Woman brutally murdered, breasts chopped: Malawi Police arrest 3

Malawi Police in Phalombe district have arrested three people suspected to have brutally killed a 28-year-old woman and chopped off her breasts.

Remains of late Dvais Fletcher of Machinjiri, a victim of albino attacks

Remains of late Dvais Fletcher of Machinjiri, a victim of albino attacks

Brutally attacked person with albinism in Malawi

Brutally attacked person with albinism in Malawi

The victim, Jennipher Namusiyo of Gwembere village, T/A Mkhumba in the district was attacked and killed in the wee hours of Saturday morning while on her way to seek medication from a traditional healer in a nearby village.

Police have since arrested husband to deceased James Namusiyo, 30, Piason Damson 63-year-old and Mabvuto Mukohowa on murder charges contrary to Section 209 of Penal Code.

“She left her home around 2:00am of Saturday April 30th to seek medication from a traditional healer in the nearby village. Later around 10:00am her body was discovered by passersby in a semi-bushy area in Mwambeni village,” explained Phalombe police Public Relations Officer, Gresham Ngwira.

A visit to the scene by the police discovered that deceased had multiple stab-wounds in the abdomen, on the elbow of the right arm and in the back.

“Her eyes had been deflated and both her breasts removed probably by a sharp object. Her bicycle lay close to her body”.

Postmortem results at Mkhwayi Health centre indicated death was as a result of accumulation of blood in the Peritoneum due to multiple stab-wounds in the abdomen.

Motive behind this brutal attack is yet to be established. Police have since instituted investigations into the matter.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jappie Mhango has insisted that government is doing all it can to protect citizens including  people with albinism in the country.

“We will tighten security,” said Mhango, adding “government is currently running various programmes to sensitise the public to the evils of killing people with albinism.”

Death sentence

Meanwhile, commentators are calling for  death sentence penalty for all convicts involved in killing people with albinism  in the country.

“I am strongly advocating for use of death penalty, which is already in our laws,  for people murdering our brothers and sisters with albinism,” Stanley Onjezani Kenani, a Malawian social commentator and poet said.

Economist Association of Malawi president and motivational speaker, Henry Kachaje took to Facebook that death penalty should be executed on those convicted on albino murderers to deter others.

Despite having death sentence in the laws, the country has not carried executions since 1994.

The country is struggling to curb a wave of violence against people with albinism – a condition that affects the production of skin pigment.

Witchdoctors say potions made from albino body parts can bring good luck and wealth.

The international community has sicne  condemned the Malawi Government for failing to protect people with albinism, with both the United Nations and the human rights watchdog Amnesty International (AI), giving damming verdicts on the country’s systematic failures to protect the minority group.–Additional reporting by Green Muheya, Nyasa Times

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44 thoughts on “Woman brutally murdered, breasts chopped: Malawi Police arrest 3”

  1. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    what kind if STUPID PEOPLE ARE MALAWIANS?? I mean everyone – especially the “god fearing nation” mother fuckers???

    This is insane – a whole country gone to the dogs. This does not happen in a real country – only a failed state



  3. Mussah says:

    ngat lamulo lilipo liyambe kugwila ntchito basi. if someone killed ur albinism sibling what would u feel? would u let that person move freely in yo community even after that particular person saved 27 yrs in jail? the feeling that yo sibling is long gone and the murderer still leaves would temp u to kill them as well

  4. Namwewe I says:

    Koma ngati lamulo loti, opha munthu aphedwe silibwelera a Malawi titha

  5. Feston Jeke says:

    These are signs of the times Jesus is coming sooner than before.

  6. Asumi says:

    It is a pitty that malawians are busy killing oneanother and put the blame on leaders. Murder of these people with albinism are usually connected with their on close relations who are supposed to protect them. So where is the leadership failing? Should the government give each albino a police officer to guard them, is it possible? Let us change our mindset. Ufiti ndi kusapemphera ndizomwe zatichulukira.

