Woman found dead without private parts -Malawi Police

A 35 year old woman from Mnkhwani Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chief Ganya in Ntcheu was Thursday morning found dead in a garden near her home without private parts.

Confirming the incident, Ntcheu Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu said the deceased; Yokoleta Bauleni Wednesday left her home at around 6.00 pm but without informing her husband where she was heading to.

“However, the deceased’s husband concluded that Bauleni had gone out to borrow a mat which the deceased wanted to use to dry pounded maize in readiness for milling the following day,” said Chigalu.

He said the woman did not return home until 9.00 pm and that this forced the deceased’s husband to alert his neighbors of the situation.

“The community members then launched a man hunt in search for the woman but their efforts proved futile,” said Chigalu.

Chigalu said the community members continued searching for the woman in the morning hours of Thursday and found her dead in a garden just within a distance of 200 meters from her house.

He said the dead body was burnt from breasts below and police suspect that the assailant burnt the body to conceal the absence of the private parts.

“Murder cases are becoming rampant in Ntcheu and we are appealing to members of the public who can have some information that can lead to tracking of the assailants who have been terrorizing some parts of the district for some time now,” he added.

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27 thoughts on “Woman found dead without private parts -Malawi Police”

  1. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    Someone gagged the woman quietly to 200 meters away from the house, collected enough firewood to burn a human body, lit enough fire to burn it, had enough time to remove private parts, a search conducted only 3 hrs after disapperance. (police statement included) Sure, Serious! I am not proud to be a Malawian anymore.

  2. Young G says:

    Akufuna akakhwime paja amalawi musaiwale madela amenewa kutchuka ndi mahule osandusidwa kuchokera ku agalu

  3. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Malawi at it again. Lord, have mercy.

  4. james says:

    apolice gwilaponi ntchito. ndi chifukwa chani mkhalidwe odulana ziwalo ukuchuluka kwambiri.

  5. It all started during Joyce Banda’s. administration,instead of tackling problem at hand by putting harsher measures on hard-core criminals but -alas- its when she went all the way taking a stupid decision of pardoning these felonious
    I am sure the current government is doing everything in its power to calm the situation

  6. Mtumbo Lende says:

    There is rampant decay of security since DPP and UDF partnership came into power. The end result has been first class criminal activities taking place like this gruesome killing of innocent lady. Thuggery, thievery and burglary is the order of the day rekindling us of Chiradzulu saga of bokho bokho engineering. SHOULD WE CONCLUDE THAT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER DANGEROUS COINCIDENCE? UDF AND DPP?

  7. Chiku kakhobwe says:

    Kodi amakatani nazo ziwalozi paja tisaiwale kut tili mmasiku oamaliza

  8. Mayani boys man k says:

    May her soul rest in piece, we shall meet in the heaven.

  9. ankhoma says:

    where is akweni to protect her party.lremember during jb’s regime we had no security.

  10. apao says:

    killing killing malawi tikulowela kuti? Malawi watayika basi

  11. Dr. Mango says:

    Definitely the one(s) who brutally murdered the lady did this under the influence of the devil. Let us always PRAY for our country for God to reign in our hearts so that the devil is completely defeated. I pray for the soul of the poor Yokoleta to Rest in Eternal Peace and the murder(s) to turn back to Our Creater for true repentance and to remember that God sees everything and will judge everybody. AMEN!

  12. lewis chitanda says:

    pliz lets tackle issues of this nature with high austerity measures.These acts tend to claim innocent brothers and sisters

  13. Mc Chigubu says:

    The husband must be arrested, he is too stupid to live outside a prison cell

  14. bwabwalala says:

    The husband knoes something press him for more.he must be very wicked

  15. Titi agheri says:

    Mufuseni bwino mwamuna wakeyo,ndili ndichikhulupililo kuti ndiyeyo please mumufuse wino

  16. Jando says:

    This is federalism by reverend from hola district

  17. Dzukani a Malawi nonse says:

    Zayambaso zinthuzi chonde Govt should deal with these malpractices.

  18. boko harram says:

    Dziko loyendesa masatanic ndi chomcho ndidava kuti mkuluyu ndi satanic weniweni chimodzimodzi ndi a bakili ali mpingo umodzi opembedza mafupa. Timkanena lero ndizi simudati amalawi. Masataniki ngati awa chitetezo chimachepa ngozi zimachuluka . Tsilku lili lose kuva nkhani yopweteka nde usa tanic umeneo.

  19. Bob says:

    This is a simple case of investigation malpractice. The woman as reported told her husband she was going out, the husband made assumptions to her whereabouts, the report to her missimg came late and from the same man husband and then the deciesed body is found within 200 m from her matrimonial home? Who else can you suspect

    1. Nabetha says:

      So u think this is a simple case? If there is an indication that a husband forced her to go out then your assumption is correct. Let the police conduct proper investigations.

  20. Ndixman says:

    Lets hope is not a Yao from Kapoloma Village

    1. Nabetha says:

      Please assist the police in their investigation, u seem to know something of this ‘YAO’ as u have put it.

  21. Dick says:

    It does no add something up here. After 6pm the deceased went out and at 900pm the husband reports to the community for the missing wife which was later found dead and burnt some 200 metres from the house. THE HUSBAND IS THE FIRST SUSPECT

    1. Nabetha says:

      On what grounds is he the 1st suspect? He can’t be the suspect because he reported the matter to the neighbours. The police must work here.

    2. Ida says:

      Are you serious? If u were in this man’s shoes what would you have done?

    3. Bwenzi says:

      Too bad. Where is Malawi going? These issues r rampant

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