no president since she ceased to be Malawi’s president), to remain in the safe hands of our international friends out of Malawi until Malawi becomes a safe place. We now have a police that is run by bandits and a country run by satanists whose behaviour is unpredictable. Madam, you have no cashgate case to run away from; your hands are clean, your conscience is clear, you’ve always feared God in your dealings, but Malawi is not safe for you. Please the people of Malawi leave JB alone; she does not have to matter to you anymore; you have APM as your president who must matter and preoccupy your thinking. Asiyeni Amayi apume, chonde.

    1. Inu says:

      The fact that we have problems now because of cashgate does not ring a bell to you?

      1. dadaboma says:

        It does. That’s why I hate DPP and did not vote for it because they are the genesis and perpetrators of cashgate. That’s why I love JB because she exposed the cashgate (that Bingu masterminded and concealed) and made initial steps to blot it out. That’s why I hate you and all that support APM and DPP because these names are synonymous with evil.

      2. Wakuuna Sabathi says:

        Cashgate did not start with JB. Cashgate started with Bakili Muluzi. When you had problems during Bingu time who did you blame? JB exposed cashgate. She allowed International Investigators to reveal cashgate culprits. Whether Baker and Tilly did a good job or not is not JB problem either. So YES LEAVE JB alone. Already now with suspects in custody there is no progress!

      3. Grace Moyo says:

        Inu, cashgate started with Bakili not JB. JB is only one who took courage to face cashgate head-on. Baker & Tilly were called to do independent investigation. Whether B&T did a good job or not is not JB`s problem. JB did her best, chikhala APM or Bakili this would not have happened. If you don`t believe wait for MK92billion cashgate. Germany has money ready for its investigation. But it won`t happen.

        1. Inu says:

          Again Grace Moyo, you are missing the point. This is not about whether JB was involved or not. The fact that this could happen under her watch just shows that she was not capable of governing the country. But that should not be too hard to explain since she was hardly in the country. Anyone who has a houseboy or maid knows that if you dont hang around the house that much, these guys can do all sorts of things

  105. Fulu says:

    Okondedwa Oh dear people of Malawi,

    How quick we forget and get bored of things. Tired of APM’s drama already? I mean, HOW? The guy can’t stop messing up evryday. And his village of advisers, in all the scandles APM and spouse are in now, like kudya chuma cha anthu a AIDS, don’t seem to do what he hoped they will do- ADVISE him! But we told him that so, lets feel vindicated Malawi. Anyway, back to JB, lets rewind back to the time of the USA trip APM and his entourage where they blew up our millions for investiments we still have to see. The statement from the JB office in response to KALIATI’s rants on why JB was following APM was, she has international engagements that will see her away for about 2months. And it is this same Nyasa Times that reported that. Are these journalists drunk with APM’s ndalama za anthu a AIDS already that they can’t follow up on their stories?


  106. A COMMONER says:

    JB is not at large, she wil cum back 2 Malawi. Home is home. Stop panicking, even if she stays in the US it wil b her choice. Nyasatimes please give us better news than JB missing in action.

  107. BigMan says:

    Abiti Mtila is hiding from the law, everybody knows she is guilty and so does she. Mantha, komanso mwina manyazi. You can run for now madam, sooner or later we’ll catch up with you. Mumabelanji?

    1. Grace Moyo says:

      BigMan if you think JB is hiding send warrant of arrest via Interpol! And let Malawians know the charge sheet against her.

      1. Joyisi Banda says:

        Achitsilu inu.

  108. Patriot says:

    Ali ku America kuchita negociate fund raising ya JBF.
    Pitala amamuopa moopsya mayiyu, akudziwa kuti akabwerako ku Amerikako, JBF will implement more projects than the whole gouvernment machinery itself.
    Mudzi Transformation azapitilira, Kugawa ng’omba za mkaka kuzapitilira, Kupereka ma scholarship kuzapitilira, mwinanso azagawa malata ndi cement akulephera kuchita pulofesa wa fekiyu.
    Akabwerako kumeneko abwerako ndi ma Trillions.
    Odi Uko Amayi adutse.

    1. Inu says:

      Patriot, has any of those projects continued after May? If it has not, why not? Do you know what it takes to get funding for projects? This si a mistake most of Malawians make. We always assume that other people have money that has no purpose. In your thinking, you assume that the Americans have money which has no use and are just happy to offload it to JB. It is the same spirit that it is displayed by Malawians here thinking that my uncle or aunt or brother must have too much money and I can just go there and get what I want. This is flawed thinking. The USA andthe west in general have their own problems. To give aid there have to be a good justification for that. Starting following discourses on development aid and you will get a better picture of the politics that go into that

  109. Malaza says:

    May you please leave her alone. She can go anywhere for as long as she please. How about finding out where APM is . As far as I know this country has no leadership, he is in a deep slumber somebody needs to wake him up.

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