  7. Kondwani says:

    Malawi, where are you going? Are you still the warm heart of Africa?

  8. jenala says:

    Death sentence upon that pliz!

  9. nkhoma says:

    This is abominable and horrendous!!!!!!!!! Any wonder that the country is facing so many disasters and misfortunes????? Those in authority should not have a chip on their collective shoulder. Let them take out action to stamp out this criminality and brutality. Otherwise one wonders whether some individuals close to the axis of power are benefiting from this evil

  10. Nkalapwaga says:

    Sharia Law basi apa zinazi zakanika.diso ku diso.Shall killers do not deserve to live.They should be killed by the guillotine.

  11. dpp_sapota says:

    malawi is a God fearing country, all we need to do is pray. if we pray all gay people and albino murderers will go away. stupid malawians.

  12. Phiri says:

    Mayankho a zonsezi ali mmanja mwa ife tonse a Amalawi. We shud entertain the human rights bodies NO! Let everyone who kill albino or any other human being be KILLED TOO! as was the case in the past. Lamulo ili ilipo so these pple are taking advantage of this laxity in the law. And i strongly suggest that those involved on SERIOUS note shud be hanged in the day broad light even at the stadium while many are watching these witches. THEY SHOULD NOT LIVE because those who being killed have the right to live so if they take away one’s life what it means is that they do not know the value of their life too so they shud not live i say a BIG NO! izi ndiye nyansi. Please APM enact the law immediately. all the human rights bodies to HELL with their fight becauze i have never heard any single human rights advocating for this. That means even they make noise they are useless because if govt arrest such pple are torched by angry mob, what i hear is that those torched had a right to life but for albinos no such a thing.

  13. Andrew Raphs says:

    My country Malawi,”l do hope that gov. should atleast pull up its socks by embracing personal guns deffence to who ever is liable for security”.Secondly, critical measures must be set and adhered by everyone clearly, not only the poor but everyone who deserves staying in Malawi land.Darenot allowing UN,USA to ingange on how we could have calbed them.Pple would have feared if had known the outcomes once one taken someone’s life.

  14. Chifundo Zimba says:


  15. Khima says:

    CHINA imati kill one scare hundreds

  16. Yamode says:

    APM and His useless government has failed Malawians on national security. This is purely a performance issue on the part of government. Citizens should not be afraid to move freely at any time and place in their own country. What is shameful is the unfounded blame on the so called lenient punishment. Malawi tulo. Reform the police!


    This is the kind of story that should make every “normal” adult angry.
    I’d agree with Onjezani and Henry on application of the death penalty in these cases; preferably carried out through regular public LYNCHINGS.
    Talking about “normal adults”, I don’t think it’s normal to bring up US/Canadian data on whether death penalty would have an impact in MW. Sicko…? How would one go about testing their hypotheses? Where in the US are albinos being hunted down for their body parts? How many witch-doctors operate in Canada?? UMBULI basi.
    The MW situation is so radically different that the suggestion that we use US/Canadian data sounds laughable, STUPID even.

    1. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

      “CHEWA FEDERAL FRONT”: Nyani here:

      Criminality is a universal phenomenon; and so many principles of the psychology, and even psychiatry (because there is a school of thought that chemical imbalance in the brain may play a big role in some serious criminal acts) can be applied universally. After all human beings share similar genetics and physiology, regardless of where they live.
      By extension, then, data on criminality is shared by criminologists world wide. This is a fact! But, applications on the ground always do account for cultural reasons, everywhere, not only in Malawi.

      Here’s awaiting a rebuttal with substance, not just name calling.

