Woman arrested  at KIA for attempting to externalize forex:  An employee of Ulendo Travel Group

A 33-year-old Malawian woman was on Friday March 24, 2017 was arrested at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) for attempting to externalize foreign currency.

Jessie Kumwembe Ndisale

KIA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Sapulani Chitonde said the money in the suspect’s possession were 20, 600 Rands which after exchanging them in local currency would be about K1 million.

Chitonde identified the suspect as Jessie Kumwembe Ndisale, an employee of Ulendo Travel Group Company in Lilongwe.

“Kumwembe Ndisale was arrested at the Departures Lounge before boarding a Malawian Airlines to South Africa on her personal trip,” he explained.

According to Chitonde, the suspect was searched by police officers manning the searching point and was found with the above mentioned money. After being asked to produce supporting documents, she failed hence her arrest.

He said in attempt to secure herself from police custody the suspect told the CID Officers to have the documents from Victoria Bureau which is in Old Town Lilongwe but were left at home and is willing to surrender them to Police.

“A go ahead was given and the supporting documents from the said Bureau were fake,” he said, adding, “currently Kumwembe Ndisale is in Police bail waiting police to finalize investigations and will appear before Court to answer charges of illegal Possession of foreign currency and attempting to externalize Forex.”

Kumwembe Ndisale hails from Tabu Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Malemia in Zomba district.

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19 thoughts on “Woman arrested  at KIA for attempting to externalize forex:  An employee of Ulendo Travel Group”

  1. nkawanjee says:

    izi nde nyasi izi zoona amwenye akumatulutsa ma billion nkumabweletsera katundu muno nde munthu mummange cause of 1 million , mwasowa chochita eti, why not arresting chaponda,mukufuna mutchuke chani mxiii.

  2. benjones says:

    Malawi police is playing kinder garden games.

  3. Naphiri says:

    Ukuku ndiye kulakwa. Mukufuna mukhale ngati mukutha ntchito? why arresting her because of 1million? and yokhetsera thukuta yekha osati zakuba. Shame on you! Ndipo Mulungu akuwona.

  4. Roy says:

    Za ziiii. Apolisi asowa chochita. Mtayeni mzimayiyo….mxiiii

  5. kwataine says:

    Malabishi — muzava osauka – this lady is a business lady. kaya mufune kaya musafune – she will prosper in business as she is a hard worker.

  6. ellias says:

    Why arresting her, zoona 20000 rands? Police you want to be recognised eti kuti mukugwira ntchito? Zopusa basi, release her.

  7. msalulu says:

    What is the maximum amount of forex one is allowed to externalize? I think this money is too little to prevent one from taking outside the country. The lady might have been going for shopping and if it is her own money legally acquired, there should be no problem here. Chaponda had millions and millions of forex in his house without proper documents but he is still a free person to this day. What are we trying to tell the world as Malawians? This is stupid. We want to deal with minor issues leaving out those that really matter and are eating our country. This country is rotten to the core.

  8. mike Jones says:

    Before you charge her could you please charge George Chaponda pleasewho was found with thousands of dollars in his house

  9. mahope a Seodi says:

    K1m basi, mulibe ulesi . get lost nonse who are involved

  10. chikopa says:

    Masulani mkazi, khamaaaaani! Mukusiya a mwenye basi tizimangana tokha tokha?
    The Exchange Control allows business allowance of US$5,000.00 and
    the money she took was less than the equivalent of that. Walakwa chani mwana
    kazi yula?

  11. self centred says:

    What is 1 million kwacha, comparing chapondachimanga cash found in his custody police be civilised eeeh why persecution ur own living the nasty outside

  12. Fuvung'ondo says:

    Why arrest her. Was Chapondas currency not foreign?

  13. Jiggyass says:

    Hahaha what about Chaponda?
    Selective justice

  14. chikadzakuwani says:

    Kumasiya amwenye akutulutsa ndalama zambiri mbiri mukukagwila mmalawi nzani chifukwa cha 1 million kwacha koma amwenye adzkhala bwino ku UK ndi ndalama za ku Malawi bad and shame.

  15. chikadzakuwani says:

    Koma ndi zoseketsa kwambiri ife amalawi ngati tikupita kunja tidzikalipila ma hotel akuja ndi ma kwacha hahahaha koma aMalawi munakhala bwanji. what 1 million kwacha munthu asachite shopping poor Malawians.

  16. chodziwadziwa says:

    Foolish policemen at KIA. Thats not money worthy arresting someone. At OR Tambo one can walk through with 50,000 rands to Malawi and not get arrested. Thats SA the owners of the currency. You should revise the amount of money one is to carry outside Malawi. She should let be free and do business elsewhere with the rands. Poor KIA police officers …with even 2000 rands you always get so mad whilst Chaponda can externalise the same money using the VIP departures. Stupid

  17. traveller says:

    This law needs to be clarified or twicked a little bit it is a barrier to small business owners who import goods from outside the country. There is no need to arrest someone for having USD 2000 in cash. The money may have been for upkeep while she was in South Africa or if she was going beyond SA e.g to Europe people miss connecting flights and that money can be used to re-book or stay at a hotel. our officers need to exercise some reasoning look at the passengers ticket the departure and return date and make a reasonable judgement on whether the amount is justifiable or not. you mean to tell me that if an american cam with 3000 USD and only spent 1500 USD you will arrest him for taking back the 1500 USD that was never in Malawi in the first place? it is a different case if you have 50000 dollars in cash. I personally believe that if you have any money equivalent to less than 5000 dollars you should be exempt from this law. I don’t think the officers at the airport understand that once you board an international flight out of Lilongwe or Blantyre Malawi Kwachas are useless no one accepts Malawi kwacha elsewhere especially South Africa. If anything we need to revamp the banking system our banks must cease issuing cards that are only valid in Malawi otherwise people will be getting arrested at airports for simply having a cents in foreign currency at this rate

  18. Phil says:

    Makes a change from the Asians hey

  19. Ine says:

    How ironic! Yet others are not arrested. Even if it is millions is USD

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