Woman hangs herself over family problems in Mangochi

A 28-year- old woman in Mangochi has died after hanging herself after complaing of family problems.suicide

The death comes barely two days after a 20 year- old man was found dead in a rest house room on Monday as it is suspected that he killed himself after misappropriating 100 thousand kwacha from his bosses.

According to Mangochi Police Public relations officer, Inspector Roderick Maida the deceased identified as Siyileni Manuel picked a quarrel with her husband on Wednesday and the man left the house for Msaka fishing dock, taking along all the new clothes he bought for her.

Maida said when the husband left, the deceased hanged herself in her house and postmortem conducted at Monkey-bay community hospital revealed that Siyileni died due to suffocation.

The deceased hailed from Chembe Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Nankumba in the district.

Meanwhile, the police publicist has asked people in the district to seek advice when they encounter problems, saying rushing to commit suicide will not solve their problems.

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23 thoughts on “Woman hangs herself over family problems in Mangochi”

  1. susyn says:

    Kukhuta moyo mpaka kkudzikhweza sindingachite mxiiii

  2. Kasawala Henderson says:

    Akapume amuna ena mwanyanya mumakonda kulanda akazi wanu katundu mukayambana. A Siyileni waitha msoziyo azigona pazizira.

  3. Chidempete says:

    I like comments hahahahahahahahaaa

  4. mamphale says:

    manganya says sogolani tikakupezani

  5. Fortune Dinesi says:

    Asisi! why? ananena kuti banja lina simuzalipezanso?

  6. HJ Nyirenda says:

    thats sign of immatulity.dont venture into marriage before time.

  7. AFANA says:


  8. What? says:

    You do realize the cartoon used is of a female slave being bitten right or are you this dumb to use such a cartoon on a suicide story? You represent Malawi and this is pure ignorance.

  9. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    What a story!!!!!! Hehhehehehe this woman is a big deal. What I don’t understand is; how did she managed to hung herself with her own hands yet they were already tied up? Come on antola makani!!!! This picture is talking about being hanged by other people then brutalised to death.

  10. anadimba says:

    Atsikana tiyeni tilimbikire sukulu.tipewe mavuto ngati amenewa. Apatu malemuwa amadalira kwambiri amunawo. Nawonso amunawo amadzimva kwambiri mpaka kumayenda ndi zovala za mzimayi. He he de amuna achina. Ndiyetu zovala munatengazo muzikavala.

  11. ramsay snow is just misunderstood says:

    i don’t know if it’s kusazindikila, ulesi or umbuli, but but the cartoon clearly shows a woman hanging from her hands with whip marks all over her body. palibepo chowonetsa suicide apa.

    lemme say it in chichewa, anthu ambili-mbili am’mayiko yosiyana-siyana amawerenga nyasa times. olo zainab badhawi anakupanganiko quote. mukamawonjeza kusadziwa zinthu chonchi, mumapanga re-inforce mawu aja okuti amalawi ndi opusa.

    kale-kale ndinapangako offer my services kuti ndizikupangilani editing ndi ma correction a grammar koma mpaka lero sindinayankhidwebe.

  12. william says:

    Problem of poverty is huge in our country our leaders they think of them self’s they don’t think about the people.

  13. James says:

    Kkkk! Myasatimes, Pliz be Serious!! How on this earth can one hangs him/herself on the wrist????

  14. Sonke says:

    Disgusting stupid picture! What has that got to do with a disaster like this?

  15. redeemed says:

    I am also struggling to align the picture shown here to the article.
    Anyway I must commend the writer of the story for sparing us the trama emanating from viewing sensitive scenes.
    I am baffled to here that at this day and age still there are men whom upon quarreled with their spouses, they resort to confiscating the stuff they bought for them. How backwards. If my husband was to dare to do such a thing, I would never ever accept any of his gifts even after reconciliation.
    I also do not see a point in resorting to suicide due to any form of misunderstanding whether it be family or professional. I mean who once died and came back to report about life on the other side?. Imagine the deceased has wasted her precious life for a man who will soon move on with his life, while his friends and more especially her kids will continue to grieve over her loss.
    My fellow Malawians let’s not devalue the gift of life for petty issues.

  16. Xmw says:

    The sketch you’re showing here is from slavery days; showing how white slave owners treated “rebellious” slaves. It’s a very offensive sketch.

  17. naligogoliwa says:

    Poverty is a mess and a root cause of such cases

  18. It is sad that some of us do not love & respect our spouses, however, in such sittuations we should not resort to ending our lives!

  19. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The sketch accompanying the story is despicable; clearly showing passersby or spectators in a jovial mood. What is the point here?
    And lack of imagination is obvious here too: Since when does one hang oneself, and end up with wrists tied together, while the body is hanging like that? The sketch looks to me like a lynching! Which we have not heard of in this country, for a very long time.

  20. thon says:

    End of days

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