  18. chodziwadziwa, BSc Engineering (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

    where is CHRR’s Timothy Mtambo and CEDEP’s boisterous gay man Trapence who always masquarades as defender for minority rights. This is extremely barbaric…the husband had the responsibility to escort this innocent woman to the hospital. Instead she went there alone why? For sure this husband is responsible or knows something. But fellow Malawians where are we taking this country to? Without mincing words DPP is doing nothing on security with so many murder cases happening, whats the problem when this is one of the issues to address in your manifesto. Please, DPP party can you tighten security and bring to book those who are doing these heinous, abominable, unpardonable, despicable, disgraceful, unforgivable, terrible, awful, abhorrent, unspeakable, shameful, hateful, iniquitous, atrocious and monstrous acts. Zikundinyasa kwambiri…the country is in the state of decline….as if we don’t have a leader

  19. Kakha Erutu says:

    I call upon all Malawians to think practically. Think about this: when you catch a hyena attacking your goats, do you take it to the village headman or any other authority to properly settle the issue? No. You use all weapons you have in your repertory to render the hyena no more.

    So please, fellow Malawians, let’s use all that we have to protect our fellow humans with albinism. This war is not for the police or government to handle. People with albinism live with us in the communities. They do not live at police stations neither do they at capital hill or state house. They live with us every day. So too the people who kill albinos live with us.

    We should feel very ashamed as Malawians letting nasty things happen right at the tip of our noses and we do nothing but blame distant institutions. SHAME ON US!

    Do you know that as citizens of this country Malawi we have a noble responsibility to protect each other (or one another)? Yes, we have responsibility to protect each other (one another) in order to enjoy the right to life. It is our responsibility.

    I want to challenge all human rights activists to start talking about “RESPONSIBILITIES”. We have heard a lot about “RIGHTS” and we are tired of this noise. If you have nothing to say about responsibilities, close shop muzikalima.

  20. Tikondane says:

    Tikufuna boma lochita zinthu osati kungoyankhula.

  21. Mulungu Akuona Akukanthani says:

    Kwa atsogoleri athu, chonde siyani kutaya nthawi yanu ndi ndale kodi mukafika nazo kuti??? Mukutaya thawi m’ma hotel ndikudya zonani ngope ndikumafufuma, makosi kumanenepa, always thinking about yourselves with big salariries and allowances phwamwamwa M’Malawi akuzunzika. Ntchito yanu ndichiyani??? whether you are in Government or Opposition what are you doing??? KUNAMA basi. Why are you making Malawi my beloved country a country that favours thugs, babarians and satanism. I pitty you all and you shall answer before the ALMIGHTY. You have no vision whatsoever and I have no kind words fo you. Remember “WHERE THERE IS NO VISION THE HUMANITY PERISH. you should feel sorry for yourself and why venture into a task when you’re fully aware you’re bankrupt minded. Even MOSES had to tell GOD that he MOSES was no good orator. Dziko likakhala ndi atsogoleri wopusa limapita kuchiwonongeko do you tell me you are not aware of this or you do not read your BIBLES. If not start today and read KINGS, you should seek the face of the LORD first. May God forgive you all for letting his creation suffer.

  22. PK says:

    When a country is ruled by evil leaders what do you expect??? Evil leaders is manifested by killings, murdering, butchering and slaughtering innocent human beings as mayor bush animals. Evil leaders are corrupt.
    APM and his followers are soiled with blood of innocent souls who are dying in Malawi in many ways. A clueless leader cannot bring harmony and peace in the land. APM and all his ministers, MPs are to blame for all this because their hearts are filled will evil desires.

  23. briton says:

    Most malawians believe in magic, miracle money etc, no wonder the men of god are among the most financially successful conmen ! This population is a very superstitious one! Its no surprise there is TOO RELIGION in this country to the point on insanity, every corner, every office meeting has to start with a prayer to some invisible , homophobic racist jew biased god! that’s the problem TOO MUCH SUPERSTITION IN MALAWI. A superstitious nation will never develop ask any european!

  24. BOKHO says:

    No security in Malawi it was gone with Dr Banda, it was buried together with our Ngwazi.

