Woman faces jail for dousing husband with hot water

Malawi Police at Liwonde in Machinga district have arrested Oliva Kazembe for dousing her husband with hot water during a fierce brawl that ensued between the two.

Man in pain after wife's brutal attack

Man in pain after wife’s brutal attack

Kazembe, police told Nyasa Times, scalded her husband, Mathews Kazizi, in retaliation to Kazizi’s violent conduct.

Kazizi sustained serious burns on his face, chest, berry, back and is currently admitted at Machinga District Hospital.

The woman, who admitted to pour the hot water on her husband, told law-enforcers that she was infuriated by her husband’s constant beating, adding he stole her cash amounting K25, 000.00.

Police have since charged Kazembe with Committing an Act Intended to Cause Grievous Harm contrary to Section 235 (A) of Penal Code.

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16 thoughts on “Woman faces jail for dousing husband with hot water”

  1. Kadansana Phiri says:

    Not in Malawi. Women are immune from jail sentences. You will see the outcome of this case.

  2. zakhali says:

    Men need to lower down their BIG EGO because the entire world is being modernised and women are gaining more power. It seems many people in Malawi are living in the old primitive world of Africa and thus think a woman is defined by marriage and her submission to man. Women in Malawi and Africa are becoming more and more educated and or financially independent, hence, they can no longer accept rubbish and abuse from men/husbands. In fact, more and more women are beginning to realise their existence and enjoyment of life cannot be at the hands of abusive and lazy men. In developing countries where modernity has reached its peak, the traditional conception of marriage has changed and women are increasingly having financial power, a situation that has changed the power dynamics between men and women. In fact, a successful woman is measured by education and work rather than marriage and submission to man. This trend is slowly catching up with the primitive and backward Africa. So, you better move forward. If marriage is a good thing for women, then it is also good for men. As women gain more power, men will have to lower their BIG EGO down. By the way, in the west an increasing number of women are having children without being in a relationship or marriage through IVF. So those who are clinging to the superiority of men and condoning the abuse of women should brace themselves for a big shock! Acha mayi athu anazunzika ndi nkhanza za abambo, many are still suffering right noe, but in the future, girls and women in Malawi and elswhere will reject and throw away abusive men.

  3. Mopia Mloyiwa says:

    Where is Kaliati in this story?

  4. 2016 welcome says:

    Mbeta olo kapena akazi amwano akulalata apa. But the painful truth is that the first choice of any woman be it in Africa or beyond is to have a man (husband). Zikakhala kuti banja lakanika kupeza ndiye u spinister umakhala ngati wabwino and enanso ndiye amasanduka chitdiru kumangotsekulira miyendo aliyense in a bid kuti apeze banja koma zikavutitsitsa ndiye awa mukuwaona apawa kulsnkhula motumbwa cholinga akooe anzawo kuti athetse mabanja awo chokinga afanane.
    Mwayesa sitimakudziwani eyi?

  5. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mzimayi ameneyu anyongedwe, this is gender based violence. Wayeneranso kuti samakoma!

  6. Artist says:

    Maybe some parts of his body will know how it feels to be a albino?

  7. Original Northener says:

    Nkhani yasithatu iyi. Thought it was involving extra marital issues. There ia a young lady involved who was also scarred with hot water.

  8. Aliyense amatha kulakwira mzake. Tiyeni amalawi tiphunzire kukhululukirana komanso kuthana ndi vuto lomwe lilipo osati munthu wobweretsa vutolo. Contact and diologue will always make our families free from devils acts.

  9. tonga says:

    Wachitadi bwino kumuthira madzi amoto chifukwa amuna a masiku ano ndi a ulesi ndi a nkhanza. They think that they are powerful and yet depend on a woman’s money. FOOLISH men. The problem is Malawi and Africa has many of these stupid and abusive men.

  10. Chief says:

    * the guy is my neighbour and its me who took him to the hospital, the story of this incident has been cooked by the wife after seeing that he is now facing the law. For those who were present at the Liwonde 1st Grade Magistrate Court when the woman first appeared would agree with me that she confessed of dousing her husband when he was fast asleep. At the hospital there were no drugs and the patient gave me his ATM Card to withdraw MK 20, 000.00 to buy medical drugs for the wounds and the receipt at the ATM showed the balance with large sum of amount of which one cannot agree that the guy had squandered her MK25, 000.00 meant for business yet she never does any. After her arrest she has been telling her relations that its me who is respinsible for her arrest saying I was wrong to rush with the patient to the hospital because she could have used local herbs to help her husband. All in all will see on 12/05/2016 when she will again appear at the court as she is remanded at Domasi Prison. *

  11. Mami says:

    Wachita bwino uyu kuthiridwa madzi amoto amuna akutionjeza azimayi kuti user ngati toilet paper

  12. chemuyaya says:

    Akanakhala kuti apanga ndi abambowo nkhaza zimenezo bwenzi tikumva kuti a minister oyera kwambiri aja apitako and anenetsa kuti ayitsata nkhaniyi ndi chidwi kaya mamuna analakwa chani kaya??

  13. Namwewe says:

    Abale osangosiyana bwanji? Kusiyana ndikupwetekana chonchi.

  14. racket says:

    Mamunayo ndikanjipiti

  15. Lero says:

    The woman was RIGHT to pour water on this abusive and lazy man and she SHOULD NOT be jailed. She did this in self defence during a fight and was initially provoked. Men of today (most) are useless – they don’t earn money at all (or enough) but expect a woman to do everything for them: work or do business and bring money in the house; apparently cook, wash; look after children whilst THEY the men do nothing except stealing a woman’s hard earned money; drinking beer and after being fed use the wife’s money to sleep with other women. It is time women in a situation like this divorce these stupid, abusive and lazy men.

  16. Ze Roberto says:

    Looking at the pictures I deduce that this was in a hospital setting. May I appeal to health care providers to protect patients privacy by not allowing people to take pictures for public consumption. Pictures of the people involved in this incident went viral on social media.

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