Woman abandons her five children in Mchinji, at large`

A woman in Mchinji has abandoned her five children within the ages of 14 to 4 living them destitute and her where about is not yet known.

No woman, child cry

No mum, child cry

The woman Stella Banda, who is a witch doctor popularly known as Dr Patuma, left the kids who were born from different fathers with their step father a Zambian Kesha Sakala who also deserted the kids and went back to his country.

According to the oldest daughter of the woman 14 year old Joyce Edward, their mother told the family that she was going for her business errands in Lilongwe in October this year but she never returned.

Joyce said their mother left them in the care of their step father who was unemployed and did nothing for a living but he also abandoned them and went back to Zambia.

“Our step father told us to throw our youngest brother in the toilet, Four year old Innocent who is crippled and does not walk, talk or sit saying he will be a burden to us,” narrated Joyce.

The kids have stopped going to school and have been surviving from food they get from neighbours and sometimes days go by without eating.

A neighbour of the family Patuma Assani told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the kids once told her that they contemplated committing suicide by putting rat poison in their food to end their misery but she stopped them.

She said some evil minded people took advantage of the situation and forced the kids to sell them mattresses, and a radio at the low price of K800 each.

According to people who know Stella Banda, the woman is also a commercial sex worker and looks well groomed.

Stella Banda also used to sell cellphones around the Mchinji boma and was known to be getting her phones from Mozambique.

At the time of going to the press, the Mchinji Police said they were still investigating the issue and the district Social welfare office were about to take the kids to the hospital for medical attention as the kids looked frail and sickly.

Incidences of parents abandoning their children are not new in Mchinji, reasons for the abandonment include failing to fend for the children’s needs among others, especially this year when there is food insecurity in many households.

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21 thoughts on “Woman abandons her five children in Mchinji, at large`”

  1. Geron wa nkhoma says:

    Very sad

  2. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    its sad indeed

  3. Dr love says:

    No problem madona she is coming togate the children

  4. Tonde says:

    Kubereka kopanda plan is one of the reasons Malawi is very poor. We need a law to limit family size and a policy to discourage large families. E.g fisp beneficiaries to be those with a maximum of three children. Free primary for a maximum of three children enawo alipire, free medical services etc to follow the same pattern otherwise its nonsense to expect Lazarus or pitala with our taxes to be freely feeding, educating and treating products of our irresponsible genitals

  5. Nabanda says:

    Kuli bwino kubereka mwana m’modzi koma udzikwanitsa kulera. Nanga choncho munthu wina akawatenga anawo ndikumawalera, akadzakula adzanena kuti ana anga?

  6. Kumamvetsa says:

    This is a state responsibility of which Chakwera may have very little to do. Stop trivializing serious things. There are five innocent lives. These things can happen in any society, in any family including my family. Including your family
    Let’s be serious and understand roles of government and those roles of politicians.
    There’s a ministry of Children Affairs & Community Development. That’s their responsibility, you poor Khemuche

  7. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Kkkkkk BEAM!!!!!!

  8. Malawi ndiwabwino ? says:

    Not anything is about political. Comments show stupdity of we pple

  9. anadimba says:

    getu ,we can also beutify Malawi by adopting these ones, paja muli naye mmodzi yekha. Pitala ache ndi akuluakulu komanso zikhwaya.ana nduamenewatu adona ,asanu okha basi.let us beatify mchinji.

  10. stevwa banda says:

    Very Sad Indeed,many Women Are Stealing Babies In Hospitals While Others Are Dumping Children. I Would Be Happy If The Ministry Of Gender Come Openly And Tell Us How To Adopt Children.Chances Are There But We Are Ignorant. Thanks.

  11. wechete says:

    ya chakwera imeneyi avenge Ana amenewa osakaikiraso ayi.

  12. GRM says:

    Why was she not using contraceptives? Nanga uhule ndi ana zimagwira?

  13. Betchani says:

    Nkhani siyamavoti kapena Dr. Chakwera. kumaganiza zanzeru Amalawi

  14. INNO says:

    Why like that pliz GOD have mercy on the kids help them in the name of the Father, son and the holly spirit Ament

  15. Khemuche says:

    Where is Chakwera? Ntchito ndiimeneyotu abusa onyenga ochakwera. Osamangowafuna anthuwa nthawi yamavoti yokha ayi.

    1. Young-B says:

      Sizikugwirizanatu izi ndi zomwe mukunenazo

    2. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

      Most stupid comment. Are you telling me that Peter Mutharika is also responsible for the rise in the defilement reports of children in Mulanje as has been reported in the press recently? Why do you look at everything with political spectacles????

  16. mtima wa wawa says:

    Lord have mercy on the poor souls. Some people are spending sleepless nights praying for children but someone is abusing innocent souls like this? God should punish her.

  17. MO says:

    The woman is a prostitute,she doesn’t even know her kids father’s but am sure ma guys ena ake akuziwa this animal please help your kidz

  18. George phiri says:

    Let Mr president,vice,and some ministers adopt one each.

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