  25. Mulungu Akuona Akukanthani says:

    Malawians , we should wake up and realise that any good law or legisation that falls short of strategic enforcement is useless and a waste of taxpayers’s money. No wonder that God is not happy with our country. Ndichichifukwa akutikantha ndi njala, mvula wosabwela, inde tataya chikondi womwe ndi maziko a umunthu. Kodi a Malawi vuto lathu ndi chiyani? Kufuna KULEMERA mwansanga kapena. Komatu Namalenga akuwona. Atikantha ndithu!!! And yes you NGO,s why are you so silent. Koma akanati zama GAY and LESBIANS you would certainly be in the fore front. Where are are you now answer me? To hell with your stupid and roten organisations.Ngati zili ndalama zikupwetekani and the wrath of the Almighty will render you paralysed right here on earth ndipo mudzafa infa yomvetsa chisoni because I dare say Mulungu simuthu! AKUWONA. Kwa a Malawi nonse mukapanga zonyansa Mulungu akukuwonani ndipo ndibwelezenso kaya ndikufuna CHUMA, Mulungu akukanthani ndithu. Sakusiyirani nthambi kapenana muzu ndipo tsoka kwa ana anu agalu inu!!!!!!

  26. chete says:


  27. Anaphiri says:

    This is not the same country I left 10 years ago. So primitive

  28. mzunga says:

    its very sad and pity this is happening to a place i proudly call my home, and this makes me shy to mention where i come from since somebody asked me openly why do you kill innocent people of albinism, in your country. MALAWI PLEASE CHANGE AND I SUPPORT LIFE IMPRISONMENT FOR THESE DEMONS

  29. ZOONAAA! says:


  30. Joseph says:

    This is what happens when you have stupid president who can’t find solutions to the problems of the citizens. We have dully leaders, our ps, ministers, and nanji nanji mbuzi ya president tili nayoyi! Mayo ine!

  31. nyankuleke says:

    When we are looking at the death penalties we should be looking at countries like China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many other countries where it is really working. Forget about USA because it is a confused nation. We need death sentence in this country. Just imagine looking at this picture and it is your sister, mother, aunt, niece, cousin?

  32. john phiri says:

    When we are looking at the death penalties we should be looking at countries like China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many other countries where it is really working. Forget about USA because it is a confused nation. We need death sentence in this country. Just imagine looking at this picture and it is your sister, mother, aunt, niece, cousin?

  33. The Analyst says:

    By March 6, 2015; 75 albinos had been killed in Tanzania since 2000.
    17 people convicted of the murders were already placed on death row. By then, Tanzania had not carried out an execution for 2 decades.

    “We want all those convicted of killing persons with albinism to be hanged without delay in order to send a strong message that these attacks will no longer be tolerated.
    . . . We made this appeal directly yo the president and the president (Jakaya Kikwete) and the president has assured us that govt would expedite these executions.” – The Chairmsn of Albinos Association of Tanzania told Reuters

    As I write now, the killing of people with Albinism in Tanzania; is just a distant memory.
    The blame conveniently and squarely lies on our president’s passiveness. APM is just too passive for a leader.
    . . . I wish APM was born a man and was not a professor of law, in name only. He could have instructed the courts to mete out a death verdict on these wretched brutes and have one or two executed.
    . . . If such a law doesnt exist; he could have single-handedly called for an emergency meeting of Parliament and enact it immediately.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
    But what does our APM do if not just send warning shots; as if he has a voice that can threaten anybody? This is very bad. If he knew he has no nerve for this, why did he run for the presidency, in the first place? This is very irritating, to say the least!
    Truth is . . .
    . . . As long as people who take out life of others have their lives not taken out (by execution); they will continue to kill others.

  34. chemuyaya says:

    Mr. Jappie Mhango now you want to tighten security this time? So what was your ministry doing all this time?
    koma this five years eeeeeee tili pa mavuto koopsa

  35. Dziwapo says:

    This woman risked his life. How could she leave her home at 2 am

  36. sabiti says:

    This is serious matter everyone of us Malawians have to sit down and think why is more blood is shade as if we are at war?what is it everyone of us doing to stop this babaric act its now time that we stand firm at what ever cost as long we protect our brothers en sisters

  37. Kalipinde says:

    Very shame on human rights defenders they are just queite. Are they part of syndicate? Because there is no money attached to it. Please organise march against these perpetrators otherwise i for one no longer take you seriously.

  38. Issa Kabudula says:

    The issue of killing in Malawi is going off hand, sending the waves of fear not only to the foreign national who would be the visitors but also the citizens of Malawi respectively.
    The issue must be addressed, in bold words, from the local to the cenral government and the law enforcement agencies.

    Chiefs and the Nduna’s must play a role here to curb this human terrorism, its not Malawi I know and I was born into, where people were too good that they would sacrifice their lives for others – this time around it the opposite.

    We can not develop while other souls are bleeding in cold blood, their sin being the color of their skin. The media houses must stop mentioning how much the body or bones fetch on the black market, that too woos stupid people to kill, who is rich with it the killing if we can point?

  39. Concerned Citizen says:

    Amalawi, izi zikuchitikadi kwathu konkuno dziko la mkaka ndi uchi lija? Vuto anthu oyipawa akagwidwa akupatsidwa chilango chochepa, apo ayi nthawi zina kutulutsidwa pa belo akatero mulandu wathera pa belo pompo. Okupha aphedwe.

  40. kk says:

    koma Malawiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  41. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Those advocating for the death penalty are simply misguided: there really is no credible evidence that the prospect of capital punishment does deter or stop those who are serious about committing a murder. A murder of anybody; PWA included.
    Look at the US; States with death statutes have as many murders as States without. And Canada, next door: a country without the death penalty has fewer murders, violent or otherwise, than the US on per capita basis.
    What we need are serious sentences, like life, in this country for some of these crimes. MPs need to get off their asses, get less focused on allowances, and get serious to amend some of our laws. (They can’t even get together and come out with a statement condemning the murders of PWA! Shame! This says a lot about the priorities of our political leaders!)
    The law is NEVER perfect. And many people in history, all over the world, have been found guilty in law when they were actually innocent in fact. In other words, miscarriage of justice. Not acceptable.. Not conscionable.
    The thought of the State killing somebody, by “mistake”! Many civilized societies got away from capital sentences. How about Malawians: the so-called God fearing people? Time to abolish it.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Nyani wa Ku Mayani . . .
      . . . You are just being too simplistic and careless in your thought here.

      If there is no credible evidence to support capital punishment, are you telling us that all laws in Malawi are based on some credible evidence?
      . . . And does lack of evidence imply proof of ineffectiveness of the capital punishment? And are you not being careless in thought to compare Malawi with other civilised societies?

      . . . Even if we give you a benefit of a doubt that capital punishment is not as effective as some of us think; would it not be better to reduce the number of these wicked-minded-foolish fools by executing some of them?
      . . . Even if the idea is not to reduce their numbers; what is a seemingly deserving and just punishment for such brutal murders as these, if not death by hanging or boiling or however?
      And you are proposing a serious punishment, what do you mean by that anyway? A life sentence? But is life sentence any more serious than death sentence?
      . . . Even if none of these makes sense, would it not be logical to try that which we havent – capital punishmentit? Since we have tried all we could; but are not being successsful?

      . . . Let us so speak as not to be mistaken for one of these albino attackers coz anybody, in their right frame of mind; would know that a death sentence is more effective, just, fair e.t.c. than any other punishment (all of which have already been tried and found wanting).

  42. Nabetha says:

    Amene anaona malemuwa akutuluka nyumba 2am akuyenela kudziwapo kanthu…specially the husband